5 Tests Pt. 02

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Hey folks. So first I’d like to thank you all for the positive feedback and the constructive criticism. To provide you with some insight into my working style, I write an entire story until I can’t think of anything else to write and then I break it up into parts. This is good for flow but bad for spelling and editing because by the end I’m staring down a 50 page doc. From now on I plan to split them up and edit the parts separately like I have with this one. Anyway, enjoy part two and please feel free to let me know what you think, it really does help me!




Test Three:

Later that night Kim and I scheduled our first real date for the very next day and I did my best to show her a great time. For our first date I took her to a thrift shop and told her to pick out whatever she wanted. I did the same and we wore our sweet new threads through an entire day of wandering about town, even ending up at an art show in our raggedy hand-me-downs. On our next date, I took her to the largest library in the city and we created a mini book club using random picks neither of us had read. She chose a book about World War 2 and I found one about water buffalo. On our third date she came over to my place on a Friday after work and we spent hours trying to make cocktail recipes we’d looked up. She was spectacularly wasted 30 minutes in.

We eventually found our way to my bed and proceeded to make out. Racing hearts pumped adrenaline and alcohol-rich blood through our bodies. Her hands wrapped around my waist as mine found their way up her shirt. She moved to meet them and held them tight through her shirt.

“Natey…I won’t be fucking you just yet” she said, with her eyes square on mine, gauging my reaction.

I paused and then said “okay but then the hooker you hire to replace you better be ready to get absolutely wrecked.” She bit her lip.

I clarified when I didn’t get a laugh, “That’s fine, I wasn’t expecting anything.”

I lied. I had wanted to have sex with Kim for what felt like forever and with everything going so well I figured that’s where things were heading. But what was far more important to me was that she was comfortable enough to want to do it. She lowered her hand to my crotch and said “you’re a shitty liar, but still a sweetheart. There’s just something I need to make sure of first.”

Right. Test three. Longest test yet and with no hint of exactly what she was testing. Whatever it was, I was going to go along with it if it meant spending more time with her.

“So, did you want to just cuddle then?” I said with some forced enthusiasm.

“Fuck that! I just won’t let you squeeze that hard thing into my”, her lips hovered next to my ear, “soft… wet… dripping lady parts. I never said I’m not game for other fun stuff.” Kim sighed. “If you want to just cuddle though…”

My heart skipped a beat as the warmth of this girl’s breath seemed to make its way through my whole body. I shivered and slowly exhaled. Travelling down the bed, Kim unzipped my jeans and exposed my underwear. The warmth that had filled my body moments earlier was now concentrated in one very sensitive spot. She was licking my dick through the fabric, making it wet and warm with her saliva. The feeling was great but I vividly remembered that the real thing was better. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if she wanted to 69.

“Okay but if I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing it’s your fault.” Kim spun on top of me so that her panty covered pussy was inches from my face. “Do a good job, ‘kay?”

I didn’t bother to respond. I buried my nose into her light purple underwear and took in her scent. I wasn’t expecting her to be this wet this quickly. The smell of her excitement was as intoxicating as the booze. The smell of her damp panties was making my rigid dick feel even more uncomfortable in my boxers. She dragged the tip of her red, shiny nails across the big bulge trying to tear free of my underwear and into her soft hands. I decided I would tease her back, and starting lightly nibbling along her covered pussy lips. I could taste her as my tongue ran along the wet imprint the excitement has made on her panties. Not being able to resist any more, I slid her panties off while she was still barely teasing my still unexposed manhood. Despite this, my cock was sending tingles up my body that were insisting I pay her back in kind.

I knew we were even when she gasped loudly at my sudden and enthusiastic lapping of her clit. Eagerly, Kim leaned back onto my face as she peeled back my underwear to reveal my pulsating penis. After taking a moment to bask in how unbearably rigid she had made me, she wrapped her lips around the head, thoroughly covering it with saliva. I could feel the tip of her tongue brush against me and tried to match her tongue strokes with my own. Any slipping along her folds was met with a moan from the lower half of the bed.

“Nate, just because I get to tease you doesn’t mean you can tease me!” canlı bahis Kim whined as she stroked me.

“You asked me to do a good job, remember?”

I dove right back in, running the length of my tongue against her clit and finishing off at the top by darting it in and out of her pussy-hole. The whole pink landscape was covered with my spit and her juices, despite my best efforts to lap it all up.

This wasn’t my first time doing this but it was the first time that any girl had opted to try to outcompete me. Kim tried deep-throating as much as she could, the sound of moans blocked by seven inches filling her mouth. She then lifted her head up off of me and grabbed my dick, stroking the now lubricated shaft. Her head dropped down to my balls and I jolted a little when suddenly all I could focus on was an overwhelming sensation of wet warmth. Meanwhile her hand sped up and I realized she was trying to prove a point.

Getting serious, I decided to switch from licking her clit to sucking it. This was the best game I had ever played but I’d be damned if I was going to lose to a girl in my own home.

She pulled her head up and said “this isn’t fair, why are you so good at thi¦oh my god, Nate this is a team effor¦ shiiiiit let me finish a sentence asshole…”

Kim grabbed the base of my dick and stroked it as she engulfed the rest of it with purpose. In the spirit of teamwork I decided to switch to fingers to let her concentrate. I curled my fingers inward and tried to find her G-spot. I knew I’d found it when I heard “please don’t stop sweety…oh nnnnno…” and felt her hips buck on top of me.

I moved the two fingers in time to her strokes and just relaxed, enjoying the show of her gorgeous ass swaying in front of my eyes. It wasn’t long before I heard a high pitched “faster”. Putting myself to work, I went full force and worked my tongue below my fingers to lick her clit. Moans turned into gasps and the tight walls inside her squeezed in rhythm to her movement.

Kim slumped down and, to silence her audible moaning, lightly bit my thigh. Once her bite started to tighten I slowed my rubbing down and she started to go limp on top of me. I switched to tender kisses on her pussy lips and savored feeling a pretty lady melt like butter on top of me. Compelled out of happiness, I hugged her upside down body. Then I turned to my side, gently flipping her off of me and looked down at her sleepy, smiling face.

“Goodnight Natey” was all I got before I could see she was out. I watched her rest for a while and admired how peaceful she looked. I drifted off with her legs in my arms.

I got out of my car and made my way to Kim’s front door with flowers held behind my back. Inside of apartment 274 was the sound of arguing, the kind that sounds more like a screaming match than a heated conversation.

“Why the fuck won’t you talk to me about this? What did I ever do to deserve being treated like trash!?” a male voice said angrily.

“Listen, I’m sorry that I can’t explain better but I meant what I said. It’s over. Just grab what you came for and leave.” I heard Kim’s voice, unusually shaky and projected.

“K-bear, I just want to know what I did. I thought I was doing well! One more test, right?” the voice, now slightly calmer, was unmistakable. Amir must have come to pick up stuff from Kim’s apartment or maybe convince her that he shouldn’t have to.

Do I go in? Is it really any of my business? Kim must feel so shitty having to do this alone ¦ but is it right for me to butt in?

“You failed the last test, Amir, again and again and I’m sorry but for the last time I won’t get into the how and why. Can’t you just let it go?” Kim said, her voice even shakier, sounding like she was on the verge of tears.

Hearing her about to cry was all I could handle. I knocked on the door and stepped in when I found it was unlocked. Unsure of what I would find, I had at least somewhat mentally prepared myself. Amir was not so lucky.

“Nate what the hell are you doing here. Are those…are those flowers!?” He turned to Kim, “Really!?”

Maybe I hadn’t thought this through.

The look on his face was making me feel embarrassed and guilty all at once. I knew that defeated look because I’d worn it so many times before, and I knew the anguish he had to be feeling for that look of loss to appear. His dramatic shift to anger, however, was less familiar.

“Right, so you dump me, won’t explain why, and then I come back and you’re already going out with Mr. Just-a-Friend. Okay, see this makes more sense. You’re a liar and he wants my sloppy seconds.” He was breathing hard and fast and I could see the red in his face.

“Amir, it’s really not like that. What happened was¦” my explanation was interrupted by his fist hitting my face.

“Nate!” Kim yelled, taking a few steps toward us.

“No! Kim, wait.” I said, getting up, keeping my cool. “It’s okay” I said, checking for blood.

I wasn’t going to fight her ex in front of her. Not that I really bahis siteleri wanted to fight at all, but it was also pointless.

“Amir, hit me as many times as you want. I kind of get how you feel. I think you have every right to be mad.”

He looked at my bruising face and yelled “Man shut the fuck up, you think I won’t beat the shit out of you?”

“Can’t shut up, too scared because I know you would.” I said with a queasy smile. “But I’m also right. I get what it’s like to have a connection with someone and then have it taken from you. Life is shitty right now and you want answers.” I said, reaching into my jacket for a Kleenex to clean my face.

“Ya dumbass, I do want answers. So explain it to me, why the fuck do I come home after one week to find you’re already after her? You couldn’t wait until after she talked to me in person?”

“We broke up, things happened, it’s not like this was planned!” Kim said quietly.

“So you ran into his arms on a whim?” Amir snapped.

“No…I¦I just…” Kim looked like she could barely.

“Amir, she doesn’t have to explain doing what she had to do to get over you. Clearly you meant a lot to her or she wouldn’t have even let you in here. I was the one who put myself in the position for this to happen. You should only be pissed off at me.” I interrupted the exchange, trying to get Kim out of the crossfire.

“So you admit you’re a piece of shit? Hitting on other guys’ girlfriends until you see a perfect opportunity? You’re scum.” Amir was back up in my face and looked like he was ready to throw another jab.

“Stop.” Kim said firmly, now looking angrier than her ex. “You can’t say that to him or hit him again, I don’t care how hurt you are. Nate is nice, and it isn’t his fault things could never work out between us.”

The apartment filled with deafening silence, cut only by heavy breathing and the faint sound of something breaking.

Amir backed away from me. “Never?” He stared at Kim, then at the floor. He made paces towards the door and refusing to look to at either of us said “You both suck and deserve each other.”

He was gone. Kim didn’t look to be all there herself.

“…Are you okay?” I asked.

“Not really” she muttered. Kim wrapped herself around me and began squeezing me tight. “Thank you for not fighting him. I didn’t want any of that to happen and I think you really helped the situation a lot by being here.”

Though my aching nose was trying to convince me otherwise, I was glad she thought I did the right thing. It’s always nice to feel like you’re doing the right thing. We embraced for a while as neither of us seemed to want to let go.

She gazed into my eyes and a half-hearted smile appeared on her face. “So I’m calling it a pass.”

“A pass on our date?”

“Well that too, but I meant test three. You pass.” Kim’s smile was now in full force.

“Oh…” I could see she was expecting a little more gusto. “I mean that’s great. What was it?”

“…later.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me across the living room.

I dropped the flowers onto the coffee table and entered her room.

Kim unbuttoned my shirt slowly after she had tossed hers aside. When she finished with the bottom button she placed her hands against my chest and went to kiss my neck. I wrapped my arms around her bottom and lifted her up. She draped her arm over my shoulders as I carried her to the bed.

The freshly changed sheets were wrinkled as her body lay atop the surface. I took a moment to admire the beauty I’d just places upon the bed. Kim looked up and smiled at me. She put out her finger and beckoned me to climb on top of her. I let my shirt fall on the ground behind me and climbed onto the bed.

I kissed her and her lips lingered on mine. Almost in a trance we lost ourselves in a moment of passionate kissing and touching. Exploring my abs her hands felt cold but found refuge in my pants, around my butt.

I lifted her shirt and the black lacey bra clasped against her pale, goose-bumped skin caught my eye. I grabbed a breast in my hand and squeezed as my lips met hers again. I wrapped my other hand behind to unhook her bra and, miraculously succeeding, slid it up to reveal her hard nipples.

Like they had been waiting for me, I moved down and stuck out my tongue to meet her left one. I heard a moan and it made me want to flick at the other one as well. She ran her hands through my hair and giggled when I nibbled in response.

I pulled her sweatpants and panties off. She was completely shaved today and her pussy lips were glistening with her excitement.

“I should go grab a condom.” Though I’d be lying if I said I wanted to move even a foot off that bed.

She bit her fingernail and shook her head. “I’m allergic to latex. Besides I’m on the pill and I want to do this without anything coming between us.”

A chorus sang. “Okay, you’re the boss”

“Boss says that you don’t leave this bed until I’ve milked you dry.”

Oh boy.

“Your bahis şirketleri pants are still on, friend.”

She was right, however we fixed that quickly. Both naked and now under the covers.

“It’s kind of cold…” she whispered, looking up at me.

“Here, let me help”

I wrapped her in my arms and held her close, making sure the covers completely surrounded her. She cuddled into me. A hand slipped down to my erection and she ran a finger along the tip, picking up pre-cum along the way.

“I think we’re both ready for this.”

I nodded and she rolled me onto my back, climbing on. Starting low, she slid up my body, leaving kisses along the way. I let my head sink into the pillow and closed my eyes so I could focus on each slow touch of her lips onto my skin. Her breasts slid along me and as she got to my chest, she lapped at my right nipple. I smiled and realized she wanted me watching this.

“Pay attention, you’ll only get one first with me” she bit her lip.

“You’re inexplicably beautiful, but I’ll try not to get distracted”

She lowered her head on my stomach and I could tell she was hiding her red cheeks.

“I’m trying to have sex with you, Nate, please stop making me blush”

“Oh, right! Sorry… please go ahead” I was elated. This was perfect.

Kim hovered on top of me and lined me with her dripping pussy. She rubbed the head against her moist entrance and watched intently as my breathing got deeper. She carefully lowered herself onto my waiting erection. I felt wet walls part as inch by inch I filled her up to the backdrop of shared moans. She was tight, tighter than I had expected.

“T-tight, Kim.”

“Ohhhhhh y-ya, I noticed hon”

She sank further until her shaved mound rested on my crotch. With her knees tight on either side of me, Kim shifted her weight until she was suitably comfortable. My hands rested on her hips and I did everything in my power to burn the image of her on top of me into my mind forever.

“You filled me up Nate.” she chimed, having worked every bit of me inside of her.

Her hips rocked back and forth and I could feel myself sliding in and out of her in a slow rhythm. My hands slid back onto her ass and she lowered her chest down to rest on me. Using her knees she lifted her ass higher and then plopped it right back down. The waves of sensation and her scent washed over me and I made me even more rigid inside of her.

Kim was digging her fingers into my back waiting for more. My hips thrust upwards and I felt myself enter into her and exit back out, her hole gripping onto me, reluctant to let go.

“Nate it’s so good, I think it’s getting bigger. Keep pumping into me…geeeeez” she squeaked as I thrust hard into her in response. Our gaze met and she kissed me passionately. Digging through my hair were nails searching for something to grab onto as I sped up. The feel of her wrapped around me plus the obvious effect I was having on her was such a turn on. In one swift motion I flipped her over.

I lifted her legs up and places them on my broad shoulders. I slid deep into Kim’s pussy and left her gasping with each push.

“Holy crap. Okay, okay just be careful you’re really deep.” My dick repeatedly invaded her insides, making squishing noises accompanied by loud smacks. I grabbed onto her butt-cheeks pulling them apart, squeezing them hard as all I could think about was splitting her apart. It drover her crazy.

“Oh my god if you keep going like this I’ll pass out!” Kim’s eyes squeezed shut and her mouth went wide. I sped up my thrusts and my cock continued to push against her cervix. I was bottoming out inside of her and it was incredible. She lifted her head up and there were tears in her eyes and a huge grin on her face. Kim forced me backwards, out of her and onto my back.

“Breaking me won’t get you out of this. I said we’re going until you’re out of gas and I meant it.” She kissed me again and climbed back on. Our make-out muffled her moans as we began to match each other’s pace, the sound of sex filling the room.

“Nate you’ll stay right? You won’t let go?”

“I’m never letting go”

Like I ever could. The idea of staying with Kim, day after day filling her up was getting me very close. I wanted her to walk around with part of me inside of her. I wanted her to forever remember how this felt.

“Fuck Nate, it’s so deep…it’s so deep”

“I’m going to cum Kimmy.”

“You better shoot it inside me. Give me all of it!”

Not one to disappoint I could feel my body tense and I groaned as jets of cum shot into her. She was milking me and with all the excitement I felt as if I had never come that hard in my life. I was out of breath, trying to catch it while I watched the blurry goddess shift around on top of me.

“I can feel it. There’s so much of your stuff inside me…” Kim said, sliding her hand down my chest. “Thanks.”

I laughed. “You’re thanking me?”

“Well not for the sex, let’s face it, that was all me. No…I mean for passing test 3. For being patient with me. For waiting for me and for being a levelheaded human being. I really think I need someone like you in my life, Nate. I…want it to be you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20