A Few Thoughts on Things Ch. 03

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As I bask in our coupling my mind kicks into over drive. I know people like to say that men only think about one thing, I admit I do think about sex almost every minute of the day, but at this moment with our naked bodies pressed together I can’t help thinking about who you are and what brings the sexy creature your are to this coupling we share now. I do care but at this moment I’m not looking for the answers. I’m just settling into the commitment in my mind to make our love making last as long as I can.

I start to pick up the pace of my stroking in and out of you. I raise my body up on my hands and look down into your face. Our eyes lock and I give you a warm smile telling you that there is no other place on the planet that I want to be at this moment then here with you with our bodies engaged. You return my smile.

I sit up and run my hands over your skin. I just can’t get enough, I have to touch you. I pull your legs up one at a time, placing my arms behind your knees as I lower my hands back to the bed next to your shoulders. I start to pick up my pace. I start to bounce your body off of the mattress and back at me. I build the rhythm as I steadily increase the speed of my hips. There is that distinct slapping sound as our bodies make contact. I thrust my hips even faster. It is a hell of a pace, something that I really like doing, me thrusting my cock down into you and you bouncing up at me.

I keep an eye on your face making sure you are enjoying the way I am now using your body for my pleasure and I’m hoping you are feeling equal enjoyment. We have a great pace going now. I am sweating and it is dripping down on you. You are almost a blur as I feel like I’m holding still pushing the mattress to fling your body back into me. This is fucking in its purist form. So far it looks to me like you are really enjoying it. I feel like I have to work my angst out. It has been so long since I have been able to do it this way. You seem to be able to take what I have to offer and really enjoy it. I love the squishy slapping sound our bodies are making.

I’m breathing hard now but the pleasure I’m feeling has trumped any fatigue I might of had. This is the best workout in the world. Slap, slap, slap, squish-slap, squish…damn I’m having a great time. Watching your tits bounce around is almost too much visual stimulation and I start my climb to orgasm. I quickly stop my pace and release your legs. It takes you a second to lower your legs. I smile down at you as you open your eyes. I lean to you for a kiss. I lower my body to yours as we kiss. I feel my sweat running down the sides of my face.

I break our kiss and lift one of your legs. I turn you onto your side. I run my hand down your back to your butt and back up your back to your shoulder. I love this position because it gives me access to your body. I can touch you just about anywhere. The other added benefit is that this position allows me to touch more of you on the inside. My impending release has subsided. Sitting up straddling your leg I place a hand on your hip holding you as I start to pump my cock in your pussy. Your ass is right there and I can’t güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri help but squeeze it and let my hands run all over it. I lean over you and bite your shoulder then your neck. I slide my hand off of your hip and over your stomach. I continue up to your chest and give your tit and good squeeze and rub. I slide my hand back down over your body all the way down between your legs. There is another advantage to this position, I can reach your clit. I start to gently stroke you. I apply a little more pressure than usual as I try to find a good contrast between our fucking and my stroking of your clit. I maintain a steady rhythm, in and out, in and out, while I stroke your clit. I run my free hand up your side and push your arm up towards your head. I lean down and suck your nipple into my mouth. I suck your titty as I stroke your clit and pump my cock in and out of your pussy. I hope you are in heaven because I know I am. I can tell by the noises you are making that you are enjoying my manipulations of your body.

It takes you awhile until you approach your orgasm. Even then it takes you a few minutes to reach the crest. As you finally reach your release I stop my contact with your clit and focus on my cock. I grab your hip and pick up my pace. I fuck you more aggressively throughout your orgasm. When you start to come down I slow down my penetration of your body. I begin a smooth steady rhythm. I lower my mouth to your ear and nibble and lick it. I whisper to you how sexy you are and how great it was to watch you cum.

I manipulate your body rolling you flat onto your tummy. I take your neck into my mouth to bite and kiss you. I sit up and run both my hands over your beautiful back taking in the fine details of your body. Your body feels so good on my hands. My hands travel to your butt and squeeze it as I pump rhythmically with my hips. I watch as my member slides inside of you then out again. I lightly trace your spine with my fingers causing goose bumps to grow on your skin.

I reach behind me and run my hands over your legs to your feet. I slide my fingers between your toes. I bring my hands back to your hips. I move my hips back from you and hold just the tip of my cock inside of you. I lightly pull on your hips letting you know I want you to rise to your knees. As you rise up I move with you making sure never to disengage my sex from yours. Once you are up and I’m straddling your legs I wrap an arm around your torso and slowly bring your body up. As you rise to a kneeling position your ass drops driving my cock deep into you. I feel your pussy lips against my abdomen. I’m completely buried in you. I slowly start to rock you up and forward as my hips lower, then I bring you back and down as I move my hips up to meet you. This feels great to me as my cock slides along your front inside wall of your pussy. I run my hands over your body as we begin our rhythmtic dance. I place both my hands on your breasts and squeeze your body to me. I leave one arm wrapped around your chest as I use my other hand to caress your stomach and pussy. I slide two fingers around my shaft as it penetrates güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri your pussy. I feel your moister. I take your clit between two fingers and lightly roll it around. I don’t think I have time to make you cum again because my release is quickly approaching. I pull both of your nipples out away from your body as I continue to use my mouth on your neck, shoulders, and back. I feel that oh so familiar pressure of my approaching orgasm. I tell you I’m getting close and that I would like you to be lying on your back when I cum. We quickly change position and now we are face to face. There is nothing like the old reliable face to face fucking. We kiss and that is all it takes to push me to the edge. I stroke with more urgency, hard and powerful, a few more times then I pull my cock out of you, sit up on my knees and stroke my cock with my hand as I let go all control. My cum squirts out once, twice, three times. Leaving small strands of my cum on the skin of your belly. Damn I haven’t squirted in years. Getting older has its disadvantages. It appears that you bring the best out of me. I lay my body on yours rubbing my belly against yours making a mess between us. It feels real good. I try and tell you how amazing that was but feel I fall miserably short.

After basking in the afterglow I get up to get you a towel. As I’m at the sink running warm water over a hand towel I look in the mirror and we catch each other’s eyes. I notice you have a very sweet smile on your face and take comfort in it. I take a moment to look over your form in that mirror. Wow.

After I help clean you up I suggest we move to the love seat and have a drink. I thoroughly enjoy sitting there naked with you having good conversation. We sit close to each other with our bodies touching. The drinks are good and strong and I run my fingers idly through your hair. You play playfully with my penis as we talk about our lives.

It doesn’t take long for my penis to start hardening. Now it is turning back into a cock. I lower my hand to your pussy and lightly trace my fingers over you. I slide my finger through your lips gently touching you. I’m fully hard now as you have been stroking me since my cock started showing life. Our conversation changes to sex talk. We kiss a couple of time and our touches become more purposeful.

You take my drink from my hand and set it down on the coffee table with yours. Then you straddle my hips as you mount me there on that sofa. You lower your body to mine as you guide me inside of you. You rock your hips back and forth as I hold your waist. We look each other in the eyes as you give me a devilish look. I just can’t help but to tell you again how sexy you are. You take my face in your hands and kiss me.

We share a long kiss as you continue to rock back and forth, up and down, on my lap. I can feel the heat build in your body. I watch as a light sheen of sweat appears on your skin. I love a woman that likes the kind of sex that brings the sweat on. I start giving you encouraging words, telling you how good it feels, telling you to fuck me good and to go for it. You seem güvenilir bahis şirketleri to like it. I tell you that this is what all that working out is for. It so we can engage in good vigorous fucking.

I grab your hips and lift you up. You place your hands on the back of the couch on both sides of my head. Then I start pumping into you as fast as I can. I keep up my pace for a couple of minutes then I settle down and let you ride me again. I ask you if you like that and you say you did. I ask you if you think you can cum again and you say you don’t know. I tell you that I want to lick your pussy and you give me a funny look. I ask you to sit up on your knees and you do. I pull out of you and then slide my body down between your legs. I lay my head back on the seat and ask you to sit your pussy down on my mouth. You do and I start lapping away at you.

I can really taste your love juices. Your pussy is open from the fucking and it drives me crazy. I eat you like a starving man. But that is more for my pleasure then for yours. I settle down and focus on licking you with full strokes of my tongue from the top of your pussy to the bottom. I make sure to make contact with your clit on my up stroke. You start to rock your hips rubbing yourself on my face. I love it. After a while of this you tell me you are getting close and I ask you if we can change position. I tell you I want to make you cum while my cock is inside of you.

You reluctantly agree but I think you trust that I will take care of you. I quickly scoop you up in my arms and toss you back on the bed. I lay you on your back and then I lay perpendicular to your body with our hips together. I lift your legs over mine then quickly push my sex into yours. I start pumping into you as I find your clit with one hand and I tug and pull your nipples with the other. I start talking to you telling you to cum on my cock. I tell you how good your pussy feels wrapped around my cock. I tell you how beautifully nasty you look with my cock inside of you while your nipples are being pulled and twisted. I’m laughing and you are too. I start quietly chanting “cum, fuck, cum, fuck”. I say in a low tone “nasty bitch fuck, cum, slut, fuck, cum on my cock, cum on my cock”. I say your name and tell you to cum. You are reacting to my language and what I’m saying. You’re grabbing me and arching your back. I know you want to cum. You’re building up to orgasm. I continue stroking your clit and tweaking your nipples. I’m stroking my cock trying to maintain my rhythm. Finally you crest and go over releasing your control. Once I know you are engulfed in your release I bend towards you and grab your legs up with my arm. I fold around your body so I can take your tit in my mouth and suck it hard. I can also pump into you much more aggressively as your body is wracked with your orgasm. I back off as you start to come down. I nuzzle your neck and cheek as your breathing starts returning to normal. I pull out of you and lie beside you spooning your body. I reluctantly tell you that our time is close to being up and we should get ready to return to our lives. You roll to face me and we hug wrapping our arms around each other. I feel that this was an amazing time that we have spent together and I tell you so. We share another kiss and it is one that I will always remember. Only a kiss that shares of equal emotion can feel like that. There is a mutual kind of love that passes between us.

The End

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