A Back Together Fantasy

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This is the story of how (I wish) the girl of my dreams and I got back together.

So let’s call her H for now, her favourite saying is that everyone is someone else’s weirdo and she is mine. She has gorgeous brown hair that is curly and about shoulder length but she prefers to straighten it. She has a cute face and although she hates her nose I wouldn’t change it, a classic body I always thought myself a big breast sort of guy until I saw her no more than maybe a B cup, perfectly in proportion.

And further down an almost flat stomach depending how much exercise she gets the tiniest little swell and further down to one of her best assets that she can’t take compliments on no matter how true they may be her hips a beautiful curve that fit so well with the rest of her body and her arse such a glorious sight not overly large but not flat either. Down her legs she isn’t one of these anorexic rakes she is just a healthy girl there is no flab here just healthy toned legs from walking to and from uni.

We had been together for over 2 years although almost half that had been spent with only a phone or webcam to stay in touch and then she moved for university we could still see each other it was just a little too far to make a day trip always so close yet so far away. It was decided to stick it out after all we had done it before from further away and for longer.

We managed to get together every other weekend but then in a period of about a month the stress of a parent with health problems, exams and trying to find the time to fit a few months of being away into 2 short weeks got to her something had to give and in this situation the first thing to go is a relationship.

The first few weeks hit hard realizing that I was without not just sex but the person that had been a best friend to me as well, we still talked even flirting like we used to until she realized what she was doing. To make matters worse I was also starting uni at this time not the ideal thing to have running around in a person’s head at that time that is for sure.

The work somehow got completed and all of a sudden the mid semester break was only a week away time to party let the hair down relax and then reset for the final push to the end of the year. H had still talked to me almost every day since ending things and it was starting to become obvious that my initial thoughts that she just needed a break from things were right. A plan was hatched that during the next week I would go to visit her and sleep on a spare mattress on the floor of her room, which although a far cry from previous visits spent naked and tangled in each other’s bodies was still a good place to start especially seeing as we would be hitting the town and getting drunk.

It was a Monday morning when I arrived to be greeted by H on the street where I had to park she ran up to me hugged me and kissed me on the cheek’ and told me she was happy that I had come to visit her. We took my bag and sleeping bag up to her room and made plans to go into town for a quick lunch and then a game of mini golf something we had planned to do so many times before but never got around to. I had tried to teach her to play the real thing before but she was much better just using a putter.

About halfway through the game she started to miss easy shots and asked me to show her how to improve, which was unusual considering this was one thing she didn’t like taking advice on, so I stepped in front of H to try and describe what she needed to do when she looked at me funny and told me to go behind her and reach around to show her because it gave her a better idea of what I meant. At this time a voice in my head went ‘You idiot she is flirting with you’ my dick had gone hard in my pants instantly at that thought, it had been over 2 months since we had last had sex and there had been no other girls.

H must have felt it when I moved behind her but rather than flinch away she pushed her gorgeous bum slightly back into me but gave no other indication that she new, H did love to tease me discreetly when she knew I was horny. I helped her swing the putter back and forward a few times then moved away and we continued our game at the end the gloating began after we added the scores she had beaten me by a shot, I already knew this I had stuffed up deliberately on the last hole to let her win, one of those little things that I did to make her feel good it was working. As we walked back to the car she put her arm around me there were no words exchanged but I had an idea how she was feeling.

On the way back to the college H lived at while she was here we realized we had used the whole afternoon and we were again hungry so in anticipation of filling ourselves with booze we chose some good unhealthy fast food to eat for tea and headed back to her room. When there we put a movie on and pulled out a bottle of spirits and 2 shot glasses and whenever certain things happened we had to drink we got through canlı bahis 1 movie and started another still playing drinking games we were getting to be rather tipsy at this stage and stopped to get ready to hit the pubs and clubs.

H excused herself went and showered while I shaved and applied her favorite cologne. When she came back to the room she only wore a towel and I excused myself not wanting to make her feel awkward while she changed and went and found a friend I knew that also lived there and played a few games of pool in the common room.

After about 30 minutes H sent me a text message telling me she was ready to go so I headed back to her room. When I walked in she had a pair of jeans on that I always loved to see her wearing with a pair of flat shoes, she never was much of a fan of heels, her top was a tight fitting button up that was open just enough for me to see that she was wearing her purple push up bra that she knew was my favorite and nestled in her cleavage was the necklace I had bought her for Christmas the year before. She had straightened her hair and her cheeks were slightly rosy like me she was still slightly tipsy the night was only beginning.

The nearest bar was only a 10 minute walk away and we ended up there at about 10pm a quickly started drinking again with a few shots of tequila and a couple of whatever the barman thought of. By this stage we were both pretty happy and I gave her a shock by asking her if she would like to dance for the first time since she had known me as I never did like to make a fool of myself.

H was happy and smiling and we were both trying to keep things under the premise of being ‘just friends’ but as we danced some more she moved closer and soon enough was right up against me. We were having fun doing silly moves with each other flirting with our bodies. The song changed and we went and got ourselves another drink to keep the buzz going.

We got to talking again about our families and studies and how we had really been as can only happen half drunk and face to face and after a while H decided she wanted to dance again this time she turned and started to lean back into me and grind her bum into my groin I was getting hard again and I knew then that tonight was going to end the way I had hoped.

We danced and drank until 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning until we stumbled out of the pub covered in sweat and still a little drunk. H put her arm around my waist and leaned her head on my shoulder and we walked slowly and after a couple of minutes of walking back uphill and chatting I asked her if she had been getting much attention from other guys and if she had had sex with anyone since me.

She stopped and turned to me and said that a few guys had hit on her at bars but she hadn’t gone any further than one kiss with a guy that turned her off straight away. The look she gave me at this time was the only sign I needed so I leaned in and kissed her softly at first there was a moment where I thought things had gone horribly wrong but then she responded by parting her lips slightly and kissing me back after a few seconds I moved slightly away but she pulled me back in standing on her tippy toes to kiss me again this time there was a real passion in her kiss and our tongues met softly at first tip to tip and then gradually started a wrestle with each other and she started moaning into my mouth as I pressed all her buttons that I had learned to do so well.

I was squeezing her bum now with one hand and running my fingers through her hair with the other, turning her on even more and her left hand had gone to the front of my pants and was rubbing my growing erection. She broke the kiss and pulled me up down a walkway between 2 fences out of sight of the road we had been following back to her accommodation.

H kissed me again leaving a slight gap for her hand to work the button and zipper of my jeans open, she popped the button and forced the zip open and started to feel my 7 inch cock with only my underwear left covering it, she broke the kissed and moaned into my ear that she had missed me slowly nibbling my earlobe as she said it, then dropped to her knees my cock was throbbing desperate to be let out of my underwear as she let out a warm breath along its length before sucking on the head though the material.

She ever so gently placed her fingers through the elastic at the top her skin now on mine and wrapped her hand around my throbbing erection quite possibly the hardest it had ever been and pulled it out looking at it for a second before looking straight up into my eyes as she slid the entire length all the way into her mouth playing with my balls with one hand and running the other up under my shirt before gagging a little and pulling back up so that just the head was still in her wonderfully warm wet mouth her tongue dancing around flicking the underside of my cockhead.

She brought her hand down from inside my shirt and placed bahis siteleri it around the bottom half of my shaft and started jerking me while still sucking the head and playing with my balls I was in another world the blowjob she was giving me was about to send me over the edge and sensing this she moved off her mouth off my cock and told me I wasn’t going to come from just a few minutes of pleasure and started to lick and suck my balls while very gently stroking my cock using her saliva from before as lubricant.

After a couple more minutes of this she looked up at me and said ‘this is only part of an apology’ before taking my cockhead back in her mouth and quickening the pace of her hand I felt the cum start to rise and told her I was about to come, which caused her to put in even more effort, I felt the first spurt fly out of my cock and into her mouth and she swallowed it down along with the rest of my cum that I released into her mouth and she kept licking and sucking on my cock till I was done and cleaned up.

Looking up at me with lust in her eyes H replaced my still hard cock in my pants licking her lips and grabbing a drink from a water bottle in her handbag cleaned her mouth out and kissed me once again, she didn’t need the water id have kissed her anyway.

We shared another long kiss this one softer remembering the feelings that we had for each other before she whispered to me that she needed me to take care of her so we set off back to her room stopping here and there on the way for a quick kiss and a grope the booze had almost worn off but need to feel each other’s naked bodies against each other certainly hadn’t.

We were barely in the room before starting to take each other’s clothes off she started with my shirt while I undid her jeans placing my hand inside them and over her covered vagina I could feel the moisture being soaked up by her panties but I removed my hand teasing her a little more all this time kissing her before moving the kisses over her face across her cheek and down to her jaw line kissing her tenderly along her jaw line.

Before moving next to just below her ear and she stifles a moan trying to keep quiet with other people sleeping in rooms to either side of hers I start to play with her earlobe while beginning to unbutton her top and then kissing down her neck to her collar bone as her shirt starts to come away I find the spot that she loves to have kissed, nibbled and licked and she lets out a low moan completely forgetting for a moment that the people in neighboring rooms might hear.

The last button on her shirt is now undone and as she turns to move her arms out of it I kiss up the other side of her collarbone and over her shoulder as I move behind her, she reaches back and opening my jeans again slips her hand inside to massage my growing erection her hand feels even better than before but it’s her turn for pleasure and I continue running my hands over her body continuing to tease her I lower her jeans to her knees.

Kissing my way down her back stopping at her shoulder blades before continuing to plant little wet kisses all around until I reach the top of her underpants these are nothing special designed for comfort with a little bit of lace running around the top of the elastic the only stand out feature but they give an idea of what hides beneath. Planting kisses here and there on her covered rear I move lower and down the backs of her legs with more kisses, licking and sucking.

She turns to face me as I am on my knees before her, I reach up and start to pull her panties down gently breathing on each bit of newly revealed flesh taking my time I lower her panties further waiting to catch sight of her pubic hair line until I realize that I am at the top of her pussy and it is completely bare of hair.

H moans to me that she wanted to do something new for me and had been waxed a few days beforehand, I smiled and removed her panties and the jeans that had ended up at her feet and pushed her back onto an office chair that she usual sat at her desk to do work on. I knelt in front of her and H opened her legs and kissing my way up the inside of each thigh, her hands are running through my hair trying to pull my mouth closer she is moaning with every contact of my lips to her thighs, I decide to end the teasing and give her what she has been waiting for and move my mouth over her pussy my warm breath sending shivers up her spine.

Moving in and making contact with my tongue flat I lick up first one side and then the other before finally settling my open mouth over her beautiful bare pussy and give a long slow lick from right at the bottom upwards stopping tantalizingly short of her clit before licking back down and lapping at the entry of her pussy she moans again as my hands are now cupping her rear as she lifts her hips high trying to give my mouth better access to her as I continue to lick and suck at her slowly moving up until my mouth is bahis şirketleri at her clit.

I release one hand from her gorgeous arse and apply some saliva to one finger and then as my lips cover her clit I gently push my finger up inside of her and begin to finger fuck her curving my finger slightly upwards searching for her g-spot and finding it as I give her clit a first flick with my tongue her hips buck upwards from the dual sensations a loud moan escapes her lips and she takes a hand from my head to hold over her mouth as if to remind herself.

I would have laughed at this but the hand still on my head pulled my mouth in tighter, so I started increasing my efforts working my mouth up and down and using sometimes my tongue and sometimes using a finger tip to tickle her anus never spending too much time on any one spot and with my finger constantly rubbing her g-spot I could sense that she was getting close, her hips were moving up and down trying to get my lips and tongue on every part of her pussy, at this point I went back to her clit and sucked it between my lips while flicking with my tongue her moans were constant now and there was no effort on her part to muffle them as her hands were on my head.

Her hips bucking up and down and her bum barely touching the seat with her back arched, her body started shaking as her orgasm raced up on her I kept my efforts on her clit and g-spot constant and started to tease her anus with another finger which pushed her over the edge into her first orgasm in months. She was cumming hard now and I removed my finger and placed it gently on her clit with no movement, and started lapping up all the sweet juices of her orgasm with my tongue, she held my head there not quite as tightly now as the waves of her orgasm began to subside her back still arching slightly every now and again.

Eventually she pulled me up from my knees I still half dressed with my jeans hanging open and my underwear barely covering the erection I had the whole time I was going down on her. Still sitting on her seat she leaned forward and pushed the 2 remaining pieces of clothing down my legs and off, lightly grasping and stroking my hard cock she once again took me into her mouth and began to make my cock wet with her saliva before pulling back and blowing cool air over it before shoving me back into her mouth the contrast from the cool air to her warm wet mouth feeling fantastic.

She bobs her head up and down a couple of times looking me in the eye as she does this before standing in front of me and while stroking my cock moans into my ear that she wants me to fuck her from behind while she bends over her desk. I realize at this stage she still has her hot purple bra on so I start to kiss her neck and down her chest reaching behind her to unclasp her bra, fumbling slightly having not done this for a while, she is kissing my neck now as I remove her bra from first one arm then the other, the bra still cupping her beautiful tits with her body against mine.

I moved back half a step and let her bra fall away quickly replacing it with my hands and kissing across her chest in random places wile gently rubbing and squeezing with my hands and then kissing down between her breasts and kissing all around first her left breast and then the right letting her nipples harden before finally licking and sucking on them.

H moaned and began to turn spreading her legs wide and keeping them straight bending at the waist to rest her elbows on the desk exposing her beautiful behind to me I give her right cheek a quick spank not hard enough to really hurt but hard enough to leave a handprint and bring a moan from H as she asks me to do it again so I give her another quick whack leaving another hand print this time on the other cheek she moans again this time reaching back between her legs to grab hold of my rock hard cock.

As H begins to guide my cock towards her soaking wet pussy lips I place one hand on her hips and the other on the small of her back both of us ready to let out the stress of a couple of months alone. I pause as I feel the moisture of her pussy against the head of my cock and move it around gathering her natural lubricant and teasing her with the thought of my entry.

She moans trying to push her hips back at me and force me inside but she soon realizes that I am holding her where she is and submits to me controlling this moment and instead lets herself go in the feeling of pleasure she is feeling from her most erotic place still tingling from the attention of my mouth earlier.

Just as she relaxes I begin to slowly move forward as my cock moves past the outer lips of her pussy and up to her sopping wet entrance one part of both of us just wanting me to thrust in hard and deep the other part wanting to build up to it and savor the feeling as each little bit of my cock moves further inside.

I choose the second option and I can feel the muscles of her vagina trying to pull me inside but I start off with just the head slowly working in and out of her slowly working in and out gradually adding more of my cock until there is only an inch left when I reach underneath her to gently rub her clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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