A Life of Service Ch. 02

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Dad picked me up at 3 pm, just after he’s done with his job for today, and I was about done helping out with lunch service. He drove his pickup and parked it in a spot close by the entrance, and got in to meet with his old friend. I couldn’t make out what they were talking about from the kitchen, but I didn’t much care since frankly I was too busy enjoying myself.

Then Joe came by, told us that my dad’s taking 2 burgers home for dinner, and that I was to go with him as soon as his order is done. It wasn’t too intensive, but Eduardo told me that not too long from now, there will be kids coming home from school with their parents, and there will be a slight spike in the demand. We got to work, and were very efficient as the other staff members were on their break.

I got 2 patties from the tray and seasoned them with garlic powder, salt, and pepper as Eduardo got started on grilling the buns. After seasoning the patties and giving them to Puerto Rican, I got around to caramelise the chopped onions and garlic. Eduardo and I caught ourselves glancing at each other as we worked on the grill together.

“Does that happen to you like every day you’re here?”

“What happened during lunch, you mean? No, not really. Usually it’s just the two of us!” he winked.

We wrapped up the order pretty quickly, even with the extra bacon and cheese dad requested for both burgers. With that, my shift for the day ended, and I was allowed to go. I high-fived everyone in the kitchen, but Eduardo gave me a hug, and a quick slap in the butt.

I walked over to where Joe was having a beer with dad.

“Hey, kiddo. Did you enjoy your shift today?” Joe inquired.

“Sure did. Some thing of course I didn’t expect, but I rolled with the punches.”

“Well, if you think this would be a right fit for you, don’t wait up. We’ve got a line of applicants knocking on the door already.”

“Thanks, Joe. For today, and for the offer.”

“You know you’d be welcome here any day.”

Dad seemed to be in his own thought, and I was unable to figure out what he was thinking. He took one last swig to empty his pint, then got up from his seat. He gave $20 to Dana, the waitress, knowing Joe would’ve declined the pay.

“Thanks for having us, Joe. We’ll be going now. I done worked up a sweat today, as you can see.”

“You sure did, bud. Come again anytime.”

“Will do. Let’s go, son.”

Joe gave me a sly knowing smile as dad and I walked out the door. We got into his pickup truck, and he fired up the V8 immediately, and we made our way home. The afterschool traffic made itself somewhat apparent on the way.

“Had a nice day at Joe’s today? Used your skills for good?”

“Yeah, yeah. And how was your yard work?”

“Old lady was nice. Mighty nice, in fact. It was actually a quick work, but she and her husband insisted that I stay longer.”

“Had a nice talk with them?”

“Yeah, apparently their daughter is still out in Afghanistan. They wanted to know what it’s generally like out there.”

“She coming home soon?”

“Why you gotta ask? You interested in your own military girl, or something?”

I snorted a bit.

“Kidding, kidding. I know you’re into guys.”

“Yeah.. hey, dad, I don’t wanna get weird but I do have something I’ve been wanting to ask you, about life out in the field.”

“Ask away, son.”

“Is it true that when.. personnels.. get horned up.. do they.. did you.. you know?”

“We help our brothers out in the name of solidarity, let me put it like that.”

“Ah, okay. Cool, cool. That’s cool.”

“Why, did you wanna know whether or not I fucked Joe or something?”

I froze completely. I did not expect that at all, but in a way I did? I dread thinking about how awkward the rest of the ride is going to be.

He just laughed it off, though.

“Yeah, I did. That fag took not just my load, but many others, too. Whether it was on base, at camp, he made a name for himself. He even told me he got a good dicking from the priest on his wedding day.”

“He.. did?”

“Yep. Joe loves nothing more than a good dick. Said he started with his uncle on his 19th birthday, and couldn’t stop since.”

“Wow, he’s been around.”

“You got that right.”

Dad had a thinking face on, with his left hand supporting his head, elbow on the door sill.

“You been fucking Joe, too, son?”

I was taken a back, and completely speechless.

“Don’t think I don’t know about what happened in my garage last year, and don’t tell me you didn’t because I don’t want no damn liars in my house.”

“I.. well, yeah. It was in the heat of the moment.”

“And what about today? Did you fuck him again on your lunch break?”

“I don’t know whether or not you heard that from him first, but yes, I did. Can we maybe not bring this up again?”

“Just wanna be sure, that’s all. His sex life with Eileen is nonexistent, that’s why they never had a kid. But you know how it was back then, and even today he ain’t coming out. The way I see it, you were just helping güvenilir bahis a man out.”

“I try to be helpful, I guess.”

“That’s good, son, that’s good. Oh yeah, Joe and I talked about something else today. You know he’s got a cabin by that lake just off Buckhead?”

“I think I remember camping not too far from there. What about it?”

“He said I should take you there again. You know, a father-son trip. Spend some quality time this weekend.”

“Uh, sure, okay. Why the hell not.”

“Did you have any plans for the weekend?”

“Nah, nah. This’ll be good. Are we gonna go hunting, too?”

“I guess we’ll see. We’ll go fishing, though. I got a good rod I haven’t used in a long time.”

I simply nodded. When he mentioned his rod, though, the scene from this morning came back to mind. How his full balls sack was clearly outlined, not wanting to be overshadowed by his morning wood. I had to shift my seating position to suppress the boner that was growing in my pants.

We pulled up to the garage, and got out of the car. I was carrying the burgers and helped dad out with some of his equipment. He walked before me to close the garage door and unlock the door to the house.

As we got in, I placed the burgers on the coffee table in front of the TV. Dad went back to the shed to put away his tools, and I made my way upstairs to wash away the kitchen and the back alley sex off me.

In the shower, as I let the water rain on me, I thought about the day I just had. From dad roaming the kitchen in tight briefs, to humping Joe so spontaneously in the back alley, and the frank conversation on the way home.

The boner I’ve been suppressing in the car grew right back. Now, though, I was able to finally do something about it. I didn’t want to keep dad waiting too long, so I thought I’d go for a quick release. It wasn’t difficult, with the images of today flooding my memories.

I replayed the images. Dad’s ass and balls hugged tightly by his briefs, Joe being spit roasted by Eduardo and I in an alley, and even the images of him fucking Joe while they’re both in uniform. Fuck, I wanted them all.

I shot my warm load all over. That felt like a necessary release for today. After that, I immediately started cleaning up properly with the soap and shampoo.

Walking out the shower, I tossed my dirty clothes into the laundry basket and put on some comfy clothes for the evening.

“Hurry up, kiddo! The game’s starting!”


Dad called for me from the couch, so I made my way down to join him for dinner and TV. I grabbed my dinner, and we chowed down on our burgers as the kickoff started. Sometimes I really appreciate simple moments like this, how intimate everything feels, that life is all right.

“Good job on the meat, Aiden. Still juicy.”

“Oh, thanks, but the meat was actually Eddie’s doing. I only did the veggies.”

“Yeah, the veggies are good, too.”

We ate dinner and watched the game in silence. No cheering, no game analysis, no talking about the weekend, but no awkwardness between us, too. We’re usually more conversational, but both our energies were drained after today. I’m hopeful this weekend’s trip will be different.

I packed our bags into the rear cabin, as dad went to get his fishing gear from the shed to put it in the flatbed. Joe dropped the key at our house the night before, and we decided to go at 6 so we can catch most of the day. We made sure to pack some bread, peanut butter, and eggs to have for breakfast.

“You ready for this trip?”

“As I’ll ever be.”

I locked the door to our house, and dad started the engines. As we lived in the east side of the city, and we’re going eastbound, we didn’t have too much rush hour traffic to worry about. Easy country music on the radio, empty road ahead, the morning drive felt like a breeze. I reclined my seat, covered my face with my light-brown cowboy hat, and dozed off with my arms folded.

After a good while, the cabin began feeling a bit shaky, and that woke me up good. We were driving on dirt, in the Oconee National Forest. Took some left turns here, and a right turn there, and we finally arrived at Joe’s log cabin.

“Mornin’, sleeping beauty.”

“Are we here?”

“Yessir. Now get your ass up and get movin’.”

As I got down from my seat, I took a good look around. The air was so fresh and crisp, it almost made me forgot what working in a burger kitchen feels like. It’s been some time since my last visit here.

I helped dad with the things, and we unloaded in the living room of the house.

“Alright, you get the upstairs bedroom. I’ll be in the main bedroom. Go unpack, I need to use the bathroom.”

I nodded and went upstairs with my things. Opening the second door on the right, I tossed my bag aside, and just about leaped to the bed. The room was nice and sunny, with a window just over the head of the bed letting the natural light in.

As I turned, however, the underside of the mattress collapsed.


Not knowing what to türkçe bahis do, I headed back downstairs.


The toilet flush sounded, and he got out of the bathroom.

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Uhh… the bed upstairs broke.”

“What do you mean it broke?”

“I mean the part that’s meant to support the mattress.. the wooden planks? They snapped.”

“What? Unbelievable.”

He rushed upstairs to assess the damage. Not long after, he went back down. He looked around, and focused on the couch, which was only a 2-seater.

“The couch is too small for either of us, and I don’t got the tools to fix it. I don’t see any planks here lying around, either.”

He crossed his arms, as he was trying to think of a solution.

“Welp, I guess you and me are just gonna have to bed together, sonny.”

I sighed.

“Fine, I guess.”

On one hand, I was really excited – too excited – to be able to bed with my dad. On the other, I was nervous. The possibility of things going south bugs my mind.

I tried to calm myself down internally, as hard as I can.

“Okay, then.”

“Well, it’s a bright day out. How about we catch ourselves something for lunch and dinner?”

“What are you expecting to find?”

“Dunno, maybe some largemouth, or striped bass. Did you bring the seasonings, and the marinade?”

“Yeah. Joe got the cooking equipment here for a stove grill?”

“Yeah, and there’s some charcoal if you wanna do some outside barbecuing, too.”

“Sweet. Let’s get started.”

I survived my first fishing trip with dad after I returned from abroad. We weren’t able to spend much time together in my childhood, too, but I remembered more than I thought I would. Dad told stories of him and his tour in Afghanistan. I think deep down he still misses that life.

The barbecue went great, too. Dad was appreciative of the homemade marinade that I made being close to what it was like with mom. Now we’re just sipping the night away with cold beer.

“You know, no matter how long my tours lasted, how shitty the food was in the field, the second your mom’s cooking gets in my mouth, I knew I was home.”

“And what does my food remind you of?”

“That I still have a kid. One who looks after me just like his momma used to do when I was around. Sometimes I feel like I should’ve retired earlier, spend more time with you and her.”

At that moment, he was really holding back tears.

“You came home when I needed you most. That’s what matters.”

He heaved a sigh. Dad took one last swig of his bottle before getting up to use the restroom. I did the same and used the one in the bedroom. Seems we’re calling it a night.

When he walked into the bedroom, he closed the doors and took off his top. It’s a hot night tonight – even with all the tree providing shade – and it doesn’t help we’ve had a fair bit of alcohol in our system.

Feeling hot, I took mine off, too. I know not if there was added heat in my body because of all the blood rush I’m getting from seeing dad shirtless. The fact that I’m overly excited to share a bed with him for the weekend only makes it more apparent.

As we were both down to our boxer shorts, we climbed into bed, and the light was turned off.

In the dead of night, I woke up to the sound of my dad’s murmurs. I couldn’t tell what he was trying to say, but he was definitely talking in his sleep. I turned around to face him, but I thought against waking him up.


“Dad? Are you okay?”




The last one came out the least fuzzy. He was saying “I miss you sweetheart”. Poor dad must be dreaming about mom. Just then, he extended one of his arms.

I didn’t know what to do, but I decided to follow my instincts and grabbed it by the palm. I held on to dad’s reach, and with my other hand I made comforting gestures on his backhand. It seemed to work, as he was calming down.

Just then, he let go of my hands. But with one arm, he managed to singlehandedly turn me around, and pulled me to him. We were now spooning, and I could feel him breathing down my neck.

As if that wasn’t enough, he rubbed his head nose first against the back of my head. This was getting too much for me, and my cock became rock hard! I didn’t know what to do.

I could feel something growing in his pants, too. Oh, I could almost feel its length just brushing against my butt. How could something so wrong feel so irresistible?

My increased breathing must’ve been a signal, because dad woke up.


He looked around.

“I’m sorry, son.”

His right hand went straight down from holding me against him, to my shorts. He lowered it to just below the crease of my butt, before lowering his shorts, too. With his left hand now the one holding me against him, he wasted no time.

He spat on his hand twice, rubbed it against his fully erect member, then spat once more and rubbed it against my hole. Just like that, he shoved his babymaker into güvenilir bahis siteleri me. I practically screamed, but his hand muffled it.

He’s well aware he could singlehandedly take me down in more ways than one, but I didn’t resist. He began pounding me like a bulldog in heat. I was absolutely in a daze!

“Mmmh. Ohh yeah! Fuck me, daddy!”

“Yeah, that’s it, kiddo. Be a good boy for me.”

His fully erect member was sliding in and out of my hole, which has been untouched for months! The squeaking sounds the bed frame was making bore witness to the intimate father-son bonding moment. Beads of sweat began to form on our bodies, slowly dripping down.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck! Daddy!”

Sensing no resistance from me, he readjusted our position. I was now right underneath his hot, bulky mass. Our sweaty bodies bumped and grind against one another. It was so hot that I was directly under dad’s sweaty body, the one I’ve been having fantasies about.

We took off both our pants with his cock still inside me. Now, fully liberated, he held my hands onto the mattress. When he started to thrust his 7″ monster into me again, I could feel it hitting my prostate.

The sensation became unbearably hot, as our sweat made the grinding of our bodies sloppy and slippery. The electric feeling of the prostate massage he’s giving me made me reach for a pillow, and I screamed my lungs into it. He kept on hammering.

“Mmph! Mmph! Fuck! Daddy!”

“Shh. Quiet, boy. Daddy’s about to cum.”

“Fuck yeah, cum inside me, daddy!”

“Yeah? You want daddy’s cum? Are you daddy’s little faggot?”

“Daddy, please!”

“Oh, yeah. Good boy.”

He raised his body, and was no longer on top of me. His hands slide away from mine, and made its way to my ass cheeks. He got a good squeeze before spanking both of them.


“Shh. Here it comes boy, here it comes. Daddy’s gonna unload in ya.”

“Fuck yeah!”

“Ohh yeah. Ohh, oomph, mmhhhh yeah!”

His last few thrusts were brutal. As he shot into me, I too became so close to finishing. His babymaker finally shot my unborn brothers and sisters into my hot, tight, lubed-by-spit-and-sweat ass.

I couldn’t last any longer. The sensation became too much. I too raised my body so that he could hold me. And with a few more thrusts, I shot thick hot ropes of cum onto one of the pillows.

“Fuckkk yeah! Yeah! Ohh yeah!”

As he slowed his thrusts down, his hands made its way to my pecs, before going up again holding me by the breast. He squeezed my nipples briefly, before holding me by the shoulder. I turned my head to face him, and we topped off the lovemaking tonight with a kiss.

He kissed me so tenderly – without any rush – savouring his boy. Slowly pulling out, he walked to the bathroom to fetch the tissues. I admired how his butt bounced as he walked.

I pulled some to clean off my spurt on the pillow, and he got behind me with several sheets to collect the seed he planted earlier. I tossed the pillow aside, and he tossed the tissues to the trashcan. With one hand, he handed me my briefs and with the other held onto his own.

We put on our briefs before getting back to bed. We spooned yet again, but this time, he was caressing me. With a few pecks to my cheek, he held me tighter.

“Good night, daddy.”

“Good night, son.”

I woke up to the rays of the sun directly shining over my eyes, and the sounds of the bird chirping. Within earshot, I heard the unmistakable sound of meat hitting the pan. Was last night real?

I made my way to the kitchen and found my dad – in the same underwear he had on last night – manning the bacon on the stove.

“Morning, champ.”

He walked over to me, cupped my face with one hand, and kissed my lips softly. Last night must’ve been real, then, to my relief. I wanted to address the situation, though, so as to clarify what things are going to be like going forward.

“Should I.. get started with the OJ?”

“Oh, they’re in the fridge. I did them just as I was waiting for the oil to heat up on the pan.”

“Alright, cool. What about the bread?”

“Just relax, kiddo. I got this.”

I stood by the fridge, observing him as he goes. Yet again I caught myself taking a very keen observation of his physique. This time, however, I felt no shame.

I came over behind him, and I let my hands feel him. Feeling his sides, and then down to his hips. I put my hands inside his underwear, getting a good feel of his globes.

He made no comment, and continued cooking. I leaned forward and landed my lips on his back, which made him close his eyes and cock his head back. As he opened his eyes and turned his gaze back on the stove, he flipped the bacon strips. Still have a few minutes before it’s ready.

I found myself kneeling, and in front of my face were his buttocks. I leaned forward again, taking a good whiff of the stuff of my dreams. The smell of his sweaty hole from last night penetrated my nostrils, and it was absolutely euphoric.

My hands pulled down his underwear to reveal his round, firm ass cheeks. My hands made circular motions on them, to get a good feel. As I split them open, I took another whiff. It was even sharper, and much greater than what I’ve been dreaming of.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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