A Cure for Depression

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58. A 58. Katie couldn’t believe she’d failed the exam. “I studied so hard for it,” she thought. Katie felt so defeated: a bad break up with her long time boyfriend, a one night stand that left her feeling used and degraded, and now her grades were falling. Katie became lost in her own depression. Not noticing that class had ended, she began to silently weep.

Marie had noticed the misty-eyed look on Katie’s face all during class. As she gathered up her belongings after class, she noticed the Katie had not moved. Sensing an opportunity she approached her and asked, “Is everything ok?”

Katie seemed not to hear her, so Marie leaned in and repeated the question. Katie looked up at her with teary eyes saying, “It’s just . . . I . . . I don’t know. Nothing’s going right for me.” More tears welled up in her eyes.

Marie said, “Let’s get out of here,” gazing around the empty classroom, “you need to a friend to talk to. My apartment is nearby. We can talk.”

Katie didn’t respond, so Marie took charge. “I’ll consider it set then,” she said.

Marie gathered up Katie’s books and led her out into the parking lot. The two students were a study in contrasts. 21 year old Katie was a tall, pretty blonde with ample breasts, a cute ass, and long legs. Severe-looking Marie was a 49-year-old divorcee. Her close-cropped her was gray and she was what is politely called big-boned.

The two women got in Marie’s car and drove a couple of miles to her apartment. Katie just stared out the window and sobbed silently. Once there, she followed Marie inside. Katie sat on the couch while Marie got her a drink. Marie handed her the drink and sat opposite her. For a while the two women said nothing. Marie nursed hers while Katie slammed hers down and moped in her gloomy depression. Finally, Marie said, “Tell me what’s wrong. It can help to talk about it. I’m your friend.”

That did it. Katie just started balling her eyes out and poured out her soul. She told Marie everything that was wrong. She listened attentively and clucked appreciatively whenever some male had done Katie wrong. Several times Marie refilled Katie’s glass.

Katie realized that she was doing all the talking and had been taking advantage of her friend. So, she began to stand up and said, “I should really go. You don’t want to hear about all my problems.”

“Nonsense,” Marie replied. “I’m your friend.”

“No. No, I . . .” Katie said.

Suddenly, Katie was very dizzy. Marie grabbed canlı bahis şirketleri a hold of her and asked, “Are you ok?”

Katie was seeing spots and she suddenly blacked out. When Katie awoke several hours later she was lying nude in Marie’s bed. Her head hurt and she had to pee. “I wonder how I got here?” she thought. It slowly all came back to her and she realized that Marie was a true friend. She had listened to her, helped her when she needed a real friend, and wanted nothing in return. Katie felt much less depressed.

Katie had to go to the bathroom really badly so she crawled out from under the sheets and began to make her way to the bathroom. Marie’s voice called out, “Katie, are you awake?”

Katie heard Marie’s footsteps so she wrapped the comforter around her to cover her nakedness. Marie entered the bedroom and said, “So, you are awake. Feeling better?”

Katie replied, “A little. But, I have a headache. Thanks for listening to me. I hope I wasn’t a bother, but I really need to use the toilet.”

Marie laughed, “Go ahead. I want you to stay here until you feel a lot better. I can sleep on the couch and I won’t take no for answer.”

“Thank you, Marie,” Katie said. “I really appreciate your friendship.”

After she was done in the bathroom, Katie crawled back under the covers. She heard Marie moving about inside the walk-in closet. Marie exited the closet wearing a sheer nighty. Her heavy breasts rested on her large gut. Katie could clearly see the outline of Marie’s wild bush.

Katie was suddenly nervous about the whole situation. But, Marie appeased her by saying, “I hope you don’t mind, but since it’s just us girls.”

Marie sat on the edge of the bed and said, “You were telling me about some guy you hooked up with at the party. It might help to talk about it.”

“She’s a real friend,” Katie thought to herself as she launched back into her story. Marie pretended to listen. All the while she was thinking of how to seduce this pretty young blonde.

Absorbed in telling her tale of woe, Katie developed an itch in the middle of her back that, try as she might, she couldn’t scratch. Exasperated, she asked Marie if she could get it.

Marie let out a raucous laugh. “Sure. Turn over.”

Katie rolled over and Marie moved the covers off her back. She quickly found the itchy spot but she didn’t stop rubbing Katie’s back. “Let me give you a back massage. It’ll help you take your mind off your canlı kaçak iddaa troubles,” Marie said.

It felt so good. Katie just murmured something into the pillow. Marie just loved rubbing this beautiful back. She straddled Katie and concentrated on the massage. Each pass brought her large boobs closer to the prone beauty. Marie’s nipples were as hard as diamonds through the night. Eventually, her nipples began to slide along Katie’s naked back as she massaged up and down her back. Katie felt the twin peaks gliding along her back but though nothing of it. She was so relaxed, she was nearly asleep.

Figuring the time was right, Marie bent down and placed a kiss on Katie’s back. Katie awoke from her reverie. She quickly turned over and exclaimed, “What are you doing?”

When Katie’s luscious boobs came into view, Marie fell upon them, kissing, stroking, and licking. Katie said, “This isn’t right. Don’t do this. I’m not that way, Marie.”

“It’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing. Remember, I’m your friend,” Marie said.

Marie continued her assault on Katie’s 34C breasts. Katie struggled against the larger woman but soon gave up. “It doesn’t matter anymore,” she thought. “Marie just wanted something from me, too.” Defeated again, Katie retreated into a shell, saying to Marie “You can’t hurt me. The real me is in here.”

Marie smirked. She didn’t care about the real Katie. All she cared about were those magnificent breasts, gorgeous pussy, and, most of all, that dimpled ass. Marie tentatively probed Katie’s body with her hands but observed no reaction. She stood up and removed her nighty. The sight made Katie gag but she did not resist as Marie began to kiss her face, chest, and stomach.

At last, Marie lowered the covers completely off Katie’s body. Marie sharply sucked in her breath as Katie’s sparsely covered cunt came into view. She swirled a finger in Katie’s vagina, looking for some kind of reaction on her face. There was none. Marie spread Katie’s legs and dove into that succulent triangle. There may not have been a reaction on Katie’s face but her inner chamber filled involuntarily. Marie greedily sucked out the juices.

Marie continued to kiss and lick Katie’s cunt. Somewhere deep in the recesses of her mind, Katie sensed her own growing excitement. Her pussy continued to juice up as Marie ate her out. As Katie’s mind struggled with her surging feelings, Marie found Katie’s clitoris with her tongue. She pulled canlı kaçak bahis on it with her lips. The clitoral stimulation was enough to bring Katie to her senses. Her body was on fire and she let out a long moan of desire.

It was a moan that Marie understood instinctively. She picked the lighter woman up and turned her on her stomach. Immediately, she began kneading and kissing Katie’s perfect ass. She pulled the cheeks apart and gazed at Katie’s quivering anus. Marie lowered her head and deeply inhaled Katie’s musky aroma. Then, she stuck out her tongue and began to ream her butthole.

For her part, Katie fastened her pussy to the sheets and rhythmically rolled her cunt across the sheets. She’d never been so turned on before. The pressure in her butt combined with her own manipulations brought her to the edge of orgasm.

Sensing Katie’s impending release and wanting to prolong the moment, Marie halted her lascivious activities. Katie groaned in frustration. Marie reached into the nightstand and removed a strap-on dildo. It was 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. She quickly got into the contraption and pulled Katie up by her hips. She placed the head of the dildo at the entrance to Katie’s pussy. Katie was in such a state that she impaled herself on the false cock.

Marie thrust hard in and out three times. With each stroke, Katie was further and further gone. But, it was her ass that Marie really wanted to fuck. She withdrew the dildo from Katie’s drooling cunt and slammed it into her ass in one swift stroke. Katie cried out in pain. But, with each stoke she grew more comfortable with the dildo in her ass.

Meanwhile, Marie ran her arms around Katie. With one hand she pulled and tugged on Katie’s breasts; the other hand manipulated Katie’s cunt. The combination was too much to bear. Katie exploded into an orgasm so intense she temporarily blacked out.

When she had regained her senses, Marie was on top of her in the 69 position working on her pussy. Katie looked up and saw Marie’s gray cunt just inches for her lips. Knowing what was expected of her, she tentatively placed a light kiss on the slimy slit. Realizing that her young friend was conscious again, Marie dropped her hips so that her cunt engulfed Katie’s face. Katie was momentarily disgusted. But, once in the throes of desire again, she came on strong. She licked Marie’s pussy with gusto, drinking in her tangy juices. She even probed Marie’s flabby ass with her hands and stuck a finger up her asshole.

After several hours of passionate sex, the two women lay exhausted, entangled in the covers on the bed. Both had smiles on their faces: Marie, because she had bagged a real beauty, and Katie, because her depression had lifted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20