A Boat Trip Full of Sea Men

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My girlfriends and I decided to get away for a long relaxing weekend in Acapulco. The first night we got there was a blast – we drank, flirted with the locals and other tourists, and danced the night away. During the course of the evening a gorgeous blond caught my attention. She was tall with long straight hair, hot body, a sensual mouth, and made me instantly wet when she locked onto my eyes and slowly licked her lips. We took every opportunity to brush past each other and innocently touch one another on the dance floor. I wanted to drop to my knees and bury my tongue in her pussy right there on the dance floor.

Finally at one point we were back to back with the crowd pressing tightly all around. Without hesitation she shoved her hands down the back of my skirt and went right to my ass. She slid fingers straight inside me as she backed up further against me. Her two fingers pounded into my ass in sync with the music. She slid them in and out until I started ramming my tight ass on her fingers pushing them as deep inside me as I could. I lay my body against the guy in front of me so she would have maximum access, but he took it as an invitation and slid his hands down the front and up my shirt. He slid thick fingers inside me and the two of them gave me a DP on the floor. I came hard and soaked both of their hands. I was close to cumming, again when, abruptly the song ended, the crowd dissipated and all fingers were withdrawn. My friends grabbed me and pulled me off the dance floor.

To my dismay my friends wanted to go back to our rooms and needed my assistance because they were too intoxicated. I gazed at the blonde longingly as I walked out of the club.

I got them back to the room which was not easy since they were so drunk. I got Cici back to her bed, but by the time I got back to Ann and Hillary they were passed out cold side by side. I knew they wouldn’t want to wake to find their clothes ruined, plus I’d always been curious, so I undressed them. Ann was petite, but her body was smoking. It was very hot in the room, so I stripped her naked. I had to restrain myself when I saw her neatly groomed pussy. Hillary was the same, but her darker skin was so soft I wanted to eat her up. Though they were hot, they were both such prudes that I never really had ever fantasized about them.

I left them to go get Cici in bed. She was easier and harder. Harder because she was completely passed out, so much so I couldn’t even get a response from her. Easier though because she wore a dress and no panties. Ah, the number of times I masturbated thinking about that pussy, and here I was. I shouldn’t have done it, but I couldn’t not do it. I ran my fingers along her lips. Then I slid one inside. To my surprise she didn’t stir. Her pussy was warm and soft and I had to get closer, it smelled so sweet. i went for it, pressed my mouth to her pussy and licked her gently at first. She showed no signs of waking up or moving and I had to have more. I sucked and ate her passionately, with my fingers in my pussy masturbating the whole time. Then, to my surprise, canlı bahis her body shook with a powerful body orgasm and shockingly without waking her. This gave me another idea so I left her dripping cunt.

I walked into the other room, straddled the other two and fucked my pussy while gazing down at their bodies. I looked at Ann’s tight body and huge breasts. I imagined holding her down and getting her ass with a strap on. Then I looked over at Hillary and banged my ass and cunt looking at her tasty snatch and imagining sitting on that face. Before long I started cumming, but to my surprise it was a massive squirting orgasm that sprayed all over then. When I recovered I realized they would smell someone else’s pussy in the morning. I needed a plan. I grabbed two hairbrushes and inserted the handles into their pussies. Then I put their hands on the other’s brush so they’d wake thinking they’d been fucking each other. They’d be surprised in the morning.

The next morning was painful at best for my friends. My friends were nursing serious hangovers and pretty much decided to spend the rest of the day recuperating by the pool. Ann and Hillary were acting particularly strange and I noticed their hairbrushes were back in their bags. I wanted to explore so I set out on my own. I walked along the beach and eventually came upon a marina. The boats were preparing to leave for the day and I watched them load their supplies and passengers as I walked along the dock. I came to a complete stop when I looked up and saw the blond from the club standing a few feet in front of me smiling. Without a word she walked up, kissed me gently on the lips and took my hand. She led me to the last boat on the dock. It was the largest and most impressive fishing boat I have ever seen. I followed her on board without hesitation. She firmly squeezed my hand and pulled me down the steps into the cabin.

The bedroom was immaculate. She closed the door and took two steps back. Looking into each others eyes and hungrily at each others bodies we slowly undressed. I barely noticed the boat moving away from shore as we began to sensually kiss and explore each other. I wanted her more than anything else at that moment. She pushed me back onto the bed and straddled her sweet pussy over my face. I eagerly flicked my tongue on her aching clit and heard her moan as I began to slide my fingers into her pussy. Everything I did to her she did to me. Once I realized this game I slid another finger into her ass. I fucked her juicy pussy and ass at the same time while methodically and firmly rubbing my tongue in circles and up and down on her clit. She came hard, as did I. We embraced and fell asleep in each others arms. When I woke up I was alone…

The engine was silent and I could hear many voices on deck. My clothes were gone too. I cautiously opened the door and slowly walked up the steps. I was surprised to see my blonde friend stretched out nude on a large platform at the back of the boat. She spotted me immediately and gestured for me to join her as she smiled coyly. As I walked bahis siteleri towards her I heard voices above and behind me. I turned and looked up. Above me were at least ten men. All large, tan and shirtless. A few had sandy brown hair but the majority had dark hair and they were all quite handsome in a rugged way. They smiled at me and started to come down. My heart started to beat fast and I didn’t know what to do. From behind me the blonde pressed her body against mine. She began to fondle my breast with one hand and rub my pussy with the other. As unsure as I was I began to relax as the men gathered around us still smiling and I started to succumb to her touches. She sat back on the deck pulling me with her. As I sat back against her she spread my legs wide open. Her fingers expertly kept working my snatch until, despite my embarrassment, I came hard in front of all these men.

One man stepped forward. His muscles flexed and his brown curly hair danced in the wind as he said welcome aboard, I am your captain and I am going to enjoy fucking you first. I was in a daze as all of the men began removing their shorts. The captain had the biggest dick I had ever seen in my life. In one fell swoop he was on me and I felt him shoving his thick cock into my soaking wet pussy. He pounded me hard. I opened my eyes when I felt another dick touch my lips. Another man was standing on the deck straddling my head. I took him deeply into my mouth. He fucked my mouth as I felt more hands on my body. My nipples were pinched and sucked and fingers found my ass and penetrated me with force. With a groan the captain pushed in and came deep in my stomach. The dick in my mouth throbbed and he held my hair tight as he came in my mouth…

I was pulled up instantly and another man took the blondes place on the platform. She sat off to the side rubbing her clit and fucked herself with a big dildo. I was lifted onto the platform and onto the man’s hard dick. I felt myself moving as hands on my hips lifted me up and down. I was pushed forward and felt the tip of another dick touching my ass. At first I thought I was going to faint but as they fucked my ass and pussy rhythmically I felt the first wave of an intense orgasm. I trembled and moaned as I came hard. I was allowed to sit up enough to suck on the three cocks around my head. I sucked and licked each in turn while giving hand jobs to the dicks not in my mouth. The cocks in my ass and pussy came hard and barely seconds apart. I could feel the cock in my mouth building and he pulled out and came all over my neck. Other cocks took their place until everyone had fucked all of my holes at least once.

With swiftness I was pulled up to a standing position and felt another dick slide into my ass. He was strong and held me up while another man stood in front of me and fucked my pussy holding my legs apart and in the air. I was lifted repeatedly and allowed to fall on their huge dicks. I came again and again.

I went to the floor and sucked all of their cock until each had cum at least once in my mouth or emptied bahis şirketleri in my holes.

Just when I thought it was over and I couldn’t take anymore the captain walked up and once again said welcome aboard, I am your captain and I am going to enjoy fucking you last. He took me and bent me over the railing of the boat. He shoved his enormous dick into my pussy and fucked me so hard I thought I was going to fall into the ocean. Deftly he moved to my ass and fucked me until he came so hard and I did as well, that I lost consciousness.

I woke up to the gentle kiss of my blonde friend. I was in bed and fully clothed. She took me by the hand and led me up the steps. To my surprise we were back at the dock. We appeared to be alone on the boat as we got off and walked to the end of the dock. She embraced me and kissed me deeply one more time before turning and walking away.

I walked back to the hotel in a daze. My friends were getting dressed for dinner when I entered the room. They asked my how my day was and I told them I had gone on the best fishing trip of my life. When asked if I caught anything I replied “yes, ten big one’s.”

Just then Cici called from the bathroom, “Jessica could you help me here!”

“Duty calls” I said to the other two.

They giggled, “we’ll get ready too.” And hand in hand they shot into their bedroom; awfully strange those two.

I entered the bathroom to find CiCi in a towel on the counter. “Lock the door.” I did. When I turned around she let the towel drop. Her hand went to her mound as she looked me straight in the eyes, “I want you to do that to me again.”

“Whaaaat, are you taking about?” I tried to play coy, but she would have none of it.

“Eat my pussy Jessica, I am so horny for you!” Her fingers started banging her pussy as her free hand rubbed her breasts.

No use keeping up the charade. I dropped to my knees and was face to face with the cunt I always dreamed of. “But Ann and Hilary might catch us.”

“Those two have been fucking non-stop all morning, because of whatever you did. They think I don’t know” she gently pressed my head to her pussy, so I went to town. With my fingers I fucked her ass deeply as my tongue danced on her clit and inside her. She came over and over, so many times and soaking my face with her juices. “Oh fuck me Jessica” she cried out repeatedly.

In the middle of another orgasm I looked up and saw Hillary and Ann naked, fingering each other’s pussies watching us. Leaving the door open they walked over and sat on the couch with their legs spread. “We think you owe us too for that brush stunt.”

Without argument, I left Cici’s exhausted cunt and went over to them. I dropped first between Hilary’s thighs and licked and sucked her to a powerful orgasm, while Cici and Ann fingered my holes and licked my body. Then Ann and she switched places, Ann bent over and I spent several minutes just licking her ass. We spent that afternoon with me, showing them all how to eat pussy and we practiced on each other for hours. Then I told them about my boat trip.

The next morning, you should have seen the look on the blonde’s face and those of the army of boat workers when four hot women showed up to take a “fishing trip.” that is a story for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20