A Day In The Park

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Have you ever heard of people who claimed to once be gay, and then they turned straight? No? Not really, you say? Well, that’s probably because it doesn’t happen too often. However, about three years ago, I had an experience that turned my life from gay to straight – in the space of about half an hour.

To start off with, you need to understand my background. It was 1998, and I was a senior at Central High School, in Phoenix. Now, Central is in the central Phoenix ghetto, and there are some people there who are not too terribly friendly toward people of the homosexual persuasion. However, I didn’t get messed with too much for two reasons – one, I played football and ran track, and two, my best friend was Tara.

Ah, yes, Tara. Homecoming and Prom queen senior year, varsity cheerleading captain, professional model. She was 5’8″, almost as all as me at 5’11”. She weighed, at most, 110 lbs., and had a 38-D chest. She was the envy of almost every female at Central High, and the person who almost every guy at that school fell asleep thinking about at night – usually with their hands wrapped around their dicks.

The funny thing is that she was still a virgin. She had been brought up in the Catholic church, and probably would’ve gone to nearby Xavier Prep if her parents could have afforded it. Rest assured, though, there was no small amount of guys who had tried to get her into their beds, or at any rate, the back seats of their cars.

Senior year, nineteen guys asked her to go to prom with them. She rejected every single one, from the starting quarterback on our football team to the National Merit Scholar finalist. Eventually, she asked me to go with her, so that, as she said, she wouldn’t have to keep rejecting horny guys.

Prom that year was at the Hyatt Regency hotel in downtown Phoenix, and a funny thing happened that night. While dancing with her, I began to feel something – attraction, arousal, whatever you want to call it. Now, I don’t care how beautiful a girl is, this is just something that gay guys usually don’t feel around girls. Nothing happened that night, though, except that we had a great time. I took her home, and tried to put the incident out of my mind.

It was about two months later, though, in late June, that everything changed. Tara had been contacted by a modeling agency to do a shoot for an outdoors magazine. It was to be in the White Tank Mountains Park, west of Phoenix. She called me and wanted me to go with her. “They want me to do some partial nudes, Jared,” she said when she called. “I’m kind of nervous about it, so would you be willing to go with me?”

Of course, I agreed. As her best friend, the least I could do was go with her to calm her nerves when she did this. And so, on that hot Saturday morning, I pulled my Suburban into the driveway of her home, she hopped in, and we headed off to west Phoenix.

As we drove out there, I couldn’t canlı bahis help but notice that she looked really good today. She was wearing a white tanktop and really short cutoff jeans, and appeared to have a string bikini on underneath. And that’s when I started having those feelings again. Trying to suppress those feelings, I stared ahead at Glendale Avenue, and just drove down the road.

When we reached the shoot sight, the photographers were already set up, with an array of cameras arranged around an ATV. There were also several male models, standing around in Speedos. All were obviously well endowed, their genitalia straining against the latex of their swimsuits. Oddly enough, though, I didn’t feel a thing when I looked at them. The only thing I could think was, mine’s bigger. And of course, it is, almost nine and a half inches when erect. Nonetheless, these are not the typical thoughts that would be running through a gay guy’s head!

The head photographer asked Tara to remove her tanktop. She took it off, revealing almost everything – her breasts were barely covered by the smallest bikini top I’ve ever seen. He asked her to straddle the ATV and bend over the handlebars, which she did. As she did so, the cutoffs rode up into her asscrack, revealing part of her perfectly tanned ass.

After about ten minutes of photos like this, the photographer asked her to remove her shorts and lay out on the seat of the ATV. She was wearing a g-string underneath her shorts that matched her bikini top. She lay back on the ATV seat. As she did so, two of the male models approached her from behind. As they posed themselves behind her, she was instructed to place her hands on their obviously erect cocks, straining through their Speedos. She got a look of uncertainty on her face, and looked at me, as though I would be able to tell her what to do. I just shrugged, so she went ahead and did as she was told.

After several more shots with the two models, she was told to remove her bikini. Nervously, and a little more slowly, she did so, leaving herself completely naked. Her co-models were definitely turned on now, although the photographer appeared to be as cool as ice. Of course, as a professional, he would have to be, as he probably did this type of thing regularly.

The most surprising thing was that I was getting turned on – not by seeing four guys with large, erect cocks, but by seeing Tara, my best friend, butt-naked! I could feel my cock growing, and I couldn’t help but wonder what the fuck was going on in my head.

The photographer arranged Tara in several poses on the ATV. The first couple didn’t actually reveal anything. However, they began to reveal more and more – just one breast at first, then both, then her ass, and the last poses were of Tara laying back on the ATV with her legs spread and her chest lifted up in the air, revealing everything to the camera.

At bahis siteleri this point, the photographer went over and spoke to Tara quietly for a few moments. As he did so, a look of consternation crossed her face, as if she didn’t know what to do. I saw her motion to the photographer, and then he nodded. She approached me, definitely nervous, and said something I never expected to leave her mouth.

“Jared,” she said, “how gay are you?”

I couldn’t believe she said that. I just started cracking up. “This isn’t funny, dammit,” she snapped. “I’m being serious here.”

Well, then. I got serious real quick. “Why do you ask?”

“The photographer would like to take a few pictures of me… well…” She couldn’t seem to bring herself to finish the sentence.

“What?” I asked. “Fucking?”

“Well, for lack of a better term, yes,” she said softly. “The problem is, I’m still a virgin, and I don’t know any of these guys… but I do know you… I’ve known you since we were both five, and I think that if this has to happen, I would like most for I to happen with you.”

“But I’m gay, remember?” I asked.

Despite her nervousness, a mischievous smile crossed her face. “I’m not so sure about that, Jared,” she replied. “I saw that bulge forming on your crotch when they were taking those nude photos of me.”

“All right,” I said, finally. “Just let me talk to the photographer.”

I walked over to the head photographer, and I asked him, “So what exactly do I need to do?”

“Well, not much,” he said. “You appear to be in good shape, you have good muscle definition, and your skin tone is excellent. How big is your penis?”

Taken aback, I stuttered for a moment before I was able to say, “Nine and a half inches when erect.”

“Perfect,” he replied. “All I need you to do is have sex with your friend, and make it good.”

He instructed me to strip, and walk over to the ATV. At this point, of course, I began to have severe stage fright, and my cock went completely limp. Despite that, it still hung nearly five inches. I did as instructed.

When I got over to the ATV, Tara looked at me with a little half smile on her face. Concentrating on her alone, I blocked out the rest of the world. Just staring at her, my cock began to grow again, until it reached its full erectness.

At that point, the photographer began to shout out instructions. “First of all, Tara, put your hand on him.” Her warm hand on my cock made it jump, and I nearly lost it right then. However, years of masturbating have given me a large amount of control, and I was able to hold back from blowing my load.

“Next, kiss his penis.” Again, her lips touching my gentialia nearly made me lose it all, but again, my control saved me. She just gave me a knowing smile, and I guess she must have somehow understood what I was going through here.

After a few more pictures like this, bahis şirketleri the head photographer, whose name had been revealed by that point to be Reynaldo, instructed me to insert my cock in her pussy. I wasn’t sure how easy this was going to be, as she was a virgin and my cock is pretty large. However, as I rubbed the head of it against her entrance, I found out that she was already sopping wet. I looked down at her.

“This is something I’ve fantasized about since eighth grade, Jared,” she said, giving me a smile. “I just never thought it would happen, though, with you being gay and all…” Her voice trailed off, as Reynaldo instructed me to start.

I began working my cock into her pussy. She was incredibly tight, first of all, so I had to take it slowly. When I reached her hymen, I knew it was going to be painful for her, so I gave her my hand to hold onto, and I told her to squeeze my hand as hard as she could. As she did so, I pulled back a little and thrust forward as hard as I could.

I felt the skin of her hymen give way, and as it did so, a look of exquisite pain crossed her face, and a tear welled up in her left eye. A little blood appeared on her vagina lips and ran down her ass.

As I thrust all the way in, I felt the head of my cock reach all the way to her cervix. The look of pain on her face began to change to pure pleasure as I thrust in and out, picking up speed as I did so.

All the while, Reynaldo and all of his colleagues were shooting away like mad. They were getting pictures at the rate of three per second. As we began to approach orgasm, Reynaldo called out another instruction to me: “Jared, just before you cum, I want you to pull out and ejaculate on Tara’s breasts.”

I just grunted and nodded my understanding. As I did so, I felt Tara’s pussy squeeze my cock with an incredible tightness. I looked at her face and saw a look of absolute bliss on her face as she orgasmed.

Just as her orgasm ended, I felt the pressure from my balls increase tenfold. I knew it was time, and I pulled out and began stroking my cock madly. It only took three strokes, and before I knew it, I was blowing my jism all over Tara’s 38D breasts.

I ejaculated for almost thirty seconds, blasting fifteen shots onto her chest. By the time I finished, my knees felt about ready to give way, and I would have collapsed had I not grabbed the handlebars for support. As I did so, Tara sat up, pulled me to her, and kissed me, fully and passionately.

After Reynaldo thanked us and paid Tara, and we had cleaned up and gotten dressed, we got back into the Suburban for the drive back to Phoenix. As we headed back down Glendale Ave., Tara looked at me. “You aren’t going to be gay, anymore, I don’t think,” she said matter-of-factly. Looking back at her, I said, “Damn straight, I’m not.”

We didn’t really see each other the rest of the summer, because I took a trip to Europe and she went to Alaska to visit her grandparents. However, we both went to the University of Arizona that fall, and oddly enough, her room was right down the hall from mine in our dorm… but that’s an entirely different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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