A First Time Ch. 05

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Author’s notes: This is the fifth installment in an eight-part series of a Japanese woman exploring her evolving incestuous world. In previous chapters, Laurie committed the first taboo of incest by losing her virginity to her younger brother and discovering the shameless joys of a sister-brother romance. Her second major incestuous taboo was their love child, Jonathan. In this telling, Laurie discovers the forbidden pleasures of the third major sin of incest. Enjoy.

Thanks to Amela for her editing to make this chapter more enjoyable.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Life has a way of punishing the weak willed and sinful, and I was both. I should not have been so weak willed as to let Kenny, my younger brother, seduce me in my own bed. I should not have been so sinful in carrying on with him and enjoying every drop of sperm that he could pump into my willing body. I was punished in spades and rapid succession for my naivete and transgressions: knocked up by Kenny in an “oops” moment of youthful passion, urgency and stupidity; married to a convenient boyfriend, Bruce; gave birth to Jonathan, my love child; and one year later, had Bruce’s true son, Andrew.

What I didn’t know, however, was that life reserves a special double whammy for those who don’t learn from their previous mistakes. This cosmic truth became apparent some eighteen years later when I was ensnared in another downward spiral into depraved incest – but this time with my very own love child, Jonathan.

Now, in my poor defense, I shared the same weaknesses of many mothers. Caught up with taking care of a household (a husband and two boys) along with working full time, I didn’t take much notice of Jonathan’s gradual physical changes. One day I happened to turn around to find that he was an over six foot tall, muscular, and handsome young man. If I was so inattentive as to Jonathan’s physical development, I was simply clueless about Jonathan’s burning curiosity about females, his rampant hormones, and his surging sexual urges.

I thought nothing of traipsing around the house wearing only a simple spaghetti-strapped smock with panties underneath. It never once crossed my mind that my eldest son was secretly ogling my small, braless breasts with their big, meaty nipples, the length of my legs, and the jiggling sashay of my buns. I didn’t suspect anything when Jonathan just happened to stumble upon me as I was undressing or that he would burst in while I was taking a bath to ask some burning question. I failed to notice all those telltale signs that Jonathan was exhibiting of his growing interest in me, his mother, and in more than just a normal mother/son way.

This all changed one Saturday afternoon when I happened to stumble upon Jonathan in the laundry room, jerking off with my silky panties wrapped around his erection. I remember how my breath caught in my throat. I immediately frozen in place from the instant realization of what was happening. I should have turned away out of utter mortification, but I was awestruck by the sight of my son’s fully engorged and extended cock. Simply put, for a Japanese-American eighteen-year-old boy, Jonathan’s masculine endowment was of breathtaking proportions.

However, what really held me in place was Jonathan’s predatory gaze as he rapidly beat his meat. I was a bird paralyzed by a swaying snake that was intent on devouring me and, while I knew that I should fly away, I was unable to do so. As my panties slid up and down his shaft, the lust in his eyes told me in no uncertain terms that I was the object of his masturbation fantasy. My heart fluttered to my throat as my breath came in short breathy grasps under Jonathan’s lustful stare.

It was only when his hips jerked violently to his loud guttural grunt as he exploded in my panties that I could tear my eyes away. I stumbled away, but with the undeniable awareness of the humiliating but unmistakable wetness between my legs.

As any mother would, I denied my sons’ sexual interest in me. More importantly, I dismissed how my body had reacted to the sight of my son’s erection. I, however, could not help but notice how Jonathan would always manage to position himself as I cleaned so that he’d could look down my neckline or up my skirt whenever I bent over. I became increasingly aware of the crusty wads on Kleenex in his bedroom trash can, the occasional stiff clump of his hardened underwear in the hamper, and his frequent and lengthy showers.

I told myself that these were natural adolescent urges and that I should be nonchalant about my son relieving himself so as not to embarrass Jonathan, a healthy young man. However, as my son’s interest in me grew, so did the discovery of my semen-laden panties and bras found in the bathroom hamper and laundry room. Yet, as distressed as I was, a part of me was strangely (or perhaps perversely) proud that a handsome young man would find a dowdy thirty-eight-year-old woman attractive – even if that woman was me, his mother.

Unknown to me at the time was that Jonathan was in the grips of an overwhelming canlı bahis şirketleri teenage male imperative: find a female to fuck. As a virgin eighteen-year-old, this was compounded by the second male imperative: find a female now! Unfortunately, like other young men of his age, the internet and the ubiquitous YouTube provided my son with a wealth of graphic how-to-do information on seduction and various sexual acts.

Even more unfortunate was that the only female who was readily available was me. It never dawned on me that Jonathan had locked on me like a sex-seeking missile and I never stood a chance of escaping. Like Kenny, my first lover and Jonathan’s biological father, my love child was a chip of the old block – an irresistible force that I would be unable to resist or deny.

In retrospect, I had to give Jonathan credit. He didn’t come on with a heavy rush but instead opted to patiently bide his time. His chance came when Bruce and Andrew went hunting for a long weekend on another island. Jonathan begged off, saying that he’d stay behind to “take care” of his mother which I found curiously endearing at the time.

This was because my marriage with Bruce had hit a rocky period (one of many) punctuated by his “boom-boom” bed sessions (which is a nice way of saying marital rape) the evening before his departure. Work and my familial demands prevented me from running home to return to the open arms and ever-hard penis of my brother, Kenny. As a result, I was feeling very despondent and in need of some time apart from Bruce.

I felt an immediate sense of relief when I dropped Bruce and Andrew at the airport. By the time I returned home, I was caught up in a somber depression about what to do in my life. I knew that if I could somehow make it home to Kenny, I would have that large dose of loving care and tender intimacy that I craved for in the pit of my stomach. In my despair, I yearned for the downright randy incest that had always been the proven remedy to sooth my state of unhappiness with Bruce.

As was my habit, I went straight to my bedroom to immediately begin changing into the loose smock that I normally wear around the house. I was so absorbed with my thoughts that I was unaware of Jonathan standing in my bedroom doorway, watching me take off my work clothes and shimmy out of my pantyhose under which I never wore panties. It wasn’t until I undid and discarded my bra that I became aware of Jonathan’s presence.

“Jonathan! I didn’t know you were there…” I exclaimed with a forearm hastily thrown across my pointy breasts. My other hand tried to shield my hair-covered sex. “Jonathan, you startled me! I didn’t know you were home. How long have you been watching? I mean, you shouldn’t see me like this. Oh, Jonathan, please don’t look. You shouldn’t. I don’t…like the way I look…you shouldn’t see me like this.”

“Mom, don’t say that. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. You’re beautiful and more than you’ll ever know.” Then, without thinking, Jonathan began telling me how he found me enticing. I gasped and shivered when he stepped forward and extended his fingertips, lightly stroking me as he muttered, “You’re amazing.” His touch drifted over my stomach and hips, and I shuddered but couldn’t pull away. “For a woman your age and a mother of two, you are very good looking,” Jonathan murmured, “you look so attractive, so compelling.”

I gasped as he brushed my arm aside, leaving him with an unobstructed view of my small breasts. “When you bend over, your breasts dangle so mouthwateringly. But what I really love the most is how your fat and long nipples just stick out, just begging to be -” He reached out to thumb my meaty tips, smiling when they instantly stiffened in response.

I flinched from my son’s intimate touch and wanted to yell for him to stop. Instead, I found myself totally unable to do anything. Vividly blushing, I realized that while his caresses and compliments were intimately sexual in nature, they were for some strange reason exciting and not totally repulsive. I finally managed to stammer, “Stop, Jonathan. I don’t think-oh, please stop! You shouldn’t talk…and touch me like this. I mean, you are my son and you should stop!”

I pulled away from his caresses, breathlessly trying to regain my composure. Desperate to say something, I hastily blurted the first thing that came to my mind, “Besides, your father, he thinks I’m-”

“Dad is a fucking idiot when it comes to you, Mom,” Jonathan cut me off. “He treats you like shit and you deserve better.” Then after a pause as he lifted my chin to look at me directly in my eyes. “I would treat you better…” With that, Jonathan pressed his lips to mine, his kiss soon leaving no doubt as to what he wanted.

“Do you remember that time you caught me jerking off in your panties? Do you know what I was thinking?” Jonathan nibbled my earlobe before kissing his way down my exposed neck. “I was thinking of the time I saw Dad fucking you on your hands and knees late one night in this bedroom.”

Jonathan canlı kaçak iddaa enjoyed the startled gasp that escaped my lips before continuing, “Yeah, I went to use the bathroom when I heard you whimpering from your bedroom at the end of the hall. Looking through the crack in the doorway, I saw that bastard raping you. You just let him do whatever he wanted to you.

“And do you know what? When I was beating my meat, I fantasized how I wanted to take this cock of mine – and shove it where his was! But unlike my idiot father, I would make you cry out in pleasure, not pain!”

“No, Jonathan, no, please stop,” I cried out, desperately struggling to comprehend what I had just been told. I tried to pull away but ended up falling backwards to sit on the edge of the bed. “Don’t, Jonathan, don’t say anything more! Please stop! You-“

My feeble plea was cut off when Jonathan swiftly dropped and kicked off his pants and underwear to reveal his fully engorged penis. He stepped forward, which caused the flanged head to bob and sway dangerously in front of my face. He smiled as my eyes widened at the full sight of his huge, pulsating erection.

“So, Mom,” he said, “Does this show you what you do to me? See how thick, long and hard you’ve made me, Mom – especially when I see you naked like you are now.”

Then, reaching out, Jonathan grabbed my hand and slapped it to his fleshy organ. “Touch me, Mom. Go on, do it, do it now.” When I hesitated, he moved my hand up and down his erect member, holding it there until my fingers curled around his throbbing cock that I would intimately discover later measured over eight inches from its root to tip. My fingers burned as they were forced to grip his girth that was well over an incredible five inches and was just under two inches across at the widest point.

I weakly protested, “No, Jonathan, we shouldn’t. Oh, please stop.” My feeble plea became a mewling cry of helplessness when I realized that Jonathan was slowly rocking his hips back and forth. Jonathan pushed on the back of my head, nudging my face toward his groin.

“Jonathan, please don’t. I don’t want to…” I whimpered pitifully as his bulbous penis head brushed lightly against my lips. When I begged him to stop, his head slipped past my lips and into my open mouth.

A strangled cry of surprise and delight issued from Jonathan’s throat. I immediately tried to pull back and turn away, but Jonathan held my head until he was partially embedded in my mouth. He slowly face-fucked me while tears streaked my cheeks. Struggle as I may, I quickly reached the point where I could no longer resist the inevitable. Finally, to my utter shame, I acquiesced and lowered my head to take Jonathan’s penis repeatedly into my hot, wet, sucking mouth.

“God, I couldn’t believe how incredibly tasty Jonathan is.” I thought as I gave into my teenage son’s urgent needs and succumbed to my own. “Ooooh, Jonathan is filling my mouth like never before. I’m jerking his thick shaft while I’m sucking his fat cock head like it’s the most natural thing in the world. I can’t believe that I’m giving my own son a damn blow job, and he’s loving it. Oh, this is wrong! But I love it too much and I can’t stop myself. Ooh, shit…I don’t want to stop. Ooh, maybe if I suck Jonathan off, he’ll be satisfied and leave me alone. But damn, what is wrong with me?”

“Oooh, yeah, Mom! You feel incredible! God, I can’t believe that you’re giving me my first fucking blow job! Do you like my dong sliding in and out and filling your mouth? Yeah, do you want to suck me off, Mom? Oh, yeah, Mom, I bet you do – but we’ll have all weekend to do that – and you will.” When he withdrew from my mouth, Jonathan smiled as he saw me lean forward, trying to recapture him with my lips.

“Dad is such a dumb fuck shit. He could have you sucking his puny dick and fucking you. And what does he do? The stupid bastard goes hunting with Andrew. Well, I guess I’m hunting too – but I’m aiming to bag, and shoot my load, in you!

“Right now, I want you to lie on your back with your legs spread. Do it, Mom! I’m going to press my dick between your swollen thick pussy lips. I have been wanting to fuck you for so long…for you to be my first…to make love to you the way you deserve… the way you want. See how you’re squirming as I rub the head of my cock head up and down the length of your crack. Jeez, Mom, you’re getting so damn hot and so fucking slippery.”

“Jonathan, no! Please stop, son. I don’t want to,” I pleaded in a desperate last ditch effort, trying to resist his efforts to push into me. “We shouldn’t! Oh, please, Jonathan, don’t. You’re my son.” I whined as I twisted away from Jonathan and his flanged penis head that plopped teasingly in and out of my oozing sex. “Stop, Jonathan, please don’t! We mustn’t! This is wrong!!”

My cries filled the room as he breached my tight vagina, spreading me suddenly and penetrated to my very core. “Oh, Jonathan! It hurts… oh my god, how it hurts! You’re so big…so damn big!” My body tossed from his canlı kaçak bahis powerful thrusts as Jonathan impaled me repeatedly, churning my juices noisily as I droned in a sexual daze, “You’re stretching me out like never before. Oh, shit, you’re so deep… where no man has ever gone.”

Then, to my complete shame, I was abruptly consumed with a never-before-experienced of fullness and inexplicable fulfillment as I accepted that he, my incestuous love child, was between my widespread thighs. I found myself desperately clinging to the sweaty back of my son as my body betrayed me by shamelessly responding to his rapidly escalating humping. Oh, what the hell was wrong with me for reacting like this?

“Ooh, Jonathan, we shouldn’t be doing this. Ooh, shit, Jonathan, incest is wrong. I shouldn’t feel this way,” I whimpered pitifully. “Oh, my god, you feel so damn good, sliding in and out of me – but it’s so sick, so wrong. Yes, Jonathan, I love you oh, so much, but…oooh, I’m so confused…I’ve never felt this way before…”

“Oh, damn, you feel so damn good,” I mumbled incoherently as his powerful strokes stoked the raging inferno between my inner thighs. “I’ve tried but I can’t pretend any longer. Shit, I can’t deny what you want…what I want…and I want you, Jonathan. There I’ve said it. I want you, Jonathan. Make me feel good…it’s been such a long time. Come in me, son, fill me and make me come with you!”

“Yes, Mom,” Jonathan grunted breathlessly as the tempo of his pelvic thrusts quickened. “You’re so beautiful…so goddamn sexy…you give me a raging hard-on every time I see your tits…your rounded buns…your long, shapely legs. Do you know how my cock got so big? It’s because I’m constantly jerking off dreaming about doing what I’m doing right now…fucking you!

“I’m going to make love to you, Mom – unlike Dad who treats you like shit until he gets his rocks off but never makes you come. This entire weekend, I’m going to make you come repeatedly, until you can’t take any more, and then beg for more. I’m going to take you in all ways, in all your holes, even butt-fuck you, Mom!”

“What? You want to have anal sex with me? Oh, no, Jonathan. I’ve never let anyone do that to me – not even your Dad who’s tried several times. Jonathan, you’re too big. You’ll tear me apart. Ooh, no, Jonathan…sodomy…ooh, I can’t…

“Don’t act that way, Jonathan. Don’t stop touching me! Please don’t make me do and say things that I shouldn’t, and then stop. Don’t tease me, Jonathan. I’m so close. You promised. Ooh, you can be so mean when you want something badly. What? If I love you, I’d let you? Of course, I love you, Jonathan. But, I just don’t know, Jonathan…”

“Mom, I promise that I’ll go really slow and gentle. I’ll stop whenever you say so or if it hurts too much. I promise, Mom. Really. You’ve got such a lovely ass and I love the swish of your buns. Every time you bend over, you’re so irresistible that I just want to jump your buns and booty bang you!

“I want to be the first guy to fuck your ass, Mom. Don’t you want to be my first? If you love me, you’d let me try at least once. Please, Mom. I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. You’d let me if you really loved me. Don’t you love me?”

“Oh, Jonathan, that’s not fair! You know I love you. I mean I wouldn’t be here with you committing a forbidden act of incest if I didn’t. I’m so confused. Oooh, I don’t know. It’s going to hurt. Taking your big cock in my pussy was painful, even though you’re using that big monster of yours so persuasively right now, but taking you up my butt? I don’t know, Jonathan.

“What? We’ll use plenty of lube and prepare me right? You’ve been researching how to do it? It won’t hurt much if I’m relaxed and well lubricated? You’ll stop if I say so? Oooh, I don’t know. What? Of course, I want you to please you. If I didn’t, your very big cock wouldn’t be stuck up my super wet pussy. Ooh, well, maybe, okay…but you promise you’ll be gentle when you fuck Mommy’s virgin ass, Jonathan?”

Having given him my promise to let him take my last virginity – something that I had steadfastly denied Kenny, my first incestuous lover, and Bruce, my husband – Jonathan proceeded to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. His beautiful flanged head plunged into the depths of my sopping, wet womanhood. It felt like my guts were wrenched out whenever he withdrew, and when it crammed back in, I swore he’d pop out of my moaning mouth at any moment. I cannot describe the incredible sensation of my son’s groin slapping loudly against my battered sex.

Then, with a guttural grunt, Jonathan drove into the depths that bore him, exploding with what seemed like gallons of youthful sperms into my womb. For me, it was like gasoline being hosed into a raging oven. I exploded in a gut-rendering orgasm, the likes of which I’ve never felt before.

As I clung to the shuddering form of my sweaty eighteen-year-old son, my legs wrapped around and pulled his hips to mine. I committed the forbidden sin of sins – letting my own son (who was my incestuous offspring with my brother) fuck me, his own mother. Jonathan’s massive cock throbbed deep inside of me and I couldn’t help but reflect on what tangled incestuous web I had woven by being so weak and sinful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20