A Cuck for Halloween

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Emily stood in front of the mirror fixing her hair and tugged on her overtly short nurse costume, in an attempt to not show off too much of her ass.

“I think you should keep it hiked up,” I smirked, sitting on the bed watching my girlfriend get ready. “I mean if you were my nurse I would definitely feel better after seeing that ass.”

Emily smiled at me while still looking in the mirror, and pulled the white skirt all the way up to her waist and to reveal a bright red thong. “Oh, like this?” She winked.

“Hell yea, just like that,” I replied, standing up and coming up behind her to caress her plump ass. I couldn’t help but notice a very small, fading bruise from the other day when we were fooling around and I had bit her a little too hard. She had shrieked in both pleasure and pain at the time. Em was such a little freak in bed, I loved it. We were always pushing each other’s boundaries, trying to get a better cum each time. As I ran my hands around her cheeks, down to in between her thighs, Emily closed her eyes let out a heavy sigh, and I smiled, moving my hand closer to her warm pussy. “I should make you take these off for the whole night,” I said, tugging on the red thong. “You know, for easy access.” I slipped one finger under the thong and felt a little bit of wetness between her pussy lips already. Em twitched when I reached further and gently rubbed her clit for just a second before pushing two fingers inside her wet pussy. She let out a soft moan and tried to reach back to grab my cock through my costume. I quickly grabbed her wrist and turned her around to face me, knowing I could have her right now and make us very late.

“Mmm, I think you’ll like it better under the blacklight, when you can see it through my skirt.” She was right, I could imagine her dancing and shaking her ass, bending over so the red thong peeked through the thin white fabric. She had really outdone herself this year, dressed as a “vampire nurse,” which really just meant smearing her bright red lipstick slightly, and adding a few carefully painted red scratch and bite marks over her neck, arms, stomach, and legs. She had used fake blood, despite me telling her I would have been more than willing to give her some more real scratches and bites, only half joking. Her costume included a small white skirt with red buttons down the middle, a white cropped V-neck that let her supple breasts spill out, white thigh-high stockings, a bright red push-up bra, and of course the red thong. The only reason you would think she was a nurse was thanks to small red medical crosses on either tit just where her nipples would be, and the little stethoscope she had placed around her neck.

I traced her soft skin with both fingers, still wet from her pussy, down her neck to her breasts, to her exposed stomach. It was all I could do to not put her on the bed and lick every inch of her body.

“You know it’s not fair that my costume is sooo revealing and you’re hiding all my goods under that,” she said, referring to my Deadpool costume. “I mean don’t get me wrong baby you look very hot right now, but I was hoping to get more of a show tonight! Maybe you can be like a sexy Baywatch lifeguard next time.” I hadn’t put the mask on yet, but I was particularly proud of the quality of my near replica costume.

“Babe I’m basically wearing a skin tight onesie. You’re going to be able to see everything,” I joked gesturing downwards. She giggled and tugged at my shaggy hair to pull me close, planting a deep, wet kiss on me. I reached around and cupped her perfect ass, squeezing tightly. I loved that ass. When I started to pull away she bit the bottom of my lip slightly. “Ah fuck, don’t eat your date before we even get to the party.”

“Aw, you know I could never be a nice vampire nurse, babe. Not my style!”

“Oh, so you’re an evil vampire nurse?” I grabbed my mask from off the bed and started to pull it over my head. Granted, as good as the quality was, it probably was the only bad part of the costume, since it went completely over my head and face. She would have to pull the fabric up over my lips if she wanted to kiss me like that again.

“No no, more like a naughty vampire nurse. Who wants to turn her patients into her lovers and then into her kind so she can fuck them for all eternity,” she replied with a knowing smirk on her face, slowly licking her teeth as if she really had fangs and squeezing her tits together for effect.

“As weird and Twilight-y as that sounds I am insanely turned on right now and would gladly let you turn me. Just after we get to the party and I get a few shots in me maybe.” I smacked her ass as she grabbed her jacket and we started to walk toward the door.

Our friend James’s Halloween party was always crazy well done. He turned his house into the ultimate club dance party that just begged you to let go of all your inhibitions. After all, what better time to delve into sin than All Hallow’s Eve? James always threw parties that completely embraced the spirit of a holiday, and always with sexual undertones. bahis firmaları Emily and I had joked that James took the “naughty” part of “naughty or nice” a little too far when it came to decorating the bedrooms for his Christmas party. But his Halloween party especially was never one to be missed, if you were the kind of person who enjoyed being a little devious from time to time. The living room would be cleared out for a dance floor, with black lights, a DJ, and even a stripper pole in one corner. The dining room would be turned into a makeshift bar, with every kind of liquor, wine, or beer you could imagine, and at no charge to his guests. Finally, each bedroom would have a different Halloween inspired theme. One year, for example, he had made one bedroom into a Joker and Harley Quinn themed room. That was the other great thing about being friends with such a rich guy – his house had multiple bedrooms, and at every party, guests were encouraged to use them as they saw fit, in any way imaginable. And let me just say, only James new how to make it so that decorations could convince the 4 Harley Quinns and 3 Jokers that attended his party separately to occupy that room for the majority of the night. You can probably imagine what they were all doing in there. I had tried to convince Em to sneak in and join the festivities, but she just laughed and we ended up fucking back at home later that night after some rather raunchy dance floor grinding. Still, just remembering all of this, I couldn’t wait to indulge that night.

When we got there Em walked ahead of me, and she pulled her skirt up again so that her bare ass and the red thong were completely visible. “Full moon tonight babe! Means it’s going to be wild!” I could feel my cock begin to swell, and had to adjust myself in the costume. Another downside to the full bodysuit. I did not think that through, but knowing how much Em likes Ryan Reynolds, I had to take advantage of that. We had “watched” the first movie on one of our earlier dates and she had been so turned on, so it was totally worth it. I couldn’t wait until we were on the dark dance floor so I could press myself against her body. She walked up the steps to the door but instead turned and walked over to the side porch railing, bending over it, her skirt still hiked up. She slowly shook her ass back and forth at me. “Come play with me for a second, lover, I want to feel your hands again before we go inside.” I walked up behind her and pressed my quickly hardening cock against her ass and whispered in her ear.

“Mmm how bout as soon as we say hi to everyone and James we find a room just for us and I will play with you all night?”

“You are no fun,” she pouted, and pulled her skirt down. I knew that she’d be over it in like two minutes, as soon as she got a drink or two in her and we were on the dance floor. And I knew making her wait would just make her pussy so much more wet.

As always, James did not disappoint. His entire house was transformed, you would think he rented an empty house just for the event and decorated it from scratch. And of course, the place was packed. It was crazy to think he actually knew all these people! We walked in and I tried to find him so we could say hi, thank him for the invite, and then I could spend the rest of the night focusing on my girl. I knew immediately the best way to find him was to find the group of girls in the sluttiest looking costumes that were all surrounding one guy – that was James’s MO. Always the player, he went through a new girl every month or so, and despite his douchey ways, he still had girls lining up waiting to be his next piece of arm candy. But even his exes never had a bad thing to say about him. Em had introduced a few of her girlfriends to him, despite knowing he was a dog, and when they broke up the girls would still chat about how good in bed he was, how great of a cook he was, all the fun trips he took them on, blah blah blah. Honestly it was a little infuriating, and I was pretty glad Em had never dated him and I got her first.

I took my mask off for a sec to scan the room for him. Oh great. Of course, he was wearing the same costume as me. And because of all his money his costume was an exact replica as the one from the movie, and way better than mine. Plus he really filled out the costume, way better than I did. With his tall frame and muscular build, damn, you could practically see his arm, chest, abs, and leg muscles as the tight fabric clung to his body. I mean, I was a little pissed, but whatever, there probably are at least 3 other Deadpools here anyway.

I put my hand on Em’s ass and guided her towards James. He immediately put his arm out and parted through the sea of girls to meet us. “Sam!! You came!! And you brought my favorite wing woman!” James hit me on the shoulder and went in to hug Emily. He held on a little too long, I thought, and she didn’t pull back right away either. And when he was done she even let him keep his hand on her back while we talked, which was odd. Normally she would shake off his lingering kaçak iddaa hands and come put her arm around me. “Nice costume man, we match!” He pulled his mask down over his face to show off, and I did the same. “You guys look great,” he said, high fiving me, with his hand still on my girlfriend’s back. Actually, was it lower now? “Em are you a zombie nurse?”

“Vampire nurse, actually, but the fangs didn’t fit so, oh well.” She shrugged and finally moved away from his hand and over to me, pulling up my mask slightly and softly biting my neck with a little growl. I put my hands up in fake fear.

“Well damn, girl, you look hot! Sammy better not take his eyes off of you tonight,” he said, winking at her. I normally didn’t mind the nickname Sammy, but something about the way he was using it while winking and blatantly flirting with my girlfriend got to me.

“Damn straight, I plan on being a handful tonight.” She slowly licked her lips, looking at me first and then over to him, holding his gaze with her tongue still out. If I didn’t know any better I would say my girlfriend was flirting back with our host, in front of me. I was low key annoyed, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but quickly imagine him taking her in his arms in that moment and kissing her in front of me. And oh my god, did it turn me on? What the hell was going on with me? Again I could feel my cock press against my costume. I shifted and needed to walk away to calm down.

“I’m gonna go get us a drink, what’re you thinking tonight? Beer or liquor?” I asked her.

“Hmmm,” Emily put her finger to her lips like she was thinking, then bit on the tip. Fuck she looked so hot tonight. “I’ll take a whiskey!” She smiled at me, then turned to James, saying, “whiskey always makes me frisky.” A common saying that had become our inside joke, because whenever she drank whiskey I always had a hard time peeling her off of me.

“You got it. James, anything for you man?”

“Nah, I’m good, already got myself a whiskey as well in fact. Go get your lady a drink while I entertain my guests.” He walked into the middle of the dance floor and the sea of slutty girls followed him.

“I’m gonna run to the bathroom, just want to make sure everything looks alright,” Em kissed me quickly and ran the other direction, leaving me alone. I walked toward the bar to get our drinks, and quickly took a shot myself to quell my thoughts. I don’t know why, but just from that 5-minute interaction I could not stop thinking about my girl in James’s arms, the way she licked her lips at him…Fuck, the shot didn’t help at all and my cock betrayed me. I was hard as a rock. I took another shot and adjusted again, before pouring two very heavy whiskey cokes, Emily’s favorite.

After composing myself, I finally turned to head back to the dance floor and saw Em across the room standing in a far corner already with a drink in her hand, talking to another Deadpool. That’s so funny, I thought, I wonder how long it will take for my dumb blonde girlfriend to realize she’s not talking to me. She must have thought that was me bringing her a drink. I watched as she doubled over, holding onto his shoulder laughing. What could possibly be so funny that she needs to hold onto him?? And how did she not recognize that it wasn’t my voice from under the mask?

The man pulled off his mask and tussled his hair as Em pretended to fan him. I suddenly realized that she did recognize the voice. It wasn’t a mistake that she was talking to the wrong Deadpool. James had already found his way back to Em. I thought he had to entertain the crowd? They were standing very close together, too. She was leaning against the wall, playing with the straw in her mouth, sucking on it. It was so hot, and James was watching her intently while he talked. I took a big sip from my cup, and started to feel the buzz. Yea, it was definitely the alcohol, Em would never flirt with James, she always talks about how bro-y he is and how she finds him obnoxious. But then again…

As I watched them I could feel a raging erection in my costume and I had to adjust, again. Fuck! Someone walked in front of my view and I lost them for a second. I moved closer to where they had been standing and when I could see them again, they were standing so close there was barely any space between them. He now was pointing out her fake bite marks on her neck, her arms, and the one on her stomach…he kept his finger there tracing it in circles and she let him! I downed the rest of my drink; it was too much watching him flirt with my girlfriend like this. I wanted to go stop it, I was so jealous, but a part of me really wanted to wait and see what happened. I wanted her to blow him off and come back to me so badly. Fuck, I should have fucked her before we left, or on the front porch like she asked. I knew how horny she was tonight and now she needed to flirt with our friend because I made her wait.

Just then I saw Emily scan the room, and we locked eyes. Great, now she’ll come over and I can go fuck her properly in some back bedroom. kaçak bahis Except…

Not only did she not come back over but she looked away from me and was now actually pressing herself up against him completely! With the drink still in one hand, she draped her arm on his shoulder, twirling his hair in one finger. James put both of his hands on my girlfriend’s waist. He started to move his hands down and around to cup her ass, and I could not believe how hard it made me. I couldn’t believe myself either, that I was letting this happen. That I wanted this to happen. I moved off more to the side so I could keep watching them without being so conspicuous. I stacked Em’s drink into my empty cup, and absentmindedly began to rub my cock through the costume. Fuck, it felt so good.

I wanted him to go further. He squeezed her ass cheeks and as he did, she looked over at me. My mouth was wide open, and she looked down from across the room and could see me touching myself. She winked at me and then began to kiss him.

Holy shit. My girlfriend was making out with someone else. In front of me. And I was touching myself while I watched them.

I looked around to see if anyone else noticed, too. People all around were in their own worlds, dancing, grinding, everyone almost close to having sex right on the dancefloor. The music was loud and the lighting was terrible. No one else knew or cared about my girlfriend being felt up and kissed by another man while I watched.

As he kissed her he easily picked her up and put her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him and he started to kiss her neck. She looked back over at me and we locked eyes while this other man basically dry humped her against the fucking wall. Fuck this was so hot, I couldn’t contain myself. I might have cum right there, so I had to stop massaging my cock. Just in time, too. James put her down and took a handful of her hair and kissed her mouth again. He whispered something in her ear, and she nodded and bit her lip, gesturing over to me. He looked right at me and then took her hand and led her further away from me. I think my mouth was hanging open this whole time. I was in shock about what I was seeing.

I quickly regained some of my brain function and ran to follow them, but I still kept some distance. Holy shit this house was huge, and a maze. It looked like he was leading her upstairs to the third floor, which was off limits to guests at parties. The entire third floor was basically one master bedroom. He was really leading my girlfriend to his room, and she was letting him. I was letting him.

As they walked up the stairs Em looked back. She was looking to make sure I was following her! Ok, I can totally get behind this if we were about to have a threesome. We had talked about it before, when we brought up different fantasies we had. Of course, I always imagined it would be with another girl, but hey, if it means I get to finally fuck my freaky little girlfriend I could deal with her sucking someone else’s cock. In fact, just thinking about watching her do that made me even harder.

They had left his bedroom door slightly open. I slowly opened it to find Em sitting on the bed, alone.

“Babe, come over here,” she beckoned me with her finger. Her lipstick was now completely smeared from kissing James. I practically sprinted over to her and was about to grab her face and kiss her when she pushed me away. “No, you don’t get to do that yet. You denied me before, now it’s my turn to deny you.”

“Oh fuck, Em.” Oh my fucking god that was the hottest thing she had ever said to me, and I couldn’t believe how ridiculously hard it made me.

She stood up and led me over to an armchair that was facing the bed. “This is where you are going to sit, and watch while James fucks me. Because he is a good host, and he knows how to treat me, better than you treated me tonight.” She walked around me and unzipped the back of my costume, pulling it completely off. She pushed me down in the chair, and got down on her knees. Yes!! She was going to finally give me head.

Oh but I was so wrong. She was on her knees because at the bottom of the chair were too restraints, and she was cuffing my ankles down. Then she popped back up and quickly restrained my arms to the chair as well. Goddamn it was so hot.

“Please baby why don’t you just sit on my cock so I can feel your wet pussy, please I need it so badly,” I begged her.

“Hahaha, no lover, not yet. I told you, you are only here to watch…for now.” She straddled my hand and let me feel her soaking wet pussy. Fuck me, it felt good. She had never been so wet, at least not that I could remember. I wiggled my fingers trying to feel more of her, but she walked away back to the bed, sitting on the edge with her legs spread open, touching herself, moaning and watching me. “I wanted you to feel how wet this makes me. Seeing you touch yourself across the room while another man gropes me and kisses me. I could see how much you must have liked it.” This was such torture. Just in that moment James walked out of the bathroom in just a towel. Man he did have a great body, that costume definitely did his muscles justice. No wonder he always had girls on him. No wonder he got my girl up here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20