A Gritty Urban Love Story

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Everyone likes to get their freak on once in a while. It’s only natural and it’s part of life. We all do it. Welcome to the Big House Brothel. A special establishment which caters to the needs of those men who like large women of all races. The gals of this establishment will perform just about any sexual deed, for a fee of course. We’ve gathered the largest bunch of sexual freaks under one roof and brought them together for your please. Enjoy! This story is a bit unusual. You see, in this tale, two people find love in the unlikeliest of places. Yeah, we know. Trust us, it’s not cliché.

Get a load of Rachel. She’s a six-foot-three, large-breasted, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed black woman. We’ve clocked her weight at around two hundred and sixty pounds. Yeah, she’s definitely one of the largest women you will ever meet. Once, she was a college basketball player. These days, she’s a full-fledged sexual dynamo who loves to show off her freaky side. This forty-something sexual freak is well-known in these circles. Her client of the evening is Max. He’s a six-foot-four, muscular black man in his early thirties. Max is a man of exclusive taste who likes the extreme. Rachel is going to show him a good time.

Max is a man who gets straight to the point. He told Rachel what he had in mind. She complied hastily. He sat on a chair and she knelt before him to give his ten-inch black cock a good sucking. Rachel sucked on Max’s thick cock. It was quite possibly the longest cock she had ever seen, and she came from a long line of professional cock suckers. She sucked his dick and licked his balls, flicking her tongue over his favorite spots. Yeah, she was a master of her trade. In no time, she got him hard as steel. When he came, she drank his seed and licked him dry. Then, they moved on to kinkier business.

For what Max had in mind, Rachel brought her special tools. A box of condoms and some lubricant. He looked at her calmly and nodded. Then, he put on the condom and told her to get on all fours. Rachel did as she was told. Once she was down, she grabbed her plump butt cheeks with both hands and spread them wide open, exposing a very obvious target. Max smiled and applied some of the lubricant on Rachel’s asshole. Then, he placed his cock against her back door, and pushed. Rachel gasped as Max’s long and thick black cock slid into her asshole. She’d had things up her ass before. People had stuck their tongues, fingers and even dicks up her dark tunnel but never had she ever been penetrated by anything even approaching the size of Max’s cock. Holding her by the hips, he thrust into her. The feel of her tight asshole grasping his cock in a vise grip was intoxicating. He loved every moment of it.

Rachel felt Max’s hard cock sliding its way down her anal cavity. It hurt a bit, especially since he was thrusting into her like a madman. Eventually, he slowed down to a pace which she liked. Max went deeper inside Rachel’s ass. He took a moment to admire her big black butt as it jiggled under the force of his thrusts. Damn, this was a sight he would never forget. Suddenly, he wanted to try something different. He asked her to lie down on her back with her legs spread. He very much wanted to look into her eyes as he fucked her in the ass. He wanted canlı bahis to watch her facial expressions as he filled her butt hole with his gigantic cock. It would definitely be something worth seeing!

Rachel accepted, and readily assumed the position. This was a cool gal who was definitely down for whatever. Which explained her huge popularity at the Big House Brothel. Max lifted her thick legs in the air and spread those plump butt cheeks of hers. He pressed his hard cock against her back door, and pushed. With a swift thrust, he entered her. Her asshole still felt warm and tight around his cock. Just the way he liked them. He continued to thrust deep into her, loving the feel of her tight ass around his member. He had read somewhere that the bigger the person, the tighter the asshole. This was a theory he wanted to test, and he had found the perfect time, place and person to satisfy his curiosity.

Max grunted, then shoved his cock impossibly deep into Rachel’s asshole. Rachel screamed as Max’s cock went further than she thought possible. He laughed and gleefully rammed his cock up her ass, telling her how much he loved fucking a big black woman’s asshole. He pounded his cock into her back door like anal sex was going out of style. There was nothing he loved more than to fuck a large woman in the ass. Especially a large and lusty black woman like her. Grinning savagely, he peered closer to her face. He smacked her, and got a yelp of protest for his efforts. He smacked her booty, and pinched those large breasts of hers. Holding her thick legs in the air, he continued to pound his cock into her asshole. Filling her up nicely. Once he had completely filled her up and could not go any further, he allowed himself to experience the ultimate pleasure. He came, sending his seed deep inside her asshole. He bellowed victoriously and looked down at her. Rachel’s plain face was contorted into a grimace of pain mixed with surprised pleasure as she felt his seed rush into her asshole and screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

A short while later, they resumed even kinkier activities. They had a talk and Rachel asked Max if he had ever done any strap on play. He shook his head. Grinning, she volunteered to show him the ropes. This time, it was Max’s turn to receive some anal pleasure, courtesy of Rachel and her strap on dildo. First, she sucked his cock and got him nice and hard, then she prepared him for some role reversal action. She took the lubricant and greased up the black man’s ass, then applied the same sticky substance on her dildo. Then, she asked him if she was ready. Max was definitely down for whatever so he nodded. Rachel’s eyes widened in pleasure. She was going to have some fun with this.

Gleefully, Rachel thrust the dildo into Max’s asshole. The black man gasped as the big black woman thrust the dildo into his ass. Smiling, she took her sweet time to sink it deep inside him. While fucking him, she stroked his hard cock. The more she fucked him, the harder he got. Rachel didn’t often get to fuck a man with her strap on dildo and it was the first time she was fucking a black man with it. She looked into Max’s eyes as she fucked him with her dildo. Oh, he wasn’t laughing anymore. Grinning, she gleefully rammed the dildo up his ass. He bahis siteleri screamed in pain. She slowed down. Even though she was a seriously kinky femme, she was not a sadist. She pulled the dildo out and began to fuck him a bit more gently, but still passionately.

Max looked at Rachel as she continued to fuck him in the ass with the strap on dildo. He could tell that she was enjoying it. She liked fucking him in the ass with her sex toy about as much as he liked shoving his big cock up her ass earlier. Luckily for him, her plastic cock was nowhere near as long or as thick as his natural cock was. It hurt a bit, but not in a bad way. In fact, he was starting to like it. She continued to fuck him passionately until he came. When he did, she pulled the dildo out of his ass and sucked all the cum out of his cock. Licked him clean without spilling a drop. For a while, they remained like this, lying on the floor. Rachel was the first to rise. Max took a moment to recover. He got up, and reached for his wallet. He was ready to pay her. Rachel shook her head.

Max looked at her, not understanding. Rachel explained herself. She didn’t want any of his money. She wanted him to understand what it was like for a woman to surrender to a man, how vulnerable she felt. She wanted him to see things from her point of view. She understood his point of view too. He was a frustrated man with a certain fetish. He had to satisfy his needs. He wanted to abase the prostitutes he took to bed. She only wanted to remind him that gigolos and prostitutes were still human beings, even though they were often seen as sexual objects by the men and women who rented their services. Max nodded, and did something which surprised him. He grabbed Rachel and kissed her. Rachel did something which surprised her too. She kissed him back.

Over the next few weeks, Max came back to the Big House Brothel. He always asked for Rachel. She always came to him. They had lots of fun together. She was more passionate with him than with any other client. They weren’t simply fucking anymore. In Rachel, Max found a kindred soul who loved extreme sex and kink. He was surprised by how smart she was. This woman had a college degree and loved to write science fiction stories.

Rachel was surprised by Max as well. He wasn’t the rough character she first thought he was. He was a man who had often been betrayed by the women in his life. His mother ran out on his father and his siblings. His sister turned out to be a sociopath who was currently serving a life sentence for the murder of her lesbian lover. His longtime girlfriend one day left after taking a valuable ring which his uncle left him. Yeah, he didn’t trust women, that’s why he came to the whorehouse and fucked them. He wanted to make them pay for what was done to him throughout his life. Rachel understood his rage. There were plenty of women out there who abused the men in their lives. Society knew of abusive men but closed his eyes and ears on the subject of abusive women who destroyed the lives of those around them. Rachel knew she couldn’t simply fix Max. He was a grown man. But she tried to be understanding of him as best as she could.

In Rachel, Max found someone who was okay. She was the only woman who had been kind to him in bahis şirketleri his life. He could be himself around her. They often had passionate good times together. Oh, Max still very much had an anal fetish but it was different now. There were times when he took Rachel, but it was not like before. She would be showering and invite him inside as he walked by the bathroom. He would come in and they would kiss and make out before having sex. He still desired her ass and she gave herself to him freely because she liked sex with him and she liked him too. When Max slid his cock into Rachel’s ass, she welcomed him inside her. She embraced him and he kissed her as he thrust into her. When he pounded his cock into her ass and she screamed, it was out of passionate pleasure rather than hatred.

Rachel loved giving herself to Max. He was an amazing man, once she got to know him. The other women at the Big House Brothel knew him to be her favorite customer. They didn’t know that he saw her outside of her workplace. Yes, he took her to dinners and movie theaters. They had a blast together. She took him to action movies and science fiction conventions. He discovered that she loved video games, action movies, sports and poker as much as he did. Rachel the tomboy was starting to grow on Max. What he didn’t know was that she was falling in love with him too.

They explored just about every kink together. From time to time, he asked her to bring her strap on into their games. On those rare occasions, Rachel would lovingly slide the dildo into him and look tenderly into his eyes and kiss him as she passionately made love to him. When he came, she drank his precious seed. Many times, they fell asleep in each other’s arms. There were times when he surprised the hell out of her. Once, she was in the kitchen of the small apartment where she lived. Cooking a delicious dinner while he showered. He snuck up behind her and kissed her. Laughing, she faked a struggle to get out of his arms. He caught her in a passionate embrace, then took her. He slid his cock between her butt cheeks. She pushed back against him, and held his cock. She guided him into her ass, welcoming him inside her. Max would smile in pleasure as he entered her. She wanted it! He would thrust into her passionately while she screamed his name and begged him for more. After these passionate sessions, they would lie down together.

Yep, for a time Max and Rachel were happy together. They were even planning to start a life together. Max wanted Rachel to quit her job and move in with him. He couldn’t believe that he was asking a woman to move in with him. This went against just about everything he believed. He wasn’t a believer in relationships. He had seen too many men get screwed over by the women they loved. Yet when he looked at Rachel, he knew that she was different. They agreed to wait a few months. If they still felt the same way about each other, they’d move in together. It was a long, trying but ultimately fulfilling three months. Unfortunately, just when it looked like everything would be okay for these two, tragedy struck. Rachel got killed in a car accident on her way over to Max’s apartment. Max didn’t find out until several hours later. He went to the county hospital, and saw Rachel’s body. She had died from her injuries. Killed by a van driven by a binge-drinking soccer mom. The binge drinker was in critical condition. She died as a result of her injuries too. Max walked out of the hospital and was never seen again.

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