( 2 )The fun gets better

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Since we had all been fucking as one big happy family, the kids and Sue were closer than ever, last Saturday night we had invited Frank and Dave around to join us in some family fucking, both guys more than happy to fuck my daughter and son. At first Kim and Stu knew nothing of the guys turning up, but when we started to play I told them that some friends were going to join in, if they wanted, we could all have some fun together.

The kids were keen to try more guys especially Kim who wanted to feel different cocks in her pussy or arse, Stu was also up for fun, so Saturday night we began playing, a short while later the guys turned up, upon seeing Kim’s great body, both guys soon got a hard on and made straight for her, I watched as she took them on, both wanting to fuck her first, but Frank’s big cock won out as Kim sat down on it, plunging it right in first go, Dave took her mouth, while Stu and I made sure Sue was happy with 2 cocks in her, he took her butt while I fucked her pussy.

It didn’t take long, before both wanted more, Kim now laying on Dave’s cock while Frank wet his up to slide in her butt, he eased his 9 inch cock in, Kim’s eyes told us all she was more than happy with her choice, as she screamed out a good orgasm, then with ever increasing speed the guys gave her a long hard fuck, before exploding deep inside her body with canlı bahis hot sticky cum, no sooner had they finished cuming, then Kim turned sucking them both dry, Stu made tracks for her butt and stuck his cock in deep. soon refilling her with his cum.

The night carried on, all of us took turns fucking and fisting one another, the kids seemed to love having more than one cock to play with.
Tired and totally dry of cum the guys left around 1 am, asking when the next meet was.

So now after two weeks both were kinkier than ever, and I set up a group bi fuck for us all this weekend. Saturday afternoon I told Stuart and Kim to make sure both were ready for a long night, I had set up a douche in each of their onsuites now, and Sue and I got ourselfs ready too.

Around 7pm, we started to play, Sue was taking Stu’s cock in her butt, whilst I fucked Kim’s arse, the guys I knew started to arrive quitely and stripped naked before coming into our games room, which we had now converted to a play fuck room, Whilst I was still balls deep in Kim’s arse, Frank was first to push his cock in her mouth, she smiled having met him last week, then as more guys arrived, her body was used by all, Sue also getting her share of attention.

I had invited some 12 or more guys, all knowing that when we have a open group fuck, if they know some one who bahis siteleri would be keen to play, and is the kind of guy we like, that they can bring them along, some times 12 turns into 20, and tonight looked like it was going to be a big night too, as I had told them about Kim and Stu being involved as well.

I let some of the guys take over, Kim’s pussy and butt were filled by cocks as she sucked hard on a third. Stu now on his knees, was being fucked hard by Frank, as Dave took Sue’s arse for a ride, I took on a couple of cocks and sat down over them, feeling both go deep as my arse opened fully.

The night went well, all the guys fucked Kim, in all her holes, she had so much cum running out, several times I got her to sit over my mouth so I could eat it, and I saw her do the same with Sue, as Sue also did to her, Stuart was going well to, even getting 2 cocks in his butt and feeling them both cum at the same time.

I was now sitting on Kim’s fist as I watched her take a good fucking, her fingers got me to orgasm well, my cock jerked as I shot my cum over her face and into her mouth, several guys took to her licking it off, as she licked her lips happily.

I waited till Kim wasn’t to busy, then took her over to the bench, pushing the huge 12 inch dildo fully in her cum soaked butt got the right results, as she shot into a constant bahis şirketleri orgasm. I worked her hard, then slid the 9 inch vibe in her pussy, it was so tight, but she took them both, guys watched as my assault on Kim gained speed, her mouth now full of cock and cum, stopped her screaming, as orgasm after orgasm rocked her body.

Some 20 minutes later I let her up, she was picked up and impaled on 2 good cocks, both went in her butt, a third now trying to fuck her pussy, went in a bit; but not all the way, so I moved him away and took over, I rammed my cock home, her pussy so tight with the pressure of the 2 cocks in her butt felt great, her eyes rolled as she smiled at me. With some effort we fucked her hard, all three cocks pushed her to the limits, as she had orgasm after orgasm, finishing with all of us blowing our loads in her.

My daughter was now a well seasoned cum slut, as the guys used her any way they wanted, she never backed away from trying some thing new, Stu also was well on his way to having most of the guys fuck his arse too, now Sue was ramming our big dildo up his arse, causing the nights cum to be pushed out.

As a closing performance for the guys, we got both girls in a 69, with Stu fucking his mum, and me fucking my daughter, all four of us, had been well and trully fucked, covered and full of cum, we finished with a bang, as the last of my cum shot into Kim’s butt and Stu unloaded into Sue.

We told all the guys, to look forward to more fun in the weeks to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20