A Girl Called Sami Ch. 13

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Despite nursing huge hangovers, AJ and Sami made it to the gathering for 7 o’clock that next morning; before they had left the house, however, AJ French-braided Sami’s long blonde tresses, and then pinned it up on her head.

“A little extra cushion for the brain bucket is not a bad thing,” AJ said when she had finished and handed Sami a helmet to wear.

The caravan was large, breaking into two separate groupings so’s not to cause traffic issues; AJ and Sami were in the second grouping, and Sami-girl was having a fucking blast riding ‘bitch’ behind AJ.

About a mile before the exit for their planned lunch break, AJ’s group passed a line of semis and as promised, Sami had pulled up her tee shirt, flashing her tits as they passed the trucks, a chorus of air-horns blasting behind them.

AJ laughed her ass off at Sami’s brashness, and Sami thought it was one of the hottest things that she had ever done.

Lunch was at a biker bar, serving burgers and beer; great burgers and cold beer with a lot of Southern Rock blasting on the jukebox. They were sharing a long table with several other riders, enjoying lunch and having a great time.

“AJ,” one of the other riders called from the end of the table, “any chance that you’d be willing to share your ‘bitch’ with the rest of us?” causing the table to laugh and guffaw at the remark.

“Not my call,” AJ calmly replied, “she’s her own woman.”

“And all woman, at that,” someone else threw out to the table, which in turn, triggered other ribald ribbing.

Throughout all of the remarks and laughter, Sami calmly finished her burger, and downed the rest of her beer, and leaning into AJ’s ear, she whispered something, which brought a big smile to AJ’s face, as well as an almost unnoticeable nodding.

Standing, Sami wiped her mouth with a napkin, walked to the end of their table, the end where the remarks had started. Standing at that end of the table now, Sami looked at both of the women sitting at the end, as the table looked to her to see what was going to happen next.

“So, which one of you asked about AJ sharing me?” Sami asked with a sweet smile on her face.

“I did,” responded the girl on Sami’s right.

Moving so quickly that it caught everyone by surprise, Sami pulled the girl out of her chair and locked her lips onto the girl’s, sliding her tongue deep into the girl’s surprised mouth.

But, the girl responded by kissing Sami back, just as hotly, which brought on a new chorus of cat-calls and laughter from their table, and the other riders at other tables, as well as some guys sitting at the bar, watching.

Breaking from their kiss, Sami put the girl back into her chair, and walking away, she simply said, “Thanks, but I’m with AJ,” returning to her seat amid a round of applause from the group; hell, from the entire bar.

They, the two groups, rode along a scenic highway into the hills outside of Memphis, and by four o’clock, the ride was officially over, and some of the bikers had already left to return to Memphis.

Sami was standing with AJ and several other riders, bullshitting and sharing joints, when Sami felt a tap on her shoulder. Turning, Sami saw it was the girl from lunch, the one that Sami had kissed; standing behind her was the girl’s ‘bitch’, a rather meek looking young woman, Cici, not a ‘hottie’ but not unattractive, either.

Whispering into Sami’s ear, the girl, Jan, asked Sami a question; Sami, in turn, turned to AJ and whispered something into her ear, the rest of the group not really paying attention to what was going on with them.

AJ turned to Jan, and said, “Follow us back to the interstate,” and then to Sami, “want to drive back to the interstate? I’ll take it from there back to the house.”

Sami jumped at the opportunity and as she straddled the big bike, strapping on her helmet, AJ said their goodbyes for them to the remaining group. Climbing into the bitch seat, AJ strapped on her own helmet and nodding to Jan and her rider, the two bikes headed back to the interstate, a nice, curvy drive of about twenty miles or so.

Sliding her hands under Sami’s tee shirt, AJ fondled Sami’s tits as Sami piloted the bike, enjoying the wind in her face, as well as AJ’s hands on her boobs.

When they reached the interchange, they canlı bahis stopped for a few minutes so that AJ could take over the driving. Sami thought she could have driven the bike back into City traffic and to AJ’s house, but wasn’t sure enough to press the point.

“So what’s the plan, Jan?” AJ asked of the other biker.

“Just thought we could hang out tonight, cook some meat, drink some brews,” Jan answered, her eyes darting over to Sami as Sami was giving AJ’s Honda a thorough look-over, while stretching her legs.

“Can’t promise you any nookie, ya know; we’ll just have to see how it goes, okay?” AJ said to Jan, which Jan acknowledged with a smile and nod of her head.

Jan turned to Cici and said something, but with the helmet on, AJ couldn’t really hear clearly.

“AJ, Cici and I are going to run to our place and shower up; we’ll pick up the steaks and beer, and meet you guys at your place around 7’ish, okay?” Jan called over the sound of their idling motors.

Nodding her agreement with that plan, AJ popped the clutch and rocketed onto the interstate and up to 120 mph before shutting it down and locking the cruise control at the speed limit, settling into traffic in the right hand lane.

“So, you’re really okay with this little orgy?” AJ teased as she soaped Sami’s body under the shower’s warm water; Sami was soaping AJ at the same time and answered, “Yeah, I am, I mean if you are, that is,” punctuating her answer with a pinch of AJ’s clit between her thumb and forefinger.

“It should be fun; Jan is quite the pussy whore,” AJ responded a bit slowly, her concentration now centered on Sami’s fingers on her love-bud.

“Aren’t we all?” Sami answered as she dropped to her knees to suck AJ’s clit into her mouth.


Jan and Cici arrived a bit early, but in Jan’s convertible, and not on her Harley. Sami couldn’t believe it was the same two gals from the bike ride; must be the leathers and bulky jackets, Sami thought, as she admired the two women in short skirts and tops walking up the driveway to the garage; Sami and AJ were wiping down the bike after rinsing off the road grime.

It’d get a thorough washing, tomorrow, AJ told Sami when she sprayed the bike down.

Both women were dressed in short skirts, with thin-strapped tops, neither wearing a bra. Jan told them they’d be back with cold beers for all after putting up the goodies in the kitchen.

“You know, you don’t have to screw either of them, if you don’t want to, Sami; I wouldn’t want you to think that you ‘have’ to ball ’em,” AJ said with a hand on Sami’s arm.

“I know that, AJ, and thanks for looking out for me, I appreciate it; let’s just see where the evening goes, okay?”

“Just letting you know, baby,” and with that Sami and AJ joined the girls in AJ’s kitchen just in time to grab the brews they were about to bring outside.

AJ and Cici volunteered to season the steaks, and prep the vegetables for roasting, while Jan and Sami got to pick out music.

“Nothing but country,” Sami said looking through AJ’s collection.

“What do you like,” Jan asked as she looked through the stack of discs.

“Blues, jazz, 60s and 70s classic rock,” Sami answered.

Smiling, Jan turned on the tuner and dialed up a Blues/Jazz station, the soulful sounds of Etta James coming from the speakers.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” a happy Sami exclaimed.

Jan was thirty-three, she revealed as she and Sami sat on the floor, letting the music invade their souls. She and Cici met in a newly-divorced support group, became friendly, then friends, and eventually lovers; they have been together four years, Jan offered as an answer to Sami’s unspoken question.

Cici was thirty, Jan added; neither had children from their marriages, thank God! Jan stated with emphasis. Both were surgical nurses, but at different hospitals.

“We’re both okay with casual sex with others, but at the end of the night, we sleep together,” Jan concluded and which caused Sami to wonder if that was a ‘hint’.

Sami gave Jan the cliff notes version of her story, and stood to get them each another beer.

“Meet me out back, on the patio, and we’ll watch the fireflies,” Jan suggested.

Walking into the kitchen for the beers, bahis siteleri Sami found AJ and Cici kissing each other, both of them feeling up the other. Laughing to herself, Sami grabbed a couple of brews for her and Jan.

They didn’t even break stride when I walked in, Sami thought, chuckling about it again.

“What’s so funny,” Jan asked when she reached for the offered beer; and Sami told her.

Jan laughed along with Sami, remarking, “Dinner may be late,” after which she and Sami clicked bottles and took a long pull from the ice-cold bottles of beer.

Hearing the screen door open, they heard AJ call to them, “Hey guys, dinner may be a bit late; ya’ll okay with that?”

Looking at each other from the corner of their eyes, they signaled agreement with a wave of their hands, and then laughed aloud when they heard the door close.

“Told you,” Jan smugly said.

“Join me in a toke or two?” Jan asked casually which drew a nod from Sami. She fired up and passed it to Sami as she held the smoke in her mouth, slowly letting it snake down her throat.

They passed it back and forth a few times, before Sami ate the roach, slinking back into her deck chair to enjoy the rush. Both women were silent, enjoying the darkness and cooler night air, fixated on the thousands of fireflies flitting about the grass and garden in the back yard.

Breaking the silence, Jan spoke first.

“That was some kiss you laid on me today,” Jan remarked out of nowhere.

“Back at’cha,” Sami answered.

“I’ve got more of that if you liked it so much,” Jan challenged.

“You must have read my mind,” Sami answered, turning to look to Jan, and then to the lounger nearby. Getting up, Sami walked to the lounger, sat down on it and finding it uncomfortable, she stood again.

“Nope, that’s not going to work; too damned hard on the ass,” Sami said.

Standing, Jan looked at Sami, saying, “Meet you at the couch,” and walking off, she headed for the back door, opening it for Sami when she caught up to her.

Jan and Sami locked lips the second their asses hit the couch cushions, hands under each other’s tops, caressing and feeling each other up as their tongues became reacquainted.

When AJ and Cici emerged from AJ’s bedroom, they were greeted by the sight of Jan sucking on Sami’s breasts, Sami’s tee pushed up, while Sami fingered Jan, under her skirt.

“Fifteen minutes, guys,” AJ said, “and the steaks will be ready,” continuing on into the kitchen while Cici lagged behind, mesmerized by the sight of Jan and Sami making out.

“Make it twenty,” Jan said as her hand hurriedly unsnapped Sami’s shorts so that she could get her hand on Sami’s pussy.

They made it with three minutes to spare, both having put their clothing somewhat back in order when AJ yelled that chow was ready.

Jan walked to the small dining area first, and was stopped by Cici who was standing, leaning against the door jamb; grabbing and bringing Jan’s hand to her mouth, Cici sucked on Jan’s fingers, her tongue searching for the essence of Sami’s pussy juices on Jan’s fingers; finding what she was searching for, Cici closed her eyes as she relished the taste.

She did the same thing with Sami’s hand and fingers, but her eyes stayed locked with Sami’s; looking up from her 5’4″ height as she slowly licked and sucked Sami’s fingers, her eyes full of promise at what was yet to come.

They had finished their delicious meal, and were all helping with the cleanup when Jan’s cell chirped, followed immediately by Cici’s phone sounding off. Both looked at the screens of their phones, and Jan simply said, “Shit!”

“Sorry girls, got to go; bad-ass accident and I’m being called in, Damnit,” Jan said, shaking her head.

“Me too,” Cici added, closing her phone after reading her texted message.

“You guys okay to drive and all?” Sami asked, genuinely concerned.

“Yeah, the food helped; we’re fine,” Jan responded as she fished a pen and pad from her purse. Writing quickly, she shoved a piece of paper into Sami’s hand, saying, “My numbers; give me a call and we’ll try this again sometime.”

Cici walked towards Sami, and picking up her purse from the chair she had thrown it on, looked up to Sami and said, quietly, “Give us a call,” and following Jan out bahis şirketleri the door, the girls were gone.

“Huh,” AJ remarked, “Best laid plans and all that,” and then turning, she faced Sami.

“You’re staying, aren’t you?” AJ asked as she walked towards Sami.

“That an invite?” Sami asked.

“Nope, that’s me begging,” AJ teased, then giving Sami a soft, sweet peck on her lips.

Tilting her head upward, stretching her neck in response to AJ’s tongue licking up her neck and under her chin, Sami simply said, “Got toys?”

Chuckling mischievously, AJ pulled Sami gently by the hand towards her bedroom, “Oh yeah, and I know how to use ’em.”

Damn, but I’m sore, Sami thought as she soaked in the bubble bath back at her own apartment; well, her and Bonnie’s apartment, really. Smiling, Sami thought further, but it sure was worth it.

The soreness was mostly centered in her ass, the result of the double-cock dildo that AJ had used on Sami-girl, which was a first for Sami; a first, but it wouldn’t be the last, Sami vowed to herself.

When AJ used it on Sami, Sami came almost immediately as the larger ‘cock’ fucked Sami’s pussy, while the smaller one fucked her ass; with AJ’s tongue butterflying on Sami’s love-bud, well, it just may have been Sami’s best orgasm, ever.

Stopping on the way back to her apartment, the next day, Sami walked into the Adult Shoppe, found what she was looking for and bought it, ignoring the smirky smile from the creep at the register.

Driving home with the toy sitting on the passenger seat in its plain bag, Sami was thinking of the fun she and Bonnie would have with it.


“How you doing, baby?” Sami was asking Bonnie, feeling truly sad for Bonnie’s loss of her grandmother. Sami never knew her grandparents since they had died when Sami was a toddler, a year apart to the day, both sets, victims of auto accidents; the incidents quickly became stuff of legend to the rest of the family.

“I’m good, baby,” Bonnie replied, her stomach fluttering at the sound of Sami’s voice over the phone, “I really am but I’m sure missing you, I want you to know that, hear me?”

“Yeah, I hear you; I miss you too,” Sami said; despite the two wonderful nights of lust with AJ, Sami really did miss Bonnie Sue Madison.

Bonnie gave Sami the expected arrival time for her return, tomorrow night and warned Sami that they had some serious catching-up to do. Sami didn’t ask, Sami knew what Bonnie was referring to.

“Aaaaaah, oh God, oh sweet Jesus,” Bonnie cried for the third, or was it thirtieth time that night as Sami used their new playtoy on her privates, while Sami expertly sucked on her love-bud.

When Sami had picked Bonnie up at the executive hangar and after saying hello/goodbye to Uncle Joe’s family, Bonnie made Sami pull behind a warehouse, hiding the car from the roadway. Hidden from view, she and Sami meshed their mouths in a kiss dripping with lonesomeness, caring, and unadulterated lust for each other.

“I’ve missed you so fucking much,” Bonnie breathed as she held her forehead to Sami’s after they broke off their kiss, “get us home, Sami, please.”

Bonnie reclined her seatback, and opening her blouse, she placed Sami’s hand onto her breast for Sami to play with as they drove, quickly, back to their apartment.

Dropping her bag just inside the entryway of their apartment, Bonnie walked quickly to their bedroom, dropping clothes behind her along the way.

Both came quickly, their first time that night, the result of having been apart from each other these past three nights; the next one, however, was much slower in arriving, as they made slow, sensuous love to each other, taking their time, savoring the smells and tastes of each other.

And later, after showering and eating a snack, when Sami introduced Bonnie to the new toy that she had bought, the love-making became pure, unadulterated lust for them both.

With Sami’s mouth sucking and biting her full breasts while fucking her pussy and ass with the double-dicked toy, any thoughts that Bonnie had about ‘maybe’ fucking a guy for a gut-check of her, drifted from her mind.

Bonnie knew, she thought, as she and Sami lay in each other’s arms, after the sex; she knew, for sure, that not only did she love Sami-girl, she knew that she was in love with her Sami-girl, in love as she had never, ever been before in her life.

The question, Bonnie thought as she drifted into sleep-mode, was whether or not she should tell Sami.

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