A Boi Named Bobbi Ch. 03

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A Boi Named Bobbi Chapter 3

By Subone1

“Now Wimpy, there’s no reason to be upset,” Mom said softly. “You know we have your best interest at heart. And besides, the instructions say to wait 24 hours for any swelling to go away.”

“You’ve got somebody’s interest in mind, but I’m not sure it’s mine.”

“Just take it easy for the rest of the day, and we’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.”

I looked over at slut sister. She seemed to be in a trance staring at my huge monster cock; totally mesmerized and not saying a word. Her mouth was literally hanging open. God knows what the hell was going through her perverted mind!

Without saying another word, I turned and waddled into the kitchen to get some food. I couldn’t even sit at the table because of my massive hard on! I stood at the kitchen counter and scarfed down a sandwich. After eating, I headed back upstairs to grab a shower and then sleep some more, I was still pretty drowsy.

As I walked back through the family room toward the stairs, Mom said very matter-of-factly, “There is one final step we need to do tomorrow Wimpy.”

“No more shots Mom, don’t you think it’s big enough already?”

“Right, no more shots. But we need to test it to make sure everything is working properly.”

I just ignored her and went to my room, showered, and went back to bed.

When I woke the next morning, I actually felt pretty good. I had a slight ache in my nuts, probably because the narcotic was essentially out of my system now. It took me a minute to realize that I didn’t have a raging hard on anymore. I sat up in bed and kicked the covers off.

“Well shit!” I said out loud.

Even though my hard on was gone, my horse-like cock had not really shrunk at all. It wasn’t standing proudly at attention, but still hung to my knees, if not below my knees! At least I could now piss in the toilet instead of the shower, small victory!

I quickly realized that underwear was a waste of time, this monster couldn’t be contained by a pair of briefs or boxers. Digging through my drawers, I found a pair of black spandex bike shorts. Years ago, I used to ride quite a bit. I pulled them on as I held the monster on the inside of my right leg. The bike shorts only came to mid-thigh, so a good 8-10 inches of my cock hung below the bike shorts.

“Well, can’t wear these outside the house!” I thought.

I walked around the room a bit and was happily surprised that the tight spandex bike shorts kept my cock from swinging around, so no more waddling and awkward walking….another small victory! I pulled on a shirt and went downstairs.

Mom and the Little Princess were drinking coffee at the kitchen free spin table. Jenny turned to look when I walked in, her eyes automatically dropping to my crotch. When she saw 8-10 inches of my cock hanging out of my bike shorts, she almost dropped her coffee cup!

Mom turned to look as well. “Good morning Wimpy. How are you feeling?”

She tried hard not to stare but couldn’t help it.

“I actually feel well-rested and have just a bit of pain in my nuts. Besides that, I apparently have an issue with my clothes.”

I gestured at my cock poking down my leg.

Mom smiled and said, “Well, let me think a bit, I’m sure we can come up with something.”

I poured some coffee and sat down with them.

“Is it gonna stay like this Mom?” I asked.

“Well, it’s been 24 hours, so I guess so, yes.”

Jenny chimed in, “We still need to make sure it works correctly, right Mom?”

The little slut couldn’t wait to get her hands, mouth, and God knows what else on my cock.

“She’s right Wimpy. We need to make sure you can cum. The instructions said you should be able to produce a third of a cup of semen when you ejaculate. We need to verify that.”

Jenny jumped up and grabbed a measuring cup and a funnel from the cabinet, she set them on the table. Such a helpful bitch. All 3 of us just stared at them while we finished our coffee.

“So, what’s the plan? You want me to go into the bathroom and whack off?” I asked.

“Well, not exactly. Jenny and I have figured out the best way to measure your cum, so we’ll do it right here in the kitchen.”

“Seriously Mom? You want me to whack off right in front of you two?”

In a sappy, sweet voice, Mom replied, “No Wimpy honey, we’re going to do it for you. Now stand up and let’s get those bike shorts off you.”

The bitches had everything planned out. I was just their laboratory rat or plaything apparently. All they cared about was what was hanging between my legs. I finished my coffee and reluctantly stood up next to the table, hands clasped behind my back.

“Do whatever you need to do. Let’s just get this over with,” I said.

Jenny looked at Mom expectantly, Mom just nodded at her, giving approval for the procedure to start. Jenny slid off her chair and kneeled in front of me. Grabbing the waistband of my bike shorts, she slowly peeled them down my so I could step out of them. My horse cock on display for the bitches to enjoy.

Jenny just knelt there for a few minutes, staring in awe at my massive piece of meat. Then, ever so slowly, she reached out her right and lifted my horse cock off my leg. Realizing how heavy it is, she used her left hand to grab my cock a little bonus veren siteler closer to the base. I looked over a Mom, she too, was in a trance.

“They’re both sluts!” I thought to myself.

“Isn’t that sweet the way she is being so gentle Wimpy?”

Jenny began softly and slowly stroking my cock. Mom stood by with the funnel and measuring cup, ready to catch and record the amount of my load. Jenny continued her stroking. I have to admit, her soft hands felt pretty damn good on my cock! But after a few minutes of her stroking, nothing happened, it just hung there.

“What’s wrong Wimpy? Why won’t it get hard?” Mom asked with concern.

“I have no fucking idea. I’m new to this whole ‘having a cock’ thing, remember?”

“I bet I know what the problem is,” Jenny said. “He’s not stimulated enough.”

She abruptly stood up and headed for the stairs.

“Be right back, don’t move!” she called over her shoulder.

About five minutes later, I heard the distinct sound of high heels clicking down our wooden stairs. Jenny walked back into the kitchen wearing nothing except tan, sheer to the waist pantyhose, and some four inch, closed toe, nude patent leather, spiky high heels! Her tits were on full display, as was her shaved cunt through the sheer nylon. My cock began to stir.

Jenny tossed a couple of Leg Show magazines on the kitchen table.

“I found your porn stash a long time ago Wimpy. I’ve known for years that you have a major nylon and high heel fetish. Right Wimpy?”

My mouth went dry. Mom and Jenny just stood there, staring at me, waiting for an answer. But my cock answered for me. Before I could say a word, the massive monster sprang to life. The sight of a woman (even if it is my baby sister!) in nothing but sheer pantyhose and high heels pressed my buttons like nothing else! Soon my 25 inch cock was fully erect, pointing at the ceiling, and begging for attention!

Jenny smirked, “I think we have our answer. Now where were we….?” She asked, dripping with sarcasm.

In her high heels, Jenny is as tall as I am. She stood right in front of me and stared into my eyes. Using both hands, she resumed slowly stroking my cock.

“Now you know why I always tease you by wearing my short tennis skirts around the house. I knew you were a leg man!” Jenny teased as she continued her slow stroking.

I began a low moan, succumbing to her stroking and verbal teasing.

“Awww….the sight of your baby sister in heels and pantyhose turns you on, doesn’t it Wimpy? This is so cute!” she continued, using a babyish voice.

I glanced over her shoulder at Mom, she was watching this seductive show intently and deneme bonusu veren siteler obviously had no intent of stopping Jenny from teasing and tormenting me. Jenny noticed me looking at Mom.

“Awww Wimpy, your Mommy isn’t going to help you right now. She wants me to jerk you off as badly as I want to do it.”

The bitch was teasing the hell out of me, I couldn’t hold out much longer. She continued in her baby voice.

“We need to see if your new horsey cock works properly, don’t we Wimpy? I think from now on I’m going to wear nylons around the house, just for you Wimpy; nylons and my little pleated tennis skirt, complete with high heels.”

That did it. Eruption time. The visual of her strutting the house in that outfit pushed me over the edge!

“Get the funnel and measuring cup ready Mom, I can feel something brewing!” Jenny said excitedly.

That was the last thing I remember for several seconds. I don’t know if it’s possible to black out and remain standing, but I swear, that is what happened to me! My cock erupted with the pressure of a fire hose! Jenny stepped aside to let Mom try and get the funnel in position, no such luck!

My blast of cum literally knocked the funnel out of Mom’s hand. Jenny bent to pick it up. When she stood back up, she was in the line of fire! My cum came in a steady stream, not spurts, just a steady flow like I was pissing cum! I blasted Jenny’s tits and stomach with my thick, gooey cum, she squealed with delight! Mom had stepped back, but the next thing I remember was her hand down her pants rubbing her clit.

Jenny was now on her knees in front of me. As my blast of cum continued to hit her chest, she rubbed it into her tits with both hands! I grabbed my cock and aimed it at her face. Wisely, she kept her mouth closed so she wouldn’t choke. My cum totally covered her face and hair, I was like a one man bukkake team!

After about 15 seconds of non-stop cumming, the flow subsided. My cock dribbled the remnants of my load onto the kitchen floor. Jenny was crazed and appeared to be in another world. She had laid down in the large puddle of cum on the floor and was rolling around in it. She then got on her stomach and began lapping the cum off the floor.

“My God Mom! You have GOT to taste this cum! It’s delicious! It reminds me of powdered sugar or something!”

Mom needed no more coaxing than that. She dropped to her knees besides Jenny and also began lapping at my cum puddle on the floor. That sight, of my Mother and baby sister, sucking my cum off the kitchen floor, will be etched in my mind forever! They looked like two little kittens, lapping milk off the floor.

I needed some time to sort things out, this whole horse cock thing was happening so fast, I wasn’t sure how to deal with it. I pulled on my bike shorts and tucked my cock away the best I could. I pulled some baggy sweatpants over the bike shorts, grabbed a tee shirt, and went for a walk to clear my head.

To Be Continued…..

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