A Different Kind Of Tutor

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Growing up in a small farming town in the early 90’s is not what anyone would call exciting. Most times, it was about as fun as watching paint dry. Weekends could be fun, if you liked to go out and drink, or if you had a girlfriend. I had no girlfriend, did not like to party, and was not a typical small town farm boy. Needless to say I had a lot of free time on my hands.

Autumn Friday nights in small town America mean one thing: FOOTBALL! Now I loved to play football, so for a while, I fit in, somewhat. I loved playing football, watching football, living and breathing football. What I did not like was schoolwork. I always seemed to scrape by, but just barely. That’s where Mrs. Hall came in and everything changed.

Mrs. Hall was the math teacher in our school. Algebra, geometry, trig, calculus; if it was math related, you had Mrs. Hall. Mrs. Hall was a redhead, about 5’9″, and was in great shape at 41 years old. She was married to a guy at least 20 years older than her, had no kids, and lived outside of town in a nice little farm house.

Mrs. Hall also had gone to school with my mother, and they were still friends, so any time I was having issues, my mom would know about it, sometimes before I did. Which leads us to the meat of this story.

It was SR year, September, football season in progress, and I had just turned 18. I had been neglecting my homework in all of my classes, but was passing most of them, except algebra. No pass equals no play. I knew that I couldn’t fail, but I was not sure how to make up the extra work so I could pass. Fortunately (in hindsight) Mrs. Hall had already spoken to my mom about setting up some tutoring for me so I could pass. Mom had signed me up without me even having a say in the matter.

Mrs. Hall usually tutored out of her home, not extremely unusual in those days. Our first session was to be on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon. I was pissed about missing my college games, but I had to make up the points, so I sucked it up and went to her place. She met me at the door in a pair of modest shorts and a semi form fitting t shirt with a picture of our school mascot on it.

“Come on in, Charlie, we have a lot to cover today.” she said as she led me to her dining room.

“Yeah, ok.” I mumbled, walking inside.

We sat down at the table, facing each other, and I opened up my book, ready to get it over with.

“I know you would rather be watching football today, but I do not want to see you fail my class.” she said with genuine canlı bahis concern in her voice. “I want all my students to succeed, so I will do whatever it takes to help them understand. Let’s work on a few problems, maybe I can tell what you need help with.” she said as she slid a sheet of 20 algebra problems in front of me.

I breezed through them, and slid them back to her. She seemed irritated at my lack of effort, but did not say anything. I watched the look on her face go from irritation to shock as she checked my answers. “These are all correct.” she said. “And you barely spent any time on them.”

“I know the work Mrs. Hall, it’s just…” I trailed off.

“Just what?” she asked.

“I guess that it’s that I don’t care much about it. Schoolwork bores me, this town bores me, I am just ready to get out of here. I don’t have many friends here, nobody likes what I do. I just hate this place!” I let it all out.

She looked at me with a look of sadness and compassion. “Can I ask you something?”

“I guess so.”

“Forgive me if I am being nosy, and I promise I will not say anything to your mom, but, have you, um, how do I ask this, are you attracted to guys? I have never seen you with a girl, not that that is wrong, but, I am just curious, maybe that is the reason you are so unhappy.” she said, almost embarrassed to ask the question.

“What? No, I’m not gay!” I snapped back.

“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to make you mad. I am just concerned about you, that’s all. So, I guess that means you have never had a girlfriend then?” she questioned cautiously.

“It’s ok, it’s just that I hear that shit, oops sorry, crap all the time from the guys. ‘Haha, you must be a fag, don’t have a girlfriend’. It gets old. To be honest, I have never even kissed a girl, the most I have ever done was maybe a hug from a chick after a game, otherwise, I might as well be invisible.” I said, an overwhelming sense of loneliness washing over me.

She looked down at the table, then reached across to take my hand in hers. “I understand. When I was in high school, I never had a boyfriend, never went to the dances, hardly went out, just stayed at home and drew or wrote stories.” her voice trembled slightly. “In college, I thought it would be different, but it wasn’t. After I got my teaching degree, I came back here to be close to my parents. I had been teaching for about 6 years when I met Bill and we got married. Wasn’t exactly how I thought my life would be, but I can’t complain.”

As bahis siteleri she held my hand, I could feel her pulse and it was racing. I don’t know if it was teenage hormones or seeing my teacher as something other than authority for the first time, but I decided to see what would happen.

“Wow, I didn’t know you went through that. I tell you, if I had went to school with you, I wouldn’t have ignored you. I bet you were hot, hell, you are still hot.” I was in uncharted waters. She could have thrown me out of her house, told my parents, told the school that I was some kind of perv and had me sent to the school where all the pregnant chicks and hoodlums went. I waited anxiously.

“Oh, whoa, I don’t know what to say. Thank you for saying all that. You are a really sweet kid for making me feel wanted.” she said, sadness in her voice.

My heart was pounding and it felt like the whole world was spinning, but I was feeling extremely bold. I took her hand and moved it to my lips and gently kissed her fingers. She closed her eyes and smiled, but did not protest. I went further, turning her hand over and kissing the back of her wrist. Again she smiled. Throwing caution to the wind, I stood up and waited for her to stand up as well. “Let’s sit on the couch and talk, these chairs are hard.”

She nodded ok and followed me into the den. We took a seat, hands still being held. “Mrs. Hall…”

“Jane, you can call me Jane.” she said.

“Ok, Jane. I meant all those things I said. I remember the first day of freshman algebra. I remember walking into class and seeing you in that black and white striped skirt, the black long sleeved blouse you had on, the tan hose, the black heels, I remember seeing you and thinking ‘Wow, this chick has got to be fresh out of college’. And when you faced the class, your smile made my heart race. I always loved when you would linger by my desk, the smell of your perfume. If I wasn’t a high school kid, I would say, I would take you out to dinner and a movie and all that romantic stuff. You are beautiful, Jane.” I heard myself saying, almost like an out of body experience.

She looked at me, stunned. She did not speak for what seemed like an eternity. I was in full panic mode, thinking I had messed up royally, when she leaned over and gave me the first real kiss I had ever had. I let go of her hands and pulled her closer to me, her hands running through my hair. I felt her tongue in my mouth and it was amazing. We kissed for what seemed like bahis şirketleri forever before she broke away.

“Wow! It has been so long since I have been kissed like that. Bill is gone for work most of the time, and when he is here, he hardly ever touches me. I know we shouldn’t, but follow me.” she said as she pulled me up off the couch.

She led me back to the bedroom, jumping me the second we got through the door. “I haven’t had sex in 8 months now. I want to be your first.” she said as she started removing her clothes. I stripped down in record time and stood watching her slowly remove her shirt and shorts, revealing a sexy black lace bra, and to my surprise, no panties. She turned to face me as she let the bra slide down. “You like?” she asked as I admired her body.

“Oh yes!!” I said, looking at her figure, tight like a runners body, dark red pubic hair trimmed into a landing strip, and nice firm 34c breasts, real, not man made.

She walked over to me and said “Relax, I know what I am doing.” She had me lay on the bed, and she positioned her lips over my throbbing cock. She took me in her mouth, slowly going down, nice firm suction, all while looking me in the eyes. Thirty seconds in, oh no, I tried to warn her as the cum exploded from me. She moaned as she swallowed every last drop.

I was kind of embarrassed, but she smiled and said “Now that that is taken care of, we can have some real fun.” She slid up my body and slowly lowered her wet pussy over my still hard cock. She moaned in pleasure as she rode me, up and down for several minutes. I began to feel the familiar twitch of orgasm when she said “I am about to cum!!” Hearing her say that sent me over the edge and as soon as I started she started cumming too.

We both came and fell into each others arm. I woke up about an hour later, arms around her, her head on my chest. She looked up at me and kissed me. “That was so fun. I want to do this again, but we have to keep it real quiet. We could both get into serious trouble for this.”

“I know. It was awesome though! I want to do it again!”

She looked at me and laughed, “Easy there, we have time. Nobody can see the house so you are safe here. I would love it if you could spend the night. Bill is going to be gone for 2 months, so I’m all alone.”

“Hell yeah I can stay, parents are out of town for the weekend.” I said.

“Ok, well, we can do this all weekend then, but first I need a shower, then we can get something to eat.” She kissed me again, then got up and headed for the bathroom. I lay on her bed, emotions running wild when I heard. “Are you going to join me?” I jumped off the bed and ran to the shower where we had round three!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20