A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 01

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At five in the morning, Nick awoke from his slumber with a dreadful feeling in his gut. His bladder was full to aching point and his member locked in all the pee with stiff resistance.

All night long, he had dreamt of going round and round in search of the men’s loo only to end up at a broken toilet or a locked restroom. What he dreaded most was going to work.

Nick was an employee of “Eco Express” – a modern, eco friendly and cost effective public transportation service. Their fleet of buses operated solely on the contents of the driver’s bladder.

This new technology required that the driver checked in for work without taking their morning pee. Before boarding the bus, a special device would scan the driver’s bladder and penis to check on the amount of urine in there. The device could measure and calculate the:

(1) time when he took his last piss

(2) The amount of urine in his bladder

(3) How desperate he was. 9 out of 10 is the minimum scale of acceptance. One had to be desperate enough to lose control and squirt into one’s pants.

If he wasn’t full on a scale of at least 9 out of 10, the bus wouldn’t start and he would need to report to the manager and give an explanation as to why he wasn’t in for work with a full bladder. To make matters worse, canlı bahis his pay for the next two days would get chopped off and he would need to work overtime. Unpaid. Of course, needless to mention that his bladder needs to be full.

It was only the hefty pay that attracted Nick to this job. The world was changing. People had become conscious about the environment and had opted for alternatives and this was one. Public transport that operated on a completely renewable resource. Energy waves from a full bladder.

Modern science has it that the energy generated from a desperately full bladder was enough to power a bus. As of now, the number of recruits were barely a handful. Hence, Nick had to do full time. Once the strength grew enough to relieve him, he would be allowed to do a four hour shift. Hopefully!

It was difficult for Nick to take a shower with a full bladder. It didn’t matter if the water was hot or cold. The prickly feeling of the liquid hitting his skin made him want to pee so bad. So bad that his penis stood up long and hard with the desperate hope of relief! But that relief was light years away. Ten hours away sort of! That’s how long his shift usually was!

An hour later, Nick checked in for work. He could barely stand still as he stood in line and waited for bahis siteleri his turn to get scanned by the device. He watched his desperate colleagues shuffling towards the apparatus and wondered if they were as desperate as him. Sure, they too haven’t taken their morning pees. But could they be as desperate as him?

Finally, it was Nick’s turn. He feared that he would piss his pants any moment. He could feel the urine at the tip of his erect cock, fighting to get out. But he held on with all his might, squeezing his Kegel muscles so tight that he trembled from head to toe.

“God I have to pee so bad,” he hissed desperately and held his crotch, wringing the tip of his dick and shifting uncomfortably on the spot as he did. “How am I going to hold it till night? Shit. I have to pee. Pee. Pee. Pee!”

A plastic mould jutted out of the machine and sucked in his crotch with a soft WHUP. He hissed and jumped a bit, startled at how the device managed to suck in his penis as well.

“Ahhhh. Ssss. Oh God. Ssss. Aaaa.” He hissed and moaned as the device throbbed and vibrated over his urinary organ and bladder. He crossed and uncrossed his legs with the desperate need to hold himself. But the mould was still over his crotch, throbbing.

Now, the device slowly unzipped his pants, fished bahis şirketleri through his briefs and sucked in his naked, erect penis further.

Nick doubled over and clenched his stomach as he fought to hold in the urine. “Oh God, shit. Shit. Shit. I need to pee. I need to pee. Please. Stop.”

The device finally ejected him – his penis jutting out of his pants, the pink tip hard and exposed. Glad to be free, Nick stumbled a bit in his attempt to hold onto his dick. He pinched the tip shut as a couple of drops forced its way out.

“Ssssss. Ahhh.” He quickly slid his hold up and down his erect organ to control the flow. Once he got a grip on himself, he stuffed his penis back inside, zipped up his pants and boarded the bus.

The bus was already full with people. They had been watching the drivers getting scanned all along.

Nick plopped down onto his seat, which was shaped like a bicycle seat and fanned his legs vigorously. He leaned forward and then back. He edged on his seat till he got control over his bladder. The seat was specially designed so that the penis jutted out from the crotch, just enough for the secondary device to latch onto. This was what started the engine and kept it running.

The secondary device sprang up from under the steering wheel and punched over his erection. Nick shuddered a bit as the engine started up.

He maneuvered the bus onto the streets and drove into heavy traffic. Will Nick make it through the day without wetting his pants?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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