2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 03

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2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 3

Summary: Two women train their pets about obedience in different ways

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the original idea for what turned out to be a very lengthy, complex story in the vein, I hope, of my ‘Catching Mommy’ series except without the incest (mostly).

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert, and Wayne for editing.

This is the fifth part of a multi-chaptered series. And although I’m sure you can read it as a stand-alone story, I’m not sure it will make a lot of sense, as part one was heavy on plot and character development. That said, if you don’t want to read part one (which I think is one of the better stories I’ve written… so I highly recommend you do), or if you read part one already but need a refresher, here it is:

PS: Sorry for the delay in chapters… but the story is quite wild and needs the right plot to keep it going.

PART 1: 2 Mistresses: A Study in Seduction 1

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams is a successful businesswoman in her forties with years of experience seducing young straight women. At a high-end bar, she meets and seduces a sweet, beautiful actress and turns her into her submissive pet by using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Carolyn believes in sweet seductions, and uses the allure of lingerie, and especially stockings, to enhance her exotic appeal.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summers is a spoiled, rich woman in her twenties who enjoys seducing older, straight women. While Carolyn is tender and thoughtful about her seductions, Samantha is aggressive and threatening in hers. On an airline flight, she dommes the first-class flight attendant by using her bitchy persona and beauty to get what she wants.

Samantha believes in domination and control, and uses threats and the fragrance of her red bush to draw women in. Conversely, she hates stockings and almost never wears them.

PART 2: 2 Mistresses: Creating Submissives

Mistress 1: Carolyn brings her newest pet home to her mansion to live with her and learn the rules of true submissiveness.

Mistress 2: Samantha seduces a celebrity and brings her home to her condo to make the innocent woman a complete lesbian cum slut.

PART 3: 2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 1

Mistress 1: Carolyn leaves her pet in her chief of staff Carmen’s care to begin seven days of intensive training. Day 1: every pussy has its own unique flavour.

Mistress 2: Samantha trains her celebrity slut anally.

PART 4: 2 Mistresses: Pet Training Day 2

Mistress 1: Day two of Mindy’s training is receiving a complete make-over and paying for each service with her tongue.

Mistress 2: Samantha goes to the famous Le Chateau Club and seduces a curious MILF.


Carolyn stole Samantha’s most talented and valuable submissive a couple of years ago and Samantha, after an encounter in Paris, decides it is time for revenge.

The Main Cast So Far (although there are many minor characters who come and go throughout the series):


Carolyn Adams: Seductive mid-forties Mistress, entrepreneur of a ‘for women’ website and CEO of the fast-growing ‘Elegance Stockings’ brand.

Mindy: Sweet Texas girl who moves to Los Angeles to become an actress, but instead is seduced by Carolyn and is finding her true life’s calling as a submissive.

Carmen: Beautiful Latina who was once Samantha’s pet, but has since become Carolyn’s live-in pet, head of household and the one responsible for Mindy’s training.

Pam Thomas: Has yet to appear in the story, but was mentioned in Part 1. She is the current ‘it’ girl in Hollywood, a submissive to Carolyn and the spokesperson and model for Carolyn’s ‘Elegance Stockings’ line.


Samantha Summers: Dominant mid-twenties Mistress, rich socialite, who wants revenge on Carolyn.

Chloe: A former no-nonsense police officer, who after being dommed by Samantha, quit her job and became her personal sex-slave assistant.

Laura Madison: Twenty-one years old, 36C breasts, is an ex-Disney television star who kept her moral code until meeting Samantha in Part 2.


Day 3 of Mindy’s Pet Training: Public Obedience

Mindy was dressed in a cheerleader outfit with a tight sweater that showcased her tits, a skirt so short that it showed all her thigh high stockings plus two inches of bare thigh, and five-inch heels. No bra or panties, of course; this week she wasn’t allowed those at all unless specifically instructed to put some on. Carmen canlı bahis also made her wear her hair in pigtails… the hair and the outfit making her look eighteen again, which she enjoyed, even as she wondered a bit nervously what sexual activities Carmen could have in mind for her today… her pussy was still a bit raw from yesterday’s Brazilian.

As the limousine parked in front of a high school, Carmen instructed her, “You are to walk into the school, go to the cheerleader coach, Mrs. Parker, her office is in the gym, and offer to lick her pussy.”

“You can’t be serious?” Mindy asked, shocked by the task.

“And in addition for questioning me, you will now also flash your cunt at three boys at some point.”

“Please, Carmen, I….” Mindy tried to reason, but she was cut off.

“And you have now earned the task of offering the nerdiest guy you can find a blow job,” Carmen interrupted, as she placed a necklace around Mindy’s neck. A necklace with a small camera installed in it.

Mindy still wanted to protest, but kept her mouth shut, not wanting any further humiliating tasks.

“Now go, slut,” Carmen said.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mindy replied, reluctantly getting out of the limo and staring at the big high school. After a pause, she took a deep breath and headed into the school, feeling eyes watching her every move. As she entered the school a chill went up her spine, not because of the tasks ordered, but because she was back in a high school, and felt her shy high school persona re-emerging. She’d been a late bloomer, and when she’d still been in high school hadn’t felt attractive; she’d had few friends and no boyfriends.

Deciding ‘fuck it’, since she knew no one here and her limits were obviously being tested, so she walked up to a nerdy but cute guy and his three friends and asked, “Where is the gym, please?”

“Over there,” the nerd pointed, shocked that a cheerleader would even speak to him.

“Thanks, stud,” Mindy smiled and then raised her skirt to flash all four of them, finishing one task immediately.

All four sets of eyes went big as Mindy dropped her skirt and sauntered towards the gym, hips swaying, feeling a bizarre rush of excitement at the impact she knew she’d just had on those boys.

Reaching the gym, Mindy saw a few teens warming up before class. She walked to an open office door and saw a pretty older woman sitting at a desk. Mindy knocked on the doorframe and asked, “Good morning ma’am, are you Mrs. Carter?”

The blonde looked up and said, “Yes, and how may I help you?”

“Do you know Carolyn Adams?” Mindy asked.

Mrs. Carter couldn’t help flashing a wide grin. She loved these rare surprises. “I most certainly do.”

“May I please come in?” Mindy asked, nervous, but sensing by the changed look on the woman’s face she knew why she was here.

“Of course you may,” Mrs. Carter nodded. “And please close the door.”

Mindy did.

“And lock it.”

Mindy did.

“So how do you know my sister?” Mrs. Carter asked.

“Mistress Carolyn is your sister?” Mindy asked, surprised.

“My baby sister, yep,” Mrs. Carter nodded, spinning her chair from her desk towards the pretty young woman. “And you must be a submissive to your ‘Mistress’ Carolyn?”

“In training,” Mindy admitted, looking for similarities between the two sisters. They didn’t look a lot alike except for the eyes, which were identical, even down to the look that could see right into your soul.

“And you’ve been tasked to eat my pussy?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Mrs. Carter stood up, raised her skirt, revealing she too was commando and wearing thigh highs, and she invited, “Well then, come and get it, my dear. I only have a few minutes before I have a department meeting.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mindy nodded, eager and curious to taste her Mistress’ sister. Her head down, she approached the woman, dropped to her knees and buried her face in her pussy.

Mrs. Carter moaned, “That’s so good. It’s been awhile since Carolyn sent a submissive to please me.”

“I’m glad she did,” Mindy said, between licks.

“Me too,” Mrs. Carter responded, as she leaned back and enjoyed the trainee’s tongue.

Mindy would have liked to spend an eternity licking this sweet pussy, so similar to her Mistress’, but knew she had limited time. So instead of licking the bald pussy lavishly, she licked with intensity.

“Oh yes, you have a wicked tongue,” Mrs. Carter moaned, as her orgasm built quickly through her.

Mindy loved getting compliments about her pussy-licking ability, and this encouraged her to continue with even more enthusiasm.

Mrs. Carter closed her eyes and allowed the eager trainee, definitely a natural, to get her off.

After a couple more minutes of licking, Mrs. Carter’s orgasm erupted out of her, and she bit her lip to not alert the students on the other side of the door of her good fortune.

Mindy licked the heavenly flood, addicted to pussy juice (well, non-smokers’ pussy juice).

Once done, Mrs. Carter said, “I bahis siteleri think you’re a keeper.”

“I hope so, ma’am,” Mindy replied, still on her knees.

“Unfortunately, I need to go to my meeting,” Mrs. Carter replied reluctantly.

“And I have to go and perform one more task,” Mindy sighed, not looking forward to offering to suck a guy’s cock.

“What is that?”

“I have to offer to suck off the nerdiest guy I can find.”

“Hmmmmm, obviously you questioned Carmen’s instructions.”

“I just tried to reason with her.”

“Don’t. You can trust her, my dear,” Mrs. Carter said, “she’ll test you and push you to your limits, but she will always protect you.”

“Okay,” Mindy nodded.

“Good luck, and I hope to see you again.”

“Me too,” Mindy concurred, having formed an instant liking for this warm, dignified woman, and finally standing up.

“Thanks for the orgasm.”

“Thanks for the pussy cum.”

“Say hi to my sis.”

“Will do.”

“Oh, and if you find a guy nerdy enough to suck, room 1001 is a storage room. The code to get in is 1001,” Mrs. Carter informed the cute pet.

“That’s imaginative,” Mindy laughed.

“Education is not about using your imagination.”

“That I learned,” Mindy smiled.

Mindy walked out of the office, out of the gym and back the way she came. A bell rang and kids started reluctantly going to class. I sure don’t miss that bell, Mindy smiled as she saw one of the same nerds she’d flashed earlier. She didn’t like the idea of sucking a cock, but she decided it was time to obey without hesitation.

She walked up to the boy and asked, “Are you a senior?”

“Y-y-yes,” the boy stammered, his eyes instantly going big as they stared at her headlights.

“Are you eighteen?”


“Do you want a blow job?” Mindy whispered.

“What?” he gasped.

“I want to suck your cock,” Mindy said, loving the power she had over him.

“I have class,” he said.

“Trust me, I’ll teach you more than you’ll learn in that class,” Mindy said, taking his hand and leading him towards room 1001.

The nerd, thinking this a trick, pulled his hand away and quickly scurried the other way.

Mindy shook her head and thought, That, I wasn’t expecting. Deciding she had completed the task… she had offered and been willing to carry through, she headed back to the limo.

Once inside, Carmen laughed, “I thought that nerd was going to have a coronary.”

“You saw?” Mindy asked.

“Your necklace is a remote camera.”

“Oh,” Mindy nodded.

“So, are you ready for the next task?”

“There’s more?”

“That was just the beginning.”


“Did you enjoy Olivia’s pussy?”

“Yes! It tastes a lot like Mistress’s.”

“I know,” Carmen nodded, having tasted Olivia on a few occasions. “You should see when the two of them get together.”

Mindy wondered what that meant, but didn’t ask, as she didn’t want to sound insipid by asking about incest, which is what first popped into her head.

Carmen asked again, “Ready for your next task?”

“No,” Mindy answered with a willing smile.

“You’re learning,” Carmen nodded.

Mindy looked out the window and just watched the city pass by as the limo proceeded. She was surprised when they stopped at a small clothing store.

“Ready?” Carmen asked, as the limo pulled to a stop.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Mindy nodded, curious and nervous, still feeling a slight rush from her behaviour at the high school, which was so out of character for her.

“Let’s go,” Carmen ordered, getting out of the limo when Audrey opened the door for them.

Mindy followed, and they went to the door of the shop, where Carmen pressed a button.

A female intercom voice asked, “How may we be of service today?”

“It’s Carmen,” Carmen said.

“Oh! Ma’am, we weren’t expecting you today, but of course you’re welcome anytime,” the female voice said, and a buzz released the door.

Carmen went inside and Mindy followed, curious about a store that was only open to select clients. Once inside though, Mindy gasped. This store was obviously devoted to women’s clothing, but it wasn’t one of your run-of-the-mill high-end stores. Movie stars would shop here!

A beautiful woman in her thirties came from the back room and greeted, “Mlle Carmen, it is a delectable pleasure to see you again.” Hers wasn’t a natural beauty like Mindy’s, but it was beauty nevertheless. Hers was one of impeccable grooming and well-nuanced social graces. But her sophistication wasn’t austere or forbidding by any means, but rather an unspoken invitation to whomever she was addressing to join her in a mutual, non-competitive game of elegance.

“Thank you, Thalie,” Carmen nodded.

“And who is this?” the pretty store manager asked.

“Carolyn’s newest pet,” Carmen said. “Mindy.”

“Well, welcome Mindy,” Thalie smiled warmly and leaned in to kiss both of Mindy’s cheeks, even as she assumed, based on the cheerleader bahis şirketleri outfit, that she was doing her seven-day training.

“Uh, hi,” Mindy said, surprised by the greeting.

“Mindy needs a gown for a movie premier in Los Angeles she’s attending,” Carmen revealed, which was news to Mindy.

“I’m going to a movie premiere?” Mindy asked.

“Didn’t I just say that?” Carmen sighed dramatically, before turning to Thalie, “she is obviously still in training.”

“So I see,” Thalie nodded. “May I take charge of her?”

“Please do,” Carmen nodded before asking, “Is Tatyana here today?”

“She is,” Thalie nodded, knowing that Carmen loved the Russian’s expert submissive tongue.

“Please tell her to join me in the limo.”

“Of course.”

Mindy was curious about Tatyana, but didn’t ask as Thalie said, “Please follow me, mon ange.”

Mindy, of course, followed her through the store to a back area.

Thalie called out, “Tatyana.”

Mindy watched a tall, wraithlike, beautiful Russian-looking woman stride out in a red dress and thigh high boots. She looked like a runway model. Like stereotypical top drawer Russians, she had a haughty cast to her face and posture, but this one also had a saucy twinkle in her eye.

“Yes, ma’am?” Tatyana asked.

“Mlle Carmen is requesting you in her limo,” Thalie said.

“Ooooh, it has been a while since I have seen her,” Tatyana said, loving the strong-willed woman and her sweet pussy.

“Go now,” Thalie ordered.

“Of course,” Tatyana nodded, sauntering out. Mindy wondered if she ever did anything as ordinary as just walking, instead of striding and sauntering. Probably not.

“So let’s take a look at you,” Thalie said, moving to Mindy. “You’re very pretty.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Mindy responded, flattered by the compliment by a woman who had mastered the essence of beautiful.

“Remove all your garments but the thigh highs,” Thalie ordered, wanting to see this young lady’s body.

Mindy obeyed comfortably, the past few days having desensitised her to being naked in front of strangers.

Once Mindy was standing in front of this stranger wearing only her thigh highs, Thalie asked, “34B?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“The perfect size.”


“Not too big, not too small,” Thalie nodded, “Plus, they age very well.”

“That sounds encouraging,” Mindy smiled.

“Yes, and I just love your hair,” Thalie said, combing her fingers through it.

“Really?” Mindy asked again. “I always thought of black as one of the most boring colours there is.”

“Well, I disagree. You have natural jet-black hair, which is the shiniest hair colour, with a glossy sheen that is impossible to create. Your hair is like finding a needle in a haystack,” Thalie complimented.

“Thank you,” Mindy said, not sure about her hair being compared to a haystack but deciding to take it as a compliment.

“You’re welcome, mon biquet,” Thalie complimented, looking down and seeing the red raw pussy, which obviously was recently waxed. “So your best colours for clothing are white, blue, royal purple, true red and emerald green.”

“Where were you for my high school prom?” Mindy joked, having worn a pink dress.

“Probably right here,” Thalie quipped back. “But I can make you the belle of the ball for your first movie premiere.”

“I’ll follow your slightest whim,” Mindy said.

“Good to know,” Thalie smiled with a wink, as Mindy realized what she had just offered. “So do you have a colour preference?”

“I love red,” Mindy answered.

“And red is the best match for the mocha colour of those thigh highs that really showcase your legs,” Thalie assessed, before adding, “I think I know the perfect dress for you. I’ll be right back.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Mindy replied, watching the elegant woman promenade away. She wondered if she would get to eat this beauty’s pussy. She smiled as she realized she’d come to the point where every pretty woman she met, she wanted to eat her pussy.

Thalie went right to the dress, then returned to the young woman who was still standing in the exact same position she’d left her.

Mindy saw the true red and smiled. The colour was so beautiful. Thalie assisted her in donning the dress before saying, “Wow!”

“Wow, good?” Mindy asked.

Thalie nodded as she took the young woman’s hand and led her to the mirror, “Carolyn will be very impressed.”

Mindy looked at herself in the mirror. She had never looked more beautiful.

Thalie put her hands on the young woman’s hips and said, “We can take this in slightly, otherwise the dress already fits perfectly.”

Mindy glowed, “I feel like Cinderella.”

Thalie quipped, “And now it’s time to reward your bonne fée, your fairy godmother.”

Mindy smiled, sticking out her tongue, “Goody! I brought along my own magic wand.”

“Let’s get this dress off first,” Thalie suggested.

Once Mindy’s dress was off, Thalie raised her own dress up and off to reveal her chosen lingerie, a garter-belt and stockings, and of course no panties or bra, and sat on a bench.

Mindy needed no instructions, and knelt gracefully between the woman’s nylon-clad legs and buried her face in the shaved pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20