A Christmas Surprise

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Deafening silence filled the night as the fresh blanket of powdery snow covered the mountainside. I stood on the uneven planks of my small porch leaning against the knotted timber holding up its tin roof. The clouds, which had floated the large flakes of snow all day began to break apart and drift silently across the star, filled sky. Occasionally the brilliant moon peered from behind the clouds and cast eerie shadows of the barren trees out across the field in front of me. Hardly a sound could be heard. The low crackle of the blazing fire from the fireplace within or the dog rolling over on the bearskin rug were the only obstacles to pure silence. This was peace, natural and complete peace.

This was the only place and time that I had found any peace since my wife passed two years ago. I spent most of the year creating dreams and making miracles for visitors from all over the world. A hectic and fast paced life of juggling one massive event to another. A life my wife supported as long as she could, before my erratic schedule and breast cancer became too much for her. She spent the last months of her life in the care of her mom some 1200 miles from our home. I spent them travelling to Tokyo and Paris, to Hong Kong and Los Angeles mounting spectaculars and shows to the thrills of millions. A regret I will live with for the rest of my life. Now, in the close of each year, when others gather in warm homes full of friends and family, full of cheer and joy, I retreat to this little shack on the side of this little mountain to try and recapture the spirit of life and living that used to fill my being. A spirit that died with my wife.

This year was shaping out much like last year. The dog sleeping stretched out on my grandfather’s bearskin in front of the fire, and me peering out at the lonely night cringing with the cold wind and hugging my solemn cup of coffee laced with Irish Crème. I heaved a sigh and turned to go back into the warmth of the small two-room cabin, when a strange sound captured my attention. I strained to look out against the moonlit night, across the field of unbroken snow into the trees where the shadows mixed into darkness. There it was again. I squinted my eyes into the night, were my ears deceiving me? Again a noise, not unlike muffled laughter followed my a hushed ‘shhhhh.’ Then as I scanned the forest’s edge I noticed a small glimmer of light bouncing among the tree trunks. It was just there then disappeared. I stepped to the edge of the porch and to get a better angle into that part of the forest.

A quick yelp pierced the silent night and was quickly silenced, followed shortly by more of the muffled laughter and chorus of ‘shhhh’s. Then I could begin to hear the crunching of snow under footfalls of people moving through the trees. Just as I stood back to question my own senses a rather goofy man in a bright yellow parka darted into the field barking loudly and collapsing spreading his arms and legs into a snow angel. My mouth dropped open as a team of revelers followed. All were dressed in warm winter clothes and carried a variety of brightly colored packages, drinks and foods. Once the crowd had gathered around the spread-eagled barker, they turned to the cabin and began to scream (for it was much more akin to yelling than singing) a rousing chorus of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. In one group they moved toward me. Uncontrollably a smile drifted across my face as I began to recognize the faces of my friends.

Out in the field there came such a clatter, my dog arose from his slumber to see what was the matter. Away from the bearskin he sprang in a flash, by my side he stood looking at the group who were all trashed. When what to his wondering eyes should appear, but a barking man and several drunken carolers. The group ‘sang’ their way to the edge of my small porch and yelled: “Merry Christmas!”

One by one they mounted the slight steps to the porch and wishing me well they entered the cabin. Giving me a high five the man in yellow wished me well and ventured in to find the bar and refresh his emptied cup. A lovely lady drifted by placing a light kiss on my cheek and bending over to hug and dote on my dog before following into the cabin. Each of the group greeted me warmly and ventured into the small cabin filling canlı bahis it with their warmth and a joyous noise. I stood slightly stunned at the porch as each of my true friends moved by.

“Cheer-up! It’s Christmas!” One perky partier greeted me with a big hug and rousing kiss, during which she reached around and grabbed my ass.

“Here’s to you peace” Toasted a wonderful woman lifting her drink to me and hugging me. As she squeezed me tight she licked my faces and kissed my forehead. Being tall she is the only woman who can actually reach that high! Her dress was adorned with little bells that tinkled and jingled as she walked into the crowded cabin.

My friends had now invaded my solemn evening and turned my lonely cabin on the mountain into a roaring holiday party. I gave one last glance into the night and looked across the field lit by the emerging moon. My smile broadened and I whispered a thank you to the night and just as I turned to go inside a flash of light streaked across the sky in a myriad of colors. I felt a light hand on my waste.

“Wow.” A small voice whispered close to my ear.

I looked to see the venerable Lt. La Fay standing beside me her beautiful face fixed on the night sky. My eyes drifted over her form. Her curves accentuated by the tight jeans and fitted white shirt covered only by the oversized leather jacket that had become her signature.

“Are you not cold?” I questioned as my arms slid around her shoulders and I pulled her tight in front of me.

She turned and looked up at me, her clear blue eyes piercing mine, “Not a chance now.” A devilish smile crossed her face as she turned her gaze back to the sky.

“Holy Shit! Check this out!” A southern accented man stepped onto the porch and beckoned the rest of the party outside to see the scene.

Slowly everyone poured back out into the night, their eyes transfixed on the light show coursing across the sky. The sweet, the innocent, the not so innocent (not that I have any non-innocent friends) huddled together in front of my cabin. We marveled at the sky. The southerner leaned over and kissed the beautiful woman he was with, and that sparked a whole string of kisses and warm embraces that spread through the folks like wild fire. The barking man from before kissing and hugging as many of the women that would allow him!

“OK, it’s cold, and I need a new drink” Pronounced one young man wearing a bright jester’s hat as he broke from the group and headed back inside. Slowly the crowd dispersed and ventured back into the warmth. As people shuffled by I received more well wishes and hugs and kisses (which are always welcome) and I soon found myself standing alone on the porch again. Even the dog had gone back inside to be the center of much doting attention from several of the ladies, one whom seemed to tease my dog with her cat like movement.

I stepped inside and pulled the large wooden door closed behind me. The room was filled with laughter and love. One couple had dug themselves into the large leather sofa and was already so into each other they were oblivious to the rest of the room. I glanced around the room hoping to see La Fay; I had not wanted to let her slip from my grip on the porch. As I stood looking around the room, I was nudged from the side.

“You doing OK?” Came a caring voice with a New York accent.

“Yeah, actually, I’m doing pretty damn good. You?” I replied to my friend.

“I’m getting there.”

“That’s good to hear. It is Christmas after-all.”

A perky partier darted from the hearth and almost tackled my friend. She was dragged from my side into the room the perky one laughing all the way. My eyes followed them, seeing both turn to me and wink almost simultaneously. I laughed aloud for the first time in quite a while. That’s when I saw her again. La Fay was leaning against the bar talking to the large guy tending behind. I paused and just took in her image for a moment.

“Damn get it girl!” “Woohoo you go!” Catcall and squeals of delight broke my gaze as the two on the couch had begun to really get into each other. Her shirt was unbuttoned and during a long kiss in which their tongues intertwined she reached down to his crotch and began to unbutton and unzip his trousers. Some simple kissing bahis siteleri and heavy petting had now gone to the next level. I made my way across the room noticing that other couples had changed from watching the duo on the couch to engaging in their own acts of love and/or lust. (Except of course the innocents among them)

I walked behind La Fay and placed my hand on her shoulder. Slightly startled the turned with a jump and again her steely gaze captured me. In the moment we exchanged another woman insisting on her ‘special pink drink’ pulled the bartender’s attention. I took the chance to pull La Fay away and into a corner by the fireplace.

“I can’t believe you came up here?” I said almost questioning her. “I thought you didn’t like leaving the city?”

“Yeah, well I was forced to against my will, kidnapped.” She smiled through her lie and winked as she said it.

“Oh, well how is this for a kidnapping?”

She looked across the room, at the antics, “Well, it’s not to bad. I mean you’re here.” She stepped closer to me.

“It is my cabin you know.” I leaned down closer to her face, our breath mingled in the slight space between us.

“Is this a one room school house?” She smiled coyly and slipped her hands up my back underneath my sweater.

“Would you like the fifty cent tour.” With that I lifted her from her feet and carried her through the adjacent door kicking it closed behind us.

I gently set her down on the over stuffed feather bed that dominated the dark room. Only the blue light from the clear night filtered through the small window. Lying back on the bed she pulled off her jacket and I sat down next to her.

“What happens to the kidnapped now?”

I moved in closed to her, my face nearly touching hers. “Not to worry, I think you will enjoy this.”

“I have little doubt of that.”

The air between us charged as our mouths closed into each other. Our tongues reached forward in search of each other. My hand slid down from her neck over her shoulder and down her chest, feeling the rise of her breast beneath my touch. She slid her hands up my back, lifting my sweater over my head and off. Resuming the passionate kiss she pulled my tight tee shirt from my jeans and lifted it too over my head. My hand explored her waistband tugging her shirt from there.

Our kiss lifting to a new level of passion, I unbuttoned her pants and pulled the zipper down. Lifting her hips slightly her jeans found their way past her hips and down to her knees. Kicking her leather boots from her feet and working the jeans off, I broke from the kiss for just a moment to see the unveiling of what may be the world’s sexiest legs. My eyes followed my fingers as they traced up her legs from the tip of her cute toes up the slope of her calf over her delicate knee along the slender power of her thigh and to the trimmed glory that is her perfect pussy.

Pulling her shirt over her head and diving into her open mouth for another yet more passionate kiss our bare chests pressed into each other. My kissed my way down her neck, taking little nips at her growing nipples. My tongue dragged down from her wonderful breasts across her little belly, dipping slightly into the button there. My hands rubbed up from her sides cupping her firm breasts, as I kissed my way down over her pelvic bone and landed a light kiss on her swollen labia.

I inhaled fully her sweet scent, her back arched slightly as my tongue traced the edges of her moistening labia. Licking from the base of her slit up to the tip of the emerging clitoral hood, she moaned slightly. My tongue began to explore between her pussy lips, taking in the sweet juices found therein. She began to squirm at my touch as my tongue darted and lapped at her pussy. My hands were massaging her breasts, the fingers tickling the erect nipples. I closed my eyes wanting to focus on bringing her to her fullest arousal.

My mouth closed around her clit and I sucked it deep into my mouth. She let out a groan as her back arched from the bed. My tongue danced around the tip of her clit circling the base. Her hips lifted and pressed to my face as I sucked in her flowing juices. She grabbed at the quilt covering the bed and squirmed with pleasure as I flipped the tip of her clit bahis şirketleri with my tongue. My tongue ran along the edge and over the tip of her clit causing her to moan louder, her squirming alternated with her back arching and her hips lifting pressing into me. She twisted her head from side to side as my tongue began a frantic assault on her clit. Her breathing grew heavy; I could feel her muscles twitching under the licking and sucking I focused on her clit.

I moved one hand off her breast and brought it down to her soaking pussy. As my mouth pleasured her clit, I slowly slid two fingers into her pussy. Bending slightly at the knuckles my fingertips explored her inside sending her into convulsions of pleasure. Her hands twisted and gripped the quilt as her back arched and a groan escaped her open mouth. She clinched her eyes closed took a deep breath and as I slid my fingers in deeper and closed my mouth around her clit she released into an earth shattering climax. I felt her pussy close tight around my fingers, her juices rushed forward. I tried to lap up as much as I could. She twisted on the bed her body shaking with aftershocks from the orgasm that had just ran through her body.

Lifting up I moved to her, lying beside her, I wrapped in my arms pulling her on top of me. She nuzzled in the curve of my neck kissing me softly there. She kissed my neck and across my chest. Straddling me she slid down my chest kissing across my flat stomach. Her hands unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my silk Santa print boxers down my legs. Her hands rubbed up my long legs. She took my hard cock in her hands and massaged it, looking through me she smiled a sly smile and moved up. She placed my cock right along the wet lips of her pussy, like a hot dog in a bun. I felt her hot wetness surround me as she began to mover her hips, rubbing her clit along the shaft of my cock. She sat up straight as she moved along my cock. Throwing her head back and closing her eyes, she let out a slight moan as my cock surged under her. My hips raised off the bed to press harder into her pussy as she worked my cock along her soaking lips. Leaning forward to me she kissed me deeply and grabbed my cock. Sliding her tongue into my mouth she positioned the head of my cock at her opening. I lifted my hips pressing the head of my cock just inside her pussy.

“Oh my god.” She uttered as my cock slid inside her stretching her pussy, filling her fully. I pressed slowly until my cock was fully submerged inside her. Before I moved she sat back up and began to move her hips. She undulated with the base beat of the music from the other room. Expertly working my cock in and out of her pussy. I could feel her soft wet walls tightening and releasing around my cock. I lifted and withdrew my hips to the rhythm. Our mouths fell open as the intensity of our dance increased. Her entire body pulsed with the music as she danced on my cock. Our pace broke with the beat and began to quicken. Our crotches began to pound together and lift apart in growing strength and speed. My breathing grew heavy, my heart pounded in my chest rattling my ribs. She breaths punctuated with slight groans of pleasure.

I lifted my hands to her breasts as our lovemaking grew to a feverish pitch. Her slight groans aroused to full grunts as her hips pounded my cock deep into her pussy and seemed to almost twist it back out again. Her wetness cascaded down over my hips and legs as my cock slammed into and out of her pussy. My breath grew shallow I could feel my ball tighten. She closed her eyes and arched her back. With one full thrust she slammed my cock deep into her pussy and orgasm wrecked through her body. She fell forward onto my chest heaving, her pussy tightening in spasms around my cock. My cock responded with spasms of its own, sending loads of hot cum deep inside her. My hips thrust into her a few more times as my orgasm ripped through me.

She lay relaxed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her holding her close as orgasmic aftershocks tremmered through our bodies. My cock still buried inside her we closed our eyes and enjoyed the warmth of our embrace.

“You really didn’t want to come up here?” I questioned lightly.

“Didn’t think I liked the country till now.” She replied and lifted her head to look at me.

Our eyes met and locked. I ran my hand through the curly locks of blonde hair slightly dampened by sweat. Our mouths met in a most gentle kiss, prolonged and fully involved.

Merry Christmas to all!

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