A Learning Experience Ch. 02

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** Continuation of “A Learning Experience”. If you have not read “A Learning Experience” yet I highly encourage it as this story continues right where the other one leaves off. It also includes references to the previous one. **

Katina was mad. How dare he come in her mouth and not give her the extra credit that she wanted! She sucked on his cock, let him watch her masturbate, and he had sucked and licked her pussy, but he still did not give her the much needed extra credit. She would make him pay, she was not sure how yet but she would figure something out by Wednesday, Katina vowed as she sat in her apartment all alone.

When Wednesday finally arrived Katina was ready for class. She was wearing a very short denim skirt and a red cami style mid-drift tank top with nothing underneath.

Getting to class early on Wednesday Katina choose to sit in the front row of the lecture hall, directly in front of Professor Jonathan’s podium. Crossing her legs she started setting out a newly bought note book and a couple red pens like she had used to pleasure herself for Jonathan, she waited for class to start. Slowly the other students started filing in. One of the geeky boys complained to her about stealing his seat, Katina just glared at him until he left. She had plans and needed this desk to carry them through. When the class room was almost full Katina saw Jonathan walk in.

Jonathan saw Katina sitting in the front row with no laptop and wondered what she was up to now. Maybe she had realized that there was no way that she was going to get extra credit from him, and she had decided to actually pay attention in class, or she was pissed at him and had revenge on her mind. Waiting to the clock to reach 8:15 when class started he looked around the classroom seeing that Billy was glaring at Katina, must be because she stole the chair he sat in every day. Most of the class were talking amongst themselves or waiting patiently for class to start.

Katina listened to Jonathan drone on about logarithms and how to solve the problems she decided to put her plan in motion. Picking up one of the two red pens she started sucking on the end of it, moving it in and out of her mouth, while staring at Jonathan. When she noticed Jonathan watching her move the pen in her mouth she stopped and sat it back on the desk top. As Jonathan finished his daily lecture and told the class to try example problems five and seven, Katina put phase two into motion.

As Jonathan moved to sit at the desk in to front of the room while the students worked on the example problems, Katina uncrossed her legs and purposely knocked the red pen off of the desk top to the floor before her. “Professor Johnson, could you pick that up for me?”

As Jonathan knelt down to pick up the red pen he noticed Katina spread her legs apart. Glancing up her skirt he noticed that she did not have any panties on. Putting the pen on her desk, “Her you go Miss.”

“Thank you Professor,” Katina smiled at Jonathan and winked at him.

Sitting a few rows and a couple seats to the right Billy did not miss the exchange between Katina and Professor Jonathan. He was not sure what was going on, but give him some time and he would figure it out.

Pretending not to be phased bahis firmaları by Katina’s blatant come on Jonathan walk around the desk and sat down. When he looked up at the class diligently working on the exercise problems he realized that Katina had not closed her legs yet and he could still see straight up her skirt.

When the class period was over Katina calmly closed her legs and picked her paper and pen up. Walking up to Jonathan’s desk, “Professor Johnson here is my home work for tomorrow as I will be to busy to get it done.” Leaning closer to him she whispered, “I have someone to do.” Turning and walking out of the room. Smiling as she left, heading over towards the professors office building.

Jonathan glanced down at the paper that Katina had placed on his desk:

10 min your office

Looking at the note he was a little surprised. Wondering what she was up to this time. Glancing at the clock he decided to make her wait, hell he might not even go to his office today.

Billy walked up to the desk and handed the professor his paper. As Professor Johnson looked up to take the paper Billy noticed what the note from Katina said. Noticing Billy looking down on the desk Professor Johnson realized that he could see the note from Katina, quickly moving it from view. “Yes Billy, is there anything else?”

Billy just shook his head and left the class room.

Seeing that he had to make up his mind immediately if he was going to go to Katina or not, Jonathan decided that he may as well, just going to his office doesn’t mean that he has to do anything. Jonathan walked briskly across the quad to the office building, not realizing that he was being followed. As he neared his office Jonathan’s foot falls slowed. Stopping about three feet to the right of the door Jonathan took a deep breath, glancing at his watch he saw that he still had 20 seconds before the ten minute time frame elapsed. Taking a step forward he slowly opened the door. Deciding to play it cool he asked, “Katina, what are you doing in my office?”

Katina chuckled at Jonathan, “I think you know exactly why I am here. We really do need to talk about my extra credit.”

“I told you Katina there is no way . . . well maybe . . . no. There is no way to get extra credit.” Jonathan said as he looked at the petit beautiful voluptuous young woman sitting in his leather desk chair.

“You paused, what will it take? I have already sucked you. What if I promised to fuck you like you have never been fucked? I could fuck you hard, wild, soft, sweet, rough, or gentle, you could stick it anywhere that you wanted. I could make this a day that you would never forget.” Katina said as she picked up a red pen off of Jonathan’s desk and licked up it.

Jonathan stared at Katina as she licked the very same pen she had masturbated with two days earlier. He knew it was the same pen because it still had a white ring around the top from her come. Jonathan felt himself start to harden watching Katina. “What makes you think that I wanna be fucked by you?”

“Well, that nice bulge for one thing and the interest in your eyes when I said you could stick your cock anywhere you wanted for another.” Katina was running the pen along deep neckline of her tank kaçak iddaa top. “A third reason that I really know that you wanna fuck me is that you are here, when only a complete fool would have missed all the signs that I threw at you today.”

“And what signs would those have been?” Jonathan asked trying to feign confusion, failing miserably. Moving a little farther in to the office Jonathan approached his desk.

Katina seeing that Jonathan was going to take her up on her offer smiled and slide the chair back so that it hit the wall about three feet behind her.

Jonathan stopped moving as Katina slid the chair back. She had removed her skirt already and was only wearing a barley there tank top. This woman was so beautiful, Jonathan thought as he once again started to move forward.

As Jonathan got up beside his chair Katina reached out and rubbed a hand over his hardened cock. She legs were spread wide apart.

Looking between Katina’s spread legs Jonathan could see a white glob on his leather chair. “Looks like someone was busy.” Jonathan leaded forward and ran a finger threw the female come on his chair. Tracing his finger up her thigh then back down, repeating the same process on the other leg. Then once again running his finger through the come he held finger up for Katina to suck her own juices off of.

Katina smiled then proceeded to suck her come off of Jonathan’s finger. Even after the come was gone she continued to suck. Rolling her tongue around his fingers and, moving her head up and down like she was sucking his cock. Letting his finger fall from her mouth, Katina softly whispered, “I want your cock inside of me.”

Jonathan stared at Katina for a moment. “You know that fucking me is not going to get you any extra credit.”

“I know I just want your cock,” Katina said as she started to undo Jonathan’s pants. Sliding her hand inside his pants Katina found his cock hard and ready for her. “Looks like he wants to be inside me too.”

Jonathan just watched Katina for a few moments, seeing her fondling him. Knowing that he could not last much longer with this beautiful girl rubbing and squeezing his cock he stepped back. Pushing his pants to his ankles he told Katina to lean over his desk with her ass facing him.

Katina almost jumped from the chair in her haste to do as her professor requested. Standing, bent over his desk, Katina looked back over her shoulder smiling at her professor who was rubbing her ass softly.

What neither of the occupants of the office knew was that Jonathan had not shut the door all of the way. Billy was standing in the door way seeing his professor aiming his cock at the ass of Katina.

Jonathan rubbed the head of his cock around the rim of Katina’s puckered ass. Hearing Katina moan softly against his paperwork he knew that he would get into that ass eventually, but first he wanted to feel her pussy tight and hot against his cock. Slowly lowering his cock, Jonathan slid it into Katina’s wet pussy. Moaning at the warm wetness, that was Katina’s pussy. Jonathan started by slowly moving his cock in and out of her pussy.

Katina was amazed by the sensational feeling that Jonathan’s cock made her feel. It had been much to long since she had last kaçak bahis fucked a guy, and a vibrator or a pen was nothing in comparison to a cock. As Katina was leaning against his desk moaning she felt Jonathan move a little grasping her around the waist with one hand and sliding his over down to her pussy.

Jonathan listened to Katina scream out in pleasure as he started to rub her clit as he fucked her hard against the desk. Jonathan started moaning as Katina’s pussy started to clench around his cock as she came.

“Oh yes, fuck yes!” Katina screamed as she came against Jonathan’s cock. Falling against the desk Katina kept moaning occasionally as she gasped for breath.

The feeling of Katina’s pussy squeezing and releasing his cock caused Jonathan to follow her to orgasm. Grunting a few times as his hot cum filled her pulsing pussy. Slowly withdrawing from her pussy Jonathan moved and sat in his chair staring at the beautiful girl collapsed against his desk, legs still spread apart.

After a few minutes Katina turned and faced Jonathan, “So about that extra credit?”

“I told you that you are not going to get any extra credit from me. Fucking me does not change the circumstances; I will not set a precedence.”

After Jonathan finished speaking Katina calmly walked over to the bookshelf directly across from the desk. Moving a couple books that she had moved to odd angles Katina brought down a video camera that she had left on the shelf. Turning it off she smiled as she turned back to Jonathan. “I think that you will be giving me that extra credit after all.”

“Bitch,” Jonathan growled. “That changes nothing!”

“You are a new teacher, and I am a sweet innocent impressionable student, which you were taking advantage of. I am sure the Chancellor would love to see this tape! I am gonna get that extra credit!”

“You are a fucking BITCH!”

“I really did like fucking you, we can continue this if you would like. I can come here after every class, and you can fuck my ass, face, and pussy all you want. But that will have to be another day. I need to leave now.” Bending down Katina picked up her skirt and put it back on and straitened the rest of her clothing. Blowing Jonathan a kiss as she went out of the door,

As she left the office building Katina felt someone grab her arm, “Hey let me go!” she yelled.

“Shut up whore,” a familiar voice whispered in her ear.

Turning Katina saw that it was Billy that was leading her to the side of the building.

“Okay whore, this is how this is gonna work. I am gonna do the talking then you get to respond with yes or no. I saw you fucking Professor Johnson. I heard that you are willing to blackmail him to get extra credit. Well, I am not above some blackmail of my own. You will come to this address,” handing Katina a small slip of paper, “tonight and there I shall fuck you until you cannot see straight, then when I am done you will let the other guests at my house have their ways with you as well.”

Katina just nodded knowing that she needed the extra credit and figuring that fucking two guys probably would not be that overly bad, she would be incredibly sore in the morning, but at least she was getting cock. Besides, a nerd like Billy probably would come just from sheathing his cock inside a pussy.

**More to come if so requested, Billy and Katina’s story would be next. Just let me know if you would like to know what happens with Billy and Katina.**

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