A Divorced Asian Submits Her List

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This is an adult sex story.

All the characters are of the age of consent or far over it!

Any children named or mentioned are not involved in anything sexual.

This is story number sixty four (64).

Please read my previous story for context.

Enjoy and thanks for the views and votes.


I had first met her, Ms. Caroline Shin, in the kitchen of one of my hotels.

Her company was bidding to provide restaurant services to Darius Hotels, a chain of hotels I own.

Founded by her father and mother on nothing but a few dollars and lots of hope, the company, Shin Foods, became a genuine American success story.

Cutting, rolling, and cooking in the kitchen of a one bedroom apartment kitchen near the docks of the harbor of San Pedro, California, her parents initially prepared sushi, selling and delivering it door to door each day to the families of Japanese American fisherman who called the port home.

Through the years the reputation grew, and over the course of a lifetime of hard work and focus, the family business owned and controlled everything from fishing boats to processing plants to warehouses to restaurants, managing the entire supply chain and making bushels of money in the process. They expanded from just sushi to offering many types of seafood for clients in restaurants, college and universities, and in government facilities including the military.

Caroline was an only child, a graduate of UCLA and had been COO for just a few years before she decided that the future of the company was in the outsource food prep and restaurant business as well as going “retail” meaning selling to grocery stores and club stores.

She got that idea while spending two full years at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) going from campus to campus gleaning whatever she could.

Her travels took her to Hyde Park just north of New York City; Napa and St. Helena in the Northern California wine country; San Antonio, Texas and finally to Singapore.

So, while Caroline didn’t earn an official MBA, she worked in every job in the company from hauling in fishing lines to gutting tuna, to driving a forklift and delivering pallets to Sysco Food Service distribution centers in a semi.

She could have been teaching classes at Harvard Business School.

She couldn’t make any major moves with the business while her parents were still living. But she could start laying the groundwork, the foundation for the pivot.

Caroline married just out of college but it didn’t last. Her parents never liked or trusted her husband and were relieved when he filed for divorce after less than a year. They wrote him a check and that was that. After that she immersed herself in the business with an occasional date but no serious boyfriends.

The day I met her, she was a bundle of energy and enthusiasm as she made herself right at home in our Pasadena, California hotel kitchen.

I’d come down with Asian Fever before.

If you read early my stories “I Partner with Linda, a Salon Owner” and “I Rub an Asian MILF the Right Way” you’ll know that following the passing of my first wife in an automobile accident, I discovered the many joys of having sex with attractive Asian females.

Linda and Akiko were smart women, and liked making money but were quite earthy when it came to enjoying my hard cock, or other women at my bidding.

I do not want to stereotype but theses two were somewhat subservient and no sexual request was ever denied me.

Caroline was sophisticated, smart, educated, charming and fun to be around. I was immediately attracted to her.

She was just one of those people you wanted to be with. I pegged her as being 35, give or take.

A gentleman never asks a woman her age. And with Asian women, let me just say they aged well so I would be lucky to be within ten years of the actual age.

There was a lot at stake in what she was doing; if she could land us as a client, the company could make a major shift and would move to get out of sourcing and distribution and move into retail which she could take globally if she wanted to; sort of a Celebrity Chef opportunity.

Caroline was 5’8″ tall, with a lithe figure with curves in the right places. She had slender ankles, always a good sign for me.

She was wearing heels too; dangerous in the kitchen perhaps but I liked the way those “fuck me” high heels pushed her legs and ass up, further cementing lecherous thoughts running wild in my brain.

I thought that she had nice legs that would go great on my shoulders.

Her face was diamond shaped; her mouth was a bit large for her face (but I thought it would be perfect for the girth of my cock), and she had perfect white teeth and a pink tongue that she flicked out every so often. When I saw that tongue for the first time it was unexpected and as if by magic, something in my pants stirred.

Her eyes were large; more American in size than the usual smaller Oriental ones I was familiar with.

Caroline’s dark eyes sparkled and her eyebrows güvenilir bahis were black but plucked thin which made me wonder about her pubic hair.

I’m sure the carpet matched the drapes but was there any carpet under her panties?

I didn’t know anything about her at the time, but I immediately noticed she wasn’t wearing a wedding or an engagement ring on her manicured fingers.

She did have on expensive pearl earrings and, I assumed a pearl necklace to match under her executive chef’s coat which was buttoned to the neck.

Her thick longish black hair was in a bundle under a hairnet.

You wouldn’t expect it, but her voice was the same as Kathleen Turner, the hot blonde who rose to fame in “Body Heat.”

Caroline could have done voiceovers for Ms. Turner; if I closed my eyes to hear her speak I would swear I was in the same room as Kathleen.

I was smitten just seeing her and when she shook my hand and smiled at me, well, my heart fluttered and I was more than interested, I was taken.

My cock stirred, stronger this time, at her touch and when I caught a whiff of her “fuck me now Big Boy” perfume I was ready to lean in and kiss her.

But I held back on my primal urge.

Caroline moved around the kitchen, sometimes facing me and sometimes her back was to me as she worked the burners and oven.

She had to know I was watching everything she was doing.

More than once she quickly turned from working the stove to the chopping table and caught me staring at where her ass was a second earlier.

Caroline just smiled at me as my eyes moved to her face and then she pushed her hair back behind her right ear, a sign of sexual interest in me.

She chopped, sautéed, diced, blended, baked, cooked, stirred; all the while she was keeping us informed about what she was doing and at the same time answering questions about her company, herself, her parents, her management team, the company, plans for growth, and where she’d been on vacation (basically, she didn’t take vacations but gave a short list of places she wanted to visit).

Her goal was to deliver a presentation for lunch that would hit all the senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch in perfect harmony.

This required a variety of foods and beverages, second by second planning and an outstanding delivery.

She achieved her goal.

Caroline served us as we sat at the table, then took off her white chef’s coat revealing her “little black dress” with a pearl necklace.

Her figure was stunning; slender as I suspected with great legs and a healthy rack.

I thought I saw her nipples poking through the black material … maybe I was just imagining things. Or maybe I was just hoping.

Her ass was tight, firm and spank-able. I wanted my hands on that butt of hers like yesterday.

As the old saying goes “I’d eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from” and God, I was willing … that ass was superb.

Lunch was on the table but I would have ripped off her dress and eaten her out right then and there given the opportunity.

She noticed me taking it all in and smiled at me, teasing me as to say “Like what you see?”

Then, noticing that no one at the table was looking at her but me, she quickly turned around with her back and ass to me and moved both hands down her sides, ostensibly to smooth her dress down when it fact she was simply teasing me by shaping her world class ass with her hands for my viewing pleasure.

As she turned back to the table, and to me, she looked a bit flushed but her eyes were dancing as she apparently enjoyed putting on a private show for me.

“What a sexy tart” I thought. I was loving every second of this.

Then she reached up behind her and pulled off her hair net, thrusting her ample chest out even more.

She shook her head a couple of times, revealing shoulder length hair that somehow was coiffed; whatever she did it was a trick I wanted to learn more about because I wanted to patent whatever allowed her to do that.

Her eyes still only on me, she sat opposite of me at our table and hoisted a glass of champagne, toasting “To a beautiful future together.”

I quickly envisioned a future with Caroline of nothing but pure animal sex, her flawless naked body sweating and responding to my bidding as I fucked her to orgasm after orgasm as she rode my cock in every position imaginable.

Caroline must have read my mind because from what I could tell, she only had eyes for me from that moment on, and I loved her for it.

We proceeded to break bread together and the tabel talked about anything and everything but business.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and all the while I was wondering, “why the hell wasn’t she married” but it was none of my business.

After all, I was quite happily married to Catherine.

But I wasn’t dead, and as long as I am breathing and have eyes that work I am going to look at pretty women and fantasize about fucking them.

That’s what guys do.


Caroline’s türkçe bahis company did not get our business, for a simple reason: her food was too high end for our hotels. We weren’t the Ritz Carlton, more like the Hilton or Marriott and with most of our venues had only one dining room which had to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The glazed salmon filet she served us for lunch that day was just going to be too hard for a short order cook used to flipping pancakes or burgers to pull off.

When I gave Caroline the news, I did it in person because that was the right way to do it.

She took it well, she understood, and then she asked if I was open to other opportunities for our companies to work together.

I said I was certainly open to that and would meet her anytime, anyplace, to discuss us anything that she brought to the table.

I knew that when we did, we would have the time of our lives.

We parted with a hand shake and then she kissed me lightly on the lips before she left.

It was a genuine kiss from a genuine lady.

I hoped we’d be able to kiss again, soon.

This time for real.


So, I was rather amazed when I got a telephone call in late February from Doctor Tina, the reproductive organ / sex expert, to discuss her newest patient.

Keep in mind I had been “breeding” (my word) two to three women a week since November.

Please read the story “It’s an Offer I Can’t Refuse” for background.

These were women who had been identified by Tina who needed my services.

There had been no complaints but I’ll explain in a later story that how Tina thought all these appointments were going to go.

Because how they actually did go were wildly different than what she was thinking.

Yes, I did have sex with all the women; made a lot of money and had a great time with each of them.

(Well there was one who was a stone cold blonde bitch with an armored shield around her but I was able to piece it long enough to get her relaxed enough to have sex.)

And I successfully fucked them, I might add, because each one become pregnant as a result of my efforts, including the beautiful bitch who became so enamored with me that she wanted to name her son after me. Or so I was told.

But back to the call from Tina.

“Do you know Carol Chen?” she asked.

“Never heard of her” I replied, “What does she do?”

“I can’t say Jack because I have to honor doctor patient confidentiality.”

“So why are we having this conversation Doctor?”

“Jack, she is a CEO, married once a long time ago, never remarried, no kids, no siblings, no other living relatives except aging parents in a home. Business revenue is about $200 million a year. Privately held. She wants a baby. Now.”

I thought about the business and was impressed: “So, her clock is ticking?”

“Big time, which is why I jumped her to be next on your list, if you choose to accept the assignment.”

“What is this, Mission Impossible?”

Tina laughed. “Just as long as you don’t self-destruct Jack, you’ll be fine.”

I took a breath and realized that I was being a smart mouthed asshole. (I’m human it happens from time to time).

“Does she know I am Caucasian? Is that okay with her?”

“Jack, when it comes to pussy, I’ve never known you to discriminate.”

“I’m not discriminating, I’m just asking. Orientals are very specific about having children out of their race. The kids get heat their entire lives.”

“Well Jack, she knows about you because she has some female friends that you’ve been, what shall we say, very friendly with, and she wants what they have.”

I nodded and said to Tina “I was afraid that this would happen. That word would get out about me and then the jungle drums would start beating and before you know it, I’m giving up my day job to spend my days between the sheets making women pregnant for money.”

“Jack, I have to make an exception for Carol because she was a referral. Okay?”

I replied “I’ll say yes, now what happens?”

Tina laughed and said “I already spoke to Catherine about this and you have the green light to spend next week in Scottsdale so you can go to Spring Training with your buddies. And, while you are there you can have your appointment with Carol. As many appointments as she needs. I’m sure you’ll be up for that.”

What Tina didn’t say and I didn’t know was that Carol had already met with Catherine.

Following that, Carol had wired $2,250,000 dollars into the “personal consulting services” bank account where all the money went for what I call my “very personal coaching” was being held.

I didn’t know it at the time but she wired in that much money because she wanted me to be the father of two children, one right after the other.

And because she paid full price, in advance, Catherine offered my services for a full week, something she’d never allowed before.

The extra quarter million was the fee paid by Carol to Catherine for being able to pass on the pussy güvenilir bahis siteleri eating requirement that Catherine always insisted upon.

Normally the ladies in question introduced by Doctor Tina would meet Catherine for a private meeting where the lady would spend the afternoon orally satisfying Catherine’s always needy pussy and to satisfy Catherine’s need for domination.

As Catherine told me “The Queen doesn’t lick pussy Jack. The Queen gets her pussy licked by her subjects. These ladies are my subjects. No pussy, no penis. That’s how this works.”

Carol jumped at the chance to spend that much more time with me. And, I might add, to avoid eating pussy. But I didn’t know this then.

When I asked about getting a profile on Carol, I could hear Tina smile through the phone and “Jack, trust me on this, you don’t need a profile on Carol.”

My anger resurfaced out of nowhere and I yelled “If you’ve set me up with some obese lesbian who wants to get knocked up for her dyke husband, I am going to be really pissed off!”

Tina was still laughing at me when I slammed down the phone.

It took me an hour to calm myself.


I looked around the parking lot and then at the building wondering if this was a set up.

Not a reality show but worse, being exposed as a serial male baby maker for money.

Not a gigolo but … a … sperm donor. At least that won’t go on my tombstone.

I walked into the five star restaurant somewhat relieved that as far as I could tell I wouldn’t be running into anyone from 60 Minutes.

The hostess announced that my female guest had already arrived and took me to our booth, set way in the back of the restaurant where it was both private and semi- quiet.

Caroline smiled up at me as I walked to the booth and I shook my head in disbelief.

“You look great” I complimented.

She stuck her hand out for me to shake telling me “I knew you would never agree to what I’d like to do if you knew my real name before we re-connected.”

I took her hand and bent over to kiss her on the cheek.

She turned her head and our lips connected for the first time.

She smelled great and those soft lips were heavenly.

Caroline teased me with her tongue but there was no frenching.

I liked everything about this woman.

Including the black dress with the scoop neck that nicely displayed the top half of her ample breasts.

She was a schemer no doubt about it.

Caroline was even more beautiful and charming than the last time I had met with her when I gave her the bad news about not getting the contract.

As I pulled away she whispered to me “If you think I look great, imagine how I’m going to taste.”


The champagne was already chilling when I sat down and after our nice server, a young hot blonde, named Erin, poured our flutes, she disappeared and Caroline and I started talking.

She started with “You never called me after that meeting in your office.”

I nodded, not sure what to say and she continued with “I knew you would call me and you never did.”

I thought I would just take the bull by the horns and so I said to her “I’m sorry. Right after that decision the shit hit the fan in my marriage and I was exiled to …”

She put her hand up as a stop sign and said “I’m only kidding Jack. We said we would connect when there were reasons to do so. And now we have several.”

I nodded again, and inquired about a certain Carol Chen; the lady I was supposed to meet for the first time tonight.

Caroline laughed and replied that that was her married name and she used it so I wouldn’t get scared off.

“I wanted you since the minute we met in your hotel in Pasadena” she purred at me. “Didn’t you feel the connection between us Jack?”

Before I could reply she said “You got hard watching me make lunch and you were ready to explode when I took of my chef’s coat.”

I must have blushed because my face burned at least a little red and I squirmed a bit in the booth seat like a little boy caught doing something he shouldn’t and then I returned her recollection with “Guilty as charged.”

Caroline looked at me, leaned in a bit and whispered “I like having that effect on you Jack. I’ve been waiting months to be alone with you.”

I was sincerely flattered to hear these words from her and I smiled.

Caroline signaled for me to lean in and then she shared “I was surprised you couldn’t smell me when we were having lunch. My panties were soaked from the moment we shook hands. Thank God I had on a black dress otherwise you would have seen how hot and wet you made me.”

My chin must have dropped and she laughed.

“Jack, if it had only been the two of us that day at the hotel, I would have fucked you silly.”

She continued with “I’ve been thinking about what we would do together, in bed, for months.”

“So you’ve been planning this for quite a while have you?” I teased her back.

If she only knew I thought. I’d dropped whatever I was doing if only she’d contacted me.

And under the table, all this talk had my cock so hard and long it almost painful.


We didn’t really eat dinner; we enjoyed two bottles of champagne and a couple of appetizers.

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