A Helping Hand Ch. 04

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Author’s note: I’ve enjoyed writing this series in conjunction with AnnaVenus69. She has written chapters two and three, written in the point of view and perspective of Kay, and Linda respectively. So if you haven’t read those chapters yet, please do so before reading this one. And then stay tuned for Chapter five also written by Anna as well. This has been fun, I hope you’ll let us both know by posting your comments and/or feedback on this series. Thank you! Many Feathers/AnnaVenus69

I’d never been more surprised before in my entire life! The fact that my beautiful wife and her equally sexy sister had just given me the first double-blowjob I’d ever experienced in my life was amazing enough. But to watch them actually kissing one another, my cock sandwiched between those erotic sensual kisses was far beyond imagining. Even after I was finally released, given a moment to collect my senses which were currently still running amuck, I’d thought briefly that whatever interaction had taken place between them was over. Instead, this erotic bit of naughty playfulness between them had aroused them both, perhaps to an even greater level than either one of them could have anticipated.

“Fuck I’m horny!” Kay said blatantly.

“Me too,” Linda stated a bit more shyly, but honestly. There was a deep rosy-red flush to her cheeks as she spoke, obviously averting her eyes from staring directly into mine as I now stood near the edge of the bed, cock already showing renewed interest as it throbbed, bobbing up and down of it’s own accord.

It was all so new to all of us really, that even I wasn’t sure what to do next, or even how to go about doing it whenever it was that I figured that out. Quite naturally…far more easily, Kay solved that particular little dilemma for me.

“Remember?” Kay said suddenly, her hand just as quickly reaching over towards her sister. I had stood up leaving the two gorgeous women lying on the bed catching their own collective breaths. I heard the sudden catch in Linda’s breath as Kay’s hand began to slowly caress her sister’s pussy through the thin lace material of her elegant negligee.

“Holy shit!” I thought silently watching them.

“Oh fuck…Kay!” Linda moaned softly as Kay continued to gently caress her sister’s pussy, slow circular motions of her hand though I noticed the slight upward press of her palm against her sister’s cunt.

“Remember?” Kay questioned once again, finally drawing the admission from her sister.

“Yes! Yes! I remember!” Linda moaned softly, then to my even greater surprise, I watched as Linda now reached, Kay readjusting, repositioning herself even more closely. Together now, lying side-by-side, kissing…I saw Linda’s hand now worming itself beneath the waistband of Kay’s panties. The moment her hand touched Kay’s soft wet slit, I saw her face contort in a pleasured expression that I was all too familiar with. My cock was once again rock-hard, but I wasn’t about to move or do anything to break this sudden magic spell that had enveloped the two of them.

Likewise now, Kay slipped her own hand beneath those of her sisters, so that they lay fingering one another slowly, softly, their lips barely touching, yet kissing, almost blowing kisses back and forth to one another. I couldn’t help but wonder having heard my wife’s words, “Remember”. Mesmerized, entranced, “How many times had they touched one another in the years past? How often? What else if anything did they do?” I thought lustfully to myself.

It was then that I realized both women were looking towards me. Still fingering one another playfully, as I stood my own hand slow-stroking my now very aroused more than ready cock.

“I kinda figured you’d enjoy seeing this,” Kay told me giggling, though once again Linda’s expression bordered on shy embarrassment though she made no effort to slow or even stop finger-fucking my wife’s cunt.

“So…so how often have you two…?”

Kay giggled. “Not very often, just a hand-full of times growing up. Usually after Linda and I had shared stories about our dates, what they did, or what they tried to do. And how most often we were both left feeling incredibly horny and unsatisfied.” Kay glanced over towards her sister.

“Didn’t it?” she said grinning, though I watched as she seemed to probe a bit deeper with her finger perhaps, Linda’s eyes almost glazing over with passionate lust when she did.

“Yes,” she allowed herself to admit, moaning the word rather than speaking it. “Yes, yes!” she said again, though now I wondered what it was she was actually saying yes too!

“If you’re wondering,” Kay stated suddenly looking back up towards me, “No…we didn’t. This is about as far as we ever went, but it was more than enough…then.” Kay added with a wicked looking smile on her face. Even Linda’s eyes popped open at that one.


To my surprise, Kay slithered down her sister’s form rolling her a bit more flatly upon her back. As she did, she’d somehow managed to near-completely strip Linda’s black bikini panties off of her, suddenly tossing them towards me where they güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri landed perfectly across the top of my turgid member. She hadn’t meant to do that, I know…yet it seemed to ease the sudden unexpected tension as Linda actually burst out laughing at the sight of her thong bikini panties draped over my dick.

“Nice shot!” she actually giggled, as we all did.

“Jack honey? I think Linda would appreciate some loving attention on her tits!” I didn’t have to be asked twice, moving back over to the left side of the bed where I now leaned cupping one of Linda’s breasts in my hand, the other now encircled with the press of my lips around that hard exposed nipple.

“Ohhh!” Linda groaned deeply. But I knew it wasn’t just the touch of my tongue tickling her nipple, more like the touch of Kay’s tongue now flicking her clit!

Linda was rolling around and squirming so much that I had to wonder how Kay was managing to continue licking her, but she seemed to roll with the passionate waves of her sister’s lust.


“Yes honey?” she answered.

“Can I…”

“What honey?” Kay asked again still licking her.

“Can I…”

“Say it!” Kay teased. “Go on, say it sis!”

“Shit! I want to try licking you too!” she said finally, exasperated, though the hot desire of excitement masked any irritation in her tone of voice.

Like a shadow, I moved off and away from the bed once again, silently, content if anything to become part of the woodwork if that’s what was required in order to make Linda any more comfortable as she nervously fidgeted briefly as Kay completely stripped off her remaining nightgown until she was comfortably, uninhibitedly presenting herself on the bed.

“Damn honey!” I heard myself saying, not even realizing I’d spoken the words aloud.

“Why don’t you come over here so I can be sucking that hard naughty-looking cock of yours!” she told me. “And you sis…why don’t you finish taking off the rest of your night gown as well so Jack here can have the two of us to enjoy looking at while I suck him!”

She did so as I lay half sitting, half laying my head resting comfortably within the pillow propped against the headboard of the bed.

“Ah…where? How?” Linda questioned curiously looking towards her sister as she now positioned herself on all fours and continued licking and sucking me.

“Slide beneath me,” Kay told her. “I’ll sit on your face while you do it, and that way I can continue sucking off the birthday boy here,” she giggled happily.

Linda managed the only slightly tricky maneuver quite quickly, nestling herself beneath her sister’s quim. Kay glanced up looking into my face, grinned, winked, and then moaned as it became quite evident that Linda’s tongue was now doing what Kay’s had been doing to hers only moments ago.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” Kay exclaimed.

“Looks fucking good too!” I finally said joining in.

And it did! I loved the way that my wife’s beautiful full breasts looked hanging down the way that they were as she knelt over me, sucking. But I loved it even better when moments later I saw Linda’s hands suddenly surround both of them, cupping, kneading, and then capturing Kay’s incredibly hard nipples.

“Oh fuck! Yes honey yes! Pinch them, squeeze them for me!” she begged her. And I grinned outwardly as she did, watching Linda’s hands rolling those magnificent hard little nipples between her fingers, the feel of my wife’s mouth suddenly suctioning my cock even harder deep inside that velvet-feeling mouth of hers.

As horny as my wife was, and I certainly could tell by the way her mouth was all but devouring me that she was, that when she came, it was going to be a really wet one. She must have realized the same thing, and being as close as she was now, felt it of importance enough to remind her sister of that particular little event.

“Linda? Baby? I’m getting pretty close now honey…not sure if you want to…”

“Give it to me!” Linda all but shouted into her sister’s cunt. “Squirt it! Give me your fucking juice!”

And I thought Kay was horny! Obviously, Linda was all but beside herself in ecstasy and passion. As Kay neared the point of no return, she finally released my prick sitting up. Doing so just enough to rise up slightly, allowing me the perfect vantage point to see Linda’s darting tongue, the expression of wild, crazed lust in her eyes as she twirled and tickled and tongue-fucked my wife’s cunt.

“Here…it…” she never finished, she just came in this ear-piercing wail of relief as her pussy literally exploded, the onrush of her liquid orgasm suddenly leaping from within the soft pink folds of her cunt bathing her sister’s face in copious amounts of pearly thick cum-cream. Like a woman possessed, Linda’s fingers dug into the back of her sister’s ass, pinning her, keeping her there as she mouthed Kay’s gushing furrow like a water starved man finding an oasis and drowning himself in it.

Kay finally collapsed, spent, near overwhelmed with the intensity of her climax, her sister’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tongue delicately now probing, licking, and swiping away the last remaining vestiges of her sisters spending.

“That…was fucking unbelievable!” I finally stated moments later. Kay rolled away from her sister’s still exploring tongue.

“Had I of known you could do that…” she began.

Linda rolled over onto her belly looking towards the two of us. “And had I of known you could do that!” she grinned back licking her lips. Together they laughed, once again embracing.

“Hmmm, lets see here. Who hasn’t cum yet?” Kay questioned placing a crooked finger against her chin looking up towards the ceiling as she spoke. “I know!” she shouted suddenly pouncing upon Linda without warning. For a moment, they wrestled upon the bed playfully, grabbing breasts, crotches, tickling, even feigning vicious bites here and there. I was prepared to move, allowing them the full use of the bed when Kay seemingly got the advantage of her sister, pinning her atop of me.

“Hold her there Jack!” Kay said suddenly forming an idea. Not like she was any too anxious to squirm away from me either, but I pulled her more on top of me, wrapping my arms around her, just beneath her soft breasts. Seconds later both Linda and I found out what exactly my naughty little wife was really up to.

“Here, move your legs,” she told me positioning them with her own hands. Placing them together, she managed to position her sister’s legs, bent at the knee outside of my own.

“That looks fucking hot!” Kay added moments after that. But what was fucking hot, was the feel of my wife’s tongue as she began licking me at the base of my balls, working her way ever so slowly upwards towards the tip of my prick, sucking it briefly. I then heard Linda’s own surprised groan, felt her body tense against me, felt her hands suddenly digging finger-tips into my arms as Kay’s mouth obviously began that same torturous ascent that she’d done to me.

Not about to pass up a golden opportunity like this one, I released my arms from around Linda’s waist, now reaching up, crossing them instead to recapture her breasts with my hands, eliciting an additional moan from her just as my wife’s tongue once again found it’s way to the tip of my shaft and began working it’s way backwards now down towards my balls.

“Oh fuck honey…that’s nice!” I moaned against Linda’s neck.

I felt the goose-bumps spread across Linda’s flesh like a wild fire, felt her shiver involuntarily as I captured each of her precious pink nipples, slowly rolling them, then lightly pulling upwards upon each, pinching.

Kay’s tongue lingered briefly for several moments around my balls before once again making the slow taunting return trip back up my shaft, another languish sucking of my cock for a few moments more, then I knew as Linda tensed, as her fingers once again dug into the flesh of my hips that she now held onto, that Kay’s wickedly delightful tongue was once again plowing the furrow of her sister’s sweet pussy.

“You ready to cum yet?” Kay purred lovingly.

“Oh yes…yes!” Linda moaned delightedly, deliriously. “Please sis, make me cum! Make me cum now!”

So it was that I was surprised when I felt the touch of my wife’s hand upon my cock. But then suddenly even that made sense. She began by simply pressing my prick within the folds of her sister’s slit, rubbing it back and forth, side to side. Hearing Linda’s soft mewling moan told me how much she was enjoying the feel of this, as was I of course. But that it was my wife’s hand stroking us both simultaneously, using my cock in masturbating her sister with that soon had me hovering on the very edge of insanity myself.

Linda finally sat up repositioning herself, wanting to see more likely, as her lust-filled eyes stared at her sister’s hand, now even more easily using my cock in a myriad of ways to pleasure her own sister’s pussy with.

And though I couldn’t see much, I could feel it as Kay held me even more firmly, now thumping my massively hard cock against her sister’s clit, causing Linda to cry out in surprised joy at the delicious little sting of that.

“Harder!” Linda demanded, surprising herself. “Fuck! Do it harder! Faster!”

My wife’s hand must have been a blur. I could feel her jerking my cock up and down and side to side about as fast as she could possibly manage it. All the while maintaining and keeping in contact with her sister’s cunt, that wet…very, very wet slippery split that was now coating my cock in an abundance of fresh sweet girl juice.

Then to both of our surprise, I heard Kay tell her. “Here honey…you do it!”

Like passing a baton during a relay race, they did it as smoothly as it could have ever been done. One moment, Kay’s hand was rubbing my cock back and forth across the face of her sister’s slit, the next…Linda herself was!

I watched as Kay leaned taking one of her sister’s breasts into her mouth, sucking in the sweet hardened nipple. “Go ahead honey…but only if you want to,” Kay mouthed güvenilir bahis şirketleri around her sister’s tit. “It’s ok…really.”

For a moment I was clueless, but only for a moment. I felt a brief hesitation, the sensation of Linda’s hand as she stopped using my cock as a vibrator, the feel of my prick suddenly bent slightly, the head of which now being pressed within the outer folds of her slick succulent cunt. Then suddenly before realization as to what was actually happening dawned on me, I felt her hand, then her pussy guiding me inside. Kay leaned back, watching, smiling at the two of us. “That’s it sis…fuck him honey, fuck him!”

In the next instant, I felt the hot tight moist folds of Linda’s quim engulf me.

“OH FUCK!” Linda screamed about as loud as I’d ever heard anyone ever scream before.

The sound of Kay’s laughter following almost immediately, “Bet the neighbors heard that one!”

“Oh fuck!” Linda called out again, though considerably softer this time, then giggling as well. “Sorry!” she moaned, though continuing to thrust against me. “Its just that…oh fuck, it’s just that…I had NO idea!”

“No idea?” I had to ask.

Linda turned facing me, smiling with a look of wonder and surprise etched within her face. “Yeah…for one thing, I’ve never fucked this way before,” she stated. “And for another…I’ve never had anyone this deep inside me before!” she added in a giddyish, half silly blown away by it all sort of way.

“Oh honey…you really have led a neglected little sex life haven’t you?” Kay asked her once again easing herself downwards.

I’d seen Kay do this naughty, sexy slithering little snake act before, and couldn’t help but wonder what she was up to now. As Linda continued that semi-circular, rhythmic up and down gyration against me, we both now felt the reappearance of Kay’s tongue once again lapping at the outer folds of her sister’s flesh.

“Holy shit!” Linda groaned, reaching out to fondly place her hands about her sister’s head.

It was amazing to occasionally feel my wife’s mouth slipping down and around my shaft as she eased it out of her sister’s cunt briefly, licking it clean, then slipping it back inside her, then licking, flicking at Linda’s exposed vulnerable pussy as she spread it apart with her hands, revealing the tiny little pearl contained within. She captured her sister’s clit with her lips gently sucking it, while I in turn continued to gently fuck her from beneath, matching both the intensity and tempo of my wife’s hungrily sucking mouth.

“Oh honey…honey! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…CUM!” She screamed once again setting a new all time record for neighbor disturbance as her cry of sweet pleasured ecstasy filled the entire room.

And then to everyone’s surprise, including her own, Linda’s pussy seemed to implode, the sudden unexpected gush of fluid taking her totally off guard.

“Way to go sis!” Kay cried out enthusiastically. “That’s it honey…just let it go…let it go!”

And boy did she!

With my cock still buried inside her to the hilt, I felt the cascade of fluid suddenly bathing my shaft, my balls. I felt the wetness saturating the sheets as her cunt continued to pump out several flowing rivulets of cum-cream around me. It was too much for me to bear any longer.

“Oh fuck honey…I’m gonna cum now too!”

Fast to react, Kay immediately grabbed my pulsating dick all but yanking it from inside her sister’s cunt. She barely even managed to place her lips around the head of my shaft before the first powerful jettison of my spunk leapt from within the tiny eye-slit of my cock. She sucked for all she was worth, though it mattered not as my balls continued their discharge in rapid hard-felt lurchings that had me humping my ass upwards even though Linda remained, still frigging her own pussy, watching in abject fascination as Kay took in my sweet cream, drinking it hungrily just as rapidly as I was now giving it to her.

We collapsed in a heap together on the bed, side by side, me in the middle with both women snuggled contentedly against me. I was grateful that it was Friday, a chance for all of us to sleep in a little tomorrow. But more importantly, I had a golf date planned, which would give the girls a chance to have some time alone together, to discuss things if Linda in fact had any misgivings. I hoped not. It was nice seeing her coming out of her shell, and according to what little Kay had told me, what had occurred this evening, especially with her volunteered participation, she had come a long way indeed in doing just that.

Still…allowing the girls some alone time to discuss it was the best thing I could do. I was only a little disappointed, but not too terribly surprised to awaken and find that both women had already gotten up. I nearly turned over to go back to sleep with a smile on my face when I heard the shower running. But it wasn’t that so much as the soft giggle that followed. Fully awake now, fully curious, and fully hard…I slipped out of bed and tippy-toed across the room towards the closed door of the bathroom. I placed my ear against the door and tried to listen, but I could hear no clearer hear than I could back in bed. Just the distorted sounds of conversation, unintelligible, more giggling, and the shower itself. Which is when I realized what the subtle difference was that I’d been listening too.

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