A Bike Ride to Remember

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It’s beautiful outside… warm, sunny… 78%… We just had some cold weather even had snow… 4in, lol. That’s a lot for us. You have decided to take your bike out for a ride… can’t blame you… I would love to go too but… with this new development with my foot… looks like it will be a while longer before I return to normal activity.

So here I sit… wishing I was on the back of that bike… holding onto you… pushing my erected, hard nipples against your back… I want you… i need to feel your touch… mmmm, OMG you have such strong hands… I love how they take control of my body.

I am daydreaming… drifting… the wind is blowing through my hair. I can feel the warm sun against my skin. My arms are around your chest. I’m holding on as you twist & winds through the Blue Ridge Mountains. I love the vibrations the bike makes. My pussy is getting so wet… my hand slowly drifts down and I can feel an erection. Your hardness excites me… which causes my large, round tits to want you even that much more. I feel you push yourself against me… oh yes!! MY MY MY you are sooo hard.

We had a STRONG physical relationship. And güvenilir bahis the two of us are enthusiastic about performing sexual activity in ‘taboo’ places. We are both eager partners & love to create our own fantasies. This, was to be one of those times. We both could feel the lustful fires burning… & the sexual tension was growing stronger.

I slide closer to you & begin to stroke your right leg. I quickly move my hand up to your thigh and immediately begin stroking your cock through your pants.

“Baby, I want you.” My heart was beating so fast & hard at the mere thought of sucking your cock.

Slowing you unzip your pants. You reached inside & withdrew your cock… teasing me… knowing I want so much to taste you.

“Touch yourself”… you say to me. “Taste yourself… lick your wetness from your fingers”. So as I push one finger… two fingers in my hot, wet pussy… I see you stroking your hard, thick cock. I lick the tips of my fingers… tasting the hot, sweet, slightly salty flavor of my secretions. I am excited. As I place my fingers in my mouth… sucking… I’m caught up in my own erotic world.

“Give me türkçe bahis your hand” you tell me. You take my left hand , with my manicured nails painted a shiny red, around the base of your cock. I take my right hand & gently stroke your balls. Just the feel of your cock in my hand… so hard… so strong… so sexy!! God I love the way your cock feels.

“I want to feel your mouth on me, “… There is nothing I rather do than suck your cock & have you cum in my mouth… but first you need to pull over & find a suitable place for us to continue to play… what a sensual, erotic thought… fucking you out doors… yessssssssss!!

“Can you handle the bike?” I ask… you shake your head yes at the same time you are moaning with such desire.

With the sun going down, a cool breeze flows through our bodies. My nipples hardened & strain against my silk blouse. This only adds to my excitement… as I can tell I’m producing more wetness between my legs.

I quickly unbutton my blouse… allowing you to feel my full round breasts… I start to rub my nipples… moving my fingers back & forth… exciting myself. MMMM I can tell you like this. güvenilir bahis siteleri So here I am pinching & pulling at my nipples & there you are stroking that beautiful cock.

Up ahead you see a place to pull over… a place we have visited many times before… We are sooo hungry… for each other.

I reach over & take your cock from your hand…

“It’s my turn to play”… I begin to lick… mmmm. I could taste the hot, salty pre-cum. I then took most of you into my mouth, running my tongue around your head & sucking hungrily. IN & OUT… IN & OUT… your cock is sliding in and out of my mouth. I want you to cum right now. I wanted to feel your cock throbbing in my mouth… You were close to cumming…

Slow, deep… long… hard… OMG!!

YES!!… you are cumming… DELICIOUS!!

It took everything you had to consciously keep your voice down. I so love pleasing you.

As we layed under the night shy, cool breezes ever so lightly touching our skin… I was excited knowing my turn was coming. I would enjoy the warmth of your skin… waiting for just the right moment to bring you to another hard erection… and then you would take me… you would demand my body to listen to your touch… goodness something about you… I desire you… wants you… right now… this minute… yessssssssssssssssss… yesssssssss I belong to you… now & always!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20