A Different Kind of Facial

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Kendra and I had been working together at the day spa for almost a year when I finally booked my first appointment with her. I hadn’t been sure if she was into women or not but the week before she had finally said something that led me to believe that she was. I had been fantasizing about her since we had first met. I ran the front desk and booked all of the appointments. I noticed that Kendra had a lot of repeat clients and everyone always had positive things to say about her. I began to watch her more closely and the more I saw, the more she became the center of my fantasy sex life.

I wasn’t getting a lot of sex and maybe that’s why I couldn’t stop my fantasies about Kendra. I imagined booking myself an appointment with her and sitting in her chair. Her hands always slipped under the sheet and grazed my breasts. I had to try my best to slow my breathing enough so that she wouldn’t see how aroused I was to have her fingers near my nipples. I longed for her to touch my nipples and in my fantasies, I always came as she touched them for the first time. I came hard and screamed loudly in the privacy of my bedroom.

“Kendra! Kendra yes!” I screamed as I came. It was always so good but I was terrified to actually book a real appointment with her.

“You should just do it,” my best friend, Kennedy always told me. She was the only person I had confided in about my feelings for Kendra. Just go and let her put her hands all over you. Even if nothing happens, you’ll have material to think about instead of just your imagination.” She had a good point and so the very next day I made my appointment with Kendra. She noticed me on her schedule right away.

“Lany! Is this you on my schedule?” she smiled warmly at me. “I’m flattered you chose me out of all the estheticians here!”

“Of course I did. You’re the best,” I told her and I meant it. She was definitely the hottest esthetician.

“I can’t wait to get my hands on you!” she giggled and I thought I saw her wink at me but I couldn’t be sure. I felt myself flush with embarrassment. Kendra was so fucking pretty and I wanted her so much. Waiting all week for my appointment was torturous and by the time I found myself in Kendra’s chair I was more than ready. I had been fantasizing nonstop about how sexy she was, imagining us naked and rubbing our pussies together. I knew I’d been watching too much porn. Kendra was going to give me a facial and that was it. I needed to get my mind out of the gutter.

“Come on in and get comfortable. Go ahead and take off your clothes and get under this sheet.” She winked at me again and this time I was sure I had seen it.

“Okay, sure.” I was pretty sure that bahis firmaları people didn’t get naked for facials but I was going to go along with whatever Kendra had in mind for me. I took off my clothes and got under the sheet, my pussy wet and hoping that Kendra’s touch on my skin was enough to get me through. I was so fucking horny and I knew that just her touching my face was enough to set me off. I waited for Kendra, my mind rolling through all the sexual things I wanted her to do to me.

“Ready” Kendra called through the door.


“Okay, so lets put on some relaxing music. How does that sound?”


“Close your eyes and relax,” she cooed and I did my best to do so. She began to clean my face with a cotton ball soaked in some kind of astringent. Even this simple action was sensual for me. I could feel my juices really flowing as Kendra rubbed my face until it was clean. Then she began to massage some kind of lotion into my skin with her fingers. I realized that she wasn’t wearing gloves and I wondered if she was supposed to be. Most of the other estheticians wore them when they were with clients. I was about to say something when Kendra made a move I wasn’t expecting.

“So, Lany, I’ve noticed how you look at me all the time like you want something. You want to tell me what it is you want?” Her voice was sexy and I had never heard it like that. I wanted her so fucking much.

“I want you,” I told her and she smiled widely.

“I thought so. I didn’t think you were a lesbian at first but I see now that you are into women. Am I right?”

“Yeah. You’re right.”

“Would you be upset if I kissed you?” Kendra looked down at me and before she kissed me I could feel her hands slipping under the sheet to grab my right breast. She massaged it gently as she stared down into my eyes. I gasped as the pleasure of her fingers touching my nipple hit home.


“Lany…” She leaned down and kissed me and I could feel the connection between us grow stronger. I had real feelings for Kendra and I guess I hadn’t realized how strongly I felt until her lips met mine. I let her have her way with me, her tongue playing with mine in each and every kiss. The facial was forgotten. Instead, Kendra’s hands wandered over my body, pulling down the sheet that covered me. “You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful too,” I told her honestly. Her hands wandered all over my body and stopped at my pussy. She rubbed my clit a bit before her fingers slipped inside of me and she moved so her tongue was between my legs. She ate my pussy like a professional, making me cum so hard that I had to stop myself from screaming too kaçak iddaa loudly. I didn’t want our co-workers to hear what was really going on during my facial. I didn’t need anyone knowing that I was doing something so naughty. It was a good naughty and it felt good as Kendra made me cum with her tongue.

“You want to try licking my pussy too?” she asked.


She lifted her simple skirt, pulled down and discarded her panties, then climbed up onto my face so I didn’t have to move at all. I was shocked at how good her pussy tasted as I buried my tongue into her hot, little hole. I had never felt this way about anyone and that was when I realized that my attraction to Kendra was deeper than I thought. I let the feelings of love work their way through me so she could feel them as I ate her out. Her body began to shake and shudder and I could feel the spasms of her pussy.

“Jesus! Fuck!” she screamed a little too loudly. I didn’t care anymore if people heard. I was so into Kendra that I just didn’t care.

“Wow,” her breathing was quick and she looked winded. “Wanna try something I’ve always wanted to do?”

“What?” I asked, curious.

“Tribbing. Have you heard of it?”

“Yes! I have! Let’s do it!” Of course, I knew what tribbing was. It was something I had always wanted to try and it was something I had fantasized myself doing with Kendra a hundred times.

She pulled the sheet the rest of the way off of the chair violently and threw it to the floor. There was a crazed look in her eyes as she made sure the door was locked and then pulled off her clothes. I watched as her white jacket dropped to the floor. Her bra was a sexy one and matched the panties she had thrown to the floor. She had known that this was going to be a sexual meeting. She had worn that sexy lingerie to work because of me. At least I hoped that she had.

“You ready?”

“Yes,” I begged her with my body, heart and soul to begin. She climbed up onto the chair with me and adjusted herself and her body until our pussies were nestled together. I could feel her warmth and wetness and I began to move my pussy against hers. I was shocked at how good it felt to have her pussy against mine. I had fantasized about this moment for so long and now that it was really happening I could barely contain myself. I moaned for Kendra, showing her that this was the moment I had been waiting all of my life for. I hadn’t expected it to feel so fucking good. She twisted a bit so she could reach my mouth with hers. We shared an awkward kiss that made her pussy gush with more wetness. She was into me and I could feel it.

“How does that feel?” she asked breathlessly.

“So kaçak bahis good, Kendra. So fucking good.”

“Good, baby. It feels good to me too.”

An alarm began to sound and Kendra looked up and noticed where we were. She looked around for the alarm and grabbed for her phone on the counter. I could feel her pussy sliding away and I was sad about it. She disabled the alarm and began to get up.

“Hey! Where are you going?” I cried.

“Your hour is up, Lany. I’m sorry but I have to go. I have another appointment scehduled for after you. I have to clean up and get back to work. I want to stay here with you though. I really do.” She leaned back toward me and gave me a hugry kiss.

“Okay. I understand.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not charging you for the facial since you didn’t really get one. I’m sorry about that. This was really unprofessional of me.” She looked scared and I wanted to reassure her that she had nothing to worry about but I was having trouble forming words as I watched her put her clothes back on. Her body was fucking beautiful and I hadn’t had a chance to properly take it in. I looked at her now and I could hardly believe how gorgeous she really was.


“Yeah?” She looked flustered.

“Kendra, I’m not mad about the facial. I’m happy that we finally connected. I really like you.” I put my hand on her arm to convey my honesty.


“Yeah. I’ve been wanting you a long time.”

“Oh, Lany. I’m so glad you said that!” She kissed me again, this time even more deeply. I could feel her raw emotion as we made out, our hands running all over one another’s skin. “Lany, I have to go now. Can you get dressed for me? Maybe we can go out after work and have dinner? Are you free.”

“My schedule is clear for you. I’ll see you after work.”

“Okay, Lany.” She kissed me one more time before she dressed and left the room. I was ecstatic. I went back to my post at the front desk and picked up the phone.

“Hey, Lany! How did things go?”

“Kennedy, I have to cancel dinner tonight because guess what?”

“What?” she screamed with excitement, hoping it was what she was thinking.

“I’m going on a date with Kendra to dinner!”

“Oh my God! Eeeeeee!” Kennedy screamed. “See! I told you the appointment would work!”

“It worked like a charm! Thank you Kennedy, you really are my best friend.”

“Of course I am! I love you, girlie and I’m so happy for you. Do you need me to bring you an outfit or are you wearing today’s work clothes?”

“Oh my God, I don’t know! I haven’t thought about it!”

“Well, that’s why you have me. I happen to have the perfect date outfit all picked out. I’ll be by soon to drop it off.” She giggled.

“I can’t wait for this date!”

“Yeah, you’ll be rubbing pussies in no time,” Kennedy joked. I couldn’t wait to tell her that we already had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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