A Fourth Night with Tara

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I received some interesting suggestions and when I mentioned them to Tara she immediately agreed that we should try them out on a suitable candidate.

We both dressed with care and sat outside the coffee shop, checking the other customers. There was nobody the least bit interesting

We waited for a while but it didn’t look promising. I suppose you can’t win them all. We gave up and went home for a bite to eat.

Next afternoon we were there again. We would have to find someone hopeful soon as my husband would be back from his overseas business trip in two days.

We were well into our second cup when a well-dressed young man sat down. He looked like a businessman as he carried his laptop under his arm. We smiled at one another.

He ordered and placed the computer on the table and proceeded to type away. Better still.

Tara sauntered past him, tripped and put out her hand to steady herself and closed the cover. He looked startled, but when she smiled sweetly and apologized profusely, he cheered up.

She put on that little girl lost look and he asked if she would care to join him as he had been in the country for a few days and hadn’t met anyone outside his business environment. Things were looking up.

She glanced in my direction and sat down demurely. She took out a cigarette and scratched in her bag for a light. The polite gentleman offered her one and got a good look at what canlı bahis şirketleri was on offer down her low cleavage. He put his computer on the ground and leaned closer to talk to her.

I watched the animated conversation and was not surprised to see that Tara’s skirt had rucked up, showing a good deal of thigh. She knew all the moves.

After a little longer, she motioned in my direction and he stood up and gestured for me to join them. Oops. Hope I don’t let her down. “Mum, this is Brian. Brian, Liz.” His astonishment was enough to make us both laugh.

He was obviously trying to get his head round our set-up. Where would he fit into this threesome? I could have told him. In the middle, Brian. To give himself time, he offered to buy us a drink and we accepted. Things were hotting up

Tara gave her usual little spiel, of ‘would you care to have a meal with us as you are a stranger here’ and as always, the man refused and offered to take us to his hotel where he could order in. They fall for it every time.

He still looked a little apprehensive to have me tagging along, but could hardly say anything.

He made sure we were comfortable before excusing himself to get out of his business clothes. While he was out of the room we both removed our g-strings and put them in our bags.

His eyes nearly pooped out of his head when he looked at Tara to find her lolling on the couch with canlı kaçak iddaa all her treasures on display. He glanced at me to see my reaction, only to find that my skirt was high up on my thighs and I was also advertising. He seemed out of his depth, so Tara had to help him.

She pulled him down on the couch beside her and placed his hand on her thigh. There was no holding him back after that. He eagerly inserted his fingers between her legs and massaged her clit. She stood up and undressed them both. He was still slightly embarrassed but when she revealed her gorgeous figure and upstanding breasts, he was lost.

His cock was huge by this time and he was in a hurry. He threw her down and before she realized it, had inserted it into her wet pussy and was pounding away. Watching them had me wet as well and I took my clothes off and stood behind him, rubbing my breasts against his heaving butt. When I inserted a finger into his anus, he let out a shriek and from the look on Tara’s face, exploded inside her. One down, one to go.

When he stopped panting and stood up, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked all the juices off it. Already he was rising.

He led us through to the bedroom and we all lay on the bed.

“Oh no, Big Boy. We both need lots of attention. You kneel between us and warm our fannies up till you are ready for a bit more work.”

He did as he was told and rubbed each canlı kaçak bahis of us in turn with his hands and inserted fingers into our already wet pussies. We were soon in a state of high excitement.

He crouched over me and sucked at my soaking pussy, pushing his fingers deep inside me. Then he changed to Tara and did the same to her. She is a notorious lover of having her pussy sucked and was soon giving little gasps. This spurred him on.

He presented his cock to us and we took turns licking and sucking it, all the while his fingers were exciting us. We each had had a hand on him and were pulling and rubbing until he was oozing, then we shared it between us, each taking a lick of his cum. I hadn’t shared a cock so intimately before.

Then he was like a crazy swapping from one to the other until he was sure we were both near bursting and then he brought his dripping cock up between our mouths and teased us in turn. He was spraying pre-cum over both our mouths and we were each trying to lick it, but he was too quick. The teasing was having its effect and I could feel the spasms building up. Tara got that glazed look in her eyes and pushed her pussy up to get his fingers deeper. As he turned back to me I took the opportunity of moving quickly, pulling him down on top of me and inserting him into me. I was lost in a moment, and as he came for the second time that evening, he moaned again, to be joined by whimpers and groans from us both. That was one of the fastest fucks I had experienced. He was quite a stud.

Would he be able to satisfy us both again, I wondered. From the looks of him, it shouldn’t be a problem and we looked forward to still more fun.

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