A Gentle Sense of Being Ch. 01

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You stand alone in the room. It’s dark, but not too dark. Quiet, but not too quiet. A small smile of nervous anticipation brightens your face as you wait. You know I am here, you know that I am approaching and you await my first touch with a delicious feeling of need.

I stand behind you and admire my woman before I approach. I can smell your perfume which drifts lazily in the air, for a moment it surrounds me and I close my eyes, allowing myself a moment of pure peace before I begin. I open them slowly and assess you with an experienced eye. You are what I like to call petite although I know you hate the word. My eyes travel up your legs, white smooth, like a porcelain. Over your ass, disappointingly still encased in a work skirt which is crying out to be removed. Up over your blouse, white and pressed against your skin with the heat. I can see the outline of your bra, another disappointment for you know I like you without, another target for removal. I smile for you are not making this easy tonight.

The first you feel of my presence is my hand on your belly as I pull you gently backwards into me. You can feel my breath on your skin, feel my chest against you, feel my hardness pressing against you ass. You take a small gasp of air as the anticipation of what is to come begins to turn into your reality. You feel my fingers start to slowly rub your belly as another hand lands lightly on your thigh and you feel me slowly begin to stroke you. I bend my head and plant a light kiss on your neck.

“Hello my darling, horny girl. I been missing you…”

More kisses on your neck, you nod forward and you feel my lips caress the nape of your neck, my tongue flicks out to taste you for the first time. I feel your belly suck in air once again, I know your weaknesses and I begin to enjoy exploiting them. I kiss the nape of your neck again, this time you can’t contain the soft moan which is released as my fingers continue to stroke slowly, softly on your thigh.

“I think you’ve been missing me too. I can sense it, I can feel it, I know your body better than even you, and it cries out to me now…”

With that my hand rises up your thigh and squeezes the cheek of your ass, pressing my fingers into the soft flesh and bringing another moan. This time more pronounced, without the hesitancy of before, a moan of discovered need. My right hand begins to unpick the buttons at the base of your blouse, each one in its turn exposing more of your white skin, allow my fingers to touch, to stroke, to tempt as they undress you. Finally they have found their access and slip in to lie flat on your belly. I pull you back again, pressing the increasing hardness against you.

You are mind is starting to become overloaded with the messages of lust which are arising within you. Every new touch is stripping you of your defences, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri each kiss elicits a wave of desire, each word increases the desire arising in your pussy. Even as your body begins to surrender to your need, you know that you want to please me more and more with each passing moment, you begin to speak;

“Oh god, that feels good, do it…”

You feel me hand massage your ass, my lips on your neck and my fingernails tracing a circle around your navel all at once and your words dissolve again into a moan of pleasure. I run my tongue up your neck and nibble your ear.

“I’m going to strip you. I’m going to explore every inch of your body with my mouth, my lips, my tongue. I’m going to make that pussy of yours scream out for my cock. Then when you think you can’t wait, I’m going to slide my cock into that wet cunt and fuck you”.

With that I pop the remaining buttons on your blouse, my fingers tracing lightly on the underside of your breast, my other hand massaging your ass. My tongue flicks against your ear and I feel you shudder. Another weakness exposed so I do it again, and again. Now I feel you begin to press harder against my cock, I know that the desire in your blood is taking you over now, I no longer need to tease you slowly. Both my hands come up, pushing up your bra and exposing your breasts to my touch. I begin to massage them, rippling my fingers into your soft flesh, feeling them harden to my touch as I do so. I keep up the tempo, forcing you to breathe heavily now. You have exquisite breasts.

“That feels sooo good doesn’t it my horny girl, I feel them harden to my touch, they can’t resist my touch can they? They don’t want to, they need to be tempted, they need to be stroked, they need to be caressed, they need to be kissed and sucked don’t they? Tell me now”.


I stroke one finger across a nipple, you groan with pleasure. A guttural, primal groan.

“Good girl, good girl. That’s nice wasn’t it? Your nipple is hard for me. Your body is needy for me, your body is so horny for me isn’t it?”


Another stroke, another groan. Your ass is beginning to grind against my cock. My hands are massaging your breasts harder now, faster, moulding them with my touch. Your descent is gathering pace.

My hand drops from your breast and lifts your skirt, sliding immediately down to find your pussy. My first surprise, the horny bitch is not wearing any panties! It seems your demure dress was a fraud, you knew you would be fucked didn’t you my darling horny bitch. I run a finger lightly over your slit and hear you groan out loud.

“My my my, so no panties for my horny bitch, what a bad girl you are, aren’t you?”

Your breath is coming in short bursts and you barely whisper the words. I slide my güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri finger over your slit again, beginning a tempo slowly back and forth, stroking your cunt. Words begin to come from you unsolicited, needy, filled with desire.

“Oooh that’s good, so good…sooo…gooood! Oh god, I’m your bad girl, I’m your bad girl…keep going… please”

My finger is moist with your juice now, I continue the slow temptation back and forth over you lips, each stroke sending bolts of lust up into you body. My other hand continues to massage your tit, stroking the nipple alternatively with the stroking of your pussy lips. I feel your legs begin to weaken and I know it is time to take you further.

I pull your open blouse from you and undo your bra, letting it fall to the floor. Your tits, released from their support, drop free and I think how gorgeous they have always looked to me. Wasting no time I drop your skirt as well and you are now stood before me naked. My girl, fleshly stripped, ready to be fucked. I kiss your neck lightly.

“Turn around you horny bitch, I have something here that you want”

As I say the words I push my cock against your ass one last time and you begin to turn. Our eyes meet for the first time tonight and I see that you are glazed with lust. Our lips crush and I feel your hand scrambling to dispense with my shirt and then desperately fumbling at my trousers which I finally step out of. I too have come prepared and your eyes widen with surprise as my hard cock immediately springs out into your hand. Instinctively you begin to wank it. It’s my turn to groan and you smile at your affect on me.

“Oh you like that do you my man, you like your dirty, horny slut to wank your cock for you. Would you like it faster I wonder”.

Your hand moves back and force faster, making my already hard cock grow bigger in your hand. I groan again and bring my hand, wet with your juice, up to your mouth, and you engulf it, your tongue licking it clean. All the time you are wanking me, reducing my resistance to you.

“Oh I want to suck something better than that. Would you like me to my darling?”

I don’t reply, I just place my hand on top of your head and push you gently down to your knees as I collapse back onto the bed. I lie back and enjoy your lips on my balls as you kneel between my thighs. God I`ve never had anyone so purely sexual as you, and I smile again as I feel your tongue lick the underside of my balls and I feel myself harden even more. I’m groaning just as much as you were. You run your tongue up and down my shaft, teasing me as I teased your cunt. You circle my tip with your tongue, not yet touching it, but showing me how good you are at tempting a cock. A small drip of precum begins to run down my shaft and you lick it hungrily, running your güvenilir bahis şirketleri tongue around your lips as you look up.

“My man tastes good, I’m going to take more of your spunk from your cock, I’m going to take it all in my mouth and swallow it all down to show you what a good cockwhore I am”

You lick my cock and I reach down to your hair, to push you down onto my shaft. I feel your lips wrap around it as you open your throat and take my full length in one stroke. I groan loudly and twist your hair in my hand, pushing you downwards and back. Your lips makings a slurping noise as you go up and down, up and down, up and down. Your hand drops to your cunt and begins to eagerly rub your clit, your fingers soon covered in your wetness as you probe deeper.

“Fuck yes, that’s good, fuck yes, you horny fucking cockwhore suck my cock…” I’m begin to ramble, my words coming out in torrents, beseeching you to continue, only having the effect of making your lust-filled assault on my shaft faster and harder. You’re stroking of your cunt increases until I can hear the slurping of your fingers against your sodden clit. Still you suck…and I can’t resist any longer.

“OH fuck, oh Fuck, OH FUCK…I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum all over you your horny fucking whore”

With that I step to my feet and your mouth slurps off my cock, you’re headed tilted upwards and your face beaming with triumph as you feel my balls tighten.

“Come on then baby, come on then, CUM over me, CUM over your dirty horny bitch, I want you’re cum on me NOW, NOW NOW…”

Streams of warm jism erupt from my cock, streaking your face from your hair to your chin. Another coats your tongue in its white gloss, another smothers your cheeks and then more and more and more. Masking your features in my thick cum and moistening your hair with my spunk. You eyes are shut tight, but your hand reaches up automatically and you stuff my cock back into your mouth, cleaning every last drop from my tool. I slump back on the bed, my eyes still transfixed by my horny slut before me, covered in my cum. Your hands reach up to your face, but instead of wiping it away, you spread it out, encapsulating your features in the thick cream, giving yourself a mask of my cum, before cleaning each finger in turn. Tasting each one, before swallowing it down and beginning again on the next.

“You are the best fucking cocksucking whore I`ve ever met my darling”

“I should be, you taught me what to do and I have your lovely cock to practice on…”

You wipe the cum from your eyes, opening them wide to meet mine, a look of pleasure smirking across your face.

“…and now I`ve been a good girl and sucked your cock what do I get?”

I reach down and grasp your nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Now baby, you get you’re fucking”. With that I pull you up onto the bed, your face covered in cum, your tits hardened, your nipples so erect and your cunt dripping with desire. Your transformation once again into my darling fuckwhore is complete. My cock already begins to harden to your reward…

(To be continued)

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