A Chance Meeting Ch. 01.5

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Hi readers and thanks for the comments on my first submitted story. This one is labeled Ch 01.5 because it’s not a sequel but rather the female perspective of the first story. Being a guy I’d appreciate comments and critique from my female readers in particular so I know for the future how I’m doing. Hope you enjoy and please keep commenting!


I caught him staring at me as I lifted the bottle of perfume to my nose. His eyes were all over me and I turned ever so slightly to give him a better look. He was dressed nicely, clearly for work. Well put-together and exuding a fair amount of confidence. I gave him a smile, closed-lipped but hopefully inviting enough. He returned it and I turned away, but I could see him in my peripheral vision as he casually walked over.

He wasn’t incredibly athletic in build, but even through his clothes I could tell he certainly was no slouch. His thin slacks didn’t leave much to the imagination. I imagined he’d be able to feel the heat from a hand in only a second or two. He was clearly using the same try-before-you-buy method that I had used before on more than one occasion; certainly no shame in that approach. Perfume could be a rather costly investment.

With a rather roguish grin he asked me what scent I had on and we ended up exchanging bottles. I touched his hand playfully as I took the bottle and saw a visible reaction on his face. He also didn’t make any attempt to hide the fact that he was looking at my breasts. In a way it excited me and I felt a slight tingling between my legs. The attention was flattering and he had a way of showing it that wasn’t rude, but thrilling in a way. In a rather unoriginal, but slightly charming approach he asked if he could smell what it was like on me. I was impressed by how forward he was and agreed. He leaned in and I could see that he probably had a coarse beard since already at midday he was beginning to get a bit of shadow on his face. I stretched my head to the side to let him see my exposed neck as he smelled it. I could feel his breath on my skin before he pulled away and almost closed my eyes. But the moment was fleeting and he was already gone before I had a chance.

I was in a playful mood so I decided to smell him as well, but as I leaned in (and here I had to fight the urge to grab his chest) I went just a little bit farther and let my lips graze his neck while my breasts noticeably pressed against his chest. I could tell the quick touch was enough to drive him wild and could imagine that cock stiffening in those thin pants of his.

“That smells quite nice on you,” I remarked and I thought I noticed his eyes seemed dazed for a moment.

“You as well,” he answered. He then followed me down the aisle as we smelled more perfumes. I could tell he was turned on so I found every excuse I could to apply a firm touch here and there. A touch of the arm, a graze against his body. He was in no way shy either. As I bent over a counter he took a moment to touch me in the small of my back and all at once I closed my eyes and pictured us both together making love. I could feel him inside me, and could feel his shoulders in my hands as I clung to him and he kissed me. Then it was gone and I stood back up.

“I still like that first one best,” I said, still feeling a little flushed from the image in my mind.

“The perfume?” he asked, seeming a little out of sorts as well.

“Mhmm,” I answered. Then impulsively, before I could stop myself I asked, “How about a coffee or something at the Starbucks outside?”

“Sounds like an idea,” he answered eagerly.

I pushed him out of the way right in the center of his chest and felt his muscles through his shirt. As I’d suspected he wasn’t in incredible shape, but I could tell he took care of himself. Less a man of vanity, and more of a man who simply took the time to keep himself from becoming a slouch. I almost gave him a squeeze, but instead just let my hand slip slowly down his chest as I walked by. I felt myself already growing wet and I even felt a little wobbly on my feet. If only he knew…perhaps he already did…

The air once we were out of the store was oddly refreshing and also seemed in a way to make my dulled senses sharper again. We neared the Starbucks and as I felt my breath coming back to me I thought about that image when he had touched me and altogether felt a rush of desire for him. I wanted him and there was going to be no stopping me. I turned and once again (finding myself incredibly impulsive) remarked , “Take me.”

His eyes grew wide for a moment and I thought he was going to stutter. “Where?” he finally managed to get out.

“In there,” I said. I gestured towards the door. I’d already developed a plan in my mind and by now there was no turning back. “The restroom. It has a lock. We can sneak in there. Just take me.” I suppose I sounded a little desperate, but damn it I felt desperate. I wanted him badly, more that I could control actually. Clearly he felt the same as he grabbed my hand and led illegal bahis me through the door. I saw him take one quick glance of his surroundings and then begin to beeline for the restroom and all at once my own common sense kicked in.

I grabbed him a by a belt loop and held him back (In my mind, the humorous part of me wanted to say with a Texas drawl, “Whoa there pardner. Hold your horses.”). He had a look of dismay on his face as he looked back but then I laughed and said, “Wait. We probably should order something first. It’ll be less conspicuous that way.”

He laughed too with a look in his eyes that told me he was absolutely crushed that he’d have to wait.

We waited in line and I decided to make it up to him considering I’d gotten him so excited and then plucked it away at the last moment. Besides I could tell he was a bit of a tease and considering I was too, I figured it might be entertaining to have a little fun with him. I wrapped my arm around him and pressed my body against his. My clothes were thin enough to where I was sure he could feel me. I enjoyed having the air flow through my clothes and now I could imagine he was grateful for my taste as he felt me. I wanted to feel how he was reacting, so I turned to him, pretending I was about to say something and while my body blocked my movements from anyone else, I reached down and felt his cock, hard as a rock, through his pants. I wanted to stroke it, but I couldn’t have him coming right there in the middle of the line so I gave him as sultry of a “fuck-me” look as I could muster and then let go. I could see a tangible shiver wave through his body as I let go and was happy I had so successfully elicited the reaction.

We ordered shortly after (Two chai teas) and then sat at the booth. I could tell he was growing impatient and in truth I was as well. I tried to appease us both with more touches. I rubbed his leg and made as effective small talk as I could, though what I really wanted to tell him wasn’t suitable for those around us at the moment.

After what seemed an agonizingly long time, we finally collected our teas and sipped them at the booth. It was only a matter of time now before we’d have our chance and as the crowd grew larger I looked back and realized we had one.

I grabbed his hand, giggled, and stood up, practically dragging him towards the restroom. I went in, and he followed, turning to lock the door. I dropped my purse, ran a hand quickly through my hair, and took a deep breath. I was excited, but also genuinely energized by him. The looks he’d given me, the desire in his eyes, and the gentle, but firm touch with which he’d already caressed me, made me want him even more.

I lunged at him as he turned around, perhaps a little more aggressively than I would have at first liked to do, but he seemed more than willing to match my energy. I felt his hands settle on my hips. I could tell he liked my curves, and it was only natural he’d settle there first. He was a good kisser and incredibly responsive to my cues. It was lightly open-mouthed at first, enough to feel the wetness of his lips and to taste the tea on his breath. Then he let me plunge my tongue in after a few more kisses, and after a while licked my tongue with his own. I wanted to breathe him in as if he was one of those colognes I’d smelled earlier. He was intoxicating.

I felt him unbutton my top and was hoping he’d take my bra next. I helped him with his shirt as well, scrambling at the long line of buttons down his shirt. I was going to help him with his pants, but first he said, “Let me treat you like a queen first.” Then he kissed me again. I almost died when he said that. So many things came to mind. What was he going to do next? It was thrilling to imagine what he might do and then I wondered how creative was his imagination?

He kissed me again and then started kissing my cheek, tracing my jawline down to my neck. He took off my shirt and his fingers deftly unhooked my bra. I felt the satisfying release of tension as it unhooked and his lips continued to kiss my neck. My breathing rate was increasing and I could only imagine how much my pulse had skyrocketed. He hooked his fingers under the straps on my shoulders and let them fall away so that my breasts hung freely in the cool air of the restroom. I wanted him to squeeze me right then and there and for a moment I thought he would. But instead he bent down and kissed me on the stomach. It made my back arch and was rather unexpected. It felt exciting to be surprised.

He continued to kiss me on the stomach and then reached for my pants. He unbuttoned them and I felt my body wanting to rock against his, I wanted to rub against him, I wanted the friction between the two of us. I wanted out of my clothes. I could feel my hips already swaying forward and back wanting him inside me to provide some resistance as he eased my panties down my legs, so lightly that it felt like the wind blowing them off. The lightness of his touches was driving me insane with pleasure.

I illegal bahis siteleri looked down and saw him taking a moment to look between my legs. I could tell he wanted to taste me. I eased my hips forward ever so slightly but he seemed unwilling to take the bait. Clearly he had other things in mind. Instead he kissed the inside of my legs, up my calves up my thighs and ever so close to where I wanted him most, but then he swung around behind me and started to kiss my butt. He stroked me and squeezed me clearly enjoying himself, then he rose to the small of my back, the same spot he had touched me earlier in the store and he licked me so lightly that it felt like the touch of a feather. But it was enough to make me let out a sigh and pray for him to never stop. Then he surprised me even more and traced a line of kisses all the way up my spine and up to my shoulders. Again reminiscent of the store, he was near my neck, but this time he kissed it and it felt so amazingly good to have his lips where I had wanted them to touch before so badly.

Finally as he kissed me on the neck he reached around and cupped my breasts. I was amazed at his self-control and also impressed by how good of a tease he was, thought I could tell he had wanted to do this much sooner. He clearly was obsessed with my breasts and I had a sneaking suspicion they were his favorite part of me at the moment (or perhaps second favorite). I could feel his cock throbbing against my lower back, warmer still than the heat of the rest of his bare body. I reached behind me and unbuckled his belt, surprised at my own ability to do it blindly, and tugged at his pants until they fell away and I could feel his bare cock against me. It was hard to wait for him now, feeling it throbbing against my skin. Apparently in appreciation of my help, he gave my breasts a firm squeeze and I couldn’t help but let out a moan at how good it felt.

I turned around in his arms. As good as it felt when he was behind me I wanted to see his face when he finally saw me standing completely naked in front of him. I saw a satisfied look in his eyes before I kissed him again. His hair was soft as I wrapped my fingers into it and tugged a little. I could tell by the way his kiss changed that he liked that quite a bit. I experimented a little more and bit his lower lip playfully and I heard a quiet little moan that told me I had found his little secret. After I did it, I felt him reach up and squeeze my right nipple. I almost shrieked with how good it felt and nearly did jump, but instead I gathered my breath and begged him, “More.”

I watched his head lower to my breasts and he squeezed one with the perfect amount of pressure. My back arched again and I wanted to squeeze him just as hard. I felt his lips close around my nipple and he started to suck. My body exploded with pleasure as he stimulated so sensitive of an area. As amazing as this was, it only made me grow more excited to imagine what he would be capable of doing between my legs. I grabbed his neck and wanted to take his head and bury it in my breasts (I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded), but instead I pulled him in an inviting way. He stopped sucking and circled around my nipple, spiraling outward and making me bite my lip in order to keep quiet. If we had been somewhere completely secluded I already would have been much louder. He continued to tease me with his tongue and when I could barely take it any longer he switched to my other breast and followed the same pattern. I was beginning to grow impatient and I raised my leg up onto his, stroking the outside of his thigh, trying to remind him there was much more to my body. In fact there was something in particular I really wanted him to pay attention to at the moment. He continued to cup my breasts, spinning them in slow circles that felt so good, and for a moment I forgot everything as he squeezed them both.

Then he kissed me again on the lips, as if he suddenly had grown distracted. But apparently it was only to distract me as I suddenly felt his hand creep between my legs and touch me. He felt around with his finger and I realized he was checking to see if I was wet. If only he’d known how long I had already been that way. He kissed me again then kissed me on the chin. Then he dropped down farther to my neck, then between my breasts, and then in a thrilling moment I realized he was going farther down, slowly leading down to where I’d wanted him now for a few minutes. I wanted to push him down, to hurry him on his way, but I let him have his fun. He kissed my belly button, then down to my pelvis, and came agonizingly close to my pussy. Then he traveled back up and I groaned at the fact that he was going in the wrong direction. He switched direction again and I was happier as he snuck back down. Then again he stopped and switched and part of me wanted to push him straight down and make him lick me.

Finally I felt his hands settle on my hips again, and his head lowered with more purpose this time and I could tell he wasn’t going canlı bahis siteleri to stop. I braced myself, my legs tightening, and for a moment I felt so strong as I stood there and he knelt before me ready to worship me with his tongue.

He hesitated for just a moment and then I felt him lunge inside me and my head swam with pleasure as I felt his tongue stroke me inside. I could hear him suck greedily at me and he squeezed me as he found my clit. I couldn’t help myself and I shuddered. I moved my leg farther out so he had more room. I wanted him to have as much access as he could because this felt so amazing. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted to come as many times as he’d let me. His tongue swirling around my clit sent warm waves of pleasure all throughout me. He reached down and rubbed me just above my clit. I tried to keep quiet but I no longer could. I hoped no one could hear but him.

A second or two more and I could no longer hold back the climax. It rushed over me and I shuddered. It was amazing and I wanted to pay him back for what he’d just given me. I pulled him back onto this feet, looked into his eyes, and said, “Let me taste you now.”

His eyes widened and I leaned in to kiss his bare chest, my hands tracing his lean muscles as I licked his skin and traveled down his body. As tempting as it was to mercilessly tease him as he had done to me, I was too impatient to wait and I was hungry for his cock. I knelt down and looked at how swollen I had made him. The veins on his throbbing cock stood out and made my mouth water. I took it in my hand and stroked it once and the feel of his warmth in my grip made me lose all self-control. I eased him into my mouth. I felt his hips thrust slightly as I eased my mouth up and down, and he grew wetter. Soon I was sucking on him as if he was a piece of candy and playfully squeezing his balls which earned me a satisfying groan. I played with my tongue around his head circling it and gently stroking it with my lips, teasing the most sensitive areas to drive him wild with pleasure. I threw in a gentle bite here and there to throw him a curve and make him want to come even more. I gave him a few more minutes of what I could only imagine was ecstasy for him. I loved the taste of him and I wanted him to come but at the same time I wanted to tease him a little more since he had been such a tease to me earlier. I got him as close to coming as I possibly could then gave him a hard squeeze, which gave him a noticeable jerk, then said, “Not yet. I want you inside me.”

I swung my arms around him, backed up and leaned against the counter. He took my cue and lifted me up so that I was sitting there. His strength and ease with which he lifted me on turned me on more. The quickness of the motion impressed me and I wrapped my legs around him so that he was as close to me as he could possibly be. I gave him a kiss. A quick playful peck, then another one just as quick and then pulled us both together so his cock slid into me. Both of us were dripping and we slid together with such ease that it was hard to tell where one of us began and the other ended. I wanted to gasp as he entered me and I felt light-headed as he thrust against me. I wanted him to fuck me for hours and never stop. I wanted him to come inside me over and over and lick and kiss and squeeze every inch of my body until we were both too exhausted to stop. I could hear his ragged breathing as I dug my fingers into his back, practically clawing at him. In a way I was afraid I might hurt him, but I couldn’t control myself and he hardly seemed to mind. Both of our heads were thrown back and a few seconds later I practically saw stars as I climaxed again. It felt like the bathroom had just been torn in half as the orgasm washed over me in a flood of pleasure. Then a second or two later I felt the warm flowing spurt of him coming inside one, twice, three times. He held me there for a moment, to keep me from falling over, then as I regained enough strength to stand on my own, he began to step back and pull out of me but I wanted him inside me for longer. I pulled him towards me and kissed him deeply while he was still inside me, the pressure of his cock still filling me and making me hungry for more.

He finally stepped back and I hopped off the counter and reached down at his cock, still hard but not quite as hard. I stroked it a couple times and was pleased to see a noticeable reaction. Clearly he was capable of at least one more good fuck. “I’m not done with you,” I said and kissed him with that same tug on the bottom lip that he had liked so much earlier. I turned around and grabbed the edge of the sink with both hands. Bending down I let him see my ass, then I widened my stance so he could see my wet pussy from behind. “Take me again,” she said. I knew he’d been unable to resist and I wanted him inside me again so badly.

He wasted no time in entering me again and he grabbed me firmly by the ass as he guided himself in. I tightened my thighs to make it feel even better for both of us and I tried to talk dirty but for a moment it felt so good I was lost for words. His hands traveled to my breasts and squeezed. Clearly he couldn’t keep his hands off them. I finally managed to say something, “Mmmm, squeeze me baby. Make me come again.”

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