A Day at the Beach

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Please note: This story was written mainly for my gorgeous fiancé. I’ve never had a lesbian experience, so if anything is wrong–I apologize! 🙂 Happy reading!


Living in a small town had its perks, Maho thought as she pulled into the empty parking lot for the town’s secluded, residents-only beach. The young girl loved to come here and relax, and as it grew colder, she often found that she had the entire stretch of sand and ocean to herself. She was no athlete, but she liked to see how far she could swim, or just come here to relax and listen to the waves crashing against the shore.

She stretched as she jumped out of her Jeep, shucking off her t-shirt and shorts to reveal a tiny, thin body in a uniquely colored swimsuit. She loved the suit, which she’d found years ago and still fit. It was brown down one half of the skimpy bikini and bottoms, and down the other, her favorite shade of pink. Pausing only to slip on a pair of flipflops, she ran around to the back of her vehicle and pulled out a small cooler and a towel.

After playing for a few hours in the saltwater, enjoying the touch of the liquid against her skin, she laid the towel out on the sand and sat down on it with a popsicle in hand. As she licked and sucked on the cold, chocolate snack, she noticed with interest a cute green VW Beetle pulling into the lot. She could barely see a redhaired young woman turn off the ignition and step out.

Maho’s breath caught in her throat. Ever since she’d begun noticing women, she’d been wondering if she would ever feel an instant attraction like she sometimes did with boys. She thought some girls were cute, but it was nothing compared to the jolt this woman sent through her as she shook out her hair, quickly tied it with a cute sky-blue bow, and walked quickly towards the beach with her towel slung carelessly over her shoulder. She had on a bikini like Maho’s, only she filled out the top, and her luxurious curves looked so much more enticing than what Maho saw in the mirror every morning.

“Hi there,” the woman said, standing some distance away from her as she looked around. “Are we the only ones here?”

Maho nodded, grinning. “When fall comes around, the beach is pretty much deserted. Are you new here?”

“I just moved here last week. I’m Kaede. What’s your name?”

“I’m Maho.” The younger girl couldn’t keep her eyes off her. “Where did you move?”

“The green house on Wallace Avenue.”

“That’s been empty for years.” Maho grinned. “I bet the real estate agent was glad canlı bahis to get that off her hands.”

“She sure seemed happy when I signed the papers.” Kaede spread her towel next to Maho and laid down on it.

“Want something to drink?” Maho offered, gesturing to her cooler.

“Do you have soda?”

“Yeah, sure.” She passed the woman a soda and they sat in companionable silence for several minutes. Maho was at a loss for what to do; she wanted to get to know Kaede better, but she didn’t know how to do so. “Do you mind if I tell you something?” she asked after a while. “You’re really beautiful.”

Kaede glanced at her with a start, but before Maho could say anything else a slow smile broke out on her face. “Really? You think so?” The other girl just nodded, surprised that she hadn’t reacted differently. “It’s nice to hear that again. I haven’t heard it in months, since my last girlfriend broke up with me.”

Maho gave a start, surprised. “Girlfriend?”

“Yeah. She was so sweet, but we weren’t right for each other. Know what I mean?”

“W-well, not really,” the blue-haired girl responded, surprised at the turn their conversation had taken. “I’ve never had a girlfriend.”

“Oh, you’re not…” Kaede blushed. “Sorry, I just assumed, from that comment…”

“No, you were right. I think I’m bisexual,” Maho explained, nervous to be talking about this with someone she had just met, “but I haven’t actually had a girlfriend yet.”

“Oh, really?” Kaede smiled. “I’d think a cute little girl like you wouldn’t be on the market for very long.”

“I’m kinda shy,” Maho replied.

“Well, let’s change that, shall we?” The older woman’s expression changed then, from that of a friendly companion making idle conversation to that of a lustful woman. As Maho pulled back, wanting this but still terrified nonetheless, Kaede moved forward and pressed her lips to the girl’s. The kiss was wonderful, as their lips met, and slowly parted, growing more passionate as Kaede pushed the girl down gently, off the towel and on to the warm sand. Her hand was on Maho’s stomach, gently making circles with her fingers on the girl’s skin as their kiss continued.

“W-woah,” Maho managed when Kaede finally broke the kiss, smiling and a little overwhelmed.

“Did you like?” Kaede murmured, running a finger over Maho’s cheek, looking dee into her light gray eyes. At the girl’s nod, she moved forward for another, moving her hand down to run across her collarbone, her shoulder, and then, lightly, to her bahis siteleri breast. Maho’s eyes flew open, the unfamiliar touch sending little shocks of feeling through her small body, and she wriggled under the other girl’s hand, murmuring softly to herself.

Kaede continued, gently kneading Maho’s breast through her skimpy bikini and hearing the little murmurings of excitement from her. Finally, Maho reached up and cupped her tit, squeezing it much harder than Kaede had dared to do to her. The older girl let out a gasp of both pain and pleasure, and closed her eyes, not stopping her own actions.

“Sh-shouldn’t we go somewhere else?” Maho finally asked, feeling suddenly completely exposed on the wide expanse of beach. “Anyone could see us.”

“Right here, yeah.” Kaede stood, pulling her newfound lover up with her and running across the loose, warm sand to a patch of trees and underbrush across the way. They were still on the edge of the beach, but no longer visible from the road or the parking lot; they disappeared even further when Kaede tugged her into the trees and pushed her hard against one of them, her kisses hard and passionate, her tongue slipping into the girl’s mouth. The rough bark scratched Maho’s bare skin, but she didn’t care, giving herself in to the kiss and running her hands across Kaede’s warm back.

Before she could react, the older girl’s mouth was on one of her bare breasts, her hands tugging down the cups of the bikini, engulfing Maho’s nipple between her pouting lips and flicking her tongue quickly against the hardening nub. Maho could only moan softly, as Kaede’s hands undid the strapless bikini in the back and let the fabric fall to the ground. When Kaede finally straightened, Maho didn’t give her a chance to think. She reached behind the girl’s neck and undid the knot, then the clasp, so that they were both topless. It all felt so right to the young girl; all she could do was surrender to the feelings.

Kaede was smiling from ear to ear as her hands traveled lightly over her lover’s skin, grazing the triangle of fabric that was the only thing keeping her from being entirely naked. Her fingers searched out Maho’s sex, sliding across the slowly dampening material. Maho unconsciously began to grind against Kaede’s hand, and the girl took this as encouragement, sliding the other half of her bikini off and kneeling in front of her, at eye level to her sex. She spread the hairless folds apart, drawing a finger across the engorged nub of her clitoris, her fingers becoming slick with bahis şirketleri Maho’s arousal.

Maho gasped when she felt Kaede’s tongue there, darting across her clitoris and into her vagina, lapping up her wetness, sending shivers of desire through her. With her tongue still at the girl’s clitoris, Kaede slid a finger, then two, into her unspoiled sex and shoved them in hard. The sudden sensation of being filled up was a shock, but Maho enjoyed it nonetheless, as her lover began to thrust gently into her with her fingers and lap at her. It wasn’t long before the rhythm and shocks of feeling grew too much of her. Her hands flew down to Kaede’s shoulders, gripping her tight as she bucked subconsciously, her eyes screwed shut, the first few shocks of orgasm coursing through her young body violently. Kaede continued, letting the feelings course throughout Maho, before withdrawing and smiling softly at her.

“That was amazing,” the younger one said when she could speak. Kaede nodded, and grinned when Maho slid her flimsy bikini bottom down off her long, pale legs, rubbing her calves and then her thighs sexily as she took her place in front of Kaede. She began to explore Kaede’s sex hesitantly, not as experienced as the other girl, nor as self-confident. Gradually, though, she began to hit all the right places, her fingers searching out her clitoris and her vagina, the wet folds of her pussy arousing both girls incredibly.

Maho circled her thumb against Kaede’s clitoris slowly, then increasing the speed just as she liked to do to herself when she masturbated. Kaede seemed to enjoy it, gripping the rough bark and letting her mouth hang open slightly. Strands of her dark red hair framed her beautiful face, creating a picture of beauty for the other girl as she stared up at her, in awe that she could bring someone this much pleasure. She continued her rhythm, becoming more forceful at the point when Kaede’s hips bucked slightly, watching her closely. Finally, Kaede let out a loud moan, and Maho could feel her pussy twitching slightly as she bent over nearly in half, shaking.

“You’re… a natural,” Kaede murmured, looking up at Maho and kissing her. “That was great.”

“Thanks.” Maho ran her hands lightly over the girl’s skin, playing with her breasts.

“What do you say we go someplace more private, and get to know each other even better?” Kaede grinned mischievously, sliding her bikini on again gracefully, her long limbs transfixing Maho.

“Yeah… yeah… sure…”

“How about my place?”

“Sounds good.” Maho finally came to enough to get dressed as well, and as she headed back to retrieve her towel and cooler, she thought to herself, well, my day at the beach certainly turned out better than I’d anticipated…

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