A Latex Crossdresser’s Dream Pt. 04

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Please read A Crossdressers tale part 3 before moving on to this story.


I slipped out of the sticky lubed up rubber, rinsed it and hung it on the rail to dry. Knowing full well I’ll need it over the weekend. A quick shower and I jumped into our very large queen sized bed and began to nod off. Soon I was disturbed by someone squeezing in at the side of me and I slowly opened my eyes to see Karen joining me in the bed, she was dressed in a short blue latex baby doll nightie. She put her finger to her lips to ssshhh me and whispered not to worry, she was also spent but always wore latex to bed. To be honest it wasn’t the shiny latex baby doll I was bothered about it was the fact that my wife had consented to me having two sexy girls in my bed. Next thing I know my sexy wife slides in at the other side wearing an identical baby doll only in pink.

“Fucking hell babe how am I supposed to sleep with all this latex rubbing up against me,” I said.

“Don’t worry babe we will give you a few hours,” she winked.

We must have all been tired as the next thing I heard was the postman banging on the door. What the fuck I thought?

“Well we can’t answer the door can we?” said my wife referring to the attire of the two girls in my bed.

Out of bed I dived and slipped on my boxers and a vest top, just got to the door before he left the card and went.

“Hey mate Im here I shouted as I got to the door. I opened the door and he had a large box, saying that it was heavy and I had to sign for it. Still bleary eyed and no Idea what was in it I signed the sheet then closed the door. Looking at the box which was at least a foot square I couldn’t see where it was from. Then quick as a flash two latex lovelies rushed past me grabbed the box and sped back off upstairs.

“Don’t worry babe its just part 2 of your birthday,” my wife shouted as I saw two amazing latex clad asses swaying back up the stairs, this also had the effect of waking up my cock which by now had the required visual input to make it begin to swell.

“Ok I shouted but remember I have birthday golf before any other activities,” I shouted back.

“Yes I remember babe and to be honest you need to be out of the way for a bit while we prepare your party!” shouted back my wife.

My Party? I thought. I don’t remember a party being planned, but to be honest the previous night wasn’t planned so I just went with the flow and went back upstairs for a shower.

Through the bathroom door I trudged and the intoxicating sight and smell of all the sex soaked rubber made me twitch again. I thought about wrapping some around my cock and having a quick wank before golf but the shower was already occupied.

The steam made it hard to see properly in the bathroom but I thought it would be my wife as I thought Karen was busy opening the “Secret box”. However I entered the shower cubicle which was easily long enough for 3 and had 3 shower heads and all I saw was Karen with her hands against the wall and back arched toward the door, still wearing the blue latex baby doll and with 2 fingers in her ass.

“Fucking hell Karen you start early, I’ll leave you to it!”

“You Fucking won’t, “she said growling”A girl needs some cock first thing, now get that meat in me.”

“But what about?” as I pointed towards the door in reference to my wife.

“Why do you think she told me to have the shower first you naughty boy, now get that nice hard cock in my cunt.”

I didn’t need to wait for further permission so I bent Karen further forward and the sight of the hot soapy shower running down her latex body had me rock hard as the head of my cock began to ease past the tight rubber panties and found its way into her sopping cunt. She gasped a sharp intake of breath as I drove home as hard as I could.

“Now that’s what I call meat for breakfast John, now fuck me hard and tell me when you’re about to come as I need protein to start the day.”

To Be honest I knew it wouldn’t take me long as I was pumping into that sweet latex cunt. Less than a couple of minutes and I felt my balls twitch and the come start to rise.

“Here comes your juice Karen,” I stuttered.

She span round and dropped to her knees and got to my cock just in time as it began to shoot thick sticky wads of spunk into her mouth, she gulped like a thirsty bitch and swallowed as much as she could. She knew how to suck and let a dribble of come escape her mouth and roll down her chin onto the slippy blue latex covering her tits. She sucked me dry then stood up and opened her mouth to let me see her come soaked tongue and lips. I don’t know why and I’d never had the inclination before but I Just delved into her mouth with my own tongue, swirling the spunk round in both our mouths. I could tell this made her very horny so I reached down and rammed 3 fingers into the slippy cunt where my cock had just been. A minute of pumping that rubber pussy had Karen coming all over the shower and it looks as though we both had a great start to the day.

“Thanks canlı bahis John,” she said sexily and kissed my shoulder as I left the shower, “see you later for the party.”

“Looking forward to whatever you girls have planned for me,” I replied cheekily but also nervously as I thought last night was as good as it gets, wondering what else could beat that.

I popped my head round the door to where my wife was to say bye as I was off to golf, when she saw me she hurriedly closed the box she was sorting through and I recognized it was the one I had signed for earlier.

“Now then babe no peeking before your surprise and remember I will meet you in town for some early dinner after your golf at Temptations at 4:30.”

“Never heard of it babe, have we been there before?”

“You haven’t babe,” she replied with a very sexy grin and her eyes smiling with wicked intentions, “but I have been before so you’ll be fine. I’ve sent the postcode and address to your phone along with a couple of warm up pics babe. But don’t read till you get to the golf club ok?”

“Ok babe,” I replied, leaning over to give her a kiss and also trying to peek inside the box which she snapped shut before kissing me hard and deep, not just the normal goodbye peck.

“All good things come to those who wait,” she said, in a very arousing way.

“Wow babe I’m certainly enjoying the new you, I hope it continues.”

“Oh you can be sure of that John, I’ve never been as sexually excited as when I see you dressed in latex and knowing your all mine even if I do have to share you.”

“Ditto babe.” I added, and actually meant it. We could have amazing sex yet still be in love with each other no matter which body parts we shared.

“Are you sure about that John?” She asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice, “what about the pics from last night, I was worried it may be too much too soon?”

“Watching you take other cock got me horny as hell and I thought I would be so jealous but in fact I was so happy that you were enjoying yourself and still coming home to my bed. Seeing you in rubber filled with cock got me hard as hell babe.”

“Thanks babe Love you and see you later, remember only open your phone at the golf club.”

Off I went to golf with a semi on as talking to my wife about her getting fucked excited me more than I thought it would. A final check on the Viagra supply in my jacket and I was off.

15 Minutes to the golf club and all I could think about was what she had sent me on my phone. I must have been excited because I glanced down and I was doing 45 in a 30. Didn’t want a ticket so eased off and focused on driving. Good job cos I just passed a cop car, although I did give a smile to the very pretty blonde policewoman who looked at me at the traffic lights. And what’s more she gave me a great smile back and nodded her head. Wow a nod off a pretty copper, my weekend just gets better. I’ve always had a thing about women in uniform and the policewoman stereotype was my favorite. Tight white starched blouse, tight black skirt, and underneath some sexy black stockings, panties and bra. The police belt with handcuffs and the phallus like truncheon. Whhoaaa tiger focus on driving you have fucking on the brain I said to myself.

I arrived at the club and looked around to make sure nobody was sneaking up as I opened my phone. First text was the address of the club, “Temptations”. I clicked on the link and was semi shocked, but knowing what she had planned I had a feeling it wouldn’t be a run of the mill wine bar or bistro.

“Temptations, the club for great food, great wine, and great fantasies. Member’s only strict dress code applies fetish only. Booths for private parties only.”

Wow I thought , but how would I get in with plus fours a golf glove and some spikes, wasn’t exactly fetish was it.

Next text : Hi Babe there’s a bag in the boot of your car with your outfit in for the dinner date this afternoon. Put it on and wear the jogging pants and hoodie you had last night over the top.

Love ya sexy wifey.

Surprise after surprise eh? I thought, should I take a peek in the bag before golf. No I thought better of it as I needed to concentrate on golf not fantasies, otherwise I would never finish my game. Bang went the concentration as I opened the next text message, no words were needed as it was a photo of my wife all laid out on a table of some sort. Tight latex panties pulled to one side, her pussy filled with Aron’s cock which by now I was able to recognize and her ass filled with a black cock, smaller than Aron’s but just as hard. And finally her mouth and lips wrapped around another cock, probably about the same size as mine. Instant hard on 5 minutes before my tee time was not what I needed so I closed the photo and yet another one appeared . This one was obviously one that didn’t happen on their night out but was Karen fucking my wife from behind with a large black strap on while Aron fucked Karen from behind. They were all dressed in rubber, even Aron. My mind began to wander bahis siteleri as to how much of this I had missed out on and how long my wife had been reveling in her new latex fetish sex life.

I sent her a quick text to ask and she replied with” Only 2 weeks with other men babe but a year with Karen.”

I decided I was ok with that and text her back that I couldn’t wait to see her later and that I trusted and loved her. Thankfully I got the reply I was after which read “Remember babe it’s just physical not emotional.” This put my mind at ease and the mini pangs of jealousy subsided. After all I couldn’t moan as I’d fucked and licked and pissed on her best friend over the past 24 hours.

So onto the golf course as I adjusted my cock position, playing 18 holes with a semi hard on just to get to the nineteenth, which in this case wasn’t the clubhouse, but hopefully my wife’s latex clad holes. All 3 of them.

It took me about 3 hours to complete the game, which by the way I won so I was already in a buoyant mood. To be honest my next thought was how do I get showered and changed into whatever kinky outfit was in my boot in the golf club changing rooms. Luckily one of the private changing rooms was available so I booked it and got the bag and my hoodie and trackies from the car, along with the special bag.

I showered and then looked in the bag. Fuck me, a full length latex cat suit with sheath attached, a matching latex hood, gloves ,and a pair of red latex briefs. In addition there was a tube of pjur dressing and shining lube, a butt plug with 2 strange led lights at the base and another tube of scented lube.

Further delving revealed a red leather buckle collar and two matching red wrist cuffs. My first thought was how the fuck do I walk out of her dressed like this. Then I remembered the trackies covered all my legs and ankles and my hoodie zipped up to my neck so I could get dressed minus the gloves and hood and put them on later. Bingo that was my plan.

I toweled dry and then smeared the pjur over my legs and arms and as much of my back as I could reach. A generous amount of lube in the sheath and also managed to lube up my ass and slipped in the 4 inch butt plug. Inserting the butt plug felt very horny and my cock came to life enough to squeeze it into the well lubed sheath. Oh fuck I really needed to come but resisted the temptation and instead popped a Viagra knowing it would be needed later. Pulling on the cat suit was quite easy as it slid along my well lubed arms and snapped into place over my torso and arms. Zipping it up took some effort as it was at the back and needed a bit of stretching to reach the tag, finally all zipped up and before my trackies and hoodie went over the top I decided to pull on the tight red briefs with front zipper which was easy enough then pulled on the latex hood and gloves. Ensemble complete and I must say the full length mirror in the private dressing room did me justice. I looked amazing, all shiny and tight, my cock outline visible through the two thin layers of latex was now growing as I got harder at the sight.

I couldn’t resist the urge to take a selfie and immediately posted it to the what’s app group set up by Karen, aptly named “rubber love”.

The response was immediate from both my wife and Karen.

“Oh my god, I can’t wait for some of that,” was Karen’s response.

And “Oh babe you are my very own rubber hubby and I am so fucking wet thinking about you, PS am at the club waiting.”

That was the best response I could have and I took off the mask and gloves and adjusted myself in the mirror to make sure none of the outfit was showing. I have never walked to my car as quick, nor avoided other members so as not to get caught up in chat, and the possible discovery of what I had on underneath my outdoor clothes. Postcode in Sat Nav and off I drove. It was only a 15 min drive and my body was slipping and sliding underneath the tight latex due to the lube underneath. This was very exciting and I couldn’t believe it as I saw the exact same policewoman in traffic and we again exchanged glances and smiles. My brain doing overtime imagining what would happen if she pulled me over for a frisk search and got all turned on by what I was wearing. Maybe she would have to take me back to hers for further investigation? Oh how my mind raced with a hundred kinky scenarios. I now had a raging hard on and it felt a little restrained but exciting as my cock expanded to fill the rubber sheath.

I arrived at Temptations and luckily they had a private underground car park for members only. Although I wasn’t a member it was obvious the girls were and my wife gave me a code for the car park barrier and sent me direction to get to her.

“Take the lift to the third floor, turn right then second private booth on the left. The door will say John 40th.”

Car Parked and into the lift, a quick change in the lift as the sign inside the lift read ” NO OUTDOOR CLOTHING WHEN EXITING THE LIFT”.

I quickly put on my hood and the gloves and removed bahis şirketleri my trackies and hoody, I also took off my trainers as the soles of the latex suit were reasonably thick. Nearly trembling with anticipation and excitement I nervously exited the lift and followed the directions given. I got to the door with my name on and just walked straight in.

I nearly came in my sheath there and then as the sight that met me was straight out of my rubber porn library. My wife was dressed in a tight black latex police woman’s uniform, complete with cuffs a truncheon (which was really a ten inch black dildo), and in her hand a type of radio/remote control.

The shiny black rubber stockings reached to just below the hemline of the tight black mini skirt. She had a semi-transparent white latex blouse complete with little black latex arm cuffs. This did little to restrain her lovely tits which were encased in a tight black latex peephole bra, her nipples staring through against the tight white rubber and obviously aroused. She had black latex shoulder gloves that were attached to the blouse with small clip on latex straps in red latex. Her head was covered with a transparent latex hood and her make-up was as slutty as you could get, deep smoky grey and black eyes and bright ruby red lips matching the red latex straps on her arms. My eyes and brain drank in the unbelievable sight and my fantasy come true, my cock at full strength and restrained against its latex enclosure.

“I told you I checked your internet history babe,” she said in her sexiest voice. “We have made a choice to enlighten ourselves and take our sex to the next level my gorgeous latex husband, do you agree to take part in all that we both agree to, and to enjoy our new fetish with anyone, but still remain faithful in our hearts to each other?”

Fuck me I couldn’t say yes quick enough and my wife could tell before me what my answer would be.

“Ok babe love you and here’s birthday surprise number 2.”

With that comment she pulled aside a curtain to reveal what looked like a hospital bed complete with rubber sheets, restraints and stirrups either side for obvious gynecological purposes. My heart skipped a beat as medical latex fantasies were also one of my favorites in my wank bank.

“No need to wank about it anymore babe, you can try it for real. But no pain as I’m not into pain, just a little kinky spanky panky,”she laughed.

“Oh babe WOW just WOW, I agree though I’m not into pain but a little twinge is ok.”

“Let’s use a safe word babe, just like the hard BDSM people use but we probably won’t need it, let’s use the word Golf?” she asked. I nodded and smiled in agreement and she sighed with relief. “Just for one moment I thought you were going to say no my sweet husband, we may not be observing the physical fidelity but we are certainly keeping the emotional one,” she said as she planted a deep hard and very meaningful kiss on my mouth, our tongues swirling inside each other’s mouths, tasting each other in a long and genuine expression of love but also of incredible sexual urgency and lust. Her hand dropped down and her latex clad fingers teased the outline of the head of my cock tightly encased in shiny latex. Then all of a sudden my legs nearly buckled and my buttocks clenched hard on the butt plug in my ass. I pulled away from my wife and looked at her, the radio/remote control in her hand as she looked me straight in the eyes and said.

“Do you like our new toy babe, it’s a remote vibrating butt plug that can be operated from anywhere, including by phone but I didn’t want to use it while you were driving in case you ended up in A and E in all that latex,” as she pressed the button again my cock went ballistic as the vibrations on my gspot went wild.

“Oh Fuck my sweet rubber wife you are certainly making all my dreams come true, I can’t wait to try it out on you next time you’re out.”

“And you will babe, you will!”

“Now before we carry on there’s something I’d like you to do to warm me up a little, not that I’m not in the mood of course, but something I’ve wanted you to do for a while and to be honest like you never plucked up the nerve to ask. However I’m sure the time is right and I’ve been a very naughty girl so I want you to lift up my tight rubber skirt and used that leather strap to teach your naughty rubber policewoman a lesson, tell her she’s naughty and she shouldn’t be doing certain things. Remember babe say what you want it’s all a game,” she said very naughtily with a little whimper in her vvoice as though she was apologizing.

“That will be my enormous pleasure, “I replied in my best attempt at an assertive voice. “Now you naughty little slut bend over the bed and show John what a naughty bitch you are by hoisting up your tight little police skirt.” She leaned over the bed and the hem of the skirt snapped as she pulled it over her latex panties, they were very shiny and open crotch in shiny black, with the words SLUT in white across the top. Oh yes I said to myself , I’m going to enjoy this. I coughed as I got myself into character and started quite softly spoken as the first blow was across the top of her thighs, not very hard but enough to make the latex legs wiggle inside the tight rubber stockings.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20