A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 27

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This chapter does contain a non sexual MM punishment scene.


Nicolina’s cries and Sonia’s jerking awake in response had woken me a couple times through the night, but they never lasted more than a few seconds before you could hear Kiera’s cooing as she soothed the baby. Sonia had started to leak with each cry, but Marta and I had each taken a nipple to nurse on for a couple minutes to help sooth her before we all fell back asleep.

This time was different though. You could still hear Kiera cooing at the baby, but Nicolina kept crying. I could feel Sonia’s tension and pulled back as Kiera came around the foot of the bed holding Nicolina. Sonia scooted up to sit and finally relaxed as Kiera laid Nicolina in her arms.

“Thank you for letting me take care of her last night, but I think she is ready for her momma now,” Kiera told her. “I just changed her, but she is probably a bit hungry.”

“I’m sorry I was so jumpy last night,” Sonia said as Nicolina latched on to feed. “I trust you to take care of her, but it’s hard. Every time she cries, I just feel the need to jump up and check on her. Marian tells me I will be happy for the help in a few months, but I still want to do everything myself right now.”

As they talked, Gianna shook me then nodded to the foot of the bed. I gave her a confused look as I scooted down and she smiled. “Just watch,” she whispered as I noticed kitten crawling past. “It will help you get past your embarrassment of other people seeing you in the bathroom. She isn’t self-conscious about it all.”

I realized what she was talking about when Kitten crawled up in her litter box. Even in the dim light, we could clearly see her holding her lips open as she relieved herself. As she covered the hole, she glanced back over her shoulder at us and Gianna hopped up and went over to clean her up.

When they came back over, kitten laid her head in my lap and smiled up at me as Gianna sat back down next to me. “I usually prefer to get closer when I watch her, but I wanted you to see that there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s just something we all have to do. Speaking of, I need to go now and if you want anything close to privacy, you had better hurry. You can help me give kitten her shower while Master is distracted, since it’s not our turn.”

I looked back and saw Vivi sitting on Alonso’s face while Marta had crawled over and was riding his cock. It was a highly arousing sight, but Gianna’s talk of turns confused me so I looked back at her. “What do you mean not your turn, for a shower?”

She nodded as she pulled me off to the bathroom. “Yup, Kitten and Kiera are not allowed to bathe themselves, so Master used to wash them both every day. Sonia and Marta used to trade off every other day until we basically moved into Master’s bed, but Kitten and Kiera convinced him it wasn’t fair to the rest of us if they got the attention every day and we only got every fourth day so he changed it. It’s Marta, Vivi and Kiera’s turn today, so I get to wash kitten.”

As she was explaining, she casually sat on the toilet and I could hear her going, but it didn’t slow her down. She got up and went over to help kitten into the shower as I sat down. The door was still open, and I could see Kiera and Sonia talking but no one was paying any attention to what I was doing. Maybe they all were that comfortable with each other and it wasn’t a big deal. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths to relax myself.

When I finished, I opened my eyes and found Kiera and Sonia standing at the sink. Sonia smiled back at my gasp of surprise. “Sorry, we know you aren’t comfortable with other people in the bathroom yet, but someone decided to make a mess while she was eating and we needed to clean her up.”

“It’s alright, I will have to get used to it eventually. I just didn’t expect to see you in here,” I said as I got up. It was easy to see why they came in. Nicolina had managed to coat her chest in the milk she spit up and was laying on the sink smiling as they cleaned her up. “It looks like she lost the whole meal.”

“It certainly looks that way, but she isn’t crying for food again so it can’t be too bad,” Kiera said as she looked over to Sonia. “You should jump in the shower since we’re in here. I will keep her occupied until you get out.”

Sonia looked back at me and I nodded, remembering our last shower together. This was faster than the last one, but not by much as we took some time to caress each other while washing. We still finished before Kitten and Gianna, as they spent far more time playing than they did washing. Well, I shouldn’t say that, Gianna washed both of them quickly, but they both seemed determined to wash each other with their tongues once they rinsed the soap off.

After we dried off and snapped our collars back on, I walked out to find the threesome on the bed finished and Vivi cleaning up Marta. Crawling up on the bed, I smiled down at Alonso. “Master, I know you said güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri I could only wear lingerie with my collar, but if I’m going to be spending the next month as your pet, we might have a problem. I’m not going to be able to do my job in lingerie and heels.”

“You will have the same exception that Gianna had, and that will apply to you now as well Vivi. You are allowed to be dressed while working, although I was hoping to see you in nothing but an apron,” He told me with a slight grin. “I think that would make a lovely sight to be honest.”

“I was planning to do that on occasion anyway,” I replied. “Most meals require a bit more coverage though. I can bring a couple outfits and hang them in the laundry room for when I need them. May I wear my robe to go back over to discuss our deal with my husband, and if he agrees, should I bring some of my sexier lingerie over here?”

“Yes to both my dear, just make sure breakfast is on time,” he teased. “You know I get grumpy if I don’t get my meals on time.”

“From the amount of energy you expended last night and this morning, I am starting to understand why,” I said with a smirk. “I just need to pop it in the oven to bake and start the coffee though. You know I prep the breakfast pastries several days at a time and freeze them. It only takes time in the mornings in special cases like Tuesday when I want something more filling in case we miss lunch.”

He just winked as he reached over and swatted Vivianna’s ass, telling her to finish cleaning so he could start the showers. “Go talk to your husband my dear, but understand I don’t believe in waiting. If he agrees to this, I want to get it done as soon as possible.”

I nodded as I slipped my shoes and robe on. I knew Marcello would not have a problem with that part, and he certainly would not object to the daily blowjobs from me, but the no sex part might kill it. When I got back home, I was surprised to find them curled up in bed still asleep. My husband was usually up by now, but I guess they stayed up late playing.

Dropping my robe, I crawled up on the bed and kissed Ari, as my husband’s face was buried in her hair. Her eyes fluttered open and she pulled me deeper into the kiss before letting go. “Are you up early, or did we oversleep? We were up pretty late last night,” she murmured as I pulled back.

“It’s just after seven, so a bit later than he usually sleeps, but not really late yet,” I told her. “Did the two of you have a good time last night?”

She looked a bit nervous as she nodded. “It was wonderful, but not what I was expecting. It was far more loving and intimate than I thought it would be.”

I shushed her with a kiss and pulled back again. “Sorry, I should have warned you because you are starting to show. He probably spent the entire night curled up next to you, caressing your stomach and breasts as he slowly stroked into you. He did the same thing with Sonia when she first played with us, and I don’t mind him loving you like that, as long as you got some pleasure out of it as well.”

“I did, especially when he took my ass for the last one,” she said with a grin. “Those slow strokes reminded me of when Master likes to tease me to a really intense climax, and I exploded about the same time he did. I would be more than happy to have a repeat of tonight once he is free to play again.”

“That may be a month away, but I would love to have you again,” my husband said as he finally pulled his head out of her hair. “Unless of course my wife has made other arrangements, I am a bit surprised to see you before breakfast, did everything go okay?”

“It went way better than okay,” I told him with a grin. “I had a wonderful time last night actually, and I did talk to Alonso about those other arrangements. He has agreed to punish you for me, but there is a price. I have to be punished as well, and you have to agree to the deal we made before it will happen.”

I saw him start shaking his head as soon as he heard me say I would be punished. “I won’t allow you to be punished like that. Even if it is safe in your condition, I would rather deal with our current arrangement.”

“No, I’m not going to be punished the same way you are,” I told him. “Alonso made it clear that he wouldn’t do that because I am pregnant. Anything more than light spankings are off the table. Our deal was for a different punishment, which will affect both of us. That was why he insisted that you had to agree.”

“Okay, so what is it you’re trying to avoid saying,” he replied. “It’s clearly something I don’t want to hear, but as long as you’re not receiving that kind of punishment, how bad could it be?”

“Well, the good news is that you will be free to play with the other girls, and I will be giving you a blowjob every morning for the next month as you’re eating me out,” I said before taking a deep breath. “The bad news is that I am the only one allowed to give you oral sex, and that is the only sex we are güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri allowed to have with each other. We will both be staying in the main house for the duration, so I can be treated as his pet and you can freely enjoy the others.”

“I think I would rather be able to have sex with you and go without the other things,” he replied. “I’m not sure I could go a full month without more intimacy with my wife than a blowjob in the morning.”

“I would still be sleeping with you most nights, and we would still have our intimate times together, we just can’t have sex,” I told him. “Neither of us will have to go without, because the girls have made it clear they want to play with both of us. I know it’s going to be hard, but it’s supposed to be. Think of it this way, you get to fuck one of the girls senseless, fall asleep in my arms, and wake up with me sucking you off. I won’t be sleeping next to you every night, but imagine falling asleep sandwiched between Sonia and Vivi’s breasts. It’s only a month of just oral sex with each other, and we will have to do that after the baby is born anyway.”

I could see he was still not convinced. “If I agree to this, will I still be able to give you oral sex other than our morning session, and can it wait long enough for me to enjoy your ass one more time before it starts? I haven’t had that since we started trying to get you pregnant, and I am starting to go through withdrawal symptoms.”

“You don’t go through withdrawals from anal sex you goof, and you had Ari’s ass last night anyway,” I said with a grin. “I do miss having you in my ass though, so we can ask. I know he wanted to get this over with if you agreed, because he really doesn’t like doing this kind of punishment. I’m sure he won’t have a problem with us giving each other oral sex at other times, just nothing else because of my punishment.”

I could sense his hesitation but he finally nodded and I leaned over to kiss him. “I promise you won’t regret this. Even if you can’t have my ass before it starts, I know the others will let you have theirs. Now get up and give Ari a shower already so her mistress isn’t pissed at you for returning her all sweaty. I need to grab something appropriate to wear and get a couple outfits to work in before I start breakfast.”

He just shook his head at my excitement as he helped Ari into the bathroom. Alonso had said I was only allowed to wear lingerie, and I had more than enough to choose from. The while lace bra I picked was completely transparent and it left nothing to the imagination. I skipped the panties that were supposed to go with it, just pulling on the garter belt and matching thigh high stockings. My nipples were technically covered, but clearly visible and everything else was freely accessible if he wanted me.

I dumped most of my underwear drawer into a bag, grabbed a couple of my chef outfits and my work shoes before slipping my heels back on and rushing out the door. Breakfast and dinner were simple meals, so I could probably get away with wearing similar outfits while cooking, but I would need my uniforms for lunch and prep work.

Dropping my clothes on the counter, I turned on the convection oven to preheat and got the coffee started. Once it was brewing, I got a tray of pastries out of the freezer and traded it for the one in the refrigerator. Even as quickly as I did it, my nipples were pushing out of my bra by the time I finished. Having a walk in freezer and refrigerator was nice, but it was a lot colder than a normal home setup.

As I put the pastries in the oven, I wondered what my old co-workers would have said to see me like this. Well, other than the obvious wolf whistles and panting. I had always been a hard boss, pushing my guys to do their best work. My softer side never really came out in the kitchen and they would have been shocked to see me with my hair down. The idea of me cooking in lingerie, looking as if I wanted to be taken over the counter, would have probably killed them.

I spent several minutes imaging the looks on their faces and setting the table before the timer went off. The aroma of fresh baked pastries intensified as I pulled them out of the oven and I knew I would have company soon enough. Slipping back in to the cooler, I grabbed the bowl of strawberries and bananas I had made yesterday. I heard everyone coming into the kitchen as I was putting it into individual bowls.

“I think I enjoy this look even more than the set you had on last night,” Alonso said as he reached down to stroke my ass. “Is this a hint that the discussion with your husband went well?”

“We have a couple questions Master, but he did agree,” I said as I turned with the tray of fruits. “Can we talk about it after I get breakfast on the table?”

Everyone was already getting their coffee so he nodded as he took the tray of fruits from me. Grabbing the pastries, I followed him out and we served everyone before getting our own coffee and sitting güvenilir bahis şirketleri down to eat. That was another odd thing about Alonso. He could have just sat down and had one of the girls help serve if he was in a hurry, but he took the time to serve them instead. It was as if he got his own pleasure taking care of their needs. He had done the same thing with me last night, both in the shower than after he had me bound to the bed. I was on the edge of my second climax before he even started working toward his own release.

“As much as we would all enjoy the show, I do believe you had something you wanted to ask about,” Alonso said, breaking me out of my thoughts. I had been remembering last night and had started caressing my breasts through the top I was wearing. I blushed slightly when I realized everyone was watching me.

“Sorry, got lost in the memory of last night,” I replied with a faint grin. I was more embarrassed at having drifted off at the table than having them see me do it. Of course, the fact that everyone at the table except Jaden had already made me cum multiple times probably helped with that feeling.

“Yes, my questions,” I said before taking a sip of coffee to compose myself. “I already told you my husband agreed, so I will be your pet for the next month, receiving a light spanking each morning after breakfast and only allowed to exchange oral sex with my husband for the duration in exchange for his being released from my punishment and receiving a strapping instead. My first question is simple, are we allowed to give each other oral sex at other points during the day, or only the one session in the mornings?”

“Your morning blowjob is a requirement, not a restriction,” Alonso told me. “You are free to play with each other anytime you wish, as long as his cock only enters your mouth.”

I saw my husband’s relieved smile and nodded. “Thank you, we were worried it might cause some problems with our level if intimacy of we were only allowed the once a day. The second question is a bit tougher. I know you wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, but could we delay long enough for my husband to take my ass one more time before we start? I haven’t let him do that since we started trying to get pregnant and we both miss it.”

He looked around the table in thought for a moment before looking back at Marcello and me. “You both want me to treat you exactly as I would one of my pets?”

Marcello and I shared a look before nodding. We both understood why he was asking. “Then you know I can’t allow that. Clearing up confusion of the oral sex rules was one thing, but this would be more of an exception. I would never allow one of my pets to hold off a punishment. I can promise the girls will be very accommodating in any requests you make within their restrictions.”

I sighed and nodded, unsurprised by his answer. “I want to get this business taken care of right after breakfast,” Alonso continued. “Kiera will be teaching you and Marian to provide the aftercare he needs on the off chance we ever have to deal with this again, although Marian should be able to give him any future punishments.”

I heard Marian’s gasp of surprise and saw her shake her head as she tried to swallow the pastry she was chewing on. “Master, I don’t have the experience to give out a punishment like that, and it’s not as if I could practice on someone to learn. I would feel horrible doing that just for practice.”

“No, you would feel horrible hurting someone so you could practice,” Alonso replied. “I can start teaching you without needing someone to practice on, so you will be comfortable with the implements. When I take you to the island, I will arrange for you to have a practical exam with Mandy. Trust me; you can’t hurt her enough that she won’t be panting and cumming through it.”

It was hard to believe everyone was casually eating breakfast through the conversation, but we had grown accustomed to odd conversations at this table. I was curious at the name he mentioned though, because he had made me promise not to say anything. He noticed my curious look and nodded, confirming my suspicions.

He had pulled me aside on Wednesday morning before he went back to the hospital and told me we would have another six people moving in three weeks from now. He only told me so I could start stocking up the pantry, but it was supposed to be a surprise for the others. The twins he had talked about at the hospital were ready to start school already, and would be joining us for the fall semester. Mandy was also coming, so she could study the Italian tax laws and be better equipped to take care of Alonso’s books. I had a feeling the practical exam would be a lot sooner than Marian thought.

Somehow, the remainder of the breakfast conversation was turned to the UEFA Champions league. Our local club had been doing fairly well this year and had a chance of getting into the European competition, but I think Alonso was just trying to redirect the conversation. He never lied that I knew of, but he would redirect attention to keep people from asking the wrong questions. I could tell from the smiles that his girls all knew what he was doing, but none of them would ask what he was hiding. His surprises were always something good and they never wanted to know.

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