A Christmas Eve Surprise

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My eye lids are feeling heavy as I am organizing the last of the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. I am feeling a little cold, just wearing a thin robe with some lacey underwear underneath. I am looking forward to finishing up playing Santa and climbing under my warm covers and falling into a deep sleep. But then the doorbell rings. Puzzled, I walk over and opened the door. My mouth gaps as you stand in front of me, out in the cold. Immobile, I can do nothing but stare at your sexiness. Your mouth that feels so intoxicating against my skin. That hair hiding under your hat, meant for my fingers. The strength of your arms that feel incredible in my grasp. Those dark eyes, so alluring, hypnotic, I could get lost in their depth.

Your mouth slowly gives away to a devilish grin. And then you grab an arm around my waist and pull me into my house, shutting the door behind you. Quickly, you move me into the living room, in front of my Christmas tree, all while I am still in shock. Still unable to consciously move, you have to guide every movement. With the tree lights filling the room with a dim glow, you quickly pull your shift over your head. I take a deep breath at the sight of your bare skin.

You turn me around, pulling my back close to your chest. Slowly, you pull my robe down, letting it pool at my feet, kissing my neck and my shoulder gently as you do. For a moment, my mind flashing to my family, all merely six or seven feet above our heads. But I have no ability to say anything, just feel you against me. The warmth of your skin is comforting as my heart races in anticipation.

You wrap your arms around my waist, bending me forward slightly. One hand wonderings canlı bahis şirketleri to my breasts. You begin playing with my nipples in your fingers, hard, forcing me to take a deep gasp in. You run your other hand down the length of my back, slipping it into my panties, letting them fall to the floor with my robe. Your hands feel amazing against my skin, your gentle touch putting me at ease.

Then I hear my husband yell down from upstairs, “Kas, who was at the door this late?”

It takes me a second to find my voice, but I yell back, “Just the UPS guy. One last delivery.” I hear his footsteps head back to bed. The risk changes the dynamic immediately. As my mind is processing how dangerous this is, I hear your belt hit the floor. And then I feel your cock, so deliciously huge, against my ass. I inhale sharply.

I hear you say, “Bend over and grab you ankles.” I follow your command without even thinking about it. You place one hand on my back, keeping my head down. Your other hand finds its way to my hips, your fingertips digging into my softness. And then I feel you enter me. I am so wet, nearly dripping, in anticipation. You side your dick deep into me like you own it. I gasp at how incredible you feel.

“Quiet!” And then in sheer opportunity, you grab a plush ornament off the tree and shove it in my mouth, gagging me. I need it. You move in and out of me, slowly at first, letting me adjust to your size. But you quickly find a quickened pace. The upward angle makes it feel like you are hitting my stomach. Every thrust is deeper than the last. I find my hands tightly squeezing my ankles as my teeth dig into the poor plush ornament in my canlı kaçak iddaa mouth.

As I am getting used to your rhythm, finally able to breath, I feel the sharp sting of your hand against my ass. I gasp. And again. I love the pain I feel when you spank me. One more time and I am nearing orgasm, my body climbing.

I hear you say, “Oh baby girl, do you like it when daddy punishes you?” I shake my head, though I’m not sure you can see. I feel both of your hands on my hips, holding me still, as you drive your cock impossibly deep into me. It sends me over the edge, I feel my entire body convulse around you. It waves through me, one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. I try to stay upright, but I can’t. I fall to the floor.

As I lay on the floor on my stomach, you hover over me. I feel your fingertips graze my back, up to my neck. You lay gentle kisses on my neck, nibble my ear a little. Your tenderness puts a smile on my face. I want to give you the same intensity you just gave me. I sit up, find my way to kneeling.

I return your devilish grin from earlier and quickly take your rock hard length into my mouth. You gasp as the wetness of my mouth engulfs your cock. Slowly I let you slide to the back of my mouth, my lips pressed tightly around you. I wrap my hand around the base of your dick, preparing for the movement of my mouth around you. I pull my mouth back slowly, almost releasing you, but then thrust my head forward quickly. I keep up a fast pace, slightly gagging every time you hit the back of my throat. I feel you getting even harder in my mouth, it pleases me. I feel some of my salvia fall from your cock onto my knees. I use the wetness canlı kaçak bahis to lubricate as my hand moves you and down the base of your dick in sync with my mouth.

You begin to take some control, grabbing the hair on the back of my hand and thrusting into my mouth slightly. You want it deeper, pushing yourself into my mouth a little deeper with each thrust. I look up at you, catching your eyes for a second, I can’t help but to smile slightly. You mirror a little grin, And then exert your male force and shove your cock deep into my mouth, I gasp, you groan. I let you control everything, as you face fuck me. I can tell you are enjoying the wetness, the warmth of my mouth. All as I try not to gag too much on your size.

Then I feel you withdraw from my mouth and lay down on top of me. You look at me for a moment, I get lost in your eyes. But you break the eye contact to give me a deep, hungry kiss, while wedging my legs open. I welcome your weight against me, your bare skin against mine. It is everything I want in this moment. I feel you penetrate me again. My back arches and I breath in so deeply. You are so deep into me with just one motion, it is incredible.

You go slow, us both savoring the feeling. I feel so full, you make me feel so full. You continue your slow assault on me. I feel my body climbing again. You are getting close too. I run my hands through the hair on the back of your head as you breathe deeply in my ear. Your pace picks up, my legs wrapped tightly around you, my arms planted on yours.

And then I feel my body give away. I spasm around you, simultaneously I fee you orgasm deep inside of me. The wet warmth fills me as I hold onto you tightly, waving through my orgasm. We both maintain our position for a minute, catching our breath, coming back to earth. You collapse on top of me, such a comforting feeling.

A gentle kiss to my forehead and you whisper, “Merry Christmas,” in my ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20