A Day to Remember Ch. 05

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Erik and I had not had any meetings in a long time. I was getting sort of depressed and horny for him. I tried porn and other means to satisfy my needs but nothing was like giving it to a man. My desire was great and my balls were blue.

I decided to give him a call and see what was up. I left four messages yesterday. Today I got a text at 4:30 am. I didn’t wake up for it but when I woke up I saw it. When I saw the name on the message I instantly got a boner. It was Erik. He said, “Meet me tonight at 8. I’ll be at the Wal-Mart across town in the third stall in the men’s room.” I was so excited I ran around my apartment naked (good thing my roommate wasn’t home.) He knew I was experimenting in the gay field and did not approve.

I went to class in the morning. I was so horny. My boner must have been noticeable. I wore it with pride because I knew what I would be getting tonight.

I went back to my apartment until about 7:30 and then drove across town to Wal-Mart. The minutes were ticking by in my car. It’s now 7:45 and I was almost there. I was so excited for this I accidentally cut a few people off on the highway.

I arrived at Wal-Mart. I got another text. “I’m waiting.”

I ran in and headed straight toward the back because I knew where the bathroom was. There were 5 stalls in the bathroom so I went for the middle one. There was definitely bahis firmaları someone in there. I peeked under the door and found that it was not Erik. Some older man grunted at me.

He had a sort of salt and pepper receding hair line going on for him. He was quite fit and I could see that he was masturbating hence the grunt.

A couple minutes later, he opened up the stall door. I expected him to wash his hands and get out but instead his pants were still dropped. He asked, “Do you want to help me?”

I said I was waiting for somebody but I would be happy to watch him if he wanted. He threw the door all the way open and started going at it. I watched his hand stroke violently around his, what seemed to be, 5 or so inch dick. It was smaller than mine but not abnormal. It was really thick.

He closed his eyes and leaned back. I knew what was about to happen. He made a loud grunting noise and shot cum about 5 feet in front of him. I was impressed. He wiped it up with paper towels and left. He grinned at me on the way out.

I was bored of waiting. It was already 8:20 and watching that man masturbate made me want to follow suit. I went into stall three and closed the door, but did not lock it.

I unbuckled my pants and hung my belt on the coat hook. I have no idea why but I almost always do this when I go into a public bathroom. I unzipped kaçak iddaa my khakis and let them fall to the floor, if I had been wearing boxers with no button my member would have been sticking out. He was proudly at attention making his tent in my green boxers. I dropped them as well.

I sat down and began to go at it. I was moving my hand slowly at first but then I got an urge. I started going rather quickly. I knew I would cum within several minutes. All of the sudden, my penis just went limp. Frustrated, I put my underwear and pants back on and decided to wait.

I’m glad I did because at about 8:40 guess who walked into my stall.

I was greeted with, “Sorry I’m late. I had a lot to do at the theater.”

“It’s okay I really missed you, man.”

We indulged in a kiss. While our tongues were swirling around in each other’s mouths he moved his body closer to mine. I could feel the large bulge from his pants sticking into my thigh.

“Take your pants off,” he commanded.

I stripped down quickly. He only unzipped and let his massive member stick out of his pants. He applied some lubricant from his backpack. Slowly but surely he worked his way into my ass. First I could feel his head jump right in and then ever so carefully he inserted the rest.

His dick pulsed with excitement as did mine. He began to fuck me hard. I could feel every kaçak bahis moment intensified by his warm lubricant. This continued for a few moments until we tried a new position.

He sat down on the toilet and had me sit on top of him. He then sucked my dick while I serviced him. The pleasure was almost orgasmic (but I was saving that for a while). He continued on this. I rapidly moved my body up and down grabbing at his nipples while he used his tongue to stimulate the remotest regions of my gentile area.

He was about to cum. I could see it in his face and I could feel his head bulging in my ass. After about 30 seconds, He shot. I could feel the warm liquid running up my ass and then running out into the nasty Wal-Mart toilet. He screamed with pleasure.

I was about to cum as well. Right after he finished himself off, with his limping rod in my ass, he sucked me really really hard. I still continued to fuck him because stimulating my ass while he was doing my dick was a perfect combo. My balls continued to shrink to my body until… Bam! This was one of the best comes I had ever had. He swallowed with glee and I saw a smirk on his face.

I got off of him; however we were both still very horny and promiscuous. He said he wanted some action in his lonely ass and I volunteered. I’ve never cummed twice in a day in my life but I was willing to try.

We went back to his place. I had never been there before. It was luxurious. We both had stiffys on the taxi ride there and continued to play with each other until we arrived.

To be continued…

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