3’s: Relentless

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In my profession, your code name is your life. It defines you, shapes you, and teaches you. I was given my code name at the tender age of 16, and until I die, I will have this name. My government sanctioned name on my birth certificate is merely an alias now.

My profession, escort. Code name: Relentless. Partners: Wildman and Ravenous. These are the other two who usually accompany me, and vice versa, when I am called to duty for an orgy or a gang bang. Being Relentless is a life I grew accustomed to because I had no other skill set. While on the job, I’ve learned much from these rich and powerful women. I give earth shattering sex and they provide finance and wisdom.

I have my usual list of clientele. All are big women, but of various definitions and colors. I have a judge, a lawyer, a professor, a CEO, a doctor, an artist, a chef, and a writer. My retainer is three thousand dollars a date, and that’s before sex. I know what you are thinking, I’m either the sorriest escort or I’m priced too high. Well, to be honest, the price of a true escort is based upon clientele whom which you “associate” with. Some ventures are higher than others.

I will tell you about this one job that made my price skyrocket. Wildman and Ravenous were called away on business to a swingers’ party. Lucky bastards, you get top dollar for shit like that, retainer and added bonuses per guest. Anyway, I was to team up with two other workers whom which they too knew nothing about each other. I’m telling you, they treat us like animals, or kids. They even put us in a room together to see how we would get along.

We stand in a black room, which is a meeting place for clients who want to remain anonymous as possible, staring each other down.

One finally decided to speak up. “My name is Remorseless. Not in the mood for weakness.” He says harshly.

“Merciless and pitiless. Must be a real hit with your clients.” I said.

“My clients tend to be the ones who like to punish themselves for being whatever it is they are at the time. I had to fuck one client to almost complete regression simply because she felt she had disobeyed her daddy one time or another back when she was 10 or something. Batshit crazy I tells you.” We all chuckle at that.

“Well, since we roll calling, Ruthless.” The other steps up.

“Without pity or compassion; cruel.” Let me guess, vengeance-type clients.” I interrupt.

“Something like that. I’ve done cuckolding, not really my thing. Guess you can say it started in high school. A teacher of mine decided he wanted a student to be an example. He literally failed me on purpose. So not only did I fuck his daughter, his mother, his wife, and sister; I recorded each one and sent each video one at a time on his payday. Showed my face and everything.” He boasts with pride.

“Well, should’ve known who he was fucking with.” Remorseless stated.

“And you?” Ruthless directed to me. Remorseless asked.

“Relentless. Unyieldingly, severe, strict, harsh.” I define myself.

“Have a war or horror story?” Remorseless asks.

“Ever read the book, ‘Dark Alien’?” I answer.

“Heard of it from one of my clients who talked about it. Said there’s a part where this guy practically takes out a group of women simply by fucking them to exhaustion.” Ruthless said.

“That’s you?” Remorseless asks with disbelief.

“I inspired it, so-to-speak. She invited three women to a party who apparently had ‘insatiable appetites’. So, I handled business, as usual. Three hours in, they were screaming for mercy. I didn’t stop for anything. One busts, I had another to replace within three seconds. By the end, they limped away. I was told they didn’t have sex for quite some time. PTS I believe. Go figure.” I said with barely a care.

Another hearty laugh from all of us. I will say we live up to our names without fail. After our meet-your-co-workers-meeting we received orders about a job. It will be us against one. Even though we are practically considered quite the maniacal group, we all do not sit well with the job. Apparently, whoever dropped the loot for this to happen, really wants it to happen. Him, her, or they had the prey lined up for us within a week. We were to prepare ourselves during that time. We are similar in our prep work. More cardio than anything else, weightlifting is done in high reps, and no heavy foods but filling meals. The day before, we fasted; a way to make us more ravenous toward the victim.

We gather outside the meeting place. It is a hotel complex, pretty luxurious even. We wear black suits and shades, freshly shaven and groomed, and to be smelling of musk, pheromones, and sweetness. To this day, I don’t know how we pulled that combination canlı bahis off. We walked in and immediately people stared at us. Then again, three decently tall, well-dressed Black men walk through a lobby together; there’s bound to be heads turning and triple takes.

“I’ll talk to the lady at the front desk. Excuse me ma’am, I would like to know which room this person is in.” I greet. The elderly woman cannot say a word because she hadn’t been so up close to a Black man probably all her life, especially one that towers over her and doesn’t show signs of emotion but is very courteous and mannerly. “Excuse me, ma’am?” I ask again to the stunned receptionist.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, forgive me. I lost myself for a minute there. Please repeat your request.” She states getting her wits back.

“Of course. I would like to know the room this person is residing. I was told to give you a password as well.” I said gentlemanly. I show her the information.

“Oh, yes, I was given specific orders. Password please.” She requested.

“The rage of Man shall incur the wrath of God and light the fury of the Devil.” The elderly lady became lost again in the deep vibration of my voice.

“That is correct. Please, here is the information and room-key. Enjoy your stay.” She said courteously.

“Thank you, ma’am.” I accept. I walk back to the other two. “Here’s the key, and the room is on the top floor. Let’s get down to business.” I direct.

We enter the elevator. Remorseless and Ruthless stand on the sides of me. Remorseless looks up with a smile on his face like a child ready to destroy a toy. Ruthless’s expression is predatory while looking down. I have no real expression I suppose. I look straight ahead with my hands in my pockets.

The thought that occurs to me is- three, dark-skinned brothas in black suits and the only thing setting us apart is our hairstyles, somewhat our height, and dick sizes. How did I know that information? You remember that room I said we met in. There’s a PA system linked to it. They announced our information out in the open when we were done “bonding”. Our employers have weird tastes sometimes.

Anyway, we all are dark-skinned. Oh, I forgot to mention; I’m from Deep South Texas, Ruthless is originally from Jamaica, and Remorseless is from London. They tend to use their accents to help with their performance. We finally arrive at the correct floor. We walk out like we going to do an assassination or something. Then again, the way the financial backers were talking, that is exactly what it seems to be. It’s why, in a way, this job does not sit well with me. The others didn’t like it as well. Ruthless and Remorseless may be assholes at times, but they give only when consented. Which is why I respect them. We arrive at the room. I remembered the walk down the hall was long, only our footfalls could be heard. We enter, and the target is still fully dressed. She turns to see us and immediately is bombarded with confusion, anxiety, fear, excitement, and lust. I think she is leaning more towards fear.

“Who are you?” She asks defensively.

“We are the ‘gift’, or ‘curse’. You choose.” Ruthless says neutrally.

She gulps on Ruthless’s words. She can’t be no more than 22, weighing a solid 250 plus, and her height is somewhat proportionate. She, at best with heels, raises herself to our chests. Our builds weren’t over flowing with muscles, but our presence is overwhelming. Just one of us can make a room quiet, and she, all by her lonesome to handle three monsters.

“We are here to fulfill the agreement. Says here you lost a bet and must pay up to this debt.” I said.

“Writing checks that fat ass, figuratively and literally, can’t deposit and withdrawal eh?” Remorseless adds.

“The penalty will be administered with extreme haste and prejudice. Do you understand these terms, Ms. Stone?” I announce.

“I do but let me explain.” She tries to defend herself.

“You can explain, as we take the debt from your pitiless, lust engorged body. Now, come here!” Ruthless demands.

She walks over to us timidly. Her dress makes her quite fetching. It is loose, but classy. It shows her soon to be naked curves appropriately. We make a circle around her. She struggles looking for a way out, but either direction she escapes to she will be pulled back into the second circle of hell.

Remorseless executes a good slap to her ass. She turns to regard him, and then Ruthless grabs her hair. “Turning your back on me? Not good.” He licks a line from her neck to her ear and then shoves her back to the center. She must feel my presence because I only reach for her shoulder and she swat my hand away.

“That’s fear creeping in with the adrenaline. I bahis siteleri suggest you calm yourself.” I instruct as an order. She attempts, she really does, but you try to be calm with three Black men hovering over you, staring you down like weak prey ready to be devoured in the most humiliating terms.

She begins removing her dress. Ruthless snorts and Remorseless snarls. I watch in silence, trying to understand the situation. She has silky, peanut butter skin; small lips, a cute nose, medium ears, her larger than normal forehead does not omit her beauty rather it enhances it, especially the braids she wears this night. The backers must have had her dolled up for this. Lamb for the sacrifice. Her midsection is in more shape than expected. She bends over to take off her dress; hesitant, because she is fearing another wallop. Ruthless’s hands wants to do so badly. She stands back up only wearing her black satin bra and matching thong.

“So, who should I start with?” She asks with reluctant anticipation

“Who? Little girl, you are going to be triple-penetrated for a good two hours. We have the information on you remember?” Remorseless bad-mouths.

“What?” She asks. We whip out our dicks on that.

“Suck us first. Have to warm you up or it’ll be pointless.” Ruthless mandates. She grabs mine first and then Remorseless’s. She takes Ruthless slowly. He is the longer of us three. He clutches her head with both his hands and pumps hard strokes into her mouth. Tears and spit splatter onto his pants. Her effort is up to snuff. After about fifty of them bad boys, she falls to the floor with her head down and palms keeping her raised trying to catch her breath.

I lift her head by her braided ponytail and shove my dick in. I choose a decent speed and only change the rotation of my hips. She coughs and whimpers due to the overwhelming tonsil torture. She receives one hundred rotations from me before I stop.

Remorseless immediately impels his harpoon into her jaw-trap and keeps it in. Snot and drool shoot from her openings. Remorseless pulls back just enough to hear her gasp and crams it back in. Each of his intrusions’ time lasting up to ten seconds. His final press he leaves in longer than 10 and forces to 30. She falls to the floor completely on her right-side coughing and gagging. She is in such a pitiful state. We don’t care.

I walk over to the larger area. I look around to locate hidden cameras. Deals such as these tend to be recorded for posterity, or proof. I hate shit like that and if I can avoid it, I will.

“Searching for something?” Ruthless asks.

“I hate being spied on. Where are the cameras?” I ask our victim. The young woman can’t keep her breath still. “Point if you can’t speak.” I bluntly sate. She points to the areas around the pictures and wall art. I acquire all the cameras. I toss them into the bathroom toilet. “Now I feel better. So, gentlemen, do y’all have a preference?” I ask with glee.

“Yeah, I do: fuck her brains out then put her back together like Frankenstein’s monster, then fuck her brains out again.” Ms. Stone tries to get up after that and perhaps leave. Ruthless blocks the door. “Nope.”

“Since she is so energetic right now, put her through the nine levels of hell I say. The first level, limbo, which means you get bent and constricted into positions that will break you. I don’t think I need to explain the rest because they get worse and worse.” Remorseless illustrates. Ms. Stone reaches for her dress and covered herself.

“Sounds like good ideas. I was thinking we all get turns and then unleash in all-three holes at once. Something like a hentai. I especially like the drunken facial expressions they have when they get dick crazed.” I say inspired.

Ms. Stone does not like the sound of any of our ideas that’s for sure. “May I please tell you what’s really going on here?” She attempts to change the subject.

“I don’t necessarily care, due to the fact your frightened ass is turning me on.” Ruthless chides.

“You know what, let’s hear her out. But Ms. Stone, I bore easy. So, I hope your beginning is very gripping.” I said with an ominous tone.

“It was an office bet. I’ve been working there for over three years. I never participated until this year.” Ms. Stone began.

“Bored now; get on the bed, the floor; doesn’t matter. Your ass is grass.” Remorseless said.

“The bet was to see who can have sex in the riskiest place!” She shouts quickly.

“I’m listening.” I said.

“I did it at a funeral, during the service, and my opponent did it inside a nunnery, during prayer.” She snitches desperately.

“All kinds of hell for you two. I don’t even think I want to do the job now.” Ruthless bahis şirketleri says with disgust.

“Seriously?” I ask surprised.

“HA! I’m about to destroy a disrespectful heathen! That’s practically on par with this one client who used to be a female minister!” Remorseless says happily.

“I can’t imagine either of you winning. That’s a tie in my book. How did they determine the winner?” Ruthless wonders.

“That’s the thing, the votes were completely one sided.” Ms. Stone answers.

“Damn princess, you were scammed. You were straight up setup.” Ruthless mocks with a joyous grin.

“Why did you even get into the bet? I’m pretty sure that you weren’t forced.” I said.

“In a way, everyone has to participate when you have worked there over a year. I just wanted my turn over with. I heard the bet changes often.” Ms. Stone explains.

“What do you two thinks?” I asked my companions.

“Honest opinion, incriminating evidence. Especially since they wanted this recorded. Makes sense when we never met our financiers.” Ruthless deduces.

Ms. Stone hopes her story would get them out of the mood. The one whom seemed calmer and level headed, though cold, appears to be the leader and is more disgusted with her predicament.

“So, you not going through with the contract?” She asks.

“Oh, I will, I just like knowing what I’m getting into Ms. Stone.” I correct.


“Get on the bed.” I decree.

“What?” She asks helplessly confused.

“Remorseless.” Remorseless snatches her by the neck and pulls her to the bed. She tries to get him to release.

“Ruthless, spank her as hard as you can.”


“FUCK! SHIT! DAMMIT!” Ms. Stone screams loudly.

“And that gentlemen, means she will enjoy what’s coming.” I say with confidence. The two stare at Relentless puzzled. “Any other woman would at least say stop, or something along those lines. We have here a masochist. A pretty good actress too.” I analyze.

Ms. Stone’s expression changes slightly after my remark, if you call a devious, curling smile slight.

“Yep, this bitch is a screw loose too. Let’s get this done and send her to a happier place.” Ruthless says bored.

“You muthafuckas ain’t got the damn balls to get me off. Those throat-fucks, if you call those tickles throat-fucks, was even half your A-game, you won’t satisfy me!” She assassinates.

“You fail to understand something. We don’t care if you get satisfied or not. Our job is only to live and fuck to our namesakes.” Remorseless reports. They place her sideways on her left. Ruthless goes for her pussy, Relentless in her ass hole, and Remorseless in her mouth. After five minutes her screams of ecstasy became a thing of the past. Her breath was harshly caught, her pussy had become so sensitive it’s tingling to the point of paralysis, and her anus on fire. They switch positions every few minutes in perfect concert. The difference in technique application always catches her off guard. They spank her only for good measure, squeeze her melons with vice-gripping power, and played with her clit just to torture her in believing she will feel pleasure again.

They sweat all over her, while she pisses, vomits, and squirts. Snot shoots and drizzles out her nose, yet they continue. Ruthless finally comes in her anus. She feels her sphincter coated with his slime. His dick pulses so hard she believes he could rip her apart. Remorseless takes his out and showers her face. She practically drowns in his spunk. Eyes, ears, nose, and mouth – it all runs into any hole or opening it can seep into. Relentless through all this did not stop his assault. Even when Remorseless shot all over her face. And she gurgled through semen trying to catch her breath.


Ms. Stone can barely muffle a scream. The release is the largest and thickest she ever had fill her mouth. She would normally enjoy the texture of cum but this time, it is an overdose of proportions too. Her eyes bulge and her cheeks puff to their limit. She finally coughs out loud and semen flys straight into the air coming right back onto her face. The bed is a complete artistic mess, with Ms. Stone as its center piece.

The gentlemen zip up their fly’s and put their shirts and jackets back on. They look a bit disheveled, but three straight hours of destroying a masochistic nut does that. They strut into the elevator and walk through the lobby. Again, people watch and stare as the black men walk with an air of purpose guiding them. They shake hands for a job well-done.

We haven’t been on the same job since. We fucked the masochist right and properly, out of her, and I heard she went back to the funeral home and found the person’s grave to apologize. She told me her co-worker’s information. Hey, it was a nunnery; there must be a limit, boundaries, whatever you want to call it. Don’t make me rehabilitate you.

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