A Dream That Might Come True

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“Oh, that feels so good. I just love what you are doing,” I exclaimed as my co-worker fucked me in the ass. “So tight. God, it feels good.”

This was the third secret time I had been with Jim, a friend that worked at the same place as me. I was laying on my stomach and Jim was slowly thrusting his big cock into me. Each time it gets better.

I remember well the first time. He had invited me over to watch a DVD, which turned out to be gay sex. I had never watched any like it and was fascinated that something as big as a cock would actually fit in a guy.

“Of course, Bob. A guy’s ass will take some surprisingly big cocks provided the guy with the cock knows how to do it. I like fucking guys. You ever been fucked?”

“No, of course not. I’m happily married. Why would you ask such a thing?”

“Well, when Greg and I traded jokes about ass fucking, you joined in. I figured either you had tried it or were at least interested. Sorry if I misinterpreted. This DVD has lots of gay sex. Since you’re here, want to watch it?”

“I guess. Don’t you have any others instead, like two guys fucking some girl?”

“No, just this one. Still want to watch?” as he popped the disc into the player. Midway through the video Jim looked over at me.

“Sorry, Bob, but this is turning me on.” He had a big bulge in his jeans.

“Don’t get freaked out, but I’m going to pull it out and jerk off while we watch.”

I tried to stay focused on the TV but became curious to see his cock. It was big and already half-hard. I noted with satisfaction, however, that mine was bigger.

Jim started rubbing his cock and it quickly became fully hard. I lost interest in the video and focused on him. He added some hand lotion, stroking the shaft up and down. I had done plenty of jacking off but watching someone else do was something else.

“Want to do it too? Go ahead, I won’t mind. I’d like to see your cock.”

I had always been proud of the size of my cock although no one but my wife had ever seen it. This was my first opportunity to show off.

“Damn, guy, that’s a big one. I had no idea you were packing such a monster. Can I touch it?”

He reached over and stroked it with his left hand as he continued stroking his cock with his right. I liked it. A few minutes later he squirted güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cum all over his hand. “God, that was such a turn on, playing with your big cock. I don’t usually come so fast. How close are you?”

“Not sure.”

“Here, let me help.” He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. Oh, man, this was great. He licked up and down and then sucked the head. Then he took more and more into his mouth until he had about half in. He continued for a few minutes until I exploded, shooting cum into his mouth. That felt good. My wife always did a great job sucking me. Jim was almost as good. I wondered where he got his experience.

“Sorry I couldn’t take you deeper, but you are so damn big. And you sure dumped a big load of cum.”

“Yeah, I haven’t fucked my wife for a couple of days. Jim, that was great!”

“I assume your wife sucks you off? Was I as good?”


Jim got us fresh drinks and we restarted the video. “When my cock is ready I would really like to fuck you in the ass. Would you let me?”

“Damn, Jim. I come over here to watch a porn video. Turns out to be gay. Then you suck my cock. And now you want to fuck me. I’m married and like fucking my wife. And besides, your cock is so big; I don’t think it will fit. And I don’t want you to hurt me.”

“Don’t worry, I know just how to do it. I’ve fucked plenty of guys with it and never had a problem. The trick is to loosen up your ass before I put in my cock. And, besides, my cock is actually smaller than that guy on the video.

“And I have fucked other married guys. You would be surprised how many guys have a secret desire to try it at least once. You let me suck your cock so I know you are curious, regardless of your professed reluctance. No one will know and you will like it. Trust me.

“Here’s what I will do: I have a dildo which I use to get a new guy ready. It’s smaller than my cock and you won’t have any problem taking it. Then I have a second one which is a bit bigger. After the first one, this one will also go in without trouble. And I put some stuff on it that numbs up your ass. Trust me, I know how to do this.”

He lubed the first dildo and slowly pushed into my ass. It fit fine and felt good as he pushed it in and out for several minutes.

“Feels güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri good, doesn’t it? My cock will feel even better.”

He pulled out the dildo and inserted the bigger one. It was definitely snug in my butt but didn’t hurt.

“You are a natural, Bob. Your ass was made to be fucked. OK, now for the main event.”

He straddled my legs, placing his cock at my anus, and pushed in the head. It took several pushes before I felt it enter. The rest of his cock went in with surprisingly little difficulty. He held steady for a moment to get me used to it and then started thrusting.

“Doing ok, Bob?”

“Yeah, it feels good. Something feels really good. Really good!”

“Your prostate. My cock head is rubbing up against it.”

Jim fucked me for about ten minutes, filling my ass with a big load of cum.

“You are a natural, Bob. You have such a sexy ass and you took my cock like a champ. I really liked fucking you.”

I liked it too, very much.

So now, for the third time, Jim has his cock in me. I relax on my stomach as his cock slowly slides in and out. He has been fucking me for about ten minutes but we are in no hurry. I fondle my cock under me. The last time I managed to come simultaneously with Jim. That was the best.

Jim’s cock goes in deep, then he pulls out completely, his head barely touching my hole. Then slowly, oh so slowly, back into me. I know he will speed up as his climax approaches but he is not there yet. Good, I want it to last. His cock feels so good.

“Bob, I told a couple of my friends about you. Not your name, of course, but I told them what a great ass you have and how you really like my cock. They would like to join us sometime, to fuck you. Are you interested?”

Jim’s cock was sliding in and out and I would have agreed to almost anything at that moment. “Yes, I would like them to fuck me. Do they have nice cocks like you?”

“About the same.”

“So you fuck them, like me? And do they fuck you?”

“Yes, I fuck them. And both have fucked me. I would let you do me but you are so big, you would tear me up.”

The next time we got together, his two friends joined us. I didn’t know either. No names were used. Jim fucked me first then they did me. I loved every minute and güvenilir bahis şirketleri my ass felt tingly after so much fucking. The next week they did me again.

“Bob, two guys from work want to fuck you.”

“Oh, yeah. Who?”

“Well, you know them but they are married and don’t want to take a chance of someone finding out they like ass. So if they do it, you will have to be blindfolded.”

“You mean they will fuck me but I won’t know who they are?”

“Yeah. You know, it could be kind of exciting. Having a cock in you, wondering whose it is. Then going to work and wondering who fucked you. What do you think?”

“You’ll be around? I wouldn’t feel comfortable unable to see.”

“Sure. I’ll fuck you first, then send in the first guy. After he does you, the second guy will fuck you. No talking, no peeking.”

And so it was set up. Jim did his usual good job of filling my ass with a big load of cum. Then he tied a makeshift blindfold over my eyes and said the first guy would be there in a minute. I heard the door open and someone joined me on the bed. Without warning he put the tip of his cock at my already stretched hole and pushed. Two more strokes and he was fully in. He fucked me hard for some minutes. It was interesting to compare his technique with that of Jim. His cock felt about the same.

He shoved deep and I felt a burst of hot cum enter my ass. Without a word he got up and left the room. The other guy immediately entered and shoved his cock into my ass. He seemed a bit bigger than the other guy or even Jim. I liked how he filled me up. All too soon he also climaxed and left the room.

The door opened again. It was Jim. “Well, how was it?”

“Good. I liked both cocks. I liked being fucked that much. Are they still here?”

“No, both gone. They both liked your ass and want to do it again.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“I want to fuck you again.”

“Sure,” as I rolled back onto my stomach, my ass in the air.

“Damn, Bob, you have cum dribbling out of your stretched ass,” as he pushed in his cock. I pushed back on every thrust.


I slowly opened my eyes. It was morning. Damn that alarm, what a great dream. Second time this week. Without disturbing my wife next to me, I got up and headed to the bathroom. My cock was hard as a rock. Man, that dream seemed so real.

I jerked off in the shower, dressed, and headed to work.

“Hi, Bob, how was your weekend?”

“Fine, Jim. And yours?”

“Really good. Spent some time with some friends. Why don’t you come over sometime, I have a new DVD.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20