A Beach Adventure Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: Outside Fun

Steve sat in between the girls on the long bench seat and they all ate in silence for a while looking out at the rolling surf.

After they had finished and returned their plates to the kitchen, Steve leant back against the back of the bench seat and took in the view. Soon he felt a hand rubbing his limp cock which was soon joined by another. He leant back and closed his eyes enjoying the treatment he was receiving. His cock began to respond the treatment it was receiving from the two girls and before long is was hard again.

“I can’t believe it’s ready for action again so soon” said Amanda staring in wide eyed amazement as Steve’s cock once again stiffened in her hand. She leant over and begun to tease Steve’s left nipple as Katie sucked on his right. Both girls where tugging on Steve’s cock as it seemed to continue to grow in their hands. Steve was in heaven – and what red blooded man wouldn’t be!! Two hot chicks sucking on his nipples and rubbing on his cock.

He reached out and started to tease Amanda’s nipples in return. They responded to his touch instantly and were soon standing up off the redhead’s magnificent breasts. He dipped a hand down below into her pussy and felt her wet cunt. He dipped a finger in and bought it up to Katie lips. The blonde licked hungrily at Steve’s fingers and tried to suck them further down her throat. Katie loved the taste of pussy -especially Amanda’s. Katie was ready for more action and moved up onto the table placing her cunt right into the other’s view.

She sat and fingered her pussy whilst Amanda kept rubbing Steve’s cock. Steve leant forward and bahis firmaları tasted Katie’s cunt honey with his tongue he lapped at it and teased her clit as the blonde laid back on the table and rubbed her breasts. Soon Amanda joined her and Steve had two cunts to taste. He moved from one and then to the other taking care to get each girl closer and closer to cumming without getting them quite there.

When they were close to cumming Steve rose up and slowing placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Amanda’s wet cunt. He rubbed the head cock around the slick entrance.

“Fuck me, Steve!” cried Amanda “I need your cock in me now!”

Steve slowly sunk half his cock into the withering redhead as Katie suck her tongue down Amanda’s throat and straddled the redhead. Steve immediately pulled his cock from Amanda and drove it into Katie with a grunt.

“Take that!” yelled Steve as Katie pushed back against the 10″ throbbing monster.

“Oh fuck yeah” yelled Katie taking the whole cock in one go. Steve pumped his cock into her for a few minutes and then pulled out and put it back into Amanda – who had been keeping her pussy moist with a good fingering.

He alternated between the two woman till they both came in loud and wet orgasms. Then it was Steve’s turn.

Amanda stayed where she was and Steve straddled her tits and dangled his cock in her face. Amanda immediately began to swallow her bosses cock – eventually working the whole 10″ inches down her throat. While Steve was getting the oral treatment from the redhead, Katie had gone to the girl’s room and returned with a 8″ black vibrator. She rimmed Steve’s kaçak iddaa ass till it was nice and wet and then began to finger fuck it while licking his balls. This was almost too much for Steve – he knew that despite the earlier carnal delights he still had plenty more cum and Amanda was about to cope a load.

Katie pulled her finger from Steve’s ass, dipped the vibrator into her still wet cunt and proceeded to slowly insert into Steve’s ass. Steve felt the vibrator ease into his ass and without much effort he took the lot.

“My my Mr. Turner. Something tells you have had something like this in your ass before” said Katie as she turned on the vibrator to almost max.

“Oh yes. Plenty of times, and not just vibes” cried Steve as his balls began to tighten.

Katie could visibly see Steve’s balls tighten and she yelled out to Amanda “get ready for another load. He’s about to blow again!”

At that very point in time Amanda felt the first of Steve’s cum blast into the back of her throat. She gallantly gulped at the hot cum before pulling his still spewing cock from her mouth and milking the rest of the cum over her tits.

“Oh fuck” cried Steve collapsing onto Amanda with the vibe still buzzing in his ass. He lapped at Amanda’s tits savouring the taste of his own salty cumm whilst the redhead felt Katie’s fingers at the entrance to her cunt slowly pushing into the folds. Katie fingered Amanda’s damp cunt till the juices where following from her cunt onto the table. She then slowly dipped the vibe into the redhead’s cunt and turned up the power.

The buzzing of the vibe in her pulsing cunt and Steve’s tongue kaçak bahis licking up his own cumm from her tits was too much for the redhead. She trashed her head from side to side and let out an almighty yell.

“Fucccccckkkkkkk I’mmmmmm cummmmmmmmmming” screamed Amanda at the top of her voice. Luckily the beach was deserted, for she would have attracted some very interested onlookers. Amanda’s cunt was spasming from her orgasm as Katie continued to work the vibe in and out her wet cunt. She could feel a tongue lapping up her juices and the roughness of the skin told her it was Steve.

Once she come down from her orgasmic high Amanda sat up on the table and looked at Katie and Steve.

“Thank you so much” she said to both of them. “I never knew sex was sooo good.”

She leant over to kiss Steve and Katie.

“How about a swim?” she laughed as she leapt from the table and ran to the waters edge, the others being quick to follow.

They frolicked in the cool clear water – not a care in the world.

“So what shall we do this afternoon boss?” cooed Amanda at Steve. “Don’t we have some work to do – or was that just a trick to get us down here and turn us into your sexual play things for the weekend?” smirked the redhead at Steve.

“Mmmm. Looks like I’ve been found out” laughed Steve at both the girls. “I guess I can give you the guided tour of the studio and we can view some of my home movies if you like.”

“Home movies?” asked Katie.

“Yes. I quite often have parties with some friends down here and I video some of the action,” smirked Steve.

The emphasis had been on “action” and Katie and Amanda were both curious to find out some more about the very sexual Mr. Turner. Who knows – they may end up making their own “home movie” thought Amanda as she left the water and ran back across the hot sand to the house.

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