A Letter from Your Pillow Princess

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I sit here in front of the screen, just thinking of what you said last night as you walked out the door. “Are you sure about tomorrow morning?” you asked me. “I am if you are,” was my reply. I don’t know if it is going to happen or not. I sure hope so. I get tired of the feeling that I am not giving enough back to a male lover. With you it is totally different. You want nothing in return except my orgasm. Not the little ones either. You will do whatever it takes to get me there and no returns required.

You were plain about this in the beginning. “All I want from you is to be able to make you cum,” you said. “Whatever it takes, that is all I want,” I was told. I asked you if you wanted a “pillow princess,” and then laughed when I had to explain what that meant to you. Yet, that is exactly what you wanted, or at least that is what you said to me.

You are one of those men that neither require nor request that I do things for you. You like it when I just lay back and enjoy what you are doing canlı bahis to me. I have a hard time believing that any woman would say no to you, especially once you have put your hands on her. Your touch, so gentle, but yet firm. Hard for me to believe that you can do to me what you do.

You kiss me like no one that I know. I can literally feel my body heating up as your tongue chases mine in a kiss that is only a preview of what is to come. Knowing that eventually you are going to be between my legs with that same tongue chasing around my clit with the same intensity is enough to get me wet. To feel your hands, moving firmly but at the same time with gentleness on my body sets me on fire. To know that you won’t be denied is a great thing to my brain.

There have been times when things are a little different but not often. You allow me access to any part of you I want. The sex is not all there is between us. If I get to the point that I just need to be held and comforted you are there. You read bahis siteleri me like a book. I have no hidden pages from you. You like sometimes nothing more than good, honest, intelligent, heated, conversation, and not always about sex either. We talk about a lot of things, so that you have different opinions on things to pass on to others.

To me, you are a light in the dark. It isn’t just about the way that you touch me, or seem to know what is exactly the right thing to say at the right time to drive me over the edge. I have orgasms with you that I can’t with anyone else. I am not afraid to completely let go with you. Part of that is me, but a larger part is the way that you treat me. Open and honestly, I like that. No lies or false pretenses. We are just what, and who, we are with each other.

To know when you are cumming is a great thing to me. To know that I did something to cause it is even better. That is what you said to me. So for you I give this part of me that not too many have bahis şirketleri seen. The hands twisted in the sheets, head thrown back, eyes closed, with a moan that is unmistakably the sound of a woman in orgasm is what I give to you. The power to do what you do best for me. I only hope that I am returning the favor.

I jump as I am jolted out of my zoned out thinking phase. I answer the phone to hear this really happy voice on the end say to me. “What are you doing up so early?” I smile that smile that only you get to see. It means that you do mean something to me. Is it love? No, not at the moment, lust maybe, but not actually love. I know that I can live without you. I also know that you make my life a little nicer. I can literally see the twinkle in them blue eyes that light up like sparklers.

“Just sitting here thinking about you is all,” is my reply. Which is actually the truth. I was thinking of you. Thinking of the smile that you get on your face when you look up at me from between my legs. Thinking of how good you are for me. How hard you try to please, from breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings to the sex that you do so well. You laugh into the phone, and I hear you say, “So we still on for this morning?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20