A Classroom Encounter

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Jennifer woke up suddenly, after hearing the alarm she usually woke with a start but something about this day seemed different to her. She slowly, groggily, rolled out of bed making her way straight to the shower. Jennifer never wore pajamas or any form of clothing to bed, sleeping nude, at least to her, was more comfortable and definitely more natural. We are all after all born naked aren’t we? She often pondered that question at work, on the train, in church, almost everywhere frankly. Jennifer loved to be naked; it made her feel free, unfortunately this morning it also made her boyfriend Lars horny. She felt him come up behind her. She felt his hard penis before anything else, and knew immediately what he was after.

“Lars” Jennifer protested weakly “I have to get to work, I’m already running late!”

Lars was too horny by this point to concede he continued to try and coerce Jennifer as she stepping into the shower. Lars followed her in fondling her large breasts with his hands and then his mouth. Jennifer’s protests were replaced with soft moans.

“Lars” she said again, but this time greedily “I really do need to go…”

She said this as Lars entered her slowly from behind, she felt the shower falling in sheets onto her hard nipples as Lars entered her. There were no protests left in Jennifer she could feel him now slowly at first but increasingly faster. They fucked like animals in the shower until finally Lars was finished. Jennifer quickly finished washing up and dressed for her job. She hated it when he didn’t listen to what she wanted. Jennifer often felt that Lars took advantage of her in this relationship. She frequently felt dirty and used after sex with him. Lars never violently forced himself onto Jennifer but he definitely illegal bahis never took no for an answer. Jennifer was worried. She decided that she’d had enough, tonight after work she was resolved to break it off.

Jennifer began the long walk to the subway station as she began to compose herself for the day’s work ahead. Jennifer was a fourth grade teacher and today was her first class of the new school year, a frightening day for most elementary school teachers. She wondered what her new class would be like. She entered the station and boarded her train, arriving to school just five minutes before the bell, much later than she had intended and she silently cursed Lars and his libido for the delay. She entered her classroom and waited for the day to begin.

By lunchtime Jennifer was exhausted. She sat at her desk while her students went off to the cafeteria and began to pick away at the leftover pizza she had brought for herself when she heard a noise. She looked up and saw Lars standing in the doorway dressing in tight running shorts and no shirt. He was fully erect and he looked like he’d been drinking. This seemed strange to Jennifer who in the four years she had dated Lars had never seen him drunk this early in the day. Lars quickly lunged at Jennifer and caught her by the arm as she tried to dodge him.

“I came here for more of what you gave me this morning you fucking whore!” Lars shouted at her in slurred words.

He was violently pawing at her silk blouse tearing off buttons in his clumsily attempt to undress her. Jennifer fought him with everything she had and her grabbed her with his other hand, overpowering her with his brute strength. She was half-naked now in her classroom as he began crudely lifting up her skirt. Lars knew that she illegal bahis siteleri never wore underwear and was taking advantage of it. He pulled down his own shorts and thrust his hard cock into her. She was crying now and he was hurting her. Jennifer’s shouts were muffled by Lars’ mouth as he forced his tongue down her throat. Lars was thrusting away when Jennifer realized that he hadn’t locked the door and the children would be back at any minute. Did Lars know this? Did that turn him on? Lars flipped her over and began fucking her doggie style over her desk. His pace began to slow and he started paying more attention to Jennifer in an attempt to bring her to climax? Jennifer couldn’t believe his nerve! He was fondling her clit and kissing her neck when she felt it coming. She couldn’t believe it. She began to experience the most intense orgasm of her life bent over her desk and Lars was violently pumping away from behind. Her whole body began to convulse and she brought her to orgasm. Lars fell to his knees and began to lick her clit in slow circles as she was coming. He sucked lightly on her clit as he brought her even further over the edge. Jennifer has never felt anything like it, she screamed for more as he ate her now wet and inviting pussy.

As Jennifer slowly came to her senses she whispered to Lars that the children would be back. They both decided to head toward the teacher’s lounge while they still had time. They meagerly dressed themselves and ran off to the lounge locking the door behind them. Lars was hard again and aching to be inside of her. This time Jennifer felt the same way she hiked up her own skirt and threw him down on the work table. Lars looked surprised at this show of force, but Jennifer wanted more. She slammed him hands canlı bahis siteleri down above his head as she straddled him. Jennifer rode him hard as she kissed him violently never waning this tryst to end. She looked up as she was climaxing again to see one of her colleagues over in the corner casually drinking a cup of coffee. She was looking right at them as they fucked, looking a little intrigued and mildly amused. Jennifer motioned for her to join them and she slowly put down her drink and made her way to the couple. Jennifer released Lars from her grip and revealed the voyeur to her boyfriend.

“Who the fuck is this?” Lars asked looking dazed and still a little drunk.

“This is Marie, the school nurse. She want’s to join the party.” Jennifer replied.

Marie began to lick Lars; still hard cock. Jennifer had never known Lars to have this much stamina and it surprised her that he was still fully erect. As Marie sucked away Jennifer began to feel her coworkers large breasts through her uniform. She felt her nipples grow hard and she ached to touch them. Jennifer tore at her uniform until her breasts were visible and wildly she began to suck on them. She wanted Marie so badly she could taste it. Finally when Lars was finished the three of them sat embarrassed in the teacher’s lounge as they all got dressed. Jennifer came to a realization.

After the encounter in the teacher’s lounge Jennifer and informed Lars that their relationship was over. The encounter seemed to have empowered Jennifer. She knew now what she was willing to accept from her lover and violent and demanding lovemaking, as exciting as it was, could be dangerous. As an angry Lars stormed out of the school Jennifer looked up at Marie and blushed.

“It was a good time, let’s just leave it at that” Marie said plainly.

“What if I don’t want to?” Was Jennifer’s response.

Marie gently looked into Jennifer’s eyes and kissed her with a passion and a longing that Jennifer had never felt before.

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