A Craigslist Experience

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Before I begin the story, I’ll give a little background information. I am in my early 20s and bisexual. I’m definitely more into women, but, pleasure is pleasure. Anyway, if anybody ends up reading this short story and likes it, let me know and I can share some more. I’ve got quite a few! Now, to the story.

I am, and always have been an extremely horny person. One night I was bored and really horny and decided to get onto the Craigslist personals section and see if there were any posts that intrigued me. I had used Craigslist a few times previously, and the results were actually not bad. So I got on my laptop, went through like a page of ads, and didn’t really find anything that I was interested in. So I decided to go ahead and post my own ad. In my post I said that I was looking for a discreet blowjob, nothing more, nothing less. So after about a half hour of the posting being added to the page, I had a few replies. Only one of them really caught my interest…

The guy who’s reply interested me said that he was kind of a bigger guy, which I am fine with as I have a big and stocky build myself. It also said that he wanted to meet that night and suck my cock. The problem was that neither of us could host one another. So I thought for a few minutes güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri about a place we could possibly meet up. I remembered these long hiking trails at a small park not too far from where I live. I mentioned them to him and he said he knew where they were so I then asked if he would like to meet at that spot in about a half hour. He replied quickly, and said that he was up for the meeting.

I left my house about ten minutes before the meeting time. Of course, I was a bit nervous because of the whole meeting a stranger thing. When I got close to where you turn off of the road and park, I slowed down and just drove by. I continued down the road for about a half-mile trying to find a good place to turn around. I went back down the road and approached the little park. There was a car sitting there running with it’s lights still on. I parked two spots over. I sat in my car for about five minutes on my phone just passing time and trying to decide if I wanted to get out of the car or just go home. I finally decided to just get out of the car. So I shut it off and stepped out. The guy in the car next to me did the same. I walked up to him and made a little small talk. Just asked how he was doing, the usual stuff. He suggested güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that we take a walk towards the trails; and so it began…

It was a nice warm night, very wet outside as it had just rained, but still nice. We started walking to the end of the small parking lot. Then we got to the edge of the woods. I took out my phone to use the flashlight so we could see where we were going since it was basically pitch black. I saw the little path so we both started walking down it. We walked for about a minute or so and got to a fallen tree and stopped. I turned around and asked if the spot we stopped at was far enough into the woods. He said it was fine, so I started rubbing my dick through my shorts. He rubbed his dick and told me to pull my shorts down. I did and he grabbed my dick and started to play with it right away. I reached over and started playing with his dick through his pants. I only did so for a minute or two and he told me to stop. He was ready to go down on me. He dropped down to his knees. He slowly took the tip of my cock into his mouth and sucked on it. I got the chills. It felt so good.

Then he took me further into his mouth until he was about halfway down my shaft where he could really güvenilir bahis şirketleri go any further. He then started slowly bobbing his head while sucking and swirling his tongue. He did not stop for anything; just kept going and going. It felt so good. The feeling of him slurping, sucking and swirling his tongue around my dick along with being outside on a warm humid night was absolutely amazing. I started to feel like I was close to cumming so I told him and he just mumbled with my dick in his mouth to go ahead and cum. Then I realized I wasn’t quite ready yet. So he sucked for about another two minutes and I told him that I was really going to cum. This time, he took his mouth off my dick because he changed his mind about taking my cum in his mouth. So I started jacking myself off, and not too long after I began, I was exploding. I had my phone flashlight focused on my dick so he could watch me cum. It was one of the biggest cumshots I have ever had! Rope after thick rope squirted out of my cock onto the ground. He was actually amazed at what he had just seen. I then thanked him and he thanked me. We walked out of the woods and then parted ways. I’ve never heard from him again. But to this day, that was the best blowjob from a guy that I’ve ever had.

The end! Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think!!!

*Just to let everyone know, I used my phone to type this whole story because my laptop is getting repaired, so there may be some small errors like spelling and wrong words that I didn’t catch. Again, hope you liked it and thanks for reading!*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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