A Cure for His Monday Blues

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“Damn,” John thought, “Why do Mondays have to be so horrible?” John had never gotten used to getting up early on Monday morning and following someone else’s routine after a whole weekend of doing only what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it. He was preparing to go in to work and not looking forward to it. But at least if he was at work that meant he was out of the house and lately that had been a good thing. Since his divorce he didn’t want to spend too much time at home alone thinking about his ex-wife. As John climbed out of the shower he looked at himself in the mirror, glad that he had kept in shape over the years–he still had a decent body for a man in his 40’s.

The limp 9″ penis hanging between his legs caught John’s eye. “We’re going to have to get you some action soon” he muttered, thinking about his ex-wife “It’s a good thing the bitch couldn’t take YOU with her or she would have!” Through their 10 years of marriage Evelyn had went from a virgin to an insatiable tigress in bed. Unfortunately it was outside of the bedroom where they had all their trouble and couldn’t agree on anything. That fact had led to a nasty divorce in which she had taken everything he owned other than the house he was still living in. She didn’t need it, her divorce lawyer/boyfriend had a bigger and better one. “Well, he can have her” John thought, “I’m tired of arguing with her over every little matter, I just miss the sex-she could suck the rust off a bumper.”

Since the divorce John hadn’t dated that much, not that he wasn’t interested, but because he didn’t have the time. If he wasn’t in the office he was working around the house and building a garage. He had already remodeled several of the rooms, turning one into a home gym complete with a beverage bar and stereo system that shook the foundation when turned on full blast. When he had some free time John liked to work out and he was now in better shape than when he was younger, with a six-pack and toned abdomen, strong legs and muscular arms.

John’s social life existed almost solely online and he had made several friends through different websites. It was easier to talk freely to people whom he hadn’t met face to face rather than go stalking the bars. He had been exchanging emails at least once daily with a woman named Dawn who lived about an hour from him. Lately the emails had been turning into erotica and hinting that she wanted to get together with John for some mutually satisfying sex. “Just what I need–a nice, warm, willing woman” John thought, “I’ll see if she wants to meet this weekend and have some fun.” They both worked as programmers, though for different companies, and he knew that she was intelligent as well as insatiable. The drive to work went quickly and soon he was nearing his desk, exchanging pleasantries along the way with his co-workers.

Dawn had waited under John’s desk at work for almost 30 minutes before she first heard John’s voice approaching his desk. Her heart started beating faster with anticipation and she could feel the butterflies flutter in her stomach.

It had been so long since she had felt a connection with a man, even online. Since she had broken up with her last boyfriend over 3 months ago she had not allowed herself to consider dating, thinking that it was impossible to find a good man anymore. Dawn didn’t like the bar scene very much, therefor most of the men she met were at work; but mixing business and pleasure rarely works out; she had seen it happen to some of her friends over the years. However, she was so horny that it was hard to sleep at night. It occurred to her that she should try an online chat site geared toward the people in her state and that was where she met John. He wasn’t perfect, but he respected her intelligence and Dawn was beyond caring about anything else–she was just too horny.

She played with her long red hair absently while hearing John greet his co-workers, feeling her nipples start to harden from the anticipation. Yesterday after work Dawn had went out and bought a new dress which did little to hide her delicious figure–it was black and barely covered her DD breasts, which threatened to escape the tight confines of the top with each breath. She fiddled with the hemline which came to just below her delectable ass, smoothing it out and grazing her new garter belt in the process. “I really shouldn’t have spent so much money shopping yesterday but these stockings just make the dress.” Dawn mused, “Not bad looking for a 33 year old woman.” The half-cup bahis firmaları bra and matching thong underneath made her feel sexier as soon as she put it on, as did the new black 3″ high heels on her small feet. Smiling she remembered the urge to play with her nipples that were hidden just inside the rim of the bra when looking in the mirror this morning. Absently she tweaked one nipple and it instantly hardened under her fingers. Dawn felt a warmth in her lower body and knew that the thong was getting wet from her juices, which just excited her more.

Thinking of the picture that John had sent, and then their webcam conversation Dawn knew that John was nice looking with salt & pepper hair cut to just above his shoulders, sparkling grey eyes and a wonderful smile. Just remembering what he looked like sent her temperature soaring and more moisture coated her thong.

Suddenly the chair in front of her face moved back and John sat down in it almost touching her body under the desk with his knees. Dawn’s heart thudded with anticipation, fear of rejection, excitement and the possibility of public humiliation. “I’d better start before losing my nerve” Dawn thought to herself and slowly reached out a hand to touch John’s ankle.

John was sitting at his desk waiting on the computer to warm up when he felt something brush against his ankle. Startled he leaned his chair back and looked below his desk to find a woman sitting there looking ravishing in a short black dress. It took a moment for him to recognize her from the photos they’d exchanged online and their webcam chats. He’d thought Dawn was pretty from the photo’s she’d sent–long red hair, hazel eyes, luscious full lips, DD breasts that didn’t seem to need a bra, a tapered waist and slim yet muscular legs, but the picture she now presented was one that took his breath away. Because Dawn was sitting Indian style on the thin carpet in between John’s ankles with her hands grazing his legs her already short dress had pulled up and John could see that she was wearing a black thong. His dick realized this fact as well and started coming to life at the sight. Looking around furtively to make sure no one was near them he said to Dawn “What are you doing under my desk and how did you get in here?” She smiled at him and her face was transformed from very pretty to beautiful by the light of her smile. “I’m giving you a cure for those Monday blues that you’ve been complaining of,” she said, “Now push your chair back up to the desk and do your work, I’ve got work to do down here!” “Yes, ma’am” John whispered and pulled his chair back up to meet the desk, hoping against hope that no one would page or need him for the next little while. He had the feeling that his Monday blues were about to become a thing of the past!

Although usually quite withdrawn, Dawn was so horny and thirsty for human contact that her shyness disappeared at once. Dawn continued lightly running her hands up and down John’s shins and calves. She could feel the muscles in them as she rubbed and that excited her. “Nice strong legs to grip me with,” Dawn thought, feeling as another gush of liquid exited her hot pussy and drenched the thong. She eased her hands slowly up John’s legs until she was caressing his thighs. She could feel his muscles tense and release as her hands teased him mercilessly and she laughed softly at the spasms. When she looked straight ahead she could see the bulge forming in John’s pants, her mouth beginning to water at the sight, knowing what was underneath the material.

Dawn continued rubbing and squeezing John’s legs from the ankles all the way up to his hips while avoiding the one area both of them wanted her fingers to touch the most. John could not concentrate on his work; all he could think about was the amazing and beautiful woman sitting between his legs. In all his life John had never had a woman surprise him. Until now, that is. John’s dick literally ached from both the feeling of her hands on his legs and from being so tightly confined in his pants. “At least I didn’t wear underwear today, that would have meant even more constriction for the poor fellow,” John thought to himself.

He could feel her warm hands running up and down his legs, the nails tracing patterns through the material of his pants, teasing him by edging closer and closer to his hard cock but not touching it. Biting his lip John barely managed to stifle a groan of frustration at her refusal to alleviate the constriction his penis was under. Dawn’s nipples kaçak iddaa were harder than they had ever been before, as she was teasing John and getting his blood flowing she was feeling the same need for release that he was. She reached into her purse sitting in the floor and withdrew her favorite companion, a 8″ dark purple vibrator which she had earlier this morning loaded with fresh batteries. While stroking one of John’s thighs she used the other hand to move aside her thong and insert her friend into her hot, wet pussy. She turned it on glad that she had paid extra for the silent model. The feeling of being filled was a relief in itself, but it wasn’t enough–she needed the kind of pleasure that comes from being with and touching another human being. The vibrator was good, but there’s no feeling quite as good as having a man’s hard cock in your hands, mouth or pussy to make a woman feel like a woman. Knowing that she is bringing John pleasure increases Dawn’s pleasure ten-fold and since she was conveniently sitting right in front of a hard cock the answer was obvious.

John breathed a sigh of relief as he felt Dawn’s hands pulling down the zipper of his pants and freeing his engorged cock from its confines. “Finally,” John thought, “the torture is over!” Dawn began rubbing her fingers lightly over the beautiful cock, relishing the sight and feel of a man’s source of pleasure. She stroked him up on the top and down the bottom with one hand while the other hand reached into his pants and pulled his heavy balls into the open. Continuing stroking his shaft with one hand Dawn lightly pulled, squeezed and fondled his balls in the other. “This man is definitely well-endowed,” was the thought running through her head. She was doubtful whether she could fit the entire cock into her mouth, but being the woman she was, Dawn was more than willing to try! A drop of pre-cum appeared at the tip so she rubbed it onto one finger then inserted that finger into her mouth. “Delicious,” Dawn whispered so that John could hear her, smiling when she heard his muffled groan.

John felt her warm breath as she blew on his cock and it caused him to flinch with pleasure, biting on his tongue to not groan. Dawn’s hair was tickling his balls while his dick was being subjected to the torture of knowing her mouth was so close yet so far away. He tried to subtly move his hips so that her mouth would capture his dick but every time he tried Dawn would back away. Frustrated John slipped one hand under the desk and tried to force her mouth closer to his aching cock but Dawn whispered, “Not yet,”and slapping his hand away from her head backed away. Her dominant nature was coming to the forefront as she wanted to make sure that John had as good a time as possible. She would put his cock in her mouth after she was sure that he could take no more teasing and not a moment before. John gave up and brought his hand back above the desk. To fool his coworkers into thinking he was working he had opened a file on the computer and was trying to act like he was editing the document. But if anyone looked closer they would see that his eyes could not focus on the words filling the screen, as his whole body was being consumed by the lust raging through his system caused by the feeling of Dawn’s talented hands.

After a few more minutes of stroking his raging hard-on with her hands Dawn decided to quit teasing his cock so much and squirted some strawberry-flavored oil into her hands. Taking his massive cock in one hand she gripped it tightly and started jerking up and down the entire length of him while still massaging his balls in the other hand. Whenever she felt he was too close to the edge by the throbbing in his cock she would encircle his cock at the base and prevent him from cumming by squeezing tightly, cutting off the flow of his sperm. Once Dawn felt the urge had passed her hand would go back to jerking him off. She did this for several long minutes, bringing John to the edge and then denying him any release, knowing that by doing so his release when it came would be all the more mind-shattering. As her fingers yet again cut off his orgasm Dawn knew that the time had come–would she be able to fit the monster in her mouth?

After the immediate sensation of needing to cum had passed yet again John felt a new and even better sensation: a warm mouth was covering his cock, tongue flicking all around the massive tool. If he had been any closer to orgasm it would have been over in seconds of her mouth wrapping those delightful kaçak bahis lips around his hardness. When her lips touched the head of his cock John was sure that he would burst from the intense pleasure. But since Dawn had brought John to the edge so many times without letting him find release he was able to maintain and not blast his seed into her mouth at the first feeling of her lips and tongue. Suddenly all the teasing that she had put him through was worth it and John didn’t know how he was going to keep from screaming when she finally let him orgasm. “Evelyn had nothing on this woman!” John thought, “Dawn could suck the rust off a bumper from 10 miles away!” It was hard to believe the sensations flowing throughout his body just from feeling her lips on his cock; nothing had ever felt so good before in his life. It was like Dawn had went to a special school and been taught how to please a man with only her mouth and hands, John couldn’t believe the incredible warmth of her mouth and the way she used her tongue was amazing.

Dawn could feel her own orgasm approaching as her friend worked its magic on her cunt, making her spasm with little mini-orgasms and she knew that when she finally allowed herself to cum it would be mind blowing. Dawn had prevented herself from cumming yet by concentrating on bringing John to ever greater heights of sexual pleasure, but her own wave of pleasure was about to crest and carry her away. Her nipples were already hard enough to poke holes in the new dress and from the way she was feeling they would get harder still. She brought a hand down to her breasts and began twisting and pulling on first one nipple then the other, feeling delightful sensations of pleasure like miniature bolts of lightening go down into her belly and pussy, stoking the fire already building. Slowly, teasingly her hand began snaking its way down her body to find her clit swollen and pulsing with the need to be stroked. Dawn obliged the feeling and began fingering her clit, stimulating the swollen bud to even greater size through the material of her thong.

Dawn began sucking even harder on John’s cock, wanting them to experience the ultimate pleasure at the same time. John, feeling the difference in her sucking, snuck a hand under the desk again to hold the back of her head. He grabbed a handful of red hair twisting it in his fingers as he pulled her mouth farther down on his swollen cock, refusing to let her go, afraid she might tease him again. As his cock hit the back of her throat Dawn’s muscles relaxed letting the intruder slide down her throat gracefully. While the head of his cock was in her throat Dawn moaned and the vibrations traveled up the length of John’s cock and through-out his body causing him to moan softly in return. John was wondrous at how Dawn could use only her hands and mouth to bring him to such heights of pleasure. He could feel every heartbeat pulsing in his cock and traveling outward until his fingers and toes were clenched with tension.

Feeling her entire mouth, tongue and throat massaging and working his rod made it impossible for John to hold out any longer. With all of his muscles tensed he blasted stream after stream of his salty cum down her throat, groaning under his breath the whole time. When Dawn felt John stiffen she knew that the moment had come and let her own orgasm wash over her, feeling the intense pleasure go through her body until her toes curled, wave after wave roaming through her body. Her moaning was muted by John’s twitching cock in her mouth and she swallowed load after load of his tasty cum down her throat without losing any of it.

After John had blasted his loads into her willing mouth Dawn kept sucking his dick until it was totally clean and there was not a trace of semen left on it. She felt his hand unwrap itself from her hair and his whole body went limp. It was a good thing that Dawn was sitting on the floor since there was no way that her legs would let herm stand right now. Still twitching in aftershocks of her orgasm Dawn removed her friend from her sopping pussy, feeling her cum travel down the lips and be absorbed by the soaked thong. She tucked John’s dick back into his pants and pulled the zipper up.

As John leaned back from the desk, still reeling from his best cum in far too long he looked down at Dawn sitting between his legs with a smile on her face. After the office workers had cleared out for lunch Dawn slipped out from under John’s desk, gave him a quick kiss and whispered in his ear, “Thanks for the protein.” She then gave him a “cat-that-ate-the-canary” grin and walked out the door swaying her delicious ass at him in a manner that would have put the most experienced street-walker to shame.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20