A Dirty Old Man Ch. 02

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Imagine, you have a chance to live out a fantasy. That’s what I’ve been able to do. This is the continuing story of my obsession with “Dirty Old Men’, Bless them all.


Charlie stood up and pushed me aside. “Put them panties back on.” He walked past me and into the living room. Did he say I was to be his personal sex slave? My god how did this happen? I knew as I walked towards the living room, to Charlie, that I was going to do anything he wanted. I had found that excitement again. The years were good to me and I had many enjoyable moments. This feeling, the spark, had been missing.

I saw the magazine on the floor. Big Jugs, that’s what started this whole thing. I wasn’t sure what to do so I stood in the doorway and waited for Charlie to instruct me. Funny I never needed instruction before, not for many years at any rate. I covered my breasts with my arms not from fear or shame but rather protection from what I couldn’t see before me.

The house was dark and as I stood anticipating what was to come next I heard Charlie yelling from the middle of the room.

“Put those hands down. Those big tits belong to me. Bring them babies here so I can get to work.”

I saw Charlie sitting on the couch and I walked to him. I looked about the room and it was filled with old worn furniture, old and worn, just like Charlie. As I got closer I saw that he had taken his pride and joy out of his shorts. His cock was a surprise. It had to be a good six inches and at least three in girth. What he lacked in length his width made up for. The head was a big bulb, red and swollen. I was secretly excited. The fact that Charlie was 81 meant that in all likelihood he wouldn’t have the physical power to have an erection. This was more than I ever imagined. He was stroking it slowly up and down the shaft. I wanted that snake slithering in my pussy.

“I see that look on your face; you’re surprised that an old guy like me can still get it up. Well, don’t worry, I can not only get it up, I can keep it up. I’ve lived a good life, took care of myself. Good living keeps you firm and hard. It doesn’t hurt that a fine woman like yourself is willing and wants it, and we both knew the minute you walked thru my door that you wanted it. You love having a dirty old codger like me slurping my tongue over them big tits. I saw your nipples, big and hard sticking up and pointing at me. You wanted me to reach right out and feel you up when you sat down. I may be old but I’m not blind or stupid. You showed me that pussy before I even opened the door. Well now you’re gonna get what you want.”

Something told me he was a man of his word.

“I can suck them tits real good, so good it makes your cunt cream. When I slid my old fingers in your wet pussy you fucked my hand real nice. You have a clit the size of a cherry and I’m gonna have to suck on that for a good while. Maybe I’ll finger you and suck that clit at the same time, maybe I won’t. Dirty Old Charlie is gonna teach you how to pop your clit for me. I bet you don’t even know what that is? I’m gonna show ya.”

Now, this was something I had never heard of, and I was not a woman who didn’t enjoy her life.

“I’m gonna have to start all over now sucking them big jugs and creamin up that pussy. The prize today is that cunt juice when you cum over and over in Old Man Charlie’s mouth. Now see that chair there you go stand in front of it.”

Charlie had pointed to a chair with big arms on it. I walked over to it and stood waiting for Charlie to tell me where he wanted me. I’m sure it was somewhat of a surprise that I followed his instructions and didn’t refuse. Why would I, I wanted to be here. Charlie got up off the couch and let his cock hang freely, proudly, out of his shorts.

He walked towards me smirking, licking his lips and rubbing his hands together. When he was standing in front of me he grabbed my tits, bent his head, and just bit each nipple. It made me cry out and he did it again causing me to yelp. Feeling positive, a dirty smile came over his face, he slipped canlı bahis his tongue out of his mouth and he licked each throbbing tip. My old man took a step back, pursed his lips, and began blowing on the swelling flesh. The cool air caused the already puffy nipples, to stiffen and harden. He brought his hands up and started pulling them straight out. I couldn’t believe how huge my sore nipples were, they had become double in size. They looked like two red gumdrops. Even when they weren’t teased and sucked they were still big and hard more like pencil erasers.

I learned very early on that my breasts were something men wanted to touch and bite.

My first occurrence with a dirty old man was at nineteen. That experience is still what drives my sexual fantasy to this day. I’m sure you’re curious as to what happened? I know you’re all interested and I will tell you but that will have to wait. Now, this is all about Charlie.

Charlie was ready to proceed and he wasn’t willing to waste any time.

“Old Charlie is about to teach you to pop your clit. Now, I have to swell that button up nice and big, tease it real good so its gonna stand up high when you pop it. Here’s the thing, I’m gonna have to suck on your clit real good. My old tongue has to lick all around and get it real hot and stiff. You’ll want Old Charlie to suck it till you cum but that’s gonna get you punished. No matter what, you can’t cum until I say you can. If you do ohhhh boy will you get it real good. Now get over here and sit down in this chair, put your cunt on the edge and your legs over the arms nice and wide.”

I sat down into the chair and moved forward until my cheeks were right on the edge of the cushion. I lifted my legs and put them over the arms and leaned back against the chair. My pussy was wide open.

Henry started rubbing my pussy through my panties. He slipped a finger underneath the part that covered my lips. He moved that digit up and down, getting it wet. When he felt it was sopping with my secretions he pulled it out.

He held the finger under his nose and told me I had a sweet smelling cunt; he licked his finger and said it tasted like honey.

He got closer and with his cock in his hand he started rubbing it up and down my lace covered honey pot. I was feeling the fire grow inside my body. Charlie pushed my panties aside and with one finger he found my clitoris. He teased it and pulled his finger out. He got down on his knees right in front of me and I moaned when he put his mouth on me and let his tongue tease my hard cherry through my panties. The fabric was rough and it felt like sandpaper but so so good.

Charlie said he needed to get a good taste and he pulled my panties down and off. He brought them to his face and took a deep breath; he felt the wetness in his fingers and rubbed his cock with the fabric before he put them down.

“Oh baby, your cunt is running pussy juices like a faucet, I’m gonna lap it up and get you good and hard. Don’t you cum.”

I looked down and saw an old man, almost bald, with fat sticky smelly fingers, just about toothless, preparing to suck my pussy and I couldn’t wait for him to start. How this 81 year old man was able to get his chubby old body down on the floor was something I didn’t care about.

This dirty old man, put his hands under my ass, picked me up and buried his tongue in my cunt. He was tongue fucking me. I heard him sucking up my pussy honey and he couldn’t get enough. I knew the minute he lapped my clit I was cumming and no one could stop it. I felt him pull his tongue out of me and I felt him slide a finger in me instead.

His tongue licked upwards and found my button. The tongue, his weapon, swirled around my hot hard clit. He sucked it into his mouth and I began shaking and begging.

“Oh Oh, yes yes, Oh yes, suck me suck me, Ohhhh baby I love that.”

Charlie sucked hard and I had to cum, I didn’t care what he did to punish me. Any punishment was worth the pleasure. He started finger fucking me deep and fast, sucking, fucking, bahis siteleri I had to cum, I had to, and then, it all stopped.

“Look at that fucking cherry, oh man it’s ready to pop up and get some. Put your hands down and pull your pussy lips back real tight, there it is,


I reached down and pulled back on my lips, I watched my clit pop up like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. My love button was enormous, just like a crimson sweet treat, hard and wet.

Charlie reached out and grasped it between two fingers. He began jerking it up and down, it was wicked good. I felt Charlie let go and I saw him lower his mouth over my pussy. I took a deep breath and waited for his lips to make contact. His lips covered that swollen nub and sucked it like a dripping popsicle. The tip of his old tongue was flicking it while his old lips sucked it. He stopped long enough to announce his intentions.

Proudly he looked into my eyes and said,

“Now this old cocker is gonna suck you off, you cum hard in my mouth; I want you to fill this old mouth with hot sweet pussy juice.”

He opened his mouth; his tongue slithered out and swallowed my clit into his sucking jaws. He put two fingers in my cunt and he fucked me hard, the sucking lips, fucking fingers, didn’t stop. This old man was doing everything I needed and wanted from him. Without the pressure changing, in minutes, I was cumming and I wanted him to know.

“OH OHHHHHH, Ohhh, God Oh God, yes I’m cumming hard old man, now suck those juices you wanted from my pussy and swallow them down.”

My pussy was pulsing and throbbing. I pushed up hard onto face face and he didn’t skip a beat. His lips and tongue were in perfect rhythm and I was singing his song.

“Yesss, Ohhhh yessss, you’re driving me mad, don’t stop, please, please don’t you dare stop.”

That was me, screaming, pleading and Charlie delivered. My body was on fire, shaking, trembling. Charlie pulled his mouth off my pumping cherry and when I opened my eyes up he was kneeling in front of me. He got to his feet and his cock was like a hot poker.

“Get up and bend over this here chair, I’m about to bury this old cock in your cunt and fuck you hard, long and deep.”

I couldn’t move, my body felt as though it was convulsing, and I didn’t want it to end. My pussy was hungry and I wanted Old Charlie to drive that poker deep in my cunt and fuck me forever. The waves of immediate satisfaction washed over me. I wanted it to last and last.

I forced my body to move, to stand. I turned my back to Charlie, he couldn’t wait, and he was rubbing that hard dick on my ass and pushing me down. I grabbed the arms of the chair and planted my feet I knew what was coming and I wanted to feel the full brunt of Charlie’s assault. I felt a hand on the small of my back and Charlie started searching for the opening to the pleasure zone. His cock was close and suddenly it slipped in and the ride began.

This filthy old man was burying his meat so deep in my meat locker I felt it in my stomach. Charlie drove harder and deeper with each thrust. He had a power hammer ramming my pussy over and over. When I thought he couldn’t keep going he grabbed my hips and he drove it home.

“What a cunt you got Lady, your fucking Old Charlie good. Oh yeah, tighten up on this big dick, pull it down deep, oh baby we’re fuckin now ain’t we? Your cunt is just gobblin up this piece of meat and I’m here to give it all it can swallow. Oh you hungry slut we’re fuckin ain’t we? Oh yeah, we’re just fucking. Okay, okay, Old Charlie’s gonna shoot his load, its coming up, coming up outta my balls, into my cock, ohhhh, ohhhh, get ready bitch, pulling out, now turn around and suck my cock.”

Charlie pulled his poker out of my fiery cunt and when I turned around he pushed me to my knees and buried it in my mouth. Within seconds he was shooting hot gobs of cum into my throat. My lips tightened around his shaft, I sucked it hard. The more I sucked, the more it shot, spraying the bahis şirketleri back of my mouth over and over. Hot salty cum filling my throat and leaking out down the side of my sucking lips.

“There’s more coming baby, its coming out now, right in your hot mouth. Ok cunt, let’s slow it down, loosen up and let old Charlie fuck that pretty mouth a little, yeah that’s it, sliding in and out real nice. Oh man, your mouth is like a nice warm pussy. Ohhhh yeah, old Charlie is dying down, because I fucked that cunt real good.”

He reached down and pulled his softening cock out of my wet cum filled mouth.

“Yup, gimme my cock girl, you’ve had enough.”

Charlie pulled his softening roll of meat out of my lips and watched his cum dripping down onto my chin after it.

“Woman, you are one good piece of prime pussy. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had anything but my old fingers around my boy here and baby you were sure worth the wait. We’re gonna have us a whole lot good times. I think it’s time for you to get yourself together, slow it down, cool it off and let me rest, before you kill this old man with that lethal fine cunt. Time for you to put your clothes on, I’ll be waiting for you in the kitchen.”

He turned and walked out of the room. I had to pull myself up and I was very shaky on my feet. My legs felt as if they couldn’t carry me one step. I wiped Charlie’s cum from my lips and chin and took a step. My pussy was raw. Each time I took a step my pussy lips rubbed together and I felt like I had a piece of sand paper brushing me. I looked down and my nipples were almost blood red. They were swollen like never before and the throbbing was intense.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water, I let a cloth get saturated and placed it between my legs. The warmth was soothing, I couldn’t wait to get home and sit in a hot soapy bath and clean myself well. I looked in the mirror and what I saw shocked me. My hair was all over the place, my mouth was sore with lips that were swollen and chaffed. My nipples looked as though they would stay this size for ever. I saw something else. The face looking back at me smiled, slyly, and I knew why.

I had been ravaged by my sweetest obsession. Dirty Old Man Charlie was everything that excited me. I was determined to see him again. I would do anything to be with him.

I put my panties and skirt on, my bra, and did the best I could with my blouse. Charlie had ripped all the buttons off when he wanted to get to my breasts. I opened the door and walked into the kitchen.Walking towards this man, he looked old, and used up. For a moment I was truly concerned until he spoke to me


“Now, today you were late, tomorrow you’re on time. You be here by 10AM and plan to stay day and night. Old Charlie will have a few surprises for you I think your gonna like. I’m gonna miss your big titties not being here when I want them. Maybe I can have a little suck before you leave. Come here to me so I can reach them big babies. Put your arms down, there we go, your blouse is open, guess I tore off all those buttons getting to these “Big Jugs” like my magazine.”

Would this have happened without me seeing that magazine, I honestly didn’t know. Worse, I didn’t care.

“I’m just gonna bite them big tittie toppers with your bra on. I can see those big nipples begging for Old Charlie to bite em.”

Charlie pulled me closer and true to his word he grabbed my breasts and bit down on first one, than the other, sore stiff nipple. I felt the pain; I also felt my pussy stirring.

“Man I hate to let them go, but I got to get some rest for tomorrow. Now I know with you here I wouldn’t sleep a wink, I’d fuck and suck all night. Go on now, get home, and remember, don’t be late.”

I walked to the door and opened it to the fresh air. I walked to my car, opened the door. got in, and started it up. When I arrived here this morning I was doing my civic duty and visiting an old man who didn’t appear to be enjoying life. Whatever I thought this visit would be I had no idea it would be like this. I was already wondering what tomorrow would bring. The anticipation was making my pussy quiver. As I drove away I just wanted a bath and a bed. I needed a good night’s sleep, for sure.

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