A Kiss Led to This Ch. 07

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At ten the next morning Joe got a text from Sandi. She knew to wait until Janice was gone and Keith was at work or at least away from the house. They had developed a system to send easily explainable blurbs of text to signal one another when the coast was clear.





As soon as he sent the text Joe began to get hard. He decided he had what he referred to as “Pavlov’s Dick.” Anything from Sandi; be it text, call, picture or even thought caused his dick to start salivating into his shorts, demanding to be fed into her mouth.

At mid-day Joe made his way to Sandi’s house. He sat down the street for a while, his load building inside his cannon, imagining kissing that perfect mouth of hers with his tongue followed by licking her down to her nipples. She was an endless inspiration of erotic pleasure for him. His tongue would finish its journey at her clit and be rewarded by tasting the sweet nectar that she stored between her legs. After feeding on her it would lick its way back up to her mouth and end up kissing her once again.

Five minutes later he sauntered into her back yard, waiting to hear her car. He loosened the laces on his boots so they would come off easier when she opened the door. Five minutes more and still no car. He waited another five minutes then texted her again.


No response. Joe began to worry. Did she get in a car accident? Did Keith find out? Was she kidnapped? Robbed? Was someone else using her phone?

Joe retied his boots and slipped out the side gate. He headed back to work, his half filled cock as disappointed as him.

An hour later he got a text.


TOMORROW? He wrote back. I NEED YOU NOW!

GOTTA GO, was the reply.

Joe tried texting back and even calling her cell phone but there was no response. Naturally he was unable to leave a voice message of any kind, which was frustrating. He decided to text Keith and see if they might get together later for a drink. Keith let him know he was busy but “maybe later in the week.”

Joe pondered what could be going on here. Since they had first kissed Sandi always found a way to take care of Joe when he needed it. No questions asked and no excuses. If necessary even on her way home from work she would tell him to park anywhere. Then she would park close by, jump out of her car, dive into his car, suck him, swallow him, kiss him, smile at him and head home. This was her first no-show.

Joe decided that either something strange was going on or she really just had to work. As he was working himself he pondered what might have happened. He knew he could never get upset at her; he loved her too much for that. But perhaps, if she was actually working he could penalize her for missing their appointment.

Joe went to his shop and let his imagination wander. He was crazy about Sandi’s tits: those 34 DD’s that seemed like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Diane Lane with a bit more olive coloring. Looking through his drawer of assorted parts he came up with two matching small clamps. The clamps were about three inches long, formed of two pieces of blue plastic with rubber-coated tips. The closing device was a small metal spring that forced the tips together. Joe fiddled with one, bending the spring a bit to release tension. He tried one on his little finger to see how it felt.

As he toyed with the clamp he found himself getting a bit aroused thinking about using one or both of these on his lover. The tension didn’t seem to bad on his finger, but it would be difficult to adjust these when he was with her. Plus his smallest finger was easily twice the size of Sandi’s perfect pencil eraser sized and shaped nipples.

So he did the next best test; he took one and tried to clamp it on his own nipple. Joe didn’t have much in the way of protruding nipples and it was difficult to get traction. He licked his finger and rubbed one; similar to the way he loved to rub Sandi’s.

After a moment he found his nipple hardening a little. Not hard like when Sandi sucked on them, but close. He squeezed behind it until the nipple was as far out as it was going to get. He centered the clamp and let go of it with his hand.

“Fuck!” Joe screamed. “Shit.” The pain was incredible. The tip of his tit felt crushed.

“Alright fucker,” he told the clamp, “it’s the chop shop for you.”

Joe dissembled the clamps and cut each spring in half. He reassembled them and stimulated his other nipple to come to life. He then literally put his tit in the wringer.

“Not bad.” He said aloud. The pressure illegal bahis was steady but not squeezing. It would probably not be something you’d wear out to dinner, but for a half hour he thought it would work.

He found a number of light metal rings in a coffee can. Each was about the diameter of a key ring. He counted out eight and connected them to form a chain with a clamp on each end. They actually looked as good as some of the nipple clamps he had seen on the Internet. Carefully he wrapped them up just in the hope he might be able to try them out.

Joe went back to his day, happy that he had found the appropriate penalty for Sandi. He was working outside on a project that required running some corrugated tubing for a fountain project. It was about a twenty-foot length. As he connected and shaped the tubing his mind wandered again. The tubing was hollow black plastic with a circular ring about every quarter inch to help it bend but also stay rigid. Joe put his hand around the end. It was certainly less than the diameter of his dick. He grabbed it and slid his hand along it like he was jacking his shaft. The spaces between the ridges gave it a unique feel as he slid along. He imagined Sandi’s pussy clamping on it only to have the ridge force her opening wider, then clamping again.

Satisfied, he measured a length of it about the length of his cock plus three fingers to hold it and cut off a piece. He once again went to the shop and carefully removed any sharp edges. Later when no one was around he boiled it to be sure it was sanitary. While boiling the piece softened and curled to match the edges of the pot he was using. When it cooled on the counter it was again rigid but had a pleasant little bend to it.

As usual thinking about Sandi had once again taken over his day. Although he was disappointed earlier he would be ready if she got back in touch. And as luck and love would have it, she did.

The next morning Sandi called him and said she needed “face time.” They set an appointment for lunch.

This time Sandi’s car was parked by the time Joe arrived. He cautiously approached the house with a pocket full of punishments. Sandi met him at the door, which was unusual.

She was wearing a green dress that opened in the front and a white sweater. The dress of course stopped short of showing the nice rack hidden below. No doubt Ms. Proper had been at work that morning. She of course had a matching necklace on. He noticed she had no nylons on and stood in three-inch heels.

“Hi baby,” was her greeting.

“Whew.” Joe thought. If anyone else had been home that would definitely would not of been the greeting.

“So sorry about yesterday, I’ve just been buried at work.”

“I get it, sort of.” Joe feigned being upset, but inside his heart was racing and he was anxious about trying out his new toys.

“Oh, poor thing. Come upstairs with me.”

Joe followed her up, staring at her tiny ass moving up the stairs in front of him.

Sandi made her usual way to the other side of the bed and began undressing, putting her necklace on the dresser. There were no covers on the bed, just sheets. As the two of them had gotten together more often they both found that covers only hid the view of each other or got in the way of them moving. Keith never asked or wondered why she washed them four times a week.

Joe watched as she removed the sweater, folding it over a nearby chair. Next was the green dress, held together in front with a hidden safety pin. She folded that as well and stood for a moment in her underwear. Her black bra matched the hip high panties she had on. She unsnapped the bra releasing those gorgeous tits that Joe saw every night in his dreams. Standing there topless she noticed Joe not moving.

“Have I done something wrong?”

“Yes. You have. What about yesterday?”

“I told you. I had to work. There was a meeting and I just couldn’t get away.”

“Take your panties off and sit on the edge of the bed.”

Sandi slipped off the black silk shorts. She sat on the bed right in front of him, naked. Her hands were at her sides.

“Okay, Joe. Now what?”

Joe looked down at her auburn hair, draped perfectly across her forehead. Sitting there her face was virtually at Joe’s zipper. She noticed this as well and reached up to open it.

“No.” He said.

“Look, Joe, please. Let me…”

Joe pushed her hands away and reached for the nipple clamps in his pocket, but not showing her. He kneeled on the floor and by doing so put the two of them just about chin to chin.

Sandi reached to kiss him but instead he took her left tit into his mouth. He sucked on it hard, pulling illegal bahis siteleri her nipple straight toward him. As his tongue left it he held her breast steady and put one of the clamps on the protruding brown nipple.

“Oh,” Sandi said. “I see.”

She turned so Joe could repeat the process on her right tit as well. The clamps fit perfectly and the rings hung evenly between them.

“How do they feel?”

“Different for sure.”

“Now lay back,” he ordered.

Sandi fell back on the bed. Joe continued to kneel on the floor and moved her up on the bed, bending her knees until her feet were just at the edge of the bed, legs spread wide open.

He circled her clamped tits, moving his hands down across her stomach and resting them on the mound just above her little tuft of hair. Putting a hand on each of her hips he exposed and spread her thin pink pussy lips. Fully exposed now was the hood over her clit. He was always amazed how small both her lips and clit were, and how the clit itself was so perfectly centered in its hiding place.

Joe carefully extended his tongue and began teasing it, all the time staring up at Sandi. She was already in her “head leaning back” phase. Apparently the nipple clamps were a hit.

He really didn’t have to look, he could tell by the amount of wetness that she was already leaking out onto her thighs. He ran his hand along her slit to pick up her juices, and then used them to wet her neck from her chin down to her Adam’s apple.

Joe then leaned in and put his pointing finger just under his tongue. As his tongue circled one direction his finger moved in the other until her love hole loosened up. He continued lapping as the digit slowly made entry. At the same time he reached down with his other hand to his pants pocket to find the black tubing.

Carefully he slipped the tubing into the hand he was penetrating her with. With the tubing aligned just below his wet finger he slowly changed over from the finger to the tubing. Joe marveled at how easily the jet-black ridged tubing entered her. And just as he imagined he could see her pussy lips rub against it as her body tried to clamp down on it.

“Ohhhhhh.” She moaned. “God.”

He looked up and saw her tits swaying as her head began rocking back and forth. One tit would pull the other via the chain, and then back again. Her nipples were still locked and squeezed by the clamps. Sandi’s perfect hair was no longer; it covered each cheek as she began to sweat.

“I…I don’t know what you’re doing.” She moaned. “But it feels really, really good.”

Sandi’s mound began to rise up. Joe pushed down on it each time as it met his mouth. He then found the perfect angle with the tubing and began pounding it into her, fucking her with the ribbed plastic. She was soaking between her legs and the tubing was moving smoothly as he continued grinding the object into her cavity.

Joe found himself using the same rhythm and speed he would of used if he had been jacking off, picking up speed as things got hotter and wetter.

As he thought about jacking off he could feel himself get harder and harder with each stroke. It felt like a he had just entered a beautiful wet dream. Any guy who ever knew or worked with Sandi would never have believed this. It would have been above and beyond their wildest fantasies. Just seeing her naked, or getting a peek at those perfect tits would of satisfied most of them. For others perhaps a blowjob, or fingering her, or even fucking her. But not this.

From being Ms. Proper fifteen minutes earlier she was now naked and wet in her own house with her nipples clamped and chained together. Her legs were wide open giving full view of the tuft of mound hair that led to a tiny, soaking wet slit. A man she wasn’t married to had just eaten her out. And he had proceeded to rub her own pussy juice on her before ravaging her with a pretend black dick. Now that would make quite a story at the next office Christmas party!

Joe felt like the luckiest man in the world to be part of this, and wasn’t quite sure who was enjoying this encounter more.

The firm piece of plastic was becoming slicker and shinier as it came out her love hole before disappearing fully into her on the way back in. Joe could barely grip the last ridge; she was taking all he could give. He moved one finger into the hole of the tube so he could keep control and insert the entire thing.

Sandi’s chest was now bright red from her neck down to those big swaying breasts. As her breathing increased pace the beads of sweat from her forehead began running down into her bangs. Joe began jousting the homemade dildo into her at a lightning canlı bahis siteleri pace. In response her ass cheeks were almost lifting off the bed as her mound rose toward the pleasure.

Joe continued the black tube banging. His hand and arm felt like it was going to fall off. As her stomach started rolling Sandi gripped the sheets so hard on either side of her they un-tucked and pulled up. Joe thought about stopping suddenly and blowing down the tube but there was no time, she was coming and coming fast.

“Ummmm. Oh, my god. Yes. Yes. Oh my god! Ummmmm.”

Joe felt her body rock. His hand was exhausted.

“Oh… my… god,” she whispered, each word matching a contraction.

When she was finally done he carefully removed the tubing and slipped it back into his pocket. Then he carefully disconnected her nipples.

Sandi lay there in a daze for a moment before summoning him. Cleary this was something she had not ever planned or done before, but had enjoyed thoroughly. It was almost like she was coming to after being anesthetized. And the operation had apparently been a success.

“Come here and kiss me.”


“Please?” She begged, beckoning him. “Can I suck it?”

Joe stood up and looked at her beautiful, sweaty, naked body. He shed his clothes on the floor. His dick was rock hard and wet with clear and sticky goo along the edges.

Instead of kissing her he climbed up over her, putting a knee on each shoulder so she couldn’t raise her arms. Pre-cum was now leaking down on her face like sap from the limb above her.

He grabbed his cock and rubbed in on her forehead, across each of her eyes, on her nose and across each cheek. As she looked up at him a glistening strand of fluid formed a bridge from her eyebrow to her cheek.

Sandi tried to raise her arms but they remained pinned below the massive man’s knees. Her face looked like twenty snails had a barn dance on it. Joe had hit every spot with the tip of his cock except her lips, which still had the brown lipstick on them that matched her outfit.

Sandi was trapped and couldn’t move anything but her head. She tilted her shiny face forty-five degrees to the side so her head was against one of Joe’s knees. Then she opened her mouth as wide as her tiny head allowed and showed him a pink tongue. Those wide- open brown cat eyes of hers were saying, “come and get me, tiger.”

Joe rewarded her with rock hard cock.

To get a better angle Joe put his hands on the walls and drilled deep into her mouth. Sandi could barely get a breath in between thrusts, but used whatever air she got to suck on him. Joe pounded down into her throat again and again. His balls were hitting her chin on each deep down stroke. His goal was to bury his cock down her throat a thousand times, but…

“Ummm,” she moaned. “Ummmm!”

“Oh fuck,” Joe said.

That moan of hers was as deadly as her eyes. He curled and fell sideways as a two-day load of cum spurted into her. Sandi rolled right with him, not letting the cock out of mouth, sucking every drop. With one hand suddenly free she used it to grab his shaft and hold the drained snake inside her. She was suddenly on her knees and Joe now on his back.

Satisfied she had taken all he had she licked her way up, stopping to sample his now sweaty armpits and nipples. When they were face to face she kissed him deep and hard. This time Joe returned the kiss and the two of them embraced as if they had been lost for centuries. Somewhere deep down inside, Joe thought, maybe they had.

“Wow.” She said.

“Yeah. You had that coming.”

“Oh, really?”


“Uh, okay. Sorry. I’m still not really sure what was happening down there but I liked it.”

She hadn’t seen the tubing and Joe decided not to show her. He would save it for another punishment, or maybe a reward.

“I noticed.”

“You want these to wear to work?” Joe showed her the nipple clamps.

“Really? Maybe I could wear them to bed tonight. Oh, Keith,” she mused, “by the way Joe custom made these for me. What do you think?”

Joe laughed as she presented her tits to an imaginary Keith, their reddened nipples still erect.

“You know what I think?” Joe said. “I think I love you.”

Sandi stared at him; he had caught her by surprise. He had caught himself by surprise as well. Maybe it was the Spinner’s music playing in the background.

‘I think I love you, too.”

He kissed her softly. “Maybe I’ll see you tonight.”

“That would be great.”

Joe checked his watch and told her, “Now, for a change I’ve got to go or I’ll be in trouble.”

He stared down at the naked Sandi as he dressed. She was watching him this time.

“Really,” he added.

“Really?” She spread her legs just enough so his dick began to fill. Yep. Pavlov. And in this case payback as well, since he really did have to go.

But, he would return.

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