A Daughter’s Discovery Ch. 03

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Mom’s fingers move between her legs and she opens her pussy for me. I want to look up to see if she’s watching, but can’t pull away from the hard clit so close to my eyes. It looks perfect against the sea of pink and I’m hesitant to get any closer to the perfection before me.

The smell is something I quite enjoy and my fingers tremble as they near her spread lips. It all looks so good as I press my tongue out and hang less than an inch away. I’m at a loss as to where I want to start and see far too many wonders before me to make a decision. Mom’s scent is filling my nostril and it’s absolutely intoxicating.

I decide to start with her pink lips and can feel the heat as my tongue presses between the parted folds. Mom’s pussy has a hint of sweetness to go along with the salt and she lets out a soft sigh for me. My tongue starts to move up towards her clit and the pleasure of the moment intensifies greatly for me. Her fingers move to my head and she’s softly caressing my red hair, which sends tingles across my scalp.

I can’t believe just how good her pussy tastes as I reach the base of her hard clit and start to work my way slowly back down. It may have been difficult to know where to start, but I know where I want to end. Mom sighs a little louder for me and I’m glad she’s enjoying this. I have no idea what I’m doing and her fingers are very reassuring as they continue to stroke my red hair.

Her pink hole is within reach as I press my tongue inside and can feel the pleasant pressure all around. It’s very sweet and the sensation I feel is beyond anything my tongue has ever known before. Mom’s pussy is caressing my tongue as I press it in a little more and the flavor just keeps getting better.

I can hear her moan as I slowly work my head back and forth with the knowledge that I’m tongue fucking her. There’s no other way to describe what I’m doing other than exactly what I said. Mom’s pussy feels wonderful as it caresses every bit of my tongue that I can press inside of her and the sighs tell me I’m doing something right.

I am content to do this all day and her fingers are so very encouraging as the sweetness continues to coat my tongue. That’s it mom, moan for me. Those moans tell me I’m doing something right for you. There’s so much to learn and I hope those moans are real. Mom’s pussy just keeps getting better as I slowly fuck her with my tongue.

As much as I would love to stay like this all day, I know mom’s clit needs attention. I just hope I can do her justice, since I feel I owe her far more than she can ever know. My tongue withdraws from that wonderful hole and the folds press against my tongue. The sweetness is still very strong in my mouth and I can feel my lips coated in her wonder.

My tongue reaches the base of her hard clit and it is almost as pleasant as her hole. Now comes the moment of truth as I feel it press harder against my tongue. Mom’s moan increases a little in intensity, but not enough. Her hard clit feels amazing and I hope I get this right.

There’s none of the confidence within me that mom had as I start to work her hard clit. Her moans sound very encouraging along with her fingers canlı bahis that continue to stroke my head. I increase my intensity and wish her moans would increase along with it. I’m doing something wrong and we both know it. She made it look so easy, but she also has a hell of a lot of experience.

My tongue is starting to tire and her fingers are gently pulling my head back. Her green eyes are looking lovingly into mine as she breaths a little heavily. I want to return to the task at hand, but she has something else in mind. Whatever it is, mom, just give me a few more minutes.

She smiles and her voice is filled with warmth. “I want my daughter to kiss me.”

My smile matches hers as I ask in a tone filled with disappointment. “Are you sure, mom? I can keep going.”

She nods and her red hair falls forward a little and lands just above her green eyes. “I’m sure, Lisa. We have all the time in the world. Besides, I want to taste my pussy on my daughter’s tongue.”

I let out a sigh of frustration at the miserable job I made of it and start to crawl over her soft body. My nipples press against her and it’s a pleasant sensation that caresses my pale flesh. Our tits are starting to mash together is I press my lips to hers and I can feel her tongue allow me to enter.

I can still taste a remnant of myself as her hands move slowly down my back. A muffled sigh escapes as I lose myself completely to the woman I love. Her fingers glide over my flesh as the passion is starting to build. As my blue eyes close, I know this love I feel is stronger and purer than anything I’ve known before. She’s my mom, it isn’t like I’m forgetting that we’re related, and I won’t deny that others will view this as sick, but all that matters is how we feel for each other.

Mom’s fingers are caressing my cheeks as the passion builds between us. I can feel her fingers dig in a little and it feels amazing. My muffled sighs continue as I explore her mouth and everything is perfect in this moment. Our love is building between us and there’s no hint that any of this is wrong. To me, this feels as natural as anyone one else that claims to be in love and I know mom feels the same way about me.

The kiss breaks after an eternity of breathless passion and her fingers pull away from my flesh. My eyes open and I’m staring into the beauty before me. Mom’s soft lips are still imprinted on mine and her hard nipples press wonderfully against me. She looks so much like an older version of myself and I love that about her. Then again, there’s nothing I don’t love about her and am far happier than I have been in a very long time.

Mom’s voice shows all the signs of love that we share. “Get on your back and spread your legs for me, Lisa.”

I’m a little upset that she’s not going to let me continue to work her wonderful clit. “Let me eat your pussy, mom. I know I can do better.”

Her green eyes are pleasant to look into as she says in a voice filled with warmth. “We’ll get back to that, Lisa, I promise. You need to rest your tongue. It takes time to build up a good stamina. It took me a long time with Gretta, before I was able to spend as much time as bahis siteleri I wanted.”

I refuse to give in this easily and make it very clear. “I don’t care, mom…”

She smiles warmly as her voice cuts me off. “I know, Lisa, but I do care. Rest your tongue for now. I want to teach you something, but need you to spread your legs for me.”

I’m not one to pass up on a lesson as I give in to her. “Alright, mom, I’ll do it.”

I lose the heat of her body as I lay on my back and spread my legs for her. She is on her knees and looking down at my face. Her finger moves down and I can feel the pleasure of her touch as she presses past my trimmed bush. Mom’s working my clit and I let out a sigh to show just how good she makes me feel.

Her words are almost lost on me as my sighs get more intense. “All I’m doing is slowly circling your clit. Next time you eat my pussy, do this with your tongue. I want you to continue to explore when you go down on me, but when you work my clit, this is what I want you to do.”

I nod as I breath out heavily. “Don’t stop, mom. It feels amazing.”

Mom’s face shows the love we both share as she says, “Stick your tongue out, Lisa.”

My tongue leaves my mouth as I continue to watch her beautiful face. Muffled moans escape as the feeling is all encompassing. I can feel my pussy moisten at her touch and don’t want this moment to pass. Mom’s touch is an extension of everything we feel for each other and I want to lose myself completely to her.

She smiles as she says, “Point your tongue for me.”

Her own tongue leaves her mouth to show me how its done and I point mine to mimic hers. Mom nods as she pulls her tongue back in and I miss the way it looks already. Another muffled moan as the pleasure is building within every fiber of my being.

Mom’s words continue to resonate with the softness of her voice. “Very good, Lisa. That’s how I want you to lick my clit. Slow circles and a pointed tongue. You still need to rest your tongue, but you’re energy will be returning soon.”

I pull my tongue back inside and commit the lesson to memory. Mom’s finger pulls away and I want to tell her to put it right back where it was. The lesson is clearly over and I will just have to wait for the next one.

Mom has an encouraging tone as she says, “There’s going to be a lot of things you’ll want to try with me. My daughter never has to be embarrassed about anything. Whatever you want to do with me, no matter what, I will do with you. This is about your exploration, Lisa, not mine and you need to know there’s no shame in anything we do together.”

The only thing I can say at that moment is, “I love you, mom.”

She smiles and I love the way she looks into my eyes. “I love you, Lisa. I love you a lot more than I’m supposed to, but I don’t care. And just so you know, you don’t even need to ask to try something. If the mood strikes you, by all means surprise me. There’s nothing I’m not willing to do for my daughter and you already know I like surprises.”

I smile at the words and feel a sense of relief that she does feel the same way about me. As much as I wanted to believe it to be bahis şirketleri true, it still helps greatly to hear her say that she loves me. Mom’s other words leave me with a sense of eagerness, since I’m free to do with her as I wish. For us, there will be no limits and I’m so looking forward to discovering all the pleasures still hidden from me.

I’m starting to feel the effect on my tongue and know mom was right about needing to rest it. It’s an odd sensation of being sore in places I never thought possible. I’ll just have to listen to mom and continue to learn. She has so much to teach me and I’m a very willing pupil.

I grin up at her as my voice is filled with the eagerness building within me. “Mom, bend over for me. I want to play with your ass.”

She laughs as she says, “I was hoping to hear you say exactly that, Lisa. And don’t worry about me stopping you again. Take all the time you want.”

Mom is bent over before me once again and both holes are calling out to me. She sighs as my hands reach out for her cheeks and this time there’s no trembling in my fingers. The feeling is every bit as wonderful as the first time and my hands press into her flesh.

Every inch of mom’s cheeks are explored to the sound of sighs and I press my lips against the roundness. I have heard the words, ‘kiss my ass,’ many times in my life, but it was never in an erotic manner. This is a first for me, right along with all of the other things I’ll do with her, and the feeling of the softness is exhilarating.

I press my lips to the other cheek and slowly start to explore every inch of the roundness with a new part of my body. Every contact of my lips on her flesh sends chills throughout my body and I’m very close to the base. The only thing missing is being able to see her holes while I kiss her ass, but it’s a small price to pay.

My fingers start to slowly work down the crack as I start to work my way back up and her sighs are very encouraging. I love the way her cheeks feel pressed against my fingers as I slowly work my way further down and know I must be very close to her ridges by now. Mom’s cheeks feel my lips again and I press myself down a little harder.

I’m torn between what to do next and I don’t like being held up like this. Mom’s ass feels so good on my lips, but I want to see her holes. Especially those dark ridges that stand out so perfectly against her pale flesh.

Mom can sense my hesitation and knows I can’t possibly make up my mind right now. “Why don’t you take a break and think about it, Lisa?”

I pull away reluctantly and mom’s absolutely right. Time is needed to determine what I really want and I won’t be able to make any determination right now. Mom’s holes slowly disappear from view and I’m staring into her loving eyes once again. How did I get so lucky?

Her lips press to mine as her tongue enters and I have no will to fight her. I loose myself in the moment completely and have to remind myself to breath on more than one occasion. Mom’s tongue still has the taste of pussy on it and I know mine has the same.

I pull back and roll over onto my side. It’s getting very late and I won’t be awake much longer. Mom’s not about to send me back to my bedroom, since I have no plans on spending another night alone. My cheek is on her shoulder and my eyes close with visions of her dark ridges dancing before my green eyes.

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