A Brother’s Love Ch. 09

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During our relationship, John and I had bought a lot of sex toys and accessories. We kept them in a box under the bed. The box was filled with things that we wanted to try but never got round to using.

This is a story about the day that we finally used some of the items…

John and I had just got out of bed and were sat in the kitchen, drinking coffee. It was already eight o’clock in the morning. John only had about half of an hour before he was meant to leave for work.

“What are you going to day with your day off?” John asked me.

“I haven’t made any plans.” I replied.

“So you’re going to be in all day?” He asked.

“Yes, unless I find someone to fuck.” I answered, smiling.

“Oi, you know I hate those jokes.” He said, looking annoyed.

“I’m sorry baby.” I said, regretting what I had said.

John leaned across the breakfast bar and gave my a peck on the lips. Before he had chance to pull away, I grabbed the back of his head and started to make out with him. My cock grew almost instantly, as it always did when kissing my brother.

After a couple of minutes of tongue wrestling, John pulled away. He had a look on his face, a look that suggested that he was planning something.

“What?” I asked.

“I don’t have long, but I have an idea.” He announced.

“What’s that then?” I asked, a little confused.

“Come up stairs.” John ordered as he hopped off his stool.

With my cock still hard, I obeyed and followed him through the house and up the stairs. We ended up in the bedroom, standing beside the bed.

“Take your clothes off, bitch.” John said in a masterful tone.

I always loved when he spoke to me like that, It has always turned me on.

“Yes sir.” I said.

I pulled my vest off and threw it onto the bed.

“Hurry the fuck up, slut!” John ordered, clearly impatient.

I quickly pulled my sweatpants off, letting my solid cock spring free.

“Get on the bed” John ordered.

“Yes sir.” I said, climbing onto the bed.

I sat there, unsure what he wanted me to do.

“On all fours, bitch!” John snapped.

I placed myself on all fours, with my ass facing toward John.

From behind me, I heard the opening of a drawer followed by a squirt sound.

“Let’s open this ass up for your master.” John said, as he pressed his wet fingers against my awaiting hole.

Two fingers slid inside me, quickly followed by a third.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as the three fingers worked my hole, hard and fast.

He was so rough with me, that it hurt a little. The pain wasn’t bad enough to complain yet.

“That’s a good boy, open up for me.” John said.

Before long a fourth finger found its way into my ass. His hand quickly moved in and out of my hole, stretching me as much as it could.

“Stop, it hurts.” I groaned.

“Shut up and take it, fucking fag!” He snapped

“Don’t move.” John ordered, as he pulled his hand from inside me.

John pulled the big red box from under the bed. When he removed the lid, the room was filled with the smell of rubber and leather.

Still on all fours, I listened while John dug through the box. I heard chains rattle and heavy objects land on the floor. Not knowing what was coming had my cock throbbing.

Johns hand pushed back inside me, this time with the addition of his thumb. He slowly fisted my ass, opening me up.

It hurt just as much as it did before but I had come to enjoy the pain. With every movement of Johns hand, I oozed pre.

He pulled his hand back out of my ass, leaving me feeling like I was gaping.

“Did you like that, slut?” He asked.

“Yes sir.” I replied, catching my breath.

John placed a butt plug on the bed, where I could see it. I guessed that was his way of letting me know what was coming.

It was one of the bigger plugs that we had bought. Not including its base, it was five inches long and at its widest point, it was seven inches round.

John squirted a good load of lube onto the plug.

“Relax your ass.” John said, taking hold of the toy.

I gasped as the wet tip pressed against my hole. Without hesitation, John pushed the plug inside me.

“Oh fuck!” I almost screamed, as I took the widest part of the toy.

The canlı bahis şirketleri pain was almost too much for me. I took hold of my cock and started to stroke it slowly. I knew that playing with myself would make the pain less intense.

The toy was quickly all the way inside me. My ass gripped the stem, holding the toy deep within me. Now that I was past the worst of it, I released my cock.

“Good boy.” John said, almost congratulating me.

“Stand up!” John ordered.

I slide off the bed, stood up and faced John. My ass gripped at the toy with every movement, causing rushes of pleasure to wave through me.

“Turn around!” He ordered me.

“That looks hot.” He said, looking at the base of the plug that pressed against my hole.

“You will keep that plug inside you until I take it out, understand?” He said.

“Yes sir.” I said, turning to face my master.

“Good boy.” John said.

I smiled as he reached into his jeans, adjusting his obviously solid cock.

“I’m leaving now.” He announced.

“Ok baby.” I said.

Without warning, Johns hand struck my face. The slap left a burning sensation on my cheek.

“Ok what?” He said, .

“Ok sir, sorry sir.” I said, holding my face.

The slap turned me on so much, that I was oozing pre.

Glancing at the clock, I saw that it was now nine o’clock. John was already late for work. He was good friends with his boss so he wouldn’t get in too much trouble.

“Lay on the bed.” John ordered.

Without hesitation, I laid in the middle of the bed, placing my head on a pillow. The mattress pushed the plug further into my ass, causing pleasure that I can’t explain.

John bent over, reaching back into the box of tricks. He pulled out a pair of metal handcuffs.

“Give me your arm!” He demanded.

I must of hesitated for too long. John grabbed me by the wrist and pulled my arm toward him.

After locking one of the cuffs around my wrist, he wrapped the chain around one of the bars in the headboard and locked the other cuff around my free arm.

“Now you will have to stay here, waiting for me.” He said, smiling.

The comment made my cock throb.

“Make sure that you are a good boy.” He said, while once again adjusting his cock.

“I will sir.” I replied.

After kicking the unwanted items under the bed, John put the keys to the cuffs in his pocket then walked out of the bedroom.

“Oi, give me a kiss before you go!” I shouted as he was about the close the door.

John came storming back into the bedroom, raised his hand and gave me another slap to the face.

“Fuck!” I yelled, feeling the pain in my cheek.

He’d hit me harder then earlier but it gave me twice as much pleasure.

“Don’t tell me what to do, bitch.” He snapped, gritting his teeth.

The slap made my ass clinch, gripping the butt plug.

“Sorry sir.” I said, glad that I’d shouted at him.

John looked me up and down then walked back out of the room, closing the door behind him.

I listened as he ran down the stairs and out of the house.

While I laid there with my ass filled, I was both turned on and upset at the same time. I couldn’t believe that he’d worked me up and then left me.

I wiggled around, pulling myself up the bed. Every movement made the toy shift inside me, causing me to moan.

Eventually, I managed to move up the bed til I was almost sat up. I leaned against the headboard, allowing myself to enjoy the plug pressing against my insides.

I was alone for around four hours and my cock didn’t soften for a second. It was motivated by the anticipation of what was to come.

The whole time that I was on the bed, I was grinding on the plug, loving my ass being filled to the max.

The four hours felt twice that long to me. That’s why I was relieved when I heard the front door being unlocked. I knew that my master was home.

I was exited when I heard him walking up the stairs.

I don’t know which part of all this turned me on more. The plug, my master or the fact that my master was also my brother.

The bedroom door slowly opened and John walked in. He smiled when he saw me sat there.

“I got out work early.” He announced, walking toward canlı kaçak iddaa the bottom of the bed.

He sounded so calm, so I was surprised when he grabbed my ankles, using them to pull be down the bed.

I was now back in the position that he had left me in.

“Time to use my bitch.” John announced, pulling his shirt off over his head.

I could see that his torso was covered in sweat. He was always sweaty when he got home from work and I’ve always loved it.

He opened his jeans and pulled them down, revealing his tight boxers. It was easy to see that his cock was hard, it made it huge bulge in his shorts.

John walked round to the side of the bed and looked down at me for a few seconds. I could see that he was hungry for me, his eyes revealed everything.

His huge cock bounced as he pulled his boxers off. He held the shorts in is hand and pressed them against my face.

“Breath it in.” He said, wanting me to smell them.

I breathed in through my nose, taking a good sniff. They held the smell of Johns sweaty junk.

“Open your mouth, bitch.” He ordered me.

I obeyed, opening my mouth wide. John pushed the sweat filled shorts into my mouth. I could taste my brother on the cloth, nothing has ever tasted better.

I jumped as John gripped my throbbing cock. He slowly worked his hand up and down my shaft.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned, muffled by my masters underwear.

He began to stoke my rod quicker, wanking me off.

With John gripping my cock and the plug filling my ass, it didn’t take long for me to get close to cumming. I was moaning loudly as I felt myself nearing climax.

In just enough time, John released my cock, stopping me from shooting my load.

“No, not yet bitch.” He said, giving his own shaft a squeeze.

John climbed onto the bed and straddled my chest. With his helmet pressed against my cheek, he started to stroke his shaft.

He must of been just as excited as I was, because he was leaking pre onto my face.

Once there was a good sized pool of his juice on my cheek, he started to rub his cock over my face, spreading his pre.

John tugged on the underwear, pulling them out of my mouth.

“Are you ready to please your master?” He asked, almost daring me to say no.

“Yes sir, please let me service you.” I begged.

Johns tapped his cock against my lips.

“You want to suck this monster don’t you?” He teased.

“Yes sir.” I replied.

“Open your mouth.” He ordered.

As soon as my lips parted, John shoved his whole nine inches into my mouth. He rammed it in so hard and deep that I gagged on his huge helmet.

“That’s it, choke on my meat.” He said, slowly fucking my mouth.

Being tied in position, choking on my masters cock had leaking pre all over myself.

I continued to choke as John slid his monster in and out of my throat. I moaned at the feeling of pre filling my mouth.

“That’s a good boy.” He said, pulling his cock out of my mouth.

“Please let me suck you some more.” I begged.

“No, not yet.” He replied.

John climbed off my chest and slipped off the bed. Reaching between my legs, he pushed his hand against the base of the butt plug.

“Oh fuck” I moaned, feeling the plug pressing deep inside.

Letting go of the plug, John turned around and walked toward the pile of clothes that laid on the floor. He picked up is jeans and dipped his hand into one of the pockets.

As he made his way back to the bed, I saw the small keys in his hand.

“I’m gonna free your hands, by you had best behave.” He said, putting the key into one of the cuffs.

“I will sir.” I said.

He unlocked the second cuff, freeing my hands. Unsure what he wanted me to do, I left my arms where they were.

“Get up.” He ordered, taking hold of my hand.

With Johns assistance, I climbed off the bed and stood up.

Still holding my hand, guided me out of the bedroom and into the bathroom.

“Get in there.” John ordered, pointing at the shower cubicle.

“Yes sir.” I said, stepping into the glass box.

“On your knees.” He said.

I went to my knees on the cubicle floor. I slyly positioned my foot against the base of the butt plug. canlı kaçak bahis I managed to hide the pleasure as the plug pushed deeper inside me.

“Put your hands behind your back.” He ordered.

I did as he wanted, not knowing what was about to happen.

“Open your mouth.” He said, pointing his cock toward my face.

Again I did as I’d been told, opening my mouth wide.

“Oh yeah.” I gasped as John began to piss.

His hot urine hit my face, filling my mouth. It tasted so good, that I was desperate to swallow some. I gulped hard making sure to swallow as much of it as I could. I opened my mouth again, waiting for more.

“Fuck!” He said, clearly pleased with me.

He moved his cock around, making sure to piss all over me. The flow seemed never ending. I was coated with my masters per and you wouldn’t believe how much it turned me on.

Eventually he finished pissing and stepped toward me. His cock was still dripping when he slid it into my mouth.

His meat smelt of both piss and sweat, I loved it.

“Clean it, bitch.” He ordered.

With my hands still behind by back, I went to worked on his cock. I slid my mouth up and down his shaft, squeezing it with my lips.

My motions caused any remaining piss to land on my tongue. I swallowed with his huge cock still in my mouth, making sure to taste the last of the piss.

“Good boy.” He said, pulling his cock away from me.

John gripped his rod and started to wank himself slowly.

“Stroke your dick!” He ordered, looking down at me.

I leaned back a little, pushing the plug even deeper and started to slide my hand up and down my throbbing cock.

John started to yank at his rod hard and fast. Knowing that he was getting close to cumming, I matched his pace.

“Finish me off.” John said, letting go of his cock.

Loosening the grip on my cock, I reach up with my free hand and took hold of Johns monster.

“Oh yeah.” He gasped as I started to stroke him hard and fast.

“I want to cum on your face.” He announced.

I moved his cock, making sure that it was pointing right at my face.

“Oh fuck.” He moaned

With no more warning, John started to cum. Shot after shot hit my face, narrowly missing my eyes.

The last shot landed across my lips. I couldn’t help but lick at the cum that I could reach, desperate to taste my brothers sweet load.

“Put me back in your mouth.” He said, struggling for breath.

I took his cock into my mouth, lapping at the remaining cum.

“Fuck it.” He said as if he had another idea.

He pulled his cock away from me again.

“Come back into the bedroom.” He ordered, turning around and walking out of the bathroom.

With my face covered in cum, I stood myself up and went off in search of him. I found him sat on the bed, waiting for me.

“Lay back down.” He said.

I climbed back on the bed and laid on my back.

“I want your cock.” He announced.

I thought he meant that he wanted to blow me, I was mistaken.

John moved further onto the bed and straddled my waist. He spat into his hand and used it to lubricate his hole.

“Oh yeah.” I moaned, feeling my helmet push inside him.

John pushed back, taking all seven inches of me inside himself. He started to grind me hard and fast.

Every time John moved, the plug shifted inside me. The plug combined with Johns tight hole, quickly made me get close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned, struggling for breath.

“Oh yeah, filling me up.” He said, egging me on.

John bounced on my cock harder, making the plug bang against my insides.

I started to shoot my load, filling John up.

“Oh fuck.” I moaned, as I finished shooting a big load inside John.

John leaned forward and kissed me, tasting his own cum on my lips.

“Go on all fours.” He said, climbing off me.

I turned over and pulled myself onto all fours.

“Let’s get this out of you.” John said, slowly pulling at the butt plug.

With very little encouragement, the plug slid itself out of my ass.

“There we go.” He said, pulling the plug away from my butt.

It left me feeling like I was gaping but my ass felt relieved to be rid of the plug.

We both got off the bed and went back to the to the bathroom. We showered together, washing our spent bodies.

After drying off, we cuddled up on the bed and ended up falling to sleep while holding each other.

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