A Day at the Beach

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My Aunt JoAnne was almost 25 years older than me, at 53. She and my uncle had divorced five years earlier and she still didn’t have a lot of money. To take a vacation, she would normally go to visit family so she wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel. I had moved to a little house by the beach 6 months ago and she had called one month later, asking if she could come visit that summer.

I picked her up at the airport Saturday morning. She looked a little tired from the five hour flight.

“You look beat,” I said as we hugged. I had first noticed her breasts when I was 12 and she hugged me. She was easily a full D cup, but she was so conservative! She always wore heavily padded bras so her nipples wouldn’t show through and I had never seen the barest hint of cleavage. But those hugs! You could feel she was still firm and I would always let my hand drift down to just above her butt, letting it linger there and looking her in the eye when I pulled away.

This time I didn’t pull away, but moved my hand around to her hip while I stayed close enough that my chest was lightly touching her breasts. She looked upset.

“They lost my bag,” she said.


“My bag didn’t come up on the luggage carousel and I went to customer service. They’re looking for it now, but it’ll probably be at least a day.”

“Okay, well, we can go pick up a few things to get you through to tomorrow.”

I slid my hand from her hip around and under her shirt, bringing it to rest in the small of her back. She involuntarily arched her back, surprised at where I was touching her, her breasts pressing more firmly into my chest. She gave me a strange look that only confirmed no man had touched her in five years.

We got in my car and started toward the house, making small talk on the way. She talked about work and her most recent promotion, pausing more than once to yawn.She perked up more as we got close to the house. I had bought a little bungalow near the beach and I could tell she liked the location. We pulled into the driveway and she immediately went around back to check out the view.

“It’s perfect! You’re so lucky,” she said.

I came up beside her, putting my hand in the small of her back again, this time on top of the sleeveless, button-down top she was wearing. I was trying to get a glimpse through the arm of her shirt, but there was nothing visible.

“Glad you like it. Want to spend a few hours out there while we wait?”

“I don’t know. I’m tired and my suit was in my luggage.”

“The woman I bought the house from left some clothes in one of the bedrooms. Let’s take a look. You can always take a nap on the beach.”

We went into the house and I showed her to the guest bedroom. There was a dresser on one side of the room and the house’s previous owner hadn’t taken the clothes with when she moved out. I hadn’t yet gone through the dresser, so JoAnne and I opened the first drawer together.

I never met the previous owner, but understood from my realtor she had been a knockout. Her personal sense of style reflected someone confident with their sexuality and her clothing choices were clearly a bit more risque than what JoAnne was used to. The first thing she fished out was a pair of black thong panties, transparent in the front.

“Ummm, I don’t think this will work,” she said, looking uncomfortable.

I reached the bottom of the drawer and found a royal blue bikini. It had a bra-style top and a bottom that offered something approaching full coverage in the back. I held it out to her.

“How about this?”

She looked uncertain, biting her lower lip. “I’ve never worn a two-piece before…”

“Really? You know it’s 2012 right?”

“It’s not funny. I don’t feel comfortable exposed like that. Everyone can see.”

“Look, if we go about half-a-mile up the beach, there’s a little lagoon and we’ll be alone. You’d just be in front of me. This is no more revealing than a bra and panties. Just try it on.”

She reluctantly agreed and went into the bathroom to change. I sat on the bed and waited … and waited. Five minutes went by and I stood, walking to the bathroom door and tapping lightly.

“You okay in there?”

A pause. “Yeah. It’s just …”

She opened the door and stood in front of me, a towel wrapped around her. I could see the bikini’s thin blue straps digging into her shoulders, obviously straining to support her.

“It doesn’t quite fit.”

“What do you mean? Can I see it?”

“Well, the top is a … a C.”


“I’m a D, so it … it covers everything but it shows a little more than I’d like. And I wasn’t really thinking when I put on the bottoms.”

I knew she wouldn’t drop the towel on her own, so I stepped in close and put my hand on her hip, then ran it up her side to the top of the towel.

“I just want to see how it fits, okay?” bahis firmaları I said softly, as I eased the towel from around her. She grabbed the ends of the towel and, after I’d opened it, held it on either side of her, giving me a private show of her in the bikini.

Her breasts were better than my wildest fantasy. Years of uber-supportive bras meant she was still firm and it was clear the underwire in the bikini top was fighting a losing battle to contain and support her. I couldn’t see her nipples, but I knew they had to be just below the cusp of the bra. While her face was tanned, framed by her short blond hair, the rest of her body was pale, evidence of her conservative wardrobe. I realized I’d been staring straight at her tits for a good 30 seconds when she cleared her throat.

“Can I cover back up now?”

“Just a minute.” My voice coming out husky. “I haven’t seen the bottom yet. I got focused on…”

“I know what you focused on,” she said, smiling slyly. This was a side of her I’d never seen.

I looked down between her legs. The bottoms fit her well. A nice triangle in front covering her pussy and bikini straps tied on her hips. I saw what she meant about the bottoms, though. She obviously hadn’t trimmed her bikini line before she flew out, there were just a few wisps of dirty blond hair sticking out on either side of the narrowest part of the bikini bottom.

I looked up and realized she knew exactly what I had been looking at, her face bright red with embarassment.

“I’ll … I’ll get you a razor,” I managed to stammer before I walked out of the room.

I came back two minutes later with one my razors, some shaving cream and a small bottle of lotion. She took the razor and shaving cream and looked curiously at the lotion.

“Rub it down there after you shave. It helps if your skin is sensitive.”

She disappeared back into the bathroom and re-emerged a few minutes later. We walked out to the beach and started heading north towards the lagoon. I liked the lagoon because it was really only known to a few locals and we wouldn’t be fighting any crowds. There was also a patch of palm trees that offered some shade. When we reached the lagoon, she oohed and aahed over the view again before we set up our chairs. I set my mine at the edge of the shade. She set up hers about 3 feet away so she could be in the sun and peeled off the t-shirt she had on. I took the opportunity to glance at her breasts again as she arched her back and raised her shirt over her head, momentarily blocking her view.

With the sheer size of her breasts, the seeming inability of the bikini to contain her and her twisting and arching her back to get the t-shirt off, it seemed like a physical inevitability that she was going to pop out of the top. I was disappointed when the top somehow managed to stay on and she settled back into her short folding chair. She pressed her knees together and leaned back … and then she reached up and peeled each of the straps off her shoulders and settled back a little more before noticing I was staring at her, open-mouthed.

“I don’t want to get tan lines,” she said. “Is that okay?”

“It’s … fine,” is all I could manage as I forced myself to look away and willed down the hard-on rising in my lap.

I closed my eyes and allowed myself to drift away, the sound of the ocean lulling me into a nap. I woke about 20 minutes later and looked back over at JoAnne. The jet lag must have taken a toll because she was out. As she had drifted off, her body had relaxed. Her knees, which had been pressed together, were now open, leaving her legs spread obscenely. I found myself wondering if she had shaved her whole pussy or just done enough so her bush was no longer visible outside of the bikini bottoms. I let my eyes wander and stopped immediately on her breasts. The top had finally lost its battle against gravity and her heavy breasts, slipping down below her nipples on each side. I looked up to her face and realized she hadn’t done it on purpose. Her head was tilted to the side and she was snoring softly. Her nipples were easily the size of 50 cent pieces, perfectly round and a pale pink color. I wanted to put them in my mouth so badly it hurt.

I didn’t want to wake her, but I knew she’d be embarassed if she woke up like that. I decided I would pull her top up and put her bikini straps back on. I got out of my chair and knelt between her legs. I couldn’t help but steal a quick glance between her legs. The bikini bottoms were stretched tight over her and the thin strip of fabric covering her pussy was just thin enough to reveal the outline of her slit. I had to fight the urge to run my hand down her. I reached toward her left breast with my right, hand, getting my thumb and forefinger on the cup and just starting to pull up when she stirred.

Her head came around from just over her shoulder until she was looking kaçak iddaa right at me. She looked me in the eyes, looked down, saw her legs spread, felt the light wind on her exposed nipples and realized she was topless in front of me. Her hands flew up to cover her chest. With my right hand over her breasts, this had the effect of pushing my hand right on top of her left breast, her nipple squarely in the center of my palm.

“What are you doing?!”

“I … I … your top fell down. I was just trying to put it back in place,” I stammered.

She was having trouble getting control of her breathing, her breasts heaving. I was whispering to her, telling her it was okay. It wasn’t what it looked like. As she relaxed, she looked down and realized she was holding my hand in place on her breast. She looked down and then back up and met my eye, down again at my trunks, pushing straight out at her where my erection was obvious. I felt her nipple stiffen in my hand. I was still able to see her right nipple, could see it contracting as well. She followed my gaze and her face reddened. I knew if this was going to happen, it was now or never. I leaned in and kissed her lightly on the mouth.

When she opened her lips slightly, I let my tongue slide into her mouth, ran it in until I found her tongue and slid it back and forth on her tongue. I moved my body closer to her. My hard-on had reached the outer limits of my swimming trunks and the tip lightly pressed against that thin strip of fabric right on her slit. Her eyes went wide and she pulled away, breathless.

“Oh God! What are you doing?!”

As I’d moved in, my left hand had progressed from her knee, up her thigh, finally resting with my thumb on that little crease in her inner thigh right next to her pussy. We both looked down and I moved my cock back just enough so we were no longer touching. The front of my trunks had a wet spot where my pre-cum had soaked through. The thin strip of fabric between her legs had a visible line of wetness right on top of her slit.

My right hand had just been resting on her breast, not moving to stimulate her, but not pulling away either. I took her wetness as an invitation, bending my head to her breasts and sucking her nipple into my mouth, taking in as much of her as I could, filling my mouth, but gently. All the air went out of her. Her left hand moved to the back of my head, holding me against her as she involuntarily arched into me, driving herself into my mouth. She let out a low growl as I suckled her.

“We … can’t. You … have … to … stop.” Her breathing was so ragged. It sounded like she was going to come.

I came up for air, moving my lips onto her neck. I slid the thumb of my left hand from the hollow next to her pussy, pushing the fabric slowly aside, revealing her. I couldn’t see her, but I could tell she had shaved her whole pussy. I couldn’t believe it.

“How long has it been?” I managed to croak into her ear as I slowly sucked her neck.

“Almost … 7 … years.” Seriously, it sounded like she was seconds away from coming. My thumb was on her slit now and I pressed down, opening her and feeling her wetness, her lips sucked my thumb deep into her slit. She was dripping. Had she been standing it would have been running down her thighs.

“I thought you got divorced five years ago.”

“We didn’t … fuck … for the last … uhhh … two years.”

Did my staid, conservative aunt just say “fuck”? Oh my God.

She momentarily got control of herself again. My mouth was back on her nipple, pulling her into my mouth. She was so hard, it must have been at least an inch and a half long in my mouth.

“We have to stop. We’re in public and you’re my nephew. We can’t … unnnh … do this.”

Now it was my turn to come up for air, scanning the area for signs of onlookers.

“I don’t see anyone. There’s no one here.”

I reached down and grabbed her towel from next to her chair. I stretched it out and laid it across her lap between us. I pushed closer to her and reached under the towel, fumbling with one hand to get my cock out of my trunks while my left hand continued to open her lips, moving up and down her slit. She stretched, looking around to see if there was anyone else on the beach and came back to focus on me, looking quizzically at the towel and then me fumbling underneath it. She went completely still, realizing what I was about to do.

I had my cock out now and pressed the head just against the opening, feeling her wetness, letting her feel mine.

“We can’t …” One last plea as I ran my cockhead up and down her slit, stopping on her clit and then sliding it back down to rest over her open hole.

“Just a little bit, JoAnne…” I exhaled as I push into her, felt the tip just reach inside her. She spasmed involuntarily, thrust her hips down on me just enough to get me inside. kaçak bahis I had my hand at the base of my tip, controlling the penetration, holding just inside of her.

More ragged gasps. “OhgodOhgodOhgodEasyPleaseEasy.”

I moved in and kissed her mouth again, continuing to hold just the tip of my cock inside her.

“Relax. You just have the tip in right now.”

“It feels so big…”

My whole cock is only 6 inches, so I know she was feeling the effects of seven years of celibacy. I breathed into her ear.

“I’m going to go halfway. I need you to rela-a-a-x.” As I said relax, I pushed forward slowly, slowly, letting my hand stop me at 3″ deep. She was so tight I couldn’t stand it. Normally, a woman’s pussy will pulse around you, alternately squeezing and releasing your cock. It felt like I was stuck in a vise … if the vise was soaked with girl cum.

She was gasping, couldn’t get her breath. I could see her nipples had gone from a pale pink color to a dark red as they swelled. Her face was red, too.

“Ohgod! Ohgod! … I can’t take it… You have to pull it out! … You’re stretching me!”

It occurred to me she was experiencing everything through touch. The towel was completely covering us where we were stuck together.

“Lift the towel, JoAnne. Look at us.”

She forced herself to get her breathing under control, taking several long, deep breaths and lifted the towel, gasping again when she saw me sticking out of her. “Oh, god! You’re fucking me! Your cock is so big!”

“I haven’t started fucking you yet. I’m just opening you. How big was my uncle’s dick?”

“It was … so small … like 4 inches … and it was … unnnh … thin … You’re so thick!”

“Jesus, it’s no wonder you’re so tight. You’re like a virgin … ” I paused. “I’m going to put the rest in. Are you ready?”

“Youcan’tyoucan’tyoucan’tohfuckohfuckohfuck … Oooooh!”

I buried it in her to the hilt, felt her arch her back and lift herself to me. I held it inside her, trying to let her get used to the size.

Her cum was dripping out of her in an almost steady stream. My balls were soaked with her and I still hadn’t really fucked her yet.

“You have … to take … it out … I can’t … I can’t.”

I leaned into her, put my mouth next to her ear, sucked her ear lobe which elicited a moan.

“I’m going to pull it out real slow, okay?”

“Okay … oh, god … thank you.”

I eased back, letting my cock slide out of her until just my head was inside. Just as she started to relax, I pushed forward again, filling her, making her gasp, forcing the air out of her. I drew it out again, pushed it back inside, long-stroking her slowly, looking her in her eyes as she realized she was being fucked.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes … just … go slow … like that.”

“You feel so good. You’re wet.”

“Are you … going to cum … in me?”

“I want to. Is that okay?”

“Yes … I haven’t had cum … in me … so long.”

She was meeting my every stroke with her hips now, taking my whole cock as deep as she could force it into her. Her whole body had taken on this mottled color. Her breathing was back to the ragged gasps from earlier and she looked like she was trying to cum.

“I want you to cum on my cock. I want to feel you cum.”

“OhGod!” She thrust up hard, meeting my cock again. “I feel you in my stomach.”

I moved my right hand onto her clit, pushing on her with my thumb … feeling how stiff it was. She reacted immediately, bucking and I could tell she was close.

“Please…” She was pleading, begging me to finish her. I left my thumb on her clit, started making my forearm and hand shake, vibrating her as she bucked against my cock and hand.

“I’m … ahhh ahhh ahhh … I’m cumming! Unnnh!”

As soon as the word “cumming” left her lips, I lost control. My sweet, conservative aunt, who never swore, never dressed provocatively, never so much as showed cleavage was cumming on my cock, soaking me, soaking the chair underneath her, soaking her bathing suit. I pushed as deep inside her as I could and held myself there, feeling my cock stiffen the last centimeter and moaning into her ear, telling her I was cumming, was filling her.

“Ohgod … I feel it … Oh, you’re filling me up … Ohgod!”

We clung to each other, sweating, the towel bunched between us and filled with our sweat and cum. As we gradually came down from our orgasms, I noticed the smell of her for the first time. I was still inside her, my cock still throbbing slowly. I had stopped thrusting, was just holding inside of her, a dam against the wave of cum trying to leak out.

“Oh my God. I can’t believe we did that.” Her first full sentence in the last 10 minutes without gasping. “You have to take it out. That was bad.”

“Just give it another minute. I put a lot in you and I want to keep it there.” I lifted my head and kissed her, lay my head on her shoulder again and let her hear my breathing in her ear. I realized my cock wasn’t getting soft. I was still turned on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20