A Baby – Family and His Brother Ch. 02

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Is this story true or not, you tell me

Lying on the couch with my blouse above my boobs and skirt in disarray Nick looked down at me and seen the satisfaction in my eyes. He leaned over and grabbed my hands and lifted me to him. Slowly he help me get my cloths straighten out and said that we were going to his house and be more comfortable. I looked at him puzzled, stated “your wife what about her”. He smiled and said, “She is expecting us”. Many things went through my mind, didn’t know what was happening, but I knew that this man, was sincere, kind and honest and never had to fear him. The thought of his wife expecting us, sent chills through my body. At this point in my life I never been to bed with a woman, but always had a wanting to find out. I asked him what he meant she was expecting us, and he explained that his wife was Bi, but if I didn’t want any part of her it would be ok with her and she would understand. Thoughts were running through my mind, this woman was beautiful, I could understand why no man would ever turn her down, and she could have the pick of anyone she wanted. Would I?

As we were driving to his house, we had some small chat; my mind was really going in circles as to what was happening. What am I getting into? Why do I find this man so exciting? Why do I trust him? Why do I feel I love him, when I know I could never have him for myself?

Suddenly we were driving up his driveway and realized that we were there. Questions after question entered my mind, but I accepted the fact I went this far and would not stop.

His house was beautiful, they just had it built and moved into it. We entered the garage and he looked at me and said, “you can change your mind, for when you enter into this house your life will be change”. At the time I didn’t know what he meant,

Then said, “yes I want to go in”.

We enter into a pantry and then into their kitchen. I could hear music throughout the house and mine you it was 5 AM, figuring most in the family would be sleeping. Nick had two of his seven children still living with him, Sue who was 16 and Guy 15 the rest were out into the real world, living in California. Sue and Guy were in bed sleeping, but Jan was in her bedroom with the music on, and the music was coming from the intercoms throughout the house except the kid’s rooms. All there bedrooms were sound proof. Nick went to one of the intercoms and called for Jan to see if she was awake.

“Yes Hun, Ill be right there.”

I felt awkward didn’t know what to do, but Nick asked if I would like to drink something and I accepted a coke. He said, “Don’t be nervous, Jan is a great person and will be excited to see that you came.” I looked at him and said “nervous yes, excited at the same time, yes, but it felted strange to be in someone else’s house and not know what is going to happen to me”. He knelt down and said, “he understood, but I would have to trust them and that no one in this house would ever hurt me”.

He looked up at me and kissed me gently on my lips, illegal bahis I responded and tried to grab his hand and put it to my breast, but he just wanted to give me a reassurance kiss to let me know it will be ok.

Suddenly I heard a voice

“Well I am glad to see you two have gotten to know each other”.

I jerk back from Nick, standing in the doorway was Jan, she was beautiful, with a negligee on, just parted enough to see the very sexy teddy she had on, her body was perfect, firm breast, well shaped legs and all the curves in the right places, embarrassed

I said, “I am so sorry”.

Jan looked at me, walked over to me and said, “Hun, don’t worry, he has the same affect on me”, then leaned over and kissed me on my lips.

Her lips were so soft and a tingling feeling ran through my body, even though I didn’t know what to do, but did respond to it. Then she just flicked her tongue into my mouth and my tongue tried to touch hers but she took it out, stood up and smiled at me.

Nick stood up and said he was going to take a shower and let you two ladies get to know each other. Jan said, “Ok Hun, that would be nice.”

I stuttered ok, but felt my security blanket was leaving me. Jan squeezed my hand, grabbed it, and led me into the family room. We sat down and she started small conversation, wanted to know how old, did I like my job, was I making enough to live on. I laugh cause I really never had anything in my life coming from a family who didn’t have a lot of money, but did have a lot of love.

When she found out what I made, she told me that she would get Nick to hire me as a Bartender in their Bar and I would make 10 times that amount in a day. I thought she was kidding about the money part, but it did come true. Then she stunned me with, “how would I like to live there with no strings attached”. No Rent, No Food Cost, No Utilities, No nothing and be free to do what I want.

I didn’t know what to do, but did say, “you are offering me this for sexual pleasure”. Her comment was if that happens it would be up to me, but I would not be forced into anything that I didn’t freely want to do. I said I would like time to think about this, she said, “Ok, take your time, regardless what I do, “that you are welcome in our home anytime I wanted to come, without an invitation day or night.”

She then said, “You like Nick don’t you”. I looked at her, blushed and said, “Yes very much”. She smiled and then said, “Its ok and she understands, Nick is a great person and really does have this effect on everyone he meets”.

All during our conversation Jan and I were on a couch, at first separated one end and she the other, but as the conversation progress she got closer and closer, each time she went to do or get us something. I found myself doing the same thing, for now I knew that I wanted to find out what it would be like to make love to a woman.

We were now side by side, she’d touching my hands, or face, with whatever the conversation would allow her to do innocently. illegal bahis siteleri Each time her negligee would open wider and wider until finally she just took it off. Truthfully, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, so beautiful, sexy, and so lady like. Jan is the same age as my Mother, but so in tune with me like a Mother, but also my sexual needs. She knew by now that she was turning me on and finally made the move that I was yearning for.

She placed her hands on my face and said, “So young and sweet, beautiful and innocent”. I blushed, she leaned over and kissed me, her tongue found mine, lips so soft, her kisses were very tender and not like anything I had with a man. Her hands moved over my body and slowly she disrobed me and when I was totally naked she laid me back on the couch.

She was on her knees at the base of the couch and stared up and down my body, touching lightly, she looked at me, “Your beautiful, and so perfect”. As she started to kiss, lick my body all over and once in awhile just take a little nip on my boobs or earlobes, she whisper in my ears “Hun, I am going to make your world rock”.

That was an understatement!!

At the time I didn’t know this but everything we were doing Nick was watching on close circuit TV they had installed in the house. Jan stood up and slowly slipped out of her teddy. I never knew a woman of her age could be so beautiful, so perfect, so young looking and so sexy. Her pussy was shaved, and it was so perfect like a newborn child. Her legs were spread just a little and the slit going to her ass was straight with her clit showing a little at the top of it.

She turned and had the most perfect ass I had ever seen on a woman, with her legs together you could see her pussy, so smooth, and so innocent looking. She turned back around and said, “You like” I said, “Yes”.

She lay next to me and started to kiss my face, eyes, lips, neck very tenderly, then lick my earlobes, our boobs were rubbing against each other and we started to grind our pussies against each other. She cupped my breast and once in awhile would pinch them, sending shivers through my body. I was moaning and reciprocating with my touches, kissing her and touching her body. Her body was so soft, yet so firm.

I can honestly say she didn’t have a flaw. Her hand then slipped down to my mound and her finger worked its way to my clit and she rubbed slowly, turning her body and kissing down my stomach she reach my vagina and then flicked her tongue onto my clit, then she took my clit inter her mouth and started to suck on it and playing with it with her tongue.

She manage to maneuver her body on top of mine and spread her legs and I was looking at the most perfect pussy a woman could ask for. She looked like a virgin, never been fucked. You could just see her clit and that was all. As she was sucking on my clit, I started to work on her, never doing this before, but knew what I liked and then started to perform on her how I liked it. I started to lick her slit and when I canlı bahis siteleri reached her clit, did the same as her, suck it in and worked on it with my tongue.

She started to moan, the same as I and the both of us were in bliss as we search out for each other vaginas, licking and sucking on each other, grinding our pussies into each other face. Then she entered me with her tongue, sticking it in and licking my clit as she came out. I reciprocated and we both were moaning I felt everyone in the house would wake up, didn’t care, never felt this new feeling I was having.

Every now and then Jan would say, “Yes baby that’s how I want it”.

We both worked on each other’s vaginas and clits until we both reach a peak at the same time and our bodies were jerking and screaming with pleasure that each of us gave to each other.

Jan just lay on top of me and rested her head on my pussy, relaxing and I just put her pussy closer to my face and licked slowly her juices and her hips moved so slow in appreciation. When she relaxed, she got up and motion for me to get on my stomach and said, “Relax Hun, your Mom going to give you a massage”.

I turn and rested my head on the armrest and I turned to the side, shut my eyes. She straddled me and slowly squirted some oil in her hand and started to massage my neck, shoulders and the sides of my ribs, every now and then she would touch the bulge of my boobs from the side and give a gentle squeeze. After a 15 minutes and I in total bliss,

Jan lean over and said, “Hun, keep your eyes shut and enjoy. She got up and I heard some noises, but didn’t sound familiar, but I trusted her and kept my eyes shut. I then felt her hand on my pussy, starting to rub it slowly with a little oil, working it up and down my slit. Then I felt something at the entrance. I tighten up, she whisper “its ok Hun, just relax, I won’t hurt you. Her words were so reassuring and I gave myself to her. She slowly gave a push and the dildo she strapped on enter me, it was huge, my pussy never had anything this big, but she took her time working it in and out, until she was all the way in and then slowly started to fuck me. As she thrust I met each one of them. Suddenly I felt something touch my hair and I turned my head to be looking at one of the most beautiful cocks I had ever seen. Standing there was Nick, naked, the first time I seen him like that. He looked like a God, every part of him seem to fit together. Nothing was wrong with these two people, when it came to their bodies. I looked at his cock, not overly large, 7 ½” to be exact, but very thick and the head was perfect. Since it was just inches away from my mouth. With each thrust Jan gave me, my mouth would just touch his cock. I open it, he then thrust it into my mouth and I proceed to suck on him, as Jan was fucking me from behind. I heard her say to Nick “Thank you Hun, she is a beauty and so perfect for us”. Then she said, “I understand why you love her, I do to.” My head was spinning when I heard those words, this man loves me to, without realizing it at the time, but I fell in love with her to.

I never have met a couple like this, both who loved each other very much, but so free to share themselves for each other’s pleasure.

To be continued.

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