18, Dumb , Wanting Cum Ch. 01

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I have always liked having girlfriends that are a bit younger than me, normally about 5-10 years younger. They have so much more firm bodies and tight asses before they get into their mid 20ies. At the same time they mostly are looking up to you, thinking that you are some kind of hero. Someone that knows everything and has all the answers. I have also a job that makes me travel a lot around the world, and that also impresses these cute little girls.

Well, anyway, a couple of years ago I hooked up with a girl called Louise, she had just turned 18. She was a dark haired beauty, with long slender legs that came together in an amazingly tight and well shaped ass. One of those that you just want to squeeze and squeeze and …well you get my point. She did a lot of aerobic resulting in a small and firm waist that extended up to her delightful and gorgeous breasts. They rise from her body like the pyramids do from the sand in Egypt. Although their huge size, she wore a double D cup back then, they where so firm and perky that they seemed to be paid for – but I tell you they where pure natural. She had some great eyes, sparkling with a little of green and being framed by her long brown hair.

When we met, she wasn’t a virgin, but it wasn’t far from it. She had only had sex a couple of times and at those times only vaginal. She told me early on that she thought that anything else was just disgusting, and sticking a cock in her mouth – no way she was ever going to do that. Myself, I like the more kinky girls, and I like “training” young pretty girls to become nasty sluts. So, I thought that Louise was going to be a perfect project to work on. I can’t say that I loved her, not more than her ass and breasts… but that is love to, right?!

Anyway, one night a couple of months after we met, she had asked to use my computer. I thought this a bit strange since she had her own at her parents house, but I didn’t think too much about it and gave her my log-on information. I had some errands to run and hoped that she would be finished once I got back so that I could get a taste of her pussy before I had to take her back to her parents.


As I came back I walked straight in to my office and got a bit chocked. There was prudish Louise in front of my computer surfing the net for what seemed to be porn. There where pictures of breast covered in cum on most open windows, only one seemed to be filled with text. I made some noise and walked in quickly, surprising her.

“Ooohhh” was all she said as her face changed into a redder shade.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Are you surfing the net for disgusting porn on my work-computer?”

I could see how she was blushing and didn’t know how to react.

“I was just… ” she started.

“You where just searching for some naughty pictures, yes I can see that.” I replied. “Here I thought I was dating a nice and innocent girl and instead you show out being a nasty slut!? I don’t know what to do, what have I done wrong?” I tried to seem destroyed and sad that I found her doing this, but meanwhile a plan started forming in my perverted part of the brain.

“Is this” I was pointing to the screen with the delicious cum covered tits on it, “what you want? Are you craving to act like those dirty sluts? Is that what it is about? Am I not kinky enough for you? I have even been licking your pussy to make you happy, and now you say that is no enough!?!”

Her face was still red, but I could now see how tears where forming in her eyes.

“You don’t love me anymore” I said. illegal bahis Knowing this would bring her over the edge.

And it did. The tears where just welling out, and she began sobbing and trying to make me understand:

“No, I still love you, more than anything else, ssnnrf” she was trying to dry away her tears and speak at the same time. “I wasn’t doing anything like that. You know how my mom only works half the amount she used to? Well that has made that I get less money every month and I can’t afford to buy all the stuff that I need. So this girl at school… snnrf..sob..” she was speaking so fast that combined with all the sobbing she did I almost had problems hearing her.

I noticed that she didn’t really know how she should say what she was about to say. So, I walked up to her put an arm around her and said:

“well, sweetie, I love you to and I want this to work out. So tell me what about this girl in school?”

“Sssnnrrffff… Well, you know how I always have used this expensive body lotion to keep my skin firm and soft?”

“Yes, of course I do” I answered.

“Well, I cant afford it anymore… and this girl in school… well she told me that apparently cum should have the same effect… and since I have you, I shouldn’t need to but that expensive lotion that I have used. So I was trying to find out if this was true or not, that’s why I was surfing those sites! Say that you believe me. Please say that you do!!!!”

I felt this was the time to put my plan in motion.

“Yes, I believe you. I just wish you would have asked me right away about this.”

Her eyes lightened up.

“Why, you know about this? You know if it is true?” she was about to burst of anticipation. This was going to be so much easier than I had thought.

“Well, I can’t really remember, but I think that I once heard something about this from one of my partners at work.”

“You did?!? What did they say, what where you supposed to do? Tell me, tell me!!”

She was acting like a little child on Christmas waiting for the time to open the presents.

“Hmmm, as I said I can’t really remember, but I think there was a webpage about this stuff somewhere on the net… I just can’t remember the address… Tell you what, I’ll check it up tomorrow and I’ll see if I can find it. How does that sound?”

“Yes, oohhh I am so glad you are not mad at me. I am sooo sorry that I didn’t ask you from the beginning. Sorry, can you forgive me? Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“Hmmm, how about you come to bed with me and you can make it up there?” I said. I was about to start my plan of turning her into a real nasty and kinky slut. But I couldn’t rush it to much.

She smiled at my suggestion.

“Yes, that sounds like a great idea. Would fucking my breasts be a good enough compensation?” she asked.

I guess she was already taking her friend from school seriously, why would she else have me fuck her tits? I know, that she knew that I wanted it, but she had never let me do it before. But I guess she was hoping to get them covered with my cum, and I wasn’t about to complain about that.


She was lying naked next to me in bed. Her body felt so great snuggled up next to mine. She was firm asleep and I knew I had to wake her up soon, so that I could get her home on time. But there was still some time, and I liked lying next to her tight body caressing and touching it. I let my hand play around with her hair a bit, before I let it run over her face and lips. She let illegal bahis siteleri out some small snoring sounds every now and then – I guess she must have been deeply asleep. I let my hand play around with her massive tits, squeezing them and softly pulling on her nipples. I know she loved that, when I was massaging her breasts and sucking on her nipples she always got a bit wilder. She moved more and moaned a bit more.

I thought back to how great it had been to fuck her tits. She had been lying on her back with her arms at her sides. I had mounted her and but my legs outside of her arms, so she couldn’t move them, I had planned that – but I don’t think she noticed. I crawled up a bit closer to her breasts and started kissing them. I was licking them and letting my tongue play around with her nipples. I sucked them in and wetted them with my saliva – she loved it. I sat up on her stomach and started squeezing the mountains of meat, it felt great. They where firm, but not to hard, and at the same time they had this softish young feeling. I bend down again and licked all over them, making them a bit moist with my saliva so that they would be easier to fuck. I kissed her mouth and shoved my tongue deep into her waiting mouth. We played around like that for a while before I started nibbling on her ear and cheek. She was getting so turned on. I kept it up until I knew she was as horny as I would get here by doing this.

“Louise, sweetie, before I fuck your tits, I want you to do something for me. As a compensation for what happened before. Ok?”

“Sure, yeah, whatever” she answered from a haze.

I really wanted her to suck my cock, to shove it in her mouth and further down her throat and make her gag on it. But that had to wait, not yet. Instead I said:

“I want you to kiss my cock forgiveness.”

She looked at me, a bit more conscious but still pretty far away from reality.

“mmmmm…” she murmured as a response.

So I leaned up and placed my cockhead at her lips, and to my surprise she kissed it without hesitation. I wanted to push it all the way in, but instead I moved down a bit and placed the cock between her double D sized breasts. I used my hands to squeeze them tight around my dick and started moving back and forth.

“OOoaaaaahhh… it feels so good” I said. “I just love your tits, they are so gorgeous, and they feel so great.”

“Ooooooo YES!! Squeeze them, harder. Mmmmmm.”

She was loving it as much as I did, almost anyway. So I kept going, I sped up the pace and forced her breasts a little closer together, burying my cock in a valley of massive tits. I was in heaven. My dick was going back and forth, back and forth getting squeezed by these great pair of breasts, it almost felt like fucking her pussy, just a lot dryer. But that was about to change, cause I could feel how I was getting closer to my orgasm. It didn’t take long before I came, but what I missed out on time I made up with cum. I don’t think I have ever cum that much before, my cum was squirting all over her breasts. It was covering her left nipple and dripping down the left mountain and running into the valley in between.

It wasn’t hard to see that she was still horny as hell, I moved away from her body and placed myself further down her legs.

“Be still, don’t move at all, not even your arms or hands. Let the cum stay like that, I think that was how it was supposed to be handled” I said as I pushed my lips against her crotch. I let my tongue out and let it slide around her clit. Playing and toying with it.

“mmmmmMMmm… canlı bahis siteleri ooohhhh yes…aaaaa” she was getting closer, and I hadn’t really done much yet. I guess she got really turned on from me fucking her tits and spewing my cum all over them. From my point of view I could still see how cum was running down the sides of them and pooling up in the valley in between. I kept licking her moist clit, sticking my tongue deeper and harder in her pussy.

“mmmMMMMMM .. Yes… I’m cumming… I’M CUMMING” she was almost screaming, witch she never does…

I could feel her juices begin to flow, and her body tensing up just before she came. She started shaking a little and almost stopped breathing. Her body was arcing and pressing her wet pussy into my face. I licked and licked and devoured all her juices – they tasted so great. Once she started relaxing she fell asleep. I guess the orgasm took more energy from here than I had expected.


My hand was now caressing her ass and squeezing it harder and harder. As she didn’t make an attempt to move or anything I figured why not, and started to squeeze even harder. Still no reaction – she had to be hard asleep. Again my perverted mind started thinking. And I moved my hand up to her breasts and massaged them a bit, making my hand wet and sticky with my drying cum. I moved my hand back down to her ass and started running my sticky fingers along her ass crack. I did this a couple of times and when she still didn’t react I moved my fingers down so that they where lying at her cute little anal hole. I smeared around the cum that was still on my fingers and lubricated her little chute. Then I slowly started pressing a finger against it. Her ass didn’t want to open up and let me inside, but I wasn’t about to give up now. So I kept pushing and coaxing my finger around her tiny hole, and after a minute or two I felt how the tip of my finger slid into her ass. I stopped and checked her breathing, still the same as before, no reaction. Well ok then I thought, let’s see how far I can go before she starts waking up. I pulled out the finger and moved the hand back up to her breasts and scooped up the rest of the still wet cum. I smeared it around her asshole and started pushing my finger back in there. It went a lot easier this time, and within a couple of seconds I had most of my right hand index finger up her ass.

“If she only knew what I am doing” I thought to myself and started moving my finger slowly in and out of her ass. She was damn tight, but I knew that would change within the next couple of days, or maybe weeks – but no longer than that. I felt an urge to shove in another three fingers and fuck her tiny ass, but I knew that would kind of destroy my plans. So instead I kept poking her ass with my one finger. After a little while I tried to push in another finger, but at that moment she made some movements and let outs some noises so I quickly retracted my hand as if nothing had ever happened.


Before I drove her home I asked her to do me another kinky favour, now that she had become such a nasty girl. I wanted her to suck my fingers on the right hand. She laughed a bit at me, and then licked and sucked on them for a couple of minutes.

“Any particular reason you wanted me to do that?” she asked, with a smile on her face.

“No” I lied, “just wanted to see how it felt and find out if you had any favourite”

She smiled again and said “not actually, but I like your index finger, mostly because it has such a good length for when you… you know… put it inside my pussy, but I also think it tasted a little sweeter than the others.”


To be continued…

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