A Couple’s Fantasy Goes Awry

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In the beginning… May 1988


After moving into the split level ranch on a quiet cul-de-sac in suburban Niskayuna, New York, Carol Angelo thought everything was working out perfectly. Married for three years to John, the guy she had dated all through school and beyond, her dream of a peaceful life in a nice home with a chance to raise a family seemed to be coming true.

The area was much like the Angelo’s were, quiet and serene, and while some might have called it boring that was fine by Carol because that’s what she and John were. Boring civil servants whose idea of an good time was a dinner and a movie, and whether it took place out or at home didn’t matter to Carol.

Carol knew John didn’t look at them in that way, although she thought her 28 year old husband was every bit the stereotypical nerd that she was. John had started to push them to do different things, and while Carol resisted the idea of watching dirty movies late at night in bed at first, she wanted to make her husband happy so badly that she relented.

After all, that was what her mother raised her to do, make your husband happy and if he wants you to do things you aren’t interested in or worse, it was best that you just do it.

“As long as they come home at the end of the day with the paycheck,” was what Carol’s Mother had advised, and while it hadn’t really worked for her mother Carol took it to heart.

It was Carol’s mother who also advised her to grab onto the first guy you like that showed an interest, because Mother’s other motto was, “The Lord may not have given us beauty but he blessed us with brains and common sense, and those qualities don’t fade with time like looks do.”

Luckily Carol liked John from the start, and while he didn’t have matinee idol looks any more than she did, he was kind and polite and had a good job. That guaranteed that mother would like him, so that made saying yes easy when John finally asked, and after saving money for a couple years they were able to buy a home of their own. The first house they looked at was the one they soon called home.

“It’s nice and quiet here,” Carol had said when they looked out from the deck in back at the woods that formed the back property line. Lots of room for our kids to play – when they arrive.”

“People next door have a pool,” John said as he looked over the chain link fence. “We could put one in eventually.”

“We’ll see,” Carol replied. “I’m not much of a swimmer though. You know that.”

“We could hop the fence at night and take a midnight dip together,” John had suggested with a grin. “Skinny dipping?”

“Neither of us are exactly skinny,” Carol reminded her husband, and that was true because while they weren’t obese they could both stand to use 15 pounds or so. “But midnight is the only time I would feel comfortable swimming.

“Stop being so shy. You’re a hottie Carol,” John had kidded.

“I guess love really is blind,” was her reply, because unlike her husband she could see them they way they really were, and she was fine with that. “I think it’s an older couple that lives next door.”

“Really? Too bad. There goes that idea of us becoming suburban swingers like that couple we saw in that movie last week,” John lamented.

“Us? Swingers?” Carol asked and then had laughed at the idea of them doing anything like that. “I think we’re the last couple in the world that would ever do that. I could never, and I don’t think you could either. Face it honey. We’re squares.”

“Guess we’ll never know if we buy this house,” John shrugged. “Can’t see old people swinging.”

“I want this place, and it will be great having nice quiet senior citizen neighbors who aren’t throwing loud parties and acting crazy like that couple in the apartment next to us do now.”

“Guess we’ll put in an offer then.”


“Going to be a hot one day,” John reminded his wife as she packed things away for their Labor Day visit to Carol’s mother’s, and as he looked out the window toward’s their next door neighbor’s he added, “Traffic’s going to be a bitch.”

“Something tells me you don’t want to go,” Carol correctly noted.

“It’s not that,” John replied as he looked out at Penny Ogden standing by the pool talking to her husband Clarence, but it was exactly that. “It’s just that the Ogdens did invite us over for a picnic and a swim, and this is the third time we’ve turned them down. They’re going to think we don’t like them but they are really nice people. Certainly not the old stodgy folks we thought they were, Carol.”

“They are nice and we will do things together, I promise. I was talking to Penny the other day and they have the new Trivial Pursuit game, so we can go over and play with them some night if you want, and they also like to play cards,” Carol related as he looked over. “I’m not going swimming though. Maybe next year if I start going to the Y and lose my extra baggage, but I’m not going over there in a bathing suit as I am.”

“Why? You look fine,” John said, his eyes casino siteleri never leaving the tall redhead in the stylish floral bathing suit on the other side of the fence.

“No way. Look at Penny. She’s 57 years old – as old as my mother – and look at that figure!” Carol explained. “How in the world does she do it? And she’s had two kids besides.”

“You exaggerate. She’s alright I guess,” John lied.

“You almost ready?” Carol asked.

“In a minute. Have to go to the bathroom first,” John told her, and after getting there locked the door behind himself and stepped gingerly into the tub, grabbing a washcloth while dropping his shorts.

“You are so hot Mrs. Ogden. I bet that Clarence is too old to take care of you, but I got what you need,” John sighed while pulling on his dick and looking at his neighbor, the thought of having to spend the day with his mother-in-law instead of next door looking at Penny pissing him off because while Carol’s mother and his neighbor might be the same age they didn’t look it.

John had known what his wife meant because compared to Penny, Carol was – well – dumpy to be honest. John’s wife had a body that was pear-shaped, with small breasts, a thick waist and a butt that was a bit out of proportion with the rest of her.

Now Penny Ogden, on the other hand, was long and lean with slender legs and arms and a practically nonexistent waist. Her bright red hair and the freckles that dotted her shoulders and upper arms gave her a farm girl look, but it was the older woman’s breasts that John loved best.

Those breasts had caused John to make several trips like this into the bathroom in the couple of months since they moved in. Penny’s breasts were large and full, and while her svelte body might make them look a little bigger than they really were, there was no disputing that the woman was busty.

Just as John was about to cum Penny leaned over and set something on the table next to her husband, and the view of her pale deep cleavage made his orgasm even better while he ejaculated into the washcloth he held over his boner. After wiping his dick off John climbed out of the tub and remembered to run the faucet and flush the toilet before going back out to Carol.


“I couldn’t say no again,” John told his wife as they got ready to go next door to join the Ogdens’ to commemorate the closing of their pool. “It’s going to be over 80 today.

“I know,” Carol replied while looking at her image in the mirror and frowning, because not only was her bathing suit old and ill-fitting, she looked horrible in it and told John that.

“You’re crazy.”

“Going to have to some some gardening,” Carol noted while trying to stick the hairs that were poking out from the leg openings out of sight.

“No you don’t. That’s fine just like that,” John told her as he stepped behind her and kissed the top of her head. “I bet Penny has that happen to her too, especially the way her suit is cut.”

“No she doesn’t,” Carol informed him.

“How do you know?”

“She told me,” Carol explained. “When I was over there she was wearing her bathing suit and I asked her how she managed to look so smooth around the edge of the suit, and she said she gets waxed regularly.”

“Waxed?” John frowned.

“I knew you wouldn’t like that,” Carol joked.

“Like it? What do you mean? She’s not my wife,” John sniffed.

“Come on. You don’t think I’ve seen you leering at her all summer?” Carol mentioned. “Anyway, she said that once she saw a grey hair that was it, so she goes to this salon and gets her you know what waxed. That and her legs and underarms.”


“She offered to take me with her next time,” Carol related. “Penny said I could get a discount, but I told her that once the girl doing the waxing got a look at me she would charge me double. What do you think?”

“You know what I think, Carol, so don’t you dare,” John said sternly as he grabbed her wrist and raised it high to examine his wife’s armpit. “Almost time to get your winter coat growing in isn’t it? You know how much I like you furry.”

“Yes dear,” Carol replied.

“I told them that.”

“You told them what?”

“We were just talking about things and after I told her about how I don’t let you shave your underarms until Spring she laughed.”

“Oh great. Now the neighbors think I’m weird.”

“You are weird, but anyway Penny got a kick out of it and said that Clarence was just like you about hair. She said that it took him a while to get used to seeing her without pubic hair. It would take me longer than a while to get used to it,” John mumbled, not adding that his hair kink was the only thing that got him aroused about his wife these days. “You about ready?”

“Just a second,” Carol said as John left the bedroom, and that let her run out to the dresser and grab scissors to do a little clipping of the hairs that kept peeking out.

“There’s so much of it, John will never know,” Carol told herself as she prepared to join canlı casino her husband, pausing and adding, “then again, knowing John, he just might.”


“Now that wasn’t so bad, was it Carol?” John asked after they got home from the neighbors, coming behind his wife and wrapping his arms around her to squeeze her breasts through the damp bathing suit, kneading the pliant handfuls while grinding into her backside.

“It was okay,” Carol sighed while her nipples popped out, and the fact that John was now horny was no surprise, given that he had spent much of the afternoon staring at Penny Ogden’s bosom. “You could have done a little bit less gawking at Penny though because your eyes never left her bust.”

“You’re crazy,” John sneered. “So I looked a couple of times. In the end I’m back here with you right? And I noticed you staring at Clarence a few times too.”

“Clarence? The man is old enough to be my Father. I think he’s cute because he acts so gentlemanly and he looks a lot like Jimmy Stewart,” Carol admitted. “His swim trunks are even baggier than yours are.”

“Is that all?” John purred into her ear. “Come on, during the day you had several glasses of Merlot – your truth serum.”

“Well, I do like the hair on his chest. It’s like a cloud, so bright especially in the sunlight,” Carol continued. “That’s it though. Good grief. These are our neighbors and they aren’t perverts like you are dear.”

“Don’t be so sure about that Carol,” John teased, and when Carol pressed him he promised, “Let’s get naked and in bed and I’ll tell you what Clarence said about you.”

Carol got dragged into the bedroom, and after they got their clothes off and got under a sheet Carol told her husband to talk.

“Okay. We were in the kitchen while you and Penny were yakking on the deck, and Clarence tells me that I’m lucky to have a cute young wife like you.”

“Well, he has good taste,” Carol giggled as their hands played under the sheet. “That’s not being perverted though. Clarence was probably just being nice.”

“I’m not done. Clarence tells me that I should tell you not to keep fiddling with the elastic on the inside of your thighs because…”

“Omigod. I’m so embarrassed,” Carol moaned, knowing that despite the trim she gave herself her abundant pubic hair kept peeking out, but didn’t think her neighbors had noticed.

“Wait – Clarence said that he was a child of the sixties and misses the days Penny had a big bush too, so he really loved seeing your pubic hair. Then he told me about what you told me before about Penny getting waxed,” John elaborated.

“Boy, these folks aren’t shy about telling their personal business, are they?”

“Get this. Clarence said that if we wanted, we could swim without suits.”


“Yes. He told me that after the other people moved out and before we moved in, they would swim naked all the time.”

“Clarence and Penny Ogden?” Carol laughed. Good grief.”

“Clarence said that we should come over any time we want and take a midnight dip too.”

“Come on Carol,” John kidded while his hand drifted down between his wife’s legs and raked through the curls. “You would be giving the old guy a thrill letting him see this jungle of yours. Plus, if I was over there Penny could get a look at seeing a young stud like me naked. Clarence probably can’t get it up any more. Not like me.”

“Oh!” Carol sighed as she felt John’s erection, and then he was on top of her, skipping foreplay because he was ready, and 90 seconds later John was falling off of her after filling her womb with her seed.

“Did you cum?”

“Almost,” Carol lamented, and then dutifully parted her thighs so her husband could finger her to orgasm.”

“That’s it baby. Come for me babe. Think of Clarence’s hairy chest,” John encouraged as Carol finally climaxed, and then he rolled over and was snoring minutes later.


“It seems to me that while Penny and yours truly know a lot of the answers regarding things that happened before you kids were born,” Clarence mused aloud as the Trivial Pursuit game got packed up, “when it comes to recent events us old timers get skunked by you two.”

“That’s not true,” John responded as his eyes went to the scoop necked blouse of the hostess while she wiped off the table, and his observing of Penny’s deep freckled cleavage did not go unnoticed by Carol. “Penny got the question right about the Village People.”

“Maybe, but we all know the real brain at this game is your lovely wife,” Penny acknowledged with a wink to Carol Angelo. “Carol won again.”

“Lucky,” Carol mumbled as she watched her husband follow Penny’s spouse towards the bar of the den that the older couple had fashioned out of the cellar.

“I love what you did to this room Clarence,” John gushed as he looked around before turning to his wife and noting, “Once we get settled in I want a man cave just like this.”

“We need a lot of other things more,” Carol replied, but when she started mentioning kaçak casino about starting a family she stopped when she realized John was not listening.

“This TV is incredible,” John said of the large projection unit that dominated the other side of the room.

“I think they will come out with a lot better versions of this before too lone,” Clarence answered. “This is okay for now.”

“You have a lot of movies too,” John said of the rack against the wall. “Too bad they are VHS. We have a Beta machine – and what’s this?”

“Don’t pay those ones on the bottom any mind,” Clarence said.

“Honey, come here and look at this,” John declared, and as his wife came over towards them he elaborated. “Movies like the ones I rent for us from Video World.”

“Carol is afraid to go in there to help me pick them out,” John informed their hosts as he pulled out a box and looked at it.

“I’m not afraid,” Carol blushed but Penny came to her defense.

“I don’t blame you. I didn’t like going in there either, so Clarence bought some and we share them with other couples who lend us theirs in return.

“Oh man, we have to get a VHS player honey,” John gushed while looking at the movie container. “Look. Kay Parker.”

“I didn’t think you folks would be interested in things like this,” Clarence said. “I mean, you’re church going folks who seem rather…”

“Square,” Carol finished. “That’s because we are.”

“We’re a lot more hip than you might think,” John bragged, causing Carol to shake her head and cringe at the absurd comment. “You folks though? I never would have guessed.”

“We’re old but not over the hill yet, are we Penny?” Clarence asked his wife.

“Not yet,” Penny Ogden answered while watching John Angelo look at the X rated tapes like a kid in a candy store.

“Oh look Carol. Serena!” he said while showing his wife the movie with the blonde on it.

“One of your favorites John?” Clarence asked, causing his guest to nod like a happy puppy.

“Yeah, she’s sexy as hell and she doesn’t shave her armpits either,” John announced.

“That something you like John?” Penny Ogden asked.

“Oh yeah. I don’t let Carol shave her armpits until Spring,” he informed the group.

“John,” Carol whined while turning beet red.

“Is that so?” Clarence asked, causing his wife to playfully punch his arm.

“Now you have Clarence all revved up,” Penny comically scolded. “Besides, I don’t think it’s fair to say you don’t let her shave. I think it’s more like she does what you ask to please you. Isn’t that right Carol?”

John’s flustered wife mumbled an inaudible response while trying to shrink away, but the conversation stayed where it was.

“I think Carol is sweet to do that for you,” Clarence noted. “Back when we were courting Penny didn’t shave her underarms either, but not because I asked her. She was a hippie when we met, and with me being a child of the sixties it was great with me.”

“Surprised I didn’t notice that when you came over to swim,” Clarence mused aloud to Carol. “Must be getting old, but seeing you natural like that would have made you even prettier to me.”

“No, I let her – sorry – she shaves during warm weather so she can wear sleeveless clothes, but after Labor Day?” John declared. “Now it’s after Columbus day and Carol is…Ooh-la-la!”

“We should go,” Carol interrupted with a glare that matched the tone of her voice.

“Oh come on. Why don’t we stay and watch one of these movies on the big screen?” John suggested as Carol started for the door to leave.

“I have a headache,” Carol said as she reached the door, and Penny caught her there.

“Don’t pay any attention to those boys talking silly,” Penny said while putting her arm around her guest.

“It’s not your husband, he’s a gentleman. He always is. It’s John. He’s…” Carol sniffed.

“Boys will be boys. Ignore him,” Penny advised, and after her offer of an aspirin was declined the older woman said to all, “Maybe we’ll do the movie thing another time.”

John Angelo grumbled some kind of complaint while Penny helped Carol on with her jacket and whispered, “Now though I’ll have to deal with Clarence. He already thinks you’re as cute as the dickens, but this revelation will have me on my back before you kids get in your house.”

It was a short walk by any standards but Carol’s brisk pace got her home in seconds flat, with John hustling to keep up, and after Carol quickly did her bathroom things she was under the covers before John climbed in.

“Are you mad at me?” John asked as he spooned up behind her, poking her backside with his erection.

“What do you think?” Carol snapped. “You embarrassed me over there, telling the neighbors our private affairs so they think I’m weird.”

“Don’t be silly. They love you like I do honey,” John insisted as he rubbed his dick into her soft buttock. “A woman will hair under her arms isn’t weird. Serena has hairy armpits, and you heard that Penny used to as well. Can you imagine Penny with hair under her arms?”

“I’m sure you have no problem doing that,” Carol replied tersely. “And she saw you looking down her blouse too.”

“if she didn’t want me to see them she wouldn’t have flashed me like that.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20