2199 Pt. 03: Ken, Evie and Jace

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The following is part of an elaborate story series that will explore a vast number of themes in kink. The themes explored in each chapter are highlighted beforehand so you can make your own decision if you would like to continue reading. All characters depicted are fictional and over 18 years of age.

If you enjoyed all or any of it or if you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment or like.

Themes in this Chapter: Threesome (MMF), Cunnilingus, Bisexual Sex

** Prelude from Pt. 1:

One of the most prestigious courting schools in the galaxy is the Bernulhi Academy. As such it is also one of the most selective. To gain admittance, candidates are expected to complete and send in a portfolio describing each of their physical and mental attributes in great detail. The portfolio must be accompanied by an audition tape specially made for the application; a 30-minute video where the candidate must masturbate in front of the camera. During the audition the candidate is not allowed to interact with any other human partner, but aside from that is permitted to use any material, toy or lubricant to pleasure themselves. They are also allowed to be nude, partially clothed or even fully clothed during the act. Orgasm is also not necessary, but self-gratification must be evident in order to achieve a high score i.e. faking it may not grant you very good marks.

Of the millions of applications that come flying in each year, the vast majority of them will get disqualified due to violation of rules for the audition. Of those that remain, the audition tapes are vetted carefully and scored, and only a handful of candidates are selected and invited to the institute for an in-person physical test.

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** Part 3: Ken, Evie and Jace, continued

“Evelyn’s turn,” Regina commanded with a sly smile.

By this point they all knew what that meant. Evelyn seemed to almost jump up in anticipation as she heard this. The two men approached her slowly and gently began to undress her. As Ken could tell from the start she had beautiful voluptuous breasts. Ken kissed her, eager to exchange the residual tastes of Jace’s cock, balls and asshole with each other. Evie reciprocated right away in what amounted to a long and canlı bahis şirketleri deep kiss, as if shared between two lifelong lovers. Once they broke apart, Ken did not need much more of a cue; he began to lick down her neck. It took Jace a moment to catch on but he was soon following his example. Taking one each, the two men licked every inch of her gorgeous breasts, from the underside to her cleavage. They then suckled on her pink nipples that stood as hard as diamonds. Occasionally Ken would stop to give them a gentle teasing slap before continuing munching down on them. Evie seemed to appreciate it as she always moaned harder after a quick slap. Then he made his way down to her waist, and finally, her godly thighs.

With two fingers, Ken tousled her short patch of pubic hair. At the same time he landed several kisses all across her thighs, working his way around her crotch. He circled her clitoris several times teasingly, then pinched it tightly with two fingers and spat on it. He inserted the middle fingers of his other hand in her mouth, soaking up as much of her juices as he could find. Then lining up his wet fingers against her crotch, he ever so gently traced it up and down before finally plunging it down her sobbing wet pussy. Evie moaned uncontrollably in response. All the while Ken gripped her clitoris tightly with his other hand but not touching it directly. He inserted his fingers back and forth into her pussy a few more times and then began tonguing her clitoris. After several more seconds Ken finally backed off and let her breathe.

She was panting heavily now, drenched in head to toe in sweat and saliva. Ken glanced over at Jace to see him eagerly stroking his cock in anticipation.

“I’m ready. Come here, sweetie,” Evie motioned over to Jace encouragingly. Ken realized he was not the only was nervous from his inexperience.

Jace walked over uncomfortably to Evie. Ken realized he would need to help him out a bit, so he knelt down and started guiding his cock with his hand. He spat some saliva into it and it appeared to breathe new life into the organ. It was strange; barely half an hour ago Ken had never touched another man’s penis in his life. But the recurring arousal and denial from the day’s activities, as well as an eagerness canlı kaçak iddaa to impress his new friends made Ken quite unable to stop himself from immersing in it completely. The tip of Jace’s wet penis touched the Evie’s drenched opening for several seconds as if the two were greeting each other. Then it swooshed in as an uncontrollable yelp escaped Evie’s lips. Before long Jace was hammering into her pussy hard, as if he was a natural. Enjoying the view and the sweat and the noises as he knelt touching the two of them, Ken began stroking his own cock.

After several dozen rabid insertions Jace pulled out his dripping cock, much to both of their dismay. “I want you to taste it. I want you to taste her,” Jace remarked to Ken. Kneeling closely beside the couple, Ken did as he was told and took as much of the cock as he could in his mouth, tossing it around. “Mmm.” The combined salty and sour juices enveloped in mouth and almost brought tears to his eyes.

Ken stopped and moved over to Evie and offered her a taste as well. They ensued another long and deep kiss, exploring each others’ tongues, while Jace continued thrusting into her once again. The three remained locked in that embrace for a few more minutes, rubbing their genitals and sweat against each other. Ken was deeply aroused from watching the two of them and knew he wanted her now.

Ken circled around to Evie’s back and started licking her neck and behind her ears vigorously, matching the tempo at which Jace pounded her pussy. He pinched her nipples and rubbed them together as Evie responded loudly in excruciating pleasure. “I want you in me, Ken! At the same time! I want you boys to fuck my pussy and asshole!”

Ken always appreciated a chance to try anal. But in this particular circumstance he was ecstatic. He slipped his middle and ring fingers inside her mouth once again, shutting her up, while simultaneously sucking up her drool, that she seemed to be producing ample of at the current moment. Then using the moisture from his hands he dressed the rims of her anus. Then he spat on his own cock and rubbed it against the outskirts of her asshole. “Fuck me! Oh, fuck me now!” Evie pleaded, clearly exasperated but wanting more.

Ken did so, pushing his penis inside against heavy. “Aaaaaah,” canlı kaçak bahis she screamed. Evie’s asshole felt tight and even with all that lubricant, Ken had to synchronize his efforts with Jace to be able to get it in halfway. Jace seemed to understand this well. So they locked eyes, clasped their hands with each other and started ramming into each other. “Oh my Gooood!”, Evie moaned in agony and delight.

Ken had given anal before, but this felt completely different. The two cocks bouncing so close to each other, separated only by the thin stretch of flesh of Evie’s asshole. After all this time and anticipation, the three were finally united. They each thrust their bodies incessantly, as if part of one, perfectly predicting each other’s needs.

Unable to keep his lips idle for too long, Ken closed his free wrist around Evie’s neck and bit down on her shoulders.

“Oh, my god!” Evie responded, “Yes!”

Jace, not willing to feel left out, starting sucking her right breast as the three were brought closer and closer to closure.

“Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Yes!”

Ken tightened his grip around her neck. He increased his tempo of ramming into her asshole. It had loosened up considerably by this point so that he was able to insert the entire length of it completely. What a magnificent asshole! What a magnificent body! Evie was a goddess in Ken’s mind and he was intent on ripping it apart. But he knew he had to finish her soon, otherwise he would not last.

Jace followed suit to match Ken’s tempo. Evie’s screams were changed to mindless moans. The two endured a few more violent thrusts, and then Ken felt Evie’s entire body begin to convulse. Taking note of this, Ken quickly grabbed Jace’s ass to gain the control of their combined penetrations. The two of them made one final push all the way inside of Evie, squishing in her delicate flesh like a meat grinder. Ken felt a thousand steel hammers coming down on his sensitive cock as his world went black. Evie’s convulsions intensified as she felt an explosion of pure white pleasure around her loins as oodles of warm liquid burst all over her entrails, like a pipe bursting under pressure. The two of them stood motionless in that position spilling all of their gooey juices to fill up Evie, as she contorted uncontrollably.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” this time the moan was a combination of all three of them.

Finally everything went numb, and the three of them collapsed on the floor in an embrace, panting and swimming in each other’s filth.

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