39 Hours Ch. 01

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One person, Rikaaim, inspired this story. The happenings in this story may be fictional and some may be of truth, which is which is not for me to divulge.

We met on a Friday evening in the parking lot of a local restaurant. My heart was racing as I watched and waited for your car to pull in. I sat there with the radio on, alone in the big empty parking lot, parked under a big fluorescent street lamp. I was nervous, but more then that, I was anxious as to what the weekend would hold. It was our first meeting and I was pretty sure the last. I wanted the weekend to be something that neither of us would ever forget.

Your car pulled around the building and my stomach rose up into my throat. ‘This is it. Here goes nothing.’ I thought as you pulled in beside me.

You were handsome in that little schoolboy way. Standing at 5’8″, short dark brown hair, glasses and weighing in at about 140 pounds. Smaller frame then myself at 5’11” and with some meat on my bones.

Our eyes met for the first time, a spark flew and the butterflies in my stomach seemed to find their resting place. You were here, actually here, in front of me.

“Do you just want to follow me back down to my place?” I asked.

“Yes.” You said and I turned back to my car.

It was only a couple minute drive down the hill to my place. We parked and you followed me into the house after grabbing a few things from your car.

We sat there on the couch, keeping distance between us. We chatted about what was going on güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in our lives and your trip here. What the weekend was about to tell us both, we still did not know.

After a bit of small talk, we decided to head up the stairs to my bedroom and watch a movie. Being late, I knew you were tired and would want to rest a bit after the drive you had just made. We lie on the bed, my head at the foot of it and your head up at the head of the bed. Watching TV and still chatting about small trivial things.

I felt a light touch on my back and realized that you had sat up. You were beginning to lightly stroke the skin on my back and it sent chills up my spine. A light touch, not what I was expecting. In our many conversations, I thought that you would be rough, aggressive if you will.

I was pleased with the gentleness and let out a breath of contentment. Letting my head fall to my crossed arms and taking in the feeling. You ran your hand up under the back of my shirt and to my neck. Applying slightly more pressure to my neck and squeezing it a bit.

I could tell you were moving on the bed and the next thing I knew you were laying with your head at the foot of the bed now. We gazed into each other’s eyes and smiles spread across our faces. Running your hands through my shoulder length brown hair gave me chills.

You leaned in and brushed my own lips with yours. Planting your full lips on mine, I took this as an opportunity to get my first taste of you. I opened güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my lips to reveal my tongue to your lips, slightly spreading your lips with it. Our tongues danced a bit, you were such a gentle kisser, and I wanted more, more aggression.

“Why are you wanting to rush this?” You asked me.

I wasn’t sure what you meant by this. “Rush what? We are just kissing.”

“Yes, but there is plenty of time to be aggressive, let us just enjoy and taste each other for now.” You said to me looking into my eyes.

We kissed again, this time our hands roam the other’s body over the lumps and bumps of clothing. I hadn’t had a kiss this intense in quite some time and I was totally enjoying it. It was nice to just go with the flow and not have any expectations or real wants. I was just going to follow your lead and be myself in the meantime.

Your lips were so full and warm on my own. You tasted bittersweet, something about it made me think of root beer. A taste we are all familiar with.

Our kiss broke and we lie there together, looking into each other’s eyes. You leaned forward and brushed your hand across the soft skin of my cheek. I turned my head slightly and captured your index finger between my lips. A little chuckle escaped you and I took your finger into my mouth, sucking on it and running my tongue up and down it as I was imagining doing to your cock soon. You take your finger out of my mouth and take it into your own, once again getting a taste güvenilir bahis şirketleri of me.

Taking your right hand you pushed me back so that I was now lying on my back on the bed. Moving in closer to me, running your fingers along the bottom edge of my shirt and then up and under it, for the first time getting a feel of my ample breasts. Rubbing your hand all over my stomach and breasts you lean in to kiss me, this time more aggressively. Your tongue forcing it’s way between my lips, stiff and strong I find myself whimpering into your mouth.

My hands have now come around your body, one holding your head in close to mine, the other pulling your chest to mine. I press myself up into you and you moan.I break our kiss so that my lips can roam over your neck to your ears, nibbling your earlobes and breathing lightly into your ear. Moving my lips back down to your shoulder, I nip a little and you squirm, obvious that I hit a hot spot for you.

My own sensations have not been ignored as your moaning and squirming has awakened the hunger in my pussy. My clit begins to pulse with every heartbeat, moisture beginning to spread between the freshly shaven lips. I grind myself into you, feeling your cock for the first time, hard and fully erect beneath your corduroy pants.

Your hands begin to roam more freely under my shirt, feeling my erect nipples through my bra. Your lips have now moved down to my stomach as your hands raise my shirt up over my breasts, revealing them to you. Gently kissing and running your tongue around my stomach, moving your way up to my bra, you reach beneath me and undo the clasps and I help you take it off. As soon as my breasts are exposed to you, you ravage them with your mouth. Pulling my hardened nipples into your mouth and tugging on them with your teeth.

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