5pm Fantasy

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It has been a long day at the office. It seems like it was taking forever for 5pm to get here. Although 5pm is a bittersweet time. It means we can close shop for the day – but it also means going home where thoughts of you will linger in my mind until I can see you again the next morning. But sometimes, 5pm also means the rare opportunity to live a fantasy – a limbo between work life and home life. And today seems to be turning into one of those fantasy moments, as the office is mostly cleared out with just a few minutes to go.

I linger, in the hopes the last of the stragglers will take advantage of the sunshine and call it a day. One by one, they say good night. A few minutes past 5pm, we are the only two left in the quiet office. As I shut down, you walk up behind me. I melt instantly as you skillfully knead my shoulder muscles. As my computer screen goes dark, you lean down and graze your lips across the side of my neck.

We are finally alone, and while I am enjoying your touch, I want to touch you as well. So I gently turn my chair and push it back so I can stand up. I reach up to touch your strong jawline as I lean into you with a kiss. Your lips taste so good. Your kisses are playful and passionate at the same time, making me want more of you.

I slide my hand down your sexy arm muscles, feeling their curves with my fingertips. Then I take your hand, and pull away from your kisses as I lead güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri you through the maze of cubicles and to the dark breakroom. I guide you to one of the large cushioned chairs in the corner and gently push you so you’re sitting down. I straddle your legs, grinding my clit against your growing hardness, finally satisfying the throbbing I’ve been feeling all day. Your cock grows harder as I press myself against you, pulsating as it grows increasingly uncomfortable in its restraining layers of clothing.

You pull your polo over your head, revealing strong abs and chest muscles covered with dark hair. I run my fingers down your chest – so sexy, so incredibly sexy. You reach for my blouse, lifting it carefully over my head, laying it on the chair next to you, revealing a blue silky bra which you quickly remove. You wrap your arms around me, pulling me against you – skin on skin. Our lips find each other again, and I playfully nip at your bottom lip, our tongues tasting each other’s sweetness.

I kneel on the chair as I straddle you, lifting myself over you. I reach down, unbuckle your belt, unzip and unbutton your pants. I reach in to grab your overheating cock, pulling it out and relieving it of his restraints. I grip you tightly as I start to stroke your length, still kissing you, and sucking on your tongue.

You hike up my skirt so you can slide your hands up my bare güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri legs and to my ass. When your hands reach your favorite asset, you realize that I have already removed the blue silky panties I mentioned I was wearing earlier. You caress my ass, then slide one hand over my thigh and between my legs, allowing your fingers to discover my wetness. You slide your finger along the hot slit, feeling my clit twitch under your fingertips. You slide your fingers further, entering one into a pool of heat and slippery wetness. Then you slide it back out and along the slit to my throbbing clit once more, circling it skillfully. You can hear my breath changing pace, as I struggle to remain focused on stroking your rock hard cock.

I can’t bear it anymore. All the teasing. All the fantasies. All the crowded days at the office when I just wanted you to myself. I want to feel you inside me. I need to feel you inside me. I lean in and whisper these things in your ear.

You slide down in the chair, allowing me to dip your cock into my wet pussy. I slide it back and forth, letting the tip become slick with my juices. Then I guide you inside of me slowly. I lower myself onto your length bit by bit, lowering to take more of you in, then lifting myself so just your tip is in me. Then lowering once more, taking more of you in me. After the slow progression of sliding up and down your cock, I güvenilir bahis şirketleri finally take your full length into me. You fill me completely. You can feel my warmth. You can feel my tightness around you.

As I slowly ride your cock, you have one hand gripping my ass guiding me. Your other hand has returned to my pulsating clit, circling it skillfully. Speeding up the circling as I start to ride you faster. I’ve waited so long to feel you inside me. You feel so amazingly good. I can feel my heart racing and you hear my breath start to come in gasps. I lean in to kiss you, drawing you closer to finishing.

I want to feel you cum with me, inside me. I bury my head into your neck as I ride harder and faster, your fingers magically going even faster between my legs. I whisper to you that I’m getting closer. You hear me between gasps saying “Oh god that feels so good. Don’t stop…” You feel my pussy tightening around your cock and you’re ready to explode into me. I tell you to cum with me. I tell you to cum inside me.

As I start to whimper between gasps, you know I’ve reached the point of no return. So you let yourself go as well. I feel your body tense beneath me. You lean your head back in the chair as you shoot your hot cum inside of me. We both gasp for air as we expend the last of our energy cumming together.

With my head still buried in your neck… with your head still leaning back in the chair… with your cock still deep inside me…. with our chests pressed together as I lay on top of you… we sit there together catching our breaths. And while my brain starts to regain the ability to form a straight line of thought, I can’t help but think “when can we do that again….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20