A Bear Seduction Ch. 02

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Pt 2: The Video

I was sitting on the other side of the room watching the game. Kevin and a couple other guys on the couch. I kept reliving how Kevin seduced me into sucking his cock when the others left. I didn’t even care if our team won today, I just wanted to get down on my furry bud. He was wearing the teams shorts, his thick muscular thighs exposed. It was hard not to keep looking, but I definitely didn’t want our friends to know because that could change the whole dynamic.

The game finally ended and the guys left leaving me in the basement while Kevin walked everyone out. I wasn’t sure how this round would go so I wanted on the recliner. My cock was rock hard with anticipation.

Kevin returned with his shirt in his hand. His hairy pecs and torso exposed and looking sexy as ever. He walked up to me and pulled his shorts down. His cock semi stiff framed by his thick muscular thighs

“Is this what you want?”

I could see a drop of precum emerging from the tip of his cock. I looked up and smiled. Kevin nodded so I reached up and put my hand around his shaft. I directed the tip to my tongue and licked his precum. I gave him a nice stroke working a bit more of the clear tasty fluid out. I took his head into my mouth and just let it sit there for a moment. My tongue toying with him. He pushed his cock into my mouth and I took it with pleasure, My eyes closed relived to have him again.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week” Kevin said and he caressed the back of my head.

Hearing him say that combined with his hand canlı bahis on my head turned me on even more. I could feel myself getting wet. I took him deep and he filled my mouth with lustful pleasure. Concentrating my on my lips making contact. No teeth allowed as he slipped in and out of my lips. Part of me didn’t want to enjoy this as much as I did, but I pushed that aside. Slipping his shaft into my mouth, sliding it out until the head reached my lips, then back in I took him.

“Here, take that off.” He grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head and dropped it on the floor. “Your pants too. I want to see what you’ve got.”

I worked my pants off while Kevin stoked himself as I stripped. Now I was naked and felt somewhat exposed being naked with this hunky bear. His cock stiff in his hand. He held his shirt for some reason, but I didn’t care.

“Not a bad cock there.” I looked down and I could see Kevin was larger than mine and for some reason I felt like this was how it was suppose to be.

I went back to his cock. I ran my lips and tongue up and down his shaft as I looked up at him. Holding his cock, running up the shaft to the tip, then sliding my lips back down the shaft. Tongue up, lips down.

“That feels so good, baby.”

He called me baby which I liked since I pictured my wife as she had done this to me. I looked at his cock and stroked him a few times, then plunged his hardness back into my mouth. In and out I took him getting an emotional high feeling how hard he was, slipping in and out. His shaft wet with my saliva, bahis siteleri my lips wet, my tongue working his shaft. I looked up at Kevin again and my heart jumped. Kevin held a small camcorder and he was recording my giving him head. I was naked with another mans cock in my mouth on video.

“My little cock bitch.” He put his hand on the back of my head keeping my mouth on him. “You like sucking cock don’t you.” I nodded my head to the camera caught up in my lust for him, for his cock, his hairy body. At that moment I knew I would do anything to please this man. I started bobbing on his cock again looking into the camera wondering what I looked like. Now I wanted to see the video. I wanted to see myself sucking him off.

I took my mouth off his cock and looked up at him. “I want you to fuck my mouth.”

Kevin steadied the camera, gripped the back of my head and started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. I put my hands on his hard sturdy thighs and closed my eyes. I was Kevin’s little cock slut. I wondered when he was going to cum. I wasn’t ready for him to explode yet, I wanted this to continue for as long as he could last.

“Stand up.”

I let his cock from my mouth and I stood up. Kevin kissed me and took my cock in his hand stroking it, then he grabbed his cock and worked as we kissed.

“I want you to get on your knees and open your mouth”

I thought I was turned on my sucking his cock, this added a new level of excitement as I opened my mouth and turned my face up to recieve his load.

Kneeling bahis şirketleri I put him hands on his thighs and he pumped himself. He nodded and aimed his cock at my mouth when he erupted. The first went straight into my mouth. The next one felt thick and heavy as it landed on my nose and cheek. The next ones with less volume around my mouth and chin. I took him into my mouth and working his shaft with my hand working the last bit of cum into my mouth. His body spasming, his breath heavy, then his hand on my shoulder squeezing it tenderly.

“You are a natural.”

I smiled and realized he wasn’t holding the camera anymore. I saw it on the end table, the red record light on, and cum dripping down my face.

“I have something else for you.”

Kevin left the room and returned with a hand towel and a package. I used my fingers to get most of Kevin’s cum off my face an into my mouth. Kevin toweled off what I missed, then handed me the package. I opened it and it was a dildo with a suction cup end.

“I thought you might like to work on deep throating. My wife can’t get half my cock into her mouth when she did give me the once a year hummer. It’s sort of soft, yet firm if you want to try?”

I took it and said thanks. I liked being presented with new challenges and I definitely love sucking his cock.

“Don’t rush it, just work on it.”

Kevin kissed me and then I remembered the video player.

“What about the video?” That was one of my fantasies. Kevin picked up the camera and popped out the video card.

“You hold on to this, and if we want to make more video’s, bring back.

I relaxed, I didn’t want this video to go viral, you never know who sees what on the internet. I got dressed and was looking forward to the game next week.

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