A Chance Encounter Ch. 01

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(This was originally an erotic roleplay between two people, which has been restructured to read like a story. It was intended to have a sequel, but that unfortunately didn’t pan out. It’s still worth a read on its own though. If you like rampant wish-fulfilment, this is the story for you.)


Amidst the dazzling lights and thumping music of the disco, Megan emptied her drink. She was a beautiful girl of 18, with chin-length black hair, piercing green eyes and a pair of full, kissable lips dyed a dark red. Tonight was her night out, so she wore a provocative outfit: a red top that wrapped tightly around the swell of her ample breasts and left her midriff bare, some skinny jeans that showed off her rounded hips and firm ass, and some knee-high boots with low heels.

She’d already done her fair share of dancing, switching from guy to guy, all of whom were eager to grind themselves against her luscious body. Too eager perhaps. It was all too obvious that they were all trying to get into her pants, and their flirting methods weren’t subtle, nor very original. On another night, she might have been flattered, and might’ve considered taking one of the more handsome guys outside for a make-out session. But today she wasn’t feeling it, their approaches felt stale to her.

Her friend Sophia was beside her, casually leaning against the bar. She too was gorgeous, with caramel-coloured skin, long wavy hair dyed blonde, chocolate-coloured eyes and full, pouty lips. Tonight she wore a short red dress that ended right below her hips, showing off her long, smooth legs. The dress was low-cut, to grant an enticing peak into the deep cleft between her heavy, bronzed melons. “I don’t mind leaving either. But it’s no fun to call it a night,” she said. “Maybe we can gather some girls and hang out somewhere. Just the few of us, you know?”

Megan pursed her lips in thought. “My parents are out of town all weekend. We could have a sleep-over! Just like we used to do in middle school, with Saya and Shelly.”

Sophia excitedly clasped her hands, smushing her breasts together inside her dress. “That sounds fantastic! We can go find the other girls, then meet at the exit. Alright?”

The girls agreed and split up to search the partying crowd for their friends. After a brief search, and having to avoid a few more pressured advances, four girls exited the disco, into the cool night air.

“You came just in time, Megan,” Sayako said as they walked down the street. Saya was a beautiful Japanese girl, with long black hair in a ponytail, a pair of small round glasses perched on her delicate nose, and a pair of firm, pouty lips. She was short and slender, but still nearly as well-endowed as Megan, with full, rounded breasts and a perky little ass. Her outfit was a little more modest, with a tight white button-up shirt and some normal jeans, but even so her enticing figure was evident. “Jason was hitting on me hard. I thought I’d never get away.”

“Hey, Jason is pretty hot though,” Sophia answered. “Why the haste to leave?”

“He might be handsome, but he’s a tool,” Sayako frowned. “He kept telling me how long he’s wanted to fuck an Asian girl, as if I’m supposed to find that flattering.”

Shelly laughed out heartily. “What did you expect from him? Oh well, I much prefer hanging out with you gals anyways.” Shelly was the tallest of the girls, with long red curls, bright blue eyes, freckled cheeks and soft pink lips. She was an athletic girl who loved to play tennis or soccer in her free time, and thus had a lean, toned physique, with a set of thick, strong thighs. Even so, she maintained her feminine shape, with a proud chest and a firm, rounded ass, both of which were shown off in her tight tank top and tiny little shorts. “Honestly, I just wanna hear what slutty things Megan’s been up to since last time.”

“Oh, shut up Shelly,” Megan said, jokingly pushing her aside as the four girls walked down the road together, giggling, towards Megan’s house.


Meanwhile, elsewhere, a slow yawn rolled off Chance’s lips as he sank into the old cushioned chair in his bedroom, eyes lazily rolling over the television screen. Maybe watching the first three Star Wars movies for the fiftieth time wasn’t the best idea tonight, feeling himself starting to fade halfway through Empire Strikes Back, fighting another yawn from escaping. It was the typical Friday night for him; while most boys and girls his age were up to all sorts of debauchery, it was rare for him to leave his home for anything other than essential reasons. And pizza can be delivered, giving him even fewer reasons to leave. Don’t think he was completely mopey or depressed by that fact, far from it. He’d never been the best at making friends, especially when it involved throwing or hitting a ball of some kind, his body still struggling slightly to catch up with the other boys in his class. But he was generally nice and pleasant, always willing to lend a helping hand whenever he could, whether that canlı bahis be picking up some medication for a sick classmate or doing most of the heavy lifting for his lab partner when it came time to dissect frogs. Maybe someday that would change… but probably not tonight, letting out a third yawn as he pushed himself up off the cushions back to his feet.

Weaving his way through the standard messy bedroom of any teenage boy, he nearly tripped over his backpack on his way to bed, hopping in place and catching himself on the bookshelf nearby… only for the shelf to give way, sending him down to the floor, followed by some heavy books pelting him on the way down. Embarrassing himself, now that Chance was good at, even when no one was looking. Fingers ran through the mess of dark chocolate locks spilling from his scalp at the new sore spot on his skull, kicking one of the fallen books and hurting his toe in the process, biting his bottom lip to hold the whimper back. Eventually he pushed himself up off the floor, stretching to his full five foot seven, tugging at the loose blue jeans hanging from his waist to straighten them out. His little fall had started to pinch down below, a near constant problem Chance developed when puberty finally struck.

Slipping out of his green tee shirt, he tossed it to join the rest of his clothes on the floor, and dropped himself down, strategically this time, to bounce on his bed with a comforting sigh. A slight hint of muscle had started to develop on an otherwise slender physique, shifting under his skin as he squirmed into a comfortable spot. It was still a bit early for bed, but it wasn’t as if Chance had anything better to do. And besides, tomorrow he had… not much planned either. Ah well. The television still on providing a sliver of background noise, brown-tinted pools starting to blink close as he found his pillow, only a few moments from slipping into sleep. Phone sat on his nightstand, plugged in and charging, close enough for him to hear should anyone need him in the middle of the night. But what were the odds of that happening?


Over at Megan’s house, the four girls had made themselves comfortable in the dimly-lit living room. They were seated in a circle, upon some matrasses that they had laid out. They were still wearing their party clothes, with only their shoes taken off. The girls had been engaging in rampant chatting and gossiping for a while now, and they had no intention to go to sleep any time soon.

Of course, it didn’t take long for them to address the subject of boys. Shelly was eager to hear about Megan’s romantic exploits, so Megan spent some time regaling them with stories about the guys she’d made out with, and even that one time she got a little too drunk and agreed to suck Chip’s dick. The three less experienced girls all listened intently as Megan told them in great detail about how it feels and tastes to suck a guy’s cock. And yet, when they pushed the topic further, Megan was forced to admit that even she was still a virgin.

“Why didn’t you?” Sophia asked. “Guys would line up for you, if you asked them to.”

“I dunno, it’s just…” Megan scratched the back of her head. “Chip and those others were handsome, but I need more than that to give up my virginity. For my first time, I want a sweet guy, one who cares, you know?”

All the girls nodded their heads in silence for a bit. Then Shelly pitched in again, asking the girls who they would choose if they had to pick someone from their class to lose their virginity to. That question soon turned into a debate, as each of the girls brought up their most likely candidates, only to have someone else bring up a reason not to. All the handsome or confident guys were made out to be too dumb or too conceited, while all the nicer or smarter guys were either dorky in some way, or already taken.

“Eh, guess there really is no one good. See, this is why I’m a virgin,” Megan said.

Meanwhile, Sayako was silently counting on her fingers. “Oh, we forgot one! Chance. What about him?”

All the girls blinked at each other silently for a bit. They all knew him personally, one way or another, but they’d simply overlooked him. He rarely came to any social gatherings, after all.

“He’s a bit small, but he’s definitely cute,” Sophia said. “And he seems like a sweet guy. He helped me cram for that chemistry test a while ago. I hardly knew him, but he offered to help me with my all-nighter anyways. I wouldn’t have made it without him.”

“You’re right, he is nice!” Shelly said. “He helped me out when I hurt my foot during that soccer game. I could’ve made it home myself, eventually, but he offered to carry me home before the rain started. It was kind of romantic, actually.” She smiled to herself. “He’s stronger than he looks too.”

“Oh, and he stood up for me when that guy was threatening me!” Sayako said. “What was his name, Dirk? The one who called me a chink. Chance got himself a black eye, but he saved me bahis siteleri a lot of trouble.”

Suddenly, the girls found themselves praising the values of Chance, a guy they’d never considered in a romantic way before. A few more back-and-forths were made, trying to find some fatal flaw in his character, but unable to find one.

Then Megan pitched in. “You know… I’ve heard it said that Chance has the biggest cock in our class.”

“How would you know?” Sayako questioned, wide-eyed.

“Jessica told me that her boyfriend saw it in the locker room.” Megan’s lips had curled into a devilish grin. “You know, it’s rude to talk to someone behind their back like this. Maybe we should invite him to hang out with us?”

The other girls stared at her, their faces turning red. Each of them was about to stumble something, when Megan spoke again.

“Fuck it, I’m calling him,” she said while pulling her phone from her bra. “Look, I’ll ask him to do something a bit embarrassing for me, maybe bring me some tampons. If he actually does, this late at night, we’ll know he’s as good of a guy as we’ve been saying.”

The other girls all stumbled something along the lines of ‘are you sure about this?’, but Megan was already making the call, and shushed the other girls to be quiet.

Over in Chance’s home, the phone going off nearly caused him to fall out of bed, jolted back to life with the sudden surprise. The number seemed vaguely familiar, though he didn’t realize right away who it belonged to. “Uhuh, this is Chance,” he said sleepily.

When the phone was picked up, Megan quickly put on her ‘sweet girl’ voice. “Oh hey, Chance, this is Megan. Is this a bad time?”

“Oh, Megan! Hey! No, it’s- it’s fine.” Instantly the delicious image of the girl filled his mind, coaxing a tiny smile out onto his lips. While they weren’t friends, they were definitely friendly, exchanging numbers once upon a time when they had a history project to complete together. One that earned them an A, and Chance a hug, cheeks growing red at the memory.

“I, uhm, was hoping you could maybe help me out,” Megan continued. “You see, I’m having some pretty bad… female problems. I can’t reach any of my friends, so could you do me a big favour and maybe go to the 24-hour-store to get me some, uhm, some tampons? I know it’s a weird request, but I would really appreciate it. Could you do that for me?”

Chance’s face further reddened when he heard the request, blinking as his legs swung over the side of the bed. “Tam… Uh… Yeah, sure, I’ll be over in a little bit. Just text me your address, okay? No problem, really, I’m happy to help out.” He was already tugging on a pair of socks while saying their goodbyes, phone slipping off his shoulder to bounce on the bed sheets.

Most boys, if the sinfully hot Megan had called them in the middle of the night, would have thought the offer was a bit less innocent than that. Chance was hopelessly naive it seemed, quite certain that the odds of Megan being interested in him were abysmally low. So she asked the person who wouldn’t be expecting a blowjob when they answered the door, he figured. Still couldn’t show up looking like an absolute slob though, silently thankful he still had a clean tee shirt hanging in his closet. Low top sneakers laced up quickly, grabbing his keys and wallet on his way out the door. Oh, right, and the phone too, already blinking with Megan’s address in his messages. A small chill in an otherwise pleasant night had him slipping into a blue hooded sweatshirt, left unzipped and flapping in his wake as he rushed out the door. “Gottagoloveyoubye!” he spat out to his mom, who had already knocked herself out in the recliner in the living room. No reason to leave a note. He’d be back in under an hour, surely.

While he might not have had a car, Chance did have a set of wheels to get him from place to place. The old motorcycle had seen better days, though it still purred softly with the key in the ignition, hurling him down the street and off to the all-night convenience store.


Fifteen minutes after he’d gone speeding from his driveway, he was pulling into Megan’s, the loud rumble from the bike’s engine announcing his presence before he even came to a stop. With the pack of tampons under his arm, he dragged one last hand through his hair, trying to fix the messy tendrils as best he could, only for another strand to fall in front of his face just as he was hitting the doorbell. He had to remind himself to get a cut, blowing the hair away before his eyes snapped back to the door.

The girls exchanged some hushed whispers when they heard the motorcycle pulling up and the doorbell ringing. The living room curtains were closed, so Chance couldn’t see the four girls inside. “Hey now, there’s nothing to be nervous of,” Megan said as she rose to her feet. “We all intend to just have an innocent chat with him, right?” She winked at Shelly, whose face promptly reddened, before heading to the front bahis şirketleri door. There she had a quick look at the hallway mirror, to make sure her hair and make-up were still good. She was secretly hoping to watch him stumbling nervously at the sight of her.

She opened the door, presenting herself in all her beauty. Chance wasn’t the tallest, but neither was Megan, so he still stood a bit taller than her. “Oh Chance, you’re the sweetest,” she mused, clasping her hands together in front of herself, causing her ample breasts to bulge forward.

Chance often prided himself on being more of a nice guy, trying not to treat the girls at school like pieces of meat like some of his classmates might be fond of doing. But even he had limits, ones that Megan destroyed the instant that the door swung open, eyes failing not to drag themselves down her body. Rolling over the denim clinging to her legs, up along her bare midriff, dipping into her cleavage just in time to see her arms force the soft flesh to rise up against her top. Sadly he didn’t make it any further, not for a few seconds at least, mouth left half-open as he struggled to remember how to talk. “H… Hi Muffins. M-Megan. Sorry, I was…” Thinking that her tits looked like a muffin top popping out of her shirt like that? “…eating a muffin. Hi.” Sure, that sounds plausible, trying not to blush too much when their eyes finally met. And failing completely.

Megan giggled softly to herself, as his bumbling reaction exceeded her expectations. “Please come in, I wanna have a chat with you.” She took his arm and gently pulled him inside, closing the door behind him. Taking the box of tampons from him, she slowly led him through the hallway, towards the living room. “Soo, I might’ve lied a little about the ‘female problems’.”

Being invited inside — or rather pulled inside — got him blinking in surprise again, skidding to a stop before he went face-first into her cleavage, tempting as that might have been. “You… lied?” For a second he feared the worst, that one of the boys at school put her up to bringing him over for a practical joke of some kind.

She pouted her lips and threw him a playfully innocent look. “Don’t worry, this isn’t a prank. My friends and I just wanna have a chat with you. And we wanted to know whether you’d really be so kind to fulfil my request.” As the two of them entered the living room, Chance would be presented with the three other gorgeous girls seated on the ground before him. They all looked up and greeted him with nervous smiles. “You know Sophia, Shelly and Saya, right?” Megan said, as if it was nothing unusual.

Chance was stunned for a second, convinced that Megan would be able to feel his goose bumps rising through the sleeve of his jacket. Instantly his mind flashed to the various places he’d seen the girls in the past, ways he tried to help him, even if it ended up hurting in the long run — that run-in with the racist asshole yelling at Saya still fresh in his mind.

Oh, was he supposed to say something? Because he was almost incapable of that right now, eyes briefly looking around the rest of the room, searching for anyone else that might be nearby. But there was no one but the five of them, another blush radiating in his face as a rush of blood started moving down below his belt as well. “H-Hi.” His free hand slowly lifted, offering a meek little wave. “You… You guys look amazing. Girls, sorry, you’re… definitely amazing girls,” he added, trying to be polite even when he felt like he was going to explode from embarrassment, dropping that hand to hide inside his pocket.

Megan had to hold in her giggling at this point. “Sorry again for the deception.” She put the box of tampons that he’d brought away on a nearby table, then took Chance’s arm and gently pulled him to the circle with her. “We didn’t want you to think we had bad intentions, you know? Come sit with us, and feel free to take off your shoes and jacket. We were just having a casual chat, and we’d like you to join us.”

Megan got back down in her spot, then scurried over a bit, creating a space for Chance to sit down, between her and Shelly. He followed Megan’s lead with a lopsided smile and settled between them. There was pretty much no hope of his blush disappearing anytime soon, but at least it couldn’t get any worse, he figured. As he was getting comfortable, the back of his hand briefly brushed against Shelley’s exposed thigh, his arm jumping away quickly as though he were shocked by electricity. When he offered an apologetic smile, he could have sworn he saw her own cheeks flush for second or two as well.

Meanwhile, Sophia mustered the courage to speak up. “So, we were just talking about all the times you helped us out, Chance. I’m still really thankful for that time you assisted me with my chemistry.” Sophia was an energetic girl, with a tendency to gently bounce in place when she spoke, which caused the supple caramel-coloured flesh of her cleavage to hypnotically sway up and down. “We thought in return, we should at least get to know you a bit. You rarely talk about yourself in class. So, you know, what is your life like? How come you never come to any parties? Do you have a girlfriend?”

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